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Grandma steps in front of police guns to protect grandson .

bobknight33 says...

To keep the command fresh in ones mind so he does not accidentally put his hands down or lower then to reach for something.

00Scud00 said:

Why does he keep screaming "show us your hands!" when they are already out where they can see them? Morons.

Grandma steps in front of police guns to protect grandson .

Portal - The Sound Of Science

How Much Time Do You Want For Your "Progress?"

News crew arrested on air in while covering riots

Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against police officer

Police Who Murder Man In Public On Camera Fired

bobknight33 says...

Agreed. This is because the SJM media need to stoke the flames of division and discontent.

Does all the looting and additional killing justifiable?

What happened was wrong. The cop should be punished by the law.

newtboy said:

Snuff or news? I feel like this incident is going to be with us for a while.

Cop Drives Man Over 100 Miles After Traffic Stop ...

bobknight33 says...

You just love to shit on cops.

I know this is a un believable story to you because in you small little peanut mind all a cop can be is bad.

There is more good than bad but you narrow minded head is blinded by your own prejudice .

newtboy said:

Did we pay that cop >4 hours of overtime for his "good deed", and for his gas and vehicle maintenance? If so, it wasn't really a good deed, it was self serving and a waste of hundreds of tax dollars. It's only a nice gesture if it's on the cop's dime and on his personal time, not mine. It probably would have been cheaper to buy him a plane ticket.

Covid 19-A Fireside Chat

Did You Ever Imagine The President Could Act Like This?

bobknight33 says...

I never thought the media would act like that.
I never thought a sitting president would spy on a candidate.
I never thought out Government would try to de rail and remove our POTUS.

Thank GOD we have a POTUS that actually fight back.

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...
JiggaJonson said:

You are such a fucking liar.

Show me. Show me where in Jan, in Feb, in March, anyone with a shred of credibility said those things. It was all over right? everyone was saying it? go find ONE example of someone credible saying that shit.

Oh, and the president is not a credible source.

This Week

bobknight33 says...

We were told that there will be 1 to 2 million deaths over next few months if we dong flatten the curve. Steps taken by POTUS admin and and states and now we are looking at 90,000 deaths.

Sounds like a God Damn success.

MEGA 2020

Upset Baby trump

Coronavirus:The Lost 6 Weeks America Wasted

Trump Walks Away After Being Challenged on Virus Testing

bobknight33 says...

Why does Trump even bother with media. Incessant bashing , second guessing of every move, decision over last 3 years. Watch the full clip. Trump is right to walk away.

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