Obama Literally Left A Pandemic Playbook For Trump

Trump Storms Out of 60 Mins Interview, Attacks Lesley Stahl

noseeem jokingly says...

The line "GM is dead and Osama Bin Laden is Alive" was brilliant.

The most damning thing about the interview was it is viewable on FB. It's their evidence and it shows none of their accusations.

It's a video version of 'read the transcript'.

Read the transcript. Saw the interview.

Would rather try to restart, renew, and sell New Coke than push for Donnie's innocence. Neither would be easy but the latter would be far more brutal.

But this interview is far more noteworthy...

Meanwhile In Alabama...

AOC plays 'Among Us' with Twitch streamers

Joe Biden, You Are Lying, Sold out Americans

Joe Biden, You Are Lying, Sold out Americans

newtboy says...

Yeah yeah, everyone's a liberal if they aren't good little Trumptards, and liberals intentionally cause everything bad just to hurt Trump, and Trump is the only good in this world.....but it's not a cult...it's not a cult....it's not a cult.

Lol. Corruption like their secret Chinese bank accounts....oh wait, that's the Trumps. Like their hundreds of millions if not billions in debt to foreign powers? Oops, sorry, Trump again. You mean the family trading on the presidency. Damn, that's the Trumps again.
The projection game isn't working anymore. People caught on that whatever he accuses his enemies of are crimes HE'S committing, not them. No one is listening to the Russian hoax outside the cult. Nobody. Gig's up.

Sorry sunshine.

bobknight33 said:

Twitter and Facebook carry the Democrat water.

Biden Corruption is coming out and there is no stopping it.

Joe Biden, You Are Lying, Sold out Americans

Joe Biden, You Are Lying, Sold out Americans

bobknight33 says...

Twitter and Facebook carry the Democrat water.

Biden Corruption is coming out and there is no stopping it.

newtboy said:

Twitter and Facebook would ban you for spreading Russian propaganda intended to interfere in the election to help Trump again. Perhaps we should create the same fact checking with consequences here? What do you think?

Literally no one who isn't a koolaid drinking

Joe Biden, You Are Lying, Sold out Americans

bobknight33 says...

Crack head Biden taking down his dad and family.
Its coming

newtboy said:

This stupid hoax has failed miserably, but another succeeded brilliantly.....and it was fucking Borat!!!

You want to trot out some faked files from random computers to try smear Biden...and are outraged that no one believes it (maybe shouldn't have destroyed your credibility by lying constantly)....but Borat comes out tomorrow where we will all see Guliani flirt with someone introduced as a 15 year old, go alone with her to her room for drinks, ask for her phone number and home address, grab her ass repeatedly, flirting shamelessly the whole time, then lie down and start touching himself in front of her only to be stopped by Borat who barges in and tells Giuliani to stop, she's too old for him....he admits it all happened but claims he was just tucking in his shirt (just ignore all the flirting and invitations for private meetings, the groping, the lying down on the bed, the movements in his pants, and the embarrassment when he was caught).

More real pedophilia in Trump's inner circle. First, decades of picking up YOUNG girls with his best friend Epstein, then he intentionally chose a well known incestuous lawyer.
Now he's also proven to be another pedophile too, not with fake Russian photo shop, but professional multi camera video. Streaming tomorrow. Enjoy!

Republicans, the party of pedophiles and incest (let's not forget Giuliani also married his young cousin).

Trump posts "60 Minute" interview before it airs

vil says...

Trump should stop eating little children.

It has not been verified but he is 100% doing it.
Very inappropriate.

He has shrunk away from having a policy on anything, now he only has insults, name-calling and baseless accusations to work with.

"Im not going to fact check you" basicaly means he can get away with murder in Times square, what is the point of asking if he can make up anything in response?

Very difficult to get a meaningful interview from someone who lies habitually. Unless you fact-check every single piece of crap that comes out of his mouth you get flooded.

Were doing the most testing. Were doing well we understand the disease. We have the best economy probably ever. I feel masks possibly work. I tell people to wear masks. These are the biggest rallies. We actually have plans. We have come up with many plans.

Sure you do.

Trump posts "60 Minute" interview before it airs

newtboy says...

Stahl- "Are you ready for some tough questions?"
Trump- "No."

Most honest answer ever given by president low T. It should have ended right there.

Snowflake. Run and hide. The questions are going to be one hell of a lot tougher in court, little Donny.

Trump Storms Out of 60 Mins Interview, Attacks Lesley Stahl

Futurama Clip -- Season 4 Ep 3 (2/5/2008): Space Invaders

Covid-19 and Trump w/ Stephen Fry

overdude says...

"The men who caught the 10 year old boy suffered broken bones but the boy was unhurt." @12:30

noseeem said:

didn't get the 'why T will win' or what happened to the 10-year-old.

did get if the president says it - it's not true. or if he says his foes do it - he does it (and they don't).

any ideas who's gonna fill the vacuum when he loses?

Trump: Biden Will "listen to the scientists"

newtboy says...

You mean a Brahma day? Close. It's around a 311+ Trillion year cycle, and hardly resembles astrophysics beyond the one hypothesis that the universe "bounces" in and out of existence, expanding then collapsing then expanding....forever....but most hypotheses disagree. Some claim the universe will not collapse but expand eternally, ending in a big freeze, some suggest collapse in 5 billion years from now. Until we understand dark matter/energy, we are in the dark on this question.

The lifespan of Brahma (creator god) lasts for 100 of his years. His 12-hour day or Kalpa (a.k.a. day of Brahma) is followed by a 12-hour night or Pralaya (a.k.a. night of Brahma) of equal length. At the start of his days, he is re-born and creates the planets and the first living entities. At the end of his days, he and his creations are unmanifest (partial dissolution). His 100-year life is called a Mahā-Kalpa, which is followed by a Mahā-Pralaya (full dissolution) of equal duration, where the bases of the universe, Prakriti, is manifest at the start and unmanifest at the end of a Mahā-Kalpa.[13][24][25]

1 day (12 hrs: Kalpa) of Brahma = 4.32 billion solar years (1,000 Mahā-Yugas) (14 Manvantaras + 15 Sandhyās)
1 Day (24 hrs: Kalpa + Pralaya) of Brahma = 8.64 billion solar years
30 Days (1 month) of Brahma = 259.2 billion solar years
12 months (1 year) of Brahma = 3.1104 trillion solar years
50 years (Parārdha) of Brahma = 155.52 trillion solar years
100 years (lifespan: 2 Parārdha) of Brahma = 311.04 trillion solar years
I see a slight similarity, but not a correlation.

Oh my god, that's what you call perfectly describing psychology? Ok, your standard of proof is clearly light years away from mine.

Good poetry outweighs crusades, dark ages, etc?! Not to me.

You can say that, it's just a tool and can be used for good or bad, but in reality it's a tool for controlling the masses and pitting different segments of the population against each other. As a whole, religion has done exponentially more damage to individuals, society, and progress than any estimation of it's real world benefits. Only by adding the infinite good of heaven can the scales be even close to balanced imo.
The same may be true of science, it's real world benefits, which are ubiquitous and undeniable, may be outweighed by it's side effects since making the planet uninhabitable clearly outweighs extending grandpa's expected lifespan by 10% and keeping his lights on.

noseeem said:

in general, hindu eschatology resembles the big bang/crunch. the cycle of expansion from a single point only to collapse to another single point and another expansion. these cycles are billions of years apart. (also some idea - that's too fuzzy to recall in detail - about matter changing and slipping into an alternative dimension might be a model of the great beyond)

will use Russell Bertrand - although not a poet, have read poetry that echos this thought (not gonna search) almost verbatim - when he said, “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” this was pretty much summed up the Dunning-Kruger Effect. (https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/355363-one-of-the-painful-things-about-our-time-is-that)

the other you noted. meditation is healthy. of note, Sufism tends to focus on intense focusing, in music and song...and some of the musicians are peachy keen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QRivHR0c28

and the poetry is beautiful (EX: Rumi). so religion has spawned some good things, too.

in short, religion is no more destructive than the person implementing it. do believe in ideas. whether it comes from a white cassock or lab coat. such is the freedom to keep a mind free.

or take it up w/René Descartes*. he seemed to be better at it than I.

*Descartes died when he was run over by a horse-drawn coach. This is where the saying "Don't put Descartes in front of the horse."

BTW: Earle song?

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