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T.I. has Melania Trump...

bobknight33 says...

Your just pissed because "orange Kanye" walked of the plantation.

Wake up, many blacks have had enough of the Democrat lies. Guess it makes these blacks smarter than you. #walkaway.

newtboy said:

a big middle finger to orange Kanye.

T.I. has Melania Trump...

bobknight33 says...

Most bullied FLOTUS.

If this was Michael Obama the media would be losing its mind and blowing its stack. The outrage of outrage.

Then again Michael Obama is a dog and could not pull this off.

Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update October 10, 2018

bobknight33 says...

Some folks just have a spillway fetish.

Esoog said:

Can someone explain why these Oroville Spillway videos always pop up? I see them on a couple sites. I'm not saying they aren't entertain to watch. I'm just wonder why 'they are a thing'.

Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update October 10, 2018

The Development Disaster behind macOS

This Prop Master’s Work Is Hidden in Plain Sight

Texas mom spanks teen son after he took off in her BMW

Heat Shrink Self-Solder Butt Splice Connectors

Ted Cruz loves White Castle

Trump On Bullying Ford-"Doesn't Matter, We Won"

bobknight33 says...

Merrick Garland was sidelined due to political blocking. Politics is mean and he lost. If it was a like for like (Sotomayor , Kagan) no one would argue and no Republican did. Republican let these go to the SCOTUS with ease.

Kavanaugh replaced a moderate ( Kennedy ), which tilts the supreme court to the right for once in a long time.

Next might be Ginsburg. At 85 and looking frail. A hard liberal stepping down and being replace by a moderate would make replacing Kavanaugh look G rated.

Replacing with a conservative would be an XXX storm by the left.

newtboy said:

Oh, you have a good point, I mean let's look back at how low and devisively hyper liberal the last nomination was.....oh yeah, Merrick Garland, not a bit.
Sorry, you reflexively spouted more divisive partisan bullshit, again. Your team is the ridiculous adolescently vindictive team wholly uninterested in bipartisan governing.

Trump On Bullying Ford-"Doesn't Matter, We Won"

Apple under fire for allegations of controversial business

bobknight33 says...

I've been in the medical field service business for 30 years. Fixing / installing Cathlabs, Vascular labs,X ray, Mamo and Ultrasound systems.

The battery or such does not cost an arm or a leg. Its the R&D that goes into it. Its the supply chain warehousing parts and the tax on inventory and all that other stuff like profit.

As far as 3rd party servicing. Apple will loose and have to make their service documents/ tools available. Those tools can be different - but come to the same results.

It is in the OEM interests to keep 3rd party service away for many reasons, not just to hoard more business.

We do provide service manuals and parts to 3Rd party. no problem. They are on the web just to get them.

As far as ripping the customer off. That's wrong. Apple will need to address this. I would not think that is common.

Booby-Trapped Trump Sign

'Cornerstore Caroline' calls 911 on 9 year old for 'groping'

bobknight33 says...


Kanovaugh-- Every leftest believed Ford- on her word alone. Where was the voice of reason then? Maybe if Kanovaugh was black. Oh wait never mind Democrats pulled that stunt on Clarence Thomas. Political Witch hunts are blind.

Don't take a woman's word at face value.

Crazy women like this need to be caged up -- they are dangerous to males.

I do feel sorry for this young boy. He did nothing except be a kid.
I also for sad for our society that encourages crazy women like this.

Mordhaus said:

The main point of this narrative is that she though a 9 year old black kid bumping into her was a grope. I'm sure if it was a white kid she would have said nothing.

'Cornerstore Caroline' calls 911 on 9 year old for 'groping'

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