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Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K Day 500 - 12/4/21 -

bobknight33 says...

Tesla should put out about 940K vehicles this year. Last year run was 480K cars.

With Giga Texas and Berlin coming online this year (hopefully 5 K).
Next year 2022 looking to see 1.6 + Million vehicle and 2023 close to 3 Million.

The ICE age is ending.
Ford, GM, VW, Toyota will be left in foot note of history this decade.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Biden’s poll numbers are better than Trump’s despite the disaster he inherited from Trump. Duh.???????????

Polling at 39% is terrible. Yep 60% of Americans think Biden is not good.
disaster inherited ?> Things are worse today then the day Biden took office.

Border crossing was under better control.
American finally had energy independence.
Gas was at least a buck less.
Really spending extra 20$ a tank is "better"
Inflation running between 4 and 6 %.

These are all bad for Americans. Biden policies created these failures.

4.2% unemployment is awesome. This will still great until Democrats mess with cooperate tax rates then the ship will slow back down.

I'm not even going to blame Biden Admin for more covid deaths under his watch ( even with vaccine) than Trumps. Its a loose cannon with ebbs and flows.

Not blaming the Chineese for this death cannon is his and the UN fault. Just goes to show how paid off people are on a global scale.

2022 will be the judgement of this administration.

newtboy said:

Trump is the only one with verified fraudulent votes. You know this. He ran the attempted steal, and failed to steal the presidency. Republicans are the only ones caught fraudulently voting. Sorry, Charlie, your guy cheated….and still lost bigly.

Biden is requiring vaccination and testing to let Americans back in from those African countries, Trump didn’t require a thing, actually discouraged testing of people from China, and only banned Chinese people, allowing over 40000 untested people in from infected areas in China…which started the American epidemic. Biden did not ban just black Africans, despite what you imply….that kind of racist move had already proven to be a failure during the previous administration.

Biden’s poll numbers are better than Trump’s despite the disaster he inherited from Trump. Duh.

A success at defrauding morons like you, and the American people. Are you trying to say the nation was in a better place Jan 20, 2021 than it was 2017? By what measure? I can’t think of a single way things improved…yet you stand up for this failed administration, guess you(re) part of the fooled 36% (now down to 26% btw) who thinks he did a good job. Derp.

A full year of being a whiny little bitch, bob. When are you going to get tired of throwing infantile tantrums out of sour grapes because you’re too immature to accept that the least popular president ever, presiding over an avoidable pandemic and recession, could lose an election (even though Trump has never gotten more votes than his opponent in ANY election EVER!). Remember you said Clinton should be disqualified because she was under investigation (even though she wasn’t, they reopened a long closed case to pretend she was still being investigated in the final week)….so I must assume Trump is disqualified because he’s under indictment and investigation dozens of times over…or do you admit you’re a hypocritical whining little bitch?

siftbot (Member Profile)

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Biden is a Joke.
He is a once was and now a has been.
HE is not presidential,

There is no way he got those votes in a legitimate way. I'm not saying he ran the steal but it was fraudulent .

Funny that when Trump won in 2016 the left were the whiners.

Cheating goes on by both sides, All know this. The question is how to limit / stop it.

China gave the world the pandemic. Trump stopped flights and Sleepy joe cried like a bitch. Now as he is Pouts and the latest variant, omicron he was thinking or has shut down flight from 7 African countries. Same situation as Trump but no bitching from the left. Funny how piss ants like you behave.

As long as he wears "our" jersey all is fine.

whining, Joe just blames everything but his administration.
Trump whining - sure to an extent. Fought back Absolutely.

Bottom line Biden administration is a disaster and his pole numbers reflect it.

Trump for all his grandstanding was a success. Not so for Biden.

Yet yo stand up for this failed administration. Guess you part of the fooled 39% who thinks he is going a good job. while 60% think otherwise.

newtboy said:

Since you don’t know what whining is, I’ll remind you….
Whining is getting beaten horrifically in an election you said was in the bag by a guy you call “sleepy”, “creepy”, and “slow”, then like a big baby you claim fraud because big baby couldn’t lose an election despite being the most unpopular president since polling began with the blood of an avoidable pandemic and recession on his hands.
Whining is being the leader of the free world but absolutely never taking responsibility, but knee jerk blaming EVERY failure of leadership on your political rivals, even when they have no political power at all.
Whining is removing all pandemic safeguards, then when the inevitable pandemic hits blaming everyone else and denying the virus exists while doing nothing to mitigate it and actively fighting mitigation efforts tooth and nail because they remind everyone of what a massive complete failure he is as a leader.

That’s being a….say it with me….


bobknight33 says...

How much did you watch or did you just get the slanted spin on your news feed?

newtboy said:

That sounds like whining to you? No wonder you whine constantly, you don’t know what whining is, so you don’t understand that’s what you do daily. Lol.

No, that’s fact.
When those shot to death can’t be referred to as victims, but the shooter can, the fix was obviously in.


bobknight33 says...

whine like the bitch you are.

Judge throwing the case...... Wow that is rich.

newtboy said:

Not with the judge throwing the case like he did, acting as the defense…but is there any doubt he’s going to be under threat of death the rest of his life? He’s going to have to spend his life surrounded by white supremacist guards looking over his shoulder.
People are going to be chasing him with rifles the rest of his life…he better not reach for anything, ever, or they might fear for their lives and shoot him in the head, in self defense of course.
I’d murder that racist cunt if I saw him….his racist parents too. Give it a week before his house burns.
He might expect some federal charges may be coming.

As to doubt, how many times this year have you had no doubt at all….and been dead wrong, and racist in your wrongness. I’ve lost count after 30. We only have to go back to yesterday when you claimed domestic violence was 1-2% of violent crime and rarely involves guns, and that “ inner city gang killing” (which obviously means black thugs in your mind) accounts for over 90%….both dead wrong and hyper racist.


Gun Laws: Jon Stewart Interview w/ Former ATF David Chipman

bobknight33 says...

OF all the killings per year how many are domestic violence?


OF those domestic violence what % are from guns, Knifes , other?
Evil White conservative owners are the problem? No bias here.

What about the 90+% gun violence ? inner city gang killing?
This is where you start.

Down vote since it not about any meaningful discussion of root causes.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Good catch and he should be punished.

Lets also go after that Atlanta mother and daughter who pulled out a few suitcases of fake votes and ran them through the machines all night long giving the Biden spike... You down for that?

newtboy said:

Remember Kirk Hartle? He’s the Republican Nevada man whose dead wife’s ballot was used to vote last year. The poster boy for voter fraud, claiming his wife’s ballot had been stolen (twice) and used to vote in Nevada elections, twice. For weeks he was trotted out as the proof of widespread liberal voter fraud, they clearly stole ballots and fraudulently used them to stuff ballot boxes.

He plead guilty to reduced charges of voting more than once in an election, sentenced today to one year probation and $2000 fine. Your poster boy turns out to be the perpetrator. D’oh! Who could have seen that coming? (Everyone)

Do you think that’s a harsh enough sentence? Consider he actually did it twice.
If he were a Democrat doing the same thing, rigging elections and accusing Republicans of being the culprits in a national disinformation campaign, would you accept such a weak slap on the wrist? Basically selling extra votes for $1000 a piece?

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Man chased kid, kid falls , His gun faces the guy, he puts his hands up, kid does not fire.

Guy then steps forward and points gun at kid, kid fires.
Kid showed great restraint and defends himself.

Just like Jacob Blake they all received just reactions.

Even Federal prosecutors announced that they won't file charges against a the police officer who shot Jacob Blake in Wisconsin last year

JiggaJonson said:

Did you know that NOT aiming a gun at someone could be more threatening than aiming a gun at someone? News to me.

He also has an odd definition of "lowering"

And if he's aiming his gun first, while not being aimed at... and "lowering"his gun by moving it away from the earth and towards the sky, and fires, and the man still isn't aiming a gun at him...

I hope you don't run into this kid and not aim a gun at him. That could make him feel like you're going to kill him.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Haven't been following it.
That being said The prosecutor job is to paint the defendant in negative light.

These are not facts.
Again you push false truth.

newtboy said:

Interesting tact….in the Arbery case, where three white men decided to hunt and murder an unarmed black jogger trying to escape their murderous racist human hunt…and I’m positive you stand with the killers…the defense has complained that the family shouldn’t be allowed to have any BLACK pastors sit with them…alleging they already had Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or whoever that black pastor was (holy shit, buddy)…then saying having their black pastor with them was like if the court was filled with men in white robes wearing Colonel Sanders masks.
Not a good argument when your clients are accused of a racist murder.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Good thing you get you news sources from Slate.
Leftest slant news.
YEt you trust it.

newtboy said:

Lol. Talk about lack of self awareness.
Bob, you not only don’t ever know what the truth is on any topic…you don’t know what truth is. You’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole of lies you excuse and ignore that you’ve lost your grasp on the difference between reality and partisan propaganda….not that it was ever a firm grip. Actually congratulating the president for lying under oath, which you admitted he did, was 100% proof that truth and honesty mean nothing to you, only partisanship.
That’s why I won’t talk to you privately anymore, lest you forget. You say and act one way in private, and another in public. The thing is, private, somewhat reasonable Bob can’t be forgiven for what public dishonest agitator bob says constantly….it makes it worse knowing you have the capacity for rational thought but publicly denounce it.

Truth, and the truth, aren’t on internet troll sites that put “news” in their name…but they’re the only place you EVER look. It’s made you a ridiculous caricature of a Republican, a ridiculous delusional laughing stock….so insane you claim Clinton loving Democrat Trump who switched parties for convenience because Republicans will believe any lie you feed them (his words) is a real Republican, and all those in office pre 2016 are RINOs.

"In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat", explaining: "It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn't be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats...But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we've had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans." In a July 2015 interview, Trump said that he has a broad range of political positions and that "I identify with some things as a Democrat." - DJT. Another pretty bad disaster under Republicans, the worst ever. 2020 was the worst year in history on uncountable fronts all due to Trump’s lack of rational leadership.

If you put Trump’s political affiliations by year next to his presidential campaigns, you might notice he quits the Democratic Party a year or so before each one, starting in 87, then wanders back later. That’s because he knows Democrats are too intelligent to vote for him, but Republicans are just his kind of dumb rube….willing to believe anything if it’s posed as an anti liberal idea.


bobknight33 says...

So My audience is larger than CNN, MSNBC etc. I know they have shit ratings but still bigger than me.

So you watched this trial ?
You saw what happened?
You know this kid is radicalized?
You know he is a trump nut case?

"fact free hyper partisan nonsense and bemoan a lack of unbiased truth!? " Your talking about those no fact media outlets, not me

And you facts came from where? Your ass?

newtboy said:

YOU are the #1 problem in America…you and gullible fact free morons like you.

You post this fact free hyper partisan nonsense and bemoan a lack of unbiased truth!?! Holy fucking sheep shit, buddy. You need professional mental help immediately. You have lost your bat shit crazy mind. He’s as hyper biased and untrustworthy as possible. The fact that internet trolls like him are the best you’ve got against fact and reality is both hilarious and sad.

Just fucking wow, bob. Moronic even for you….and that’s saying a lot.

Do You Wanna Build A Wall Donald Trump

bobknight33 says...

Trump still living you leftest brains.

I can see why because Biden is such a poor POTUS, but he wears your jersey so you have to release you frustration on someone.

Woefully higher gas prices, food prices. This is the Biden economy you want?
America had energy independence, Biden ended that.

Biden's Energy Secretary on Plans to Increase Oil Production

This is what the Democrat party thinks of struggling American families


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