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newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

The threats came to him day before his Jan 6 speech. Not from Trump supporters but from the Democrats, the true racist of America,

Brooks, what was at the June 14 shooting ( Nut bag Bernie sanders supporter ) during the practicing for a charity softball game in Washington DC.

Guess facts in contest don't matter for you.

Just admit your a propaganda tool. This fact is clear as day.

newtboy said:

So, Republican Mo Brooks, who spoke at Trump’s Jan 6 pre coup rally, knew days ahead of time about the impending attack, didn’t go home but slept in his office from fear he might be followed home, and wore a bullet proof vest when he told them to “start kicking” because he had been warned there would be many armed and violent people in that crowd he was inciting. He apparently did not warn fellow representatives of the attack he had prior knowledge was inevitable.

He admitted all this publicly.

Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

That vid is awesome.. I ended watching about 5 more about it. There is also another style on same principle.

Totally cool concept. This could really help remote locations or 3rd world places.

newtboy said:

Thanks. A nice simple design is always best

How Police Protect And Serve

Introducing The Bunyip Pump - No electricity or fuel needed.

How Police Protect And Serve

North Pole shift 1840 - 2019

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Never heard of this scam.

A sucker is born every minute.

Sad to see dick heads from any side take advantage of people. But that's the world we live in. Every Ad I see this is what I am thinking.
Keep you money in your pocket and stay richer than the fool next door.

Ripping people is not cool. Leaking their data is even worse.

Sadly we both know people will spend $ on "shiny bobbles" just because.

JiggaJonson said:

Okay okay look I know we've had our differences oh, but I just learned about a really good investment opportunity. I know you are not one of the c u c k s so you'll probably want to invest all of your money in this. Have you heard of cryptocurrency oh, well it just got "Maga-fied"

If I were you I would invest all my money right now like put a new mortgage on your house and stuff because Donald Trump is a very trustworthy person, and this is totally not just another Ponzi scheme from a lifelong con man
Get your hands on some Maga coins bro

Fauci versus Rand 'Neighborhood Whipping Boy' Paul

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Wow good going Dick Tracy.

Sadly Biden liberals let the ANTIFA and BLM terrorist out of jail with out charging so all that is nut-bag fake news twisting Anti Trump stories.

newtboy said:

And another Trump terrorist plead guilty yesterday, this one admitted to trying to hire a hit man to kill his ex girlfriend, her sister, and her brother in law, and stage the crimes to blame BLM. This crime was thwarted last year in June.

This on top of the Trump terrorist who was just charged with murder, kidnapping, and terrorism along with about a dozen other white supremacists in Florida days after being released from a 6 month sentence for his part in Jan 6, Jan 6, Jan 6.

Earlier this week a pair of Trumpsters were stopped right before bombing the Democratic headquarters in Sacramento, caught with multiple bombs, multiple guns, and thousands of rounds along with written plans for their terrorist attack.

Seems like every day a few new terrorist plots by Trumpsters, usually white supremacist Trumpsters, are uncovered and stopped by the feds, who are also a main target. Just a heads up, you belong to an anti American fascist terrorist gang.

Fox & GOP Freak Out About Door to Door Vaccination Campaign

bobknight33 says...

600000 dead is only a 2% Death rate.
Another way of saying it 98% survival rate.

And if you are younger than 60 it more like 99% survival rate.

So should you be forced or else be punished in some for or fashion for a 2% death rate?

newtboy said:

600000 dead thanks to pretending it’s a mild flu and ignoring it for months = “fake COVID fear”
4 dead in a hostile country = “spend as long as it takes to force Clinton to pay”

No punishment, just exclusion from society and commerce in self defense. When you morons start spreading the next variant that mutated in one of your obese bodies and we go back to full quarantine, I’ll be totally open to either get the shot or get shot….you’ll be murdering people in the name of ignorant obstinance.
What happened to “grandma is fine dying if you can go back to work”…now turned into “I’m not getting a shot so we can go back to work because no one pwomised me a wowweepop and I’m afwaid of getting owchied.”

Go door to door, any house with an unvaccinated occupant should get sealed and the names published, and breaking quarantine should be the death penalty anyone can inflict just like you idiots said the elderly would accept.
Definitely anyone unvaccinated should pay every dime of treatment at this point, right? You claim to be about personal responsibility, so lobby your representatives to give insurance companies and the fed the right to not pay for COVID treatment for unvaccinated people. 90% of you morons would try to get one today if that was the case.

Public health is not a personal choice as long as you live in a society. Leave society, then you can live in personal freedom on quarantine island.

TX Gov. Abbott Threatens to Arrest Democrats Who Fled State

Earth from Orbit: Wildfire Smoke Blankets U.S.

Fox & GOP Freak Out About Door to Door Vaccination Campaign

bobknight33 says...

The Freak Out is from the Democrats spreading fake covid fear and demanding you get the shot or else be punished in some for or fashion.

Get it or don't get it it is YOUR choice.

Wasting tax dollars to know on doors is foolish.
Put a stand up at liquor store / grocery stores.

Republicans Refuse to Move On from Donald Trump

bobknight33 says...

On Thursday &7/15/21) the Arizona Senate held a hearing on the ongoing Maricopa County forensic audit.

The audit team announced there were 74,000 ballots that were received and included in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County than were mailed out.

The Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan reported this along with other issues already identified from their investigation

They found 74,243 mail-in ballots with NO clear record of them ever being sent!

The audit team also announced that ballots were counted that WERE NOT on the proper paper stock and WERE NOT in proper printing alignment.

Other ballots were marked with Sharpie pens that bled through the paper.

According to elections expert Jovan Pulitzer what was presented today was just the appetizer before the main course to come!

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