Queens of Africa's kingdom of Kush

Soccer Drifting

The Voynich Manuscript

Thanks, Dad, no pressure at all

Thanks, Dad, no pressure at all

Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight

Leaving Earth the Greenest Way Possible: Water Cremation

A Closer Look: Trump Meets Kim Jong-un

Fairbs says...

trump has asked for more money for the military; it was one of his campaign promises; he's conceded to the wants of China concerning NK and has gotten nothing in return

he also blew up a denuclearization agreement with Iran that was working and had defined goals and milestones

Spacedog79 said:

This was a massive 2 fingers up to the military industrial complex. They need enemies like Kim and if one does not exist they will create one. Trump looked past the fear and paranoia they created and diffused a very dangerous situation. I say give credit where it's due.

Meanwhile in Australia...

transmorpher says...

In case anyone was uncertain of the widened definition of the word "Bogans" here are several bogans doing what they do best - Fuck all.

Take particular note of the laugh which is unique to the Australian Bogan species.

How Junk Food Hacks Your Brain

transmorpher says...

Brought to you by Hank "I acknowledge that animal agriculture is destroying the planet, but I won't change because it tastes good, even though there's 20,000 good tasting plants" Green.

His brain has been hacked for sure. I wonder if this video is his cry for help.

Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded Baked Potato

transmorpher says...

If your potatoes don't have flavour you're shopping at the wrong stores. Same if your potatoes have no colour like this.

A good potato should be a nice shade of yellow, and taste creamy.

What makes this song great? Nine Inch Nails

moonsammy says...

I'm certain I've heard this song at least 100 times as NIN has always been one of my favorites, and there were quite a few sounds in there which I'd never identified. Time to crank up a high quality version on some decent headphones...

What makes this song great? Nine Inch Nails

Thanks, Dad, no pressure at all

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