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Thalidomide Chirality

Joel Kinnaman - Scandinavians Hate Trump

How powerful assault-style rifles lead to devastating wounds

bobknight33 says...

I've always thought Assault-style rifles are just rifles.. no more no less... Just looks like it belongs to a soldier.

This video suggests that assault-style rifles are worse than hand guns.. Not necessary is the AR15 more deadly than a 9MM or 357?

Would think mass and velocity / distance are the key things to think about when doing damage to a body.

I don't own a weapon and never did.

How Easy it is to Buy a AR-15 in South Carolina

bobknight33 says...

I just need 15 minutes to enter SC.. Time for me to get some.

Nothing wrong with this.

I would however call my local sheriff and let him know the SN# to check if any wrong doing was done with this gun.

The Robot Uprising Will Be Justified

Sheriff Rips NRA - You’re Not Standing Up For Victims

bobknight33 says...

1 of his cops showed up with in a minute and stood out side the door that the gunman entered... He did not go in, just stood there.. He should have done his job and entered and engaged in the matter. The cop has been let go. The Sheriff is responsible. He leads the team he is responsible.

newtboy said:

Ha! Even sifty knows to not listen to you, Bob. ;-)

The kid was a nut...he supports Trump, that's proof positive.

What's funny is lies could be appropriate, since the NRA spokeswoman was lying through her teeth, claiming they support a strong useful national registry and screening system. They do nothing but lobby to obstruct it at every turn. She's a bold faced liar. I used to be a member decades ago.

Nothing he did, even if it had been investigated fully, would have bared him from buying his guns. Blame police and the FBI, but they're powerless to stop known dangers from buying weapons because the NRA ensured they would be, because they exist only to lobby for manufacturers right to sell guns.

The leftist solution is to 1) ban guns from people diagnosed or
being investigated for criminal instability 2) regulate certain guns, modifications, and magazines much more stringently and 3) make private gun sales go through background checks. Without the latter, the rest is moot.

Really? funny, I recall Trump saying the buck stops with him, and blaming Obama when it happened under his watch, don't you? (He also likely claimed mass school shootings were fake news leftist propaganda, his buddy Jones told him so) Now, he blames the investigation of his campaign for the FBI not investigating his internet postings, knowing they aren't connected at all.

How is the cop responsible, specifically?

Comparison of Trump and Obama Responding to School Shootings

bobknight33 says...

What treason?

Hillary colluding with Russians to rig an election (and still lost).

Obama is on of the worst presidents in history..

Trump is far better than a questionable American community agitator.

newtboy said:

Obama only got nothing done due to Republican obstructionism, not for lack of effort or empathy. At least he tried and didn't use it as a personal political tool to attack others and distract from his treason, like your boy.
Tools are useful items that do work. Trump doesn't rise to anywhere near that level, even saying Trump's a fool is being insanely generous.

Sheriff Rips NRA - You’re Not Standing Up For Victims

bobknight33 says...

CNN Propaganda ..
kids fed questions from CNN
The kid was a nut.... Not a gun issue....

The system failed.
39 calls to local police.
Few calls to FBI..

Yet again the only leftest solution is to ban guns.. What bullshit.

This cop IS responsible for what happened. The buck stops with him and his office.. His office failed.


♪ Cult of Personality ♫

bobknight33 says...

Yet again you are wrong. Trump is hounded day in day out. The only praise Trump is getting is his own Twitter.

Think this is meant for Obama.. you all fell for him, under his spell. Like deer in the headlights you foolishly praised him.

That being said I always liked this song.

newtboy said:

How is this not played over any footage of Trump rallies?
*quality old school.

DIY dot matrix pencil printer.

Man saws his AR15 in half in support of gun control

bobknight33 says...

You have inner city gang killings that no one cares about.
Thousand youths murdered yearly and no one cares.

You have mental people killing children at schools and now we must ban guns.
50 murdered / year and all hell breaks loose for gun control.

When American stop being two faced then may be we can address the issue.

Comparison of Trump and Obama Responding to School Shootings

Oakwood Road Rage

all governments lie:truth,lies and the spirit of I.F stone

bobknight33 says...

Operation mockingbird ?

“Operation Mockingbird” was a fully implemented CIA program to spread disinformation throughout American media.

CIA Director William Colby testified to the Church Committee that over 400 CIA agents were active in the US media to control what was reported through American mainstream television, newspapers, and magazines.

CIA Funding and Manipulation of the U.S. Mainstream Media According to the Congress report published in 1976:

Rodney Dangerfield Biography 2012

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