Fly-over of Manhattan and landing at LaGuardia

ulysses1904 says...

I had to Google what tall thin building that is to the left of the wing at 1:50. Was only completed in 2018 that's why I didn't recognize it, it's at 520 Park Avenue.

One of the Inspirational Books Online

BSR says...

"Inspiration? I'll fucking give you inspiration." -Hollywood.

There's a feeling I get
When I look to the west
And my spirit is crying for leaving -Led Zeppelin

One of the Inspirational Books Online

One of the Inspirational Books Online

One of the Inspirational Books Online

Drachen_Jager says...

One person on Goodreads rated all his (your?) books 5 stars. Everyone else who read this one gave it two stars or fewer.

Nobody (other than your 5 star fan) on Goodreads has read the others.

I think the 5 star reviewer is a relative, friend, or the author's sock puppet. Either way it's pretty sleazy, and if you have to go to those lengths to get anyone at all to read your book it can't be very good. So I'll take a hard pass on this one.


Digitalfiend says...

I wonder how much "bath" sounds like "bad" to a dog when said in that sort of tone. But yeah, it's sort of funny when dogs do this but I'd much rather assure my buddy that he's being good.

Parking in Russia goes from bad to WORSE

Student Accepted to Every Ivy League School, Rejects them

viewer_999 says...

"...May have saved his parents up to $200k..."

Growl. Why his parents? None of my friends' parents paid their way. What of scholarships? I was paid to go to school, as my scholarships surpassed tuition by 100%. Yes, tuition was much lower than the crooks are charging today (ultimately trickling down to teacher salaries), but it should all scale (or one should hope). This kid should get even more offers than I did, since he's got incredible test scores, and he is likely eligible for minority scholarships, racist by nature as they are.

He did the right thing, though, for sure. I got accepted to ivy league for grad as well but went state. Ivy league promised "7 years of 7 days a week" and needing to teach to cover my expenses. Screw that. State paid me $15k/year to go. Furthermore, once your foot is in the career door, no boss worth working for gives a damn about your degree.

Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

Cleaning Blocked Sewer Drain at manhole connection

Vox: The Green New Deal, explained

newtboy says...

The wolf is not at the door, it's inside the keep insisting that's just grandma with those big dentures, you say....grandma has always been hairy, you say....wolves don't exist and are fake news, you say.

Once again you misunderstood and misstated the science....12 years (+-) before the feedback loops make reversing the trend impossible, not 12 years until all ice melts, not 12 years before everyone dies. You just can't help but shout your ignorance from the bell tower. Thankfully, most here know just how often you are correct and gauge your comments with that in mind.

bobknight33 said:

Well some day the wolf might show. But the GW boy has been crying since the 70s..

The latest cry wolf story is that we ONLY HAVE 12 YEARS BEFORE DOOMSDAY. Really ?

Synchronized Screen Juggling

Tricking your mate to Alt F4

Vox: The Green New Deal, explained

Vox: The Green New Deal, explained

newtboy says...

Real estate professionals disagree with your assumption.

Also, just try to get a loan for a just above sea level property, or insurance.
And you must think Venice is spending billions to mitigate sea rise as a socialist jobs program, not because of increasing damage from flooding.
Once again, minimal investigation shows that the facts don't jibe with your claims.

Oh believer of self serving lies told by convicted frauds and proud liars you are.

bobknight33 said:

IF GW was true then coastal property would be cheep and going cheaper. people would be leaving at a higher rate. But ITS NOT. People are buying like there is no tomorrow.

Oh believer of junk science you are.

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