Comrade, I think this is not a fish

A-10 Warthog/Thunderbolt C-RAM shooting Compilation

Pulling a Turkey out of a cars front grill

Woman sparks fire trying to unfreeze gas pump with lighter

One last look back

Pulling a Turkey out of a cars front grill

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Looks like you are searching via google who have washed all evidence.

but if you want some truth.

newtboy said:

Once again, after weeks of waiting for your evidence, I'll ask....can you name ONE?! So far, every person identified is a hard core Trumpist, every armed terrorist identified, everyone hunting Pence, everyone carrying cuffs and zip tie cuffs, everyone beating police, everyone breaking Windows, everyone giving tours to insurgents for recon on secret offices, everyone live tweeting Pelosi's location....ALL Trumpsters, not one identified as Antifa. Nice fantasy you think somehow absolves the violent terrorist Trump mob that tried to violently overthrow the government, but as usual you have zero evidence besides self serving lies. Even if it's true (and there's no evidence it is) there were a few non Trumpsters egging on the crowd of thousands, do you think that absolves your ilk of responsibility, or do you see that it means they were so primed and itching for insurrection that a few scruffy anarchists convinced them to attack their own country.

Also, you must ignore the mountains of evidence these morons left of their plans, plans to attack congress, kidnap elected officials, and somehow install Trump as president. Those plans weren't from Antifa, they were proud boys, boogaloos, militias, white power groups, and bat shit crazy Karens and Kens....all Trumpists.

So....Antifa destroying democratic headquarters and waving banners saying "we don't want Biden, we want revenge" pretty much blows up your "Antifa=Democrats, Democrats=Antifa" claims. What now?

Enjoy the patriot party, don't think about the fact that splitting the Republican party means never winning any elections. You just go on with Donny, who likely won't be able to hold office. Clearly he hasn't thought it through or he would have waited until after his impeachment trial to announce his new party, because now Republicans understand the only way to save their party and jobs is to ban Trump from politics.
Also, how is he going to start a political party in prison. Hard to set up a press conference from solitary.
Sorry sunshine, like everything he touches, Trump is destroying the right on his way out the door.

bobknight33 said: Didn't help that ANTIFA was there as Trump supporters inciting action.

One last look back

Tacoma Police Car Plows Through Crowd

drradon says...

Don't really understand the mentality of some of the comments above. So, if a police officer attempts to put a stop to an illegal activity , the perpetrators of that activity are free to attack the police officer and put his or her life in danger? It seems that you think we're all free to obey the laws we feel like obeying and blow off the rest - and if we do, then the police shouldn't take any effort to stop us? Sounds like a quick path to anarchy.

One last look back

The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explained

An Interesting Point About Art

Golf Cart Gone Wild

newtboy says...

Reminds me a bit of the time my grandparents let me drive their golf cart.
They decided the best way to learn was to have me park it in the garage closet it barely fit in. Not surprisingly, I drove it right through the back wall, having had absolutely no training, no supervision (they got out first), and not even knowing where the brake was. I was <4....they blamed me and didn't let me drive it again for over 10 years.

Golf Cart Gone Wild

SFOGuy says...

From the original poster's comments:

"Just installed new batteries but I didn't have any idea the accelerator rod was brokes (sic) and stuck wide open."

1988 Alamo City Championships Paul(ette) Hunt

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