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newtboy jokingly says...

I am but 1 of the 50 Americans who know America is headed in the right direction. - Q


His approval is below 40% and has never even approached 50%. Polling on the "right or wrong direction" question under Trump ranges from low around 23% to a high below 40%.
You're deluded or lying, your choice.

bobknight33 said:

I AM. But 1 of the 50% of Americans who known America is headed in the right direction.


newtboy says...

Bob, I'll try to ignore your having just being an ignorant douchbag who rudely dismissed those with far more knowledge and personal experience than you possess, simply because they disagreed with your non- medically based, non-scientific based, thoughtless, inhumane political position and I'll try a different tact.....

How is it that, in 2018, you are advocating slavery more foul than the African slave trade....yes, slavery.

Forcing one person to fulfill all the bodily functions of another, brain dead potential "person" (and make no mistake, a blastocyst is not a person, but for sake of argument and your limited understanding capabilities I'll let you claim it is one this one time)....that's Mengele level inhumanity and slavery.

You claim to believe in individual liberties over vague social responsibility....except when you don't.

Forcing one person to physically support another is so far to the left of full socialism you seem to think it went all the way around to the right. It doesn't work that way.
To add the typical right wing slippery slope argument, if the government can force one person to be life support for another potential person, they can force healthy people to give up organs to the unhealthy, or be consigned to hospitals to be used as human dialysis and so forth.
Until those cells can and have survived on their own without support, and can and have functioned as a mammal (meaning breathed, circulated body fluids, and consumed and evacuated foodstuffs) they have not reached "living human" status, and even if you can't grasp that fact, at no point can there be a requirement that another person acts as their sentient intensive care unit without reinstating legal slavery.

Why do you advocate slavery?

When are you donating your kidney and partial liver, and your children's? If you aren't, by your logic you're at least a double murderer and so are they. Why should I or anyone take morality advice from a double murderer?

Design a procedure where the offending not yet human can be safely removed without any (or at least less than an abortion would cause) risk to the mother, but survive on it's own without an incubator-slave, then come back and we'll talk.... until then forced incubation and forced birth is monstrously draconian socialism of a kind even Mengele would turn away from in disgust.

Edit: I came up with an argument I think might change your many baby Newtboys would you force on the planet before you decided abortion should be mandatory in some cases?

bobknight33 said:

«Some insulting ignorance»

JiggaJonson says...

My wife and I carry a recessive Gene that causes the disease NPC type C
It's got the horrible nick name of "Alzheimer's for little kids"
We found out we carry said Gene when we had our daughter and have this to look forward to

A few years ago, Indiana passed a law making it illegal to have an abortion because of genetic abnormalities. You can only have an abortion of a healthy pregnancy. The law was stopped by a federal judge, but other laws have lined up to take it's place, enough that working with insurance has become a nightmare. There are 4 other laws that are hindering us moving forward.

So, again, if we could more easily have an abortion, rather than watch a child slowly and needlessly die, we would, and then wait until we had a healthy fetus.

"Just move to another state" oh, yeah that's so fucking easy

If we had easier access to legal abortion, my family would already be bigger. Not that any of this is any of your business, but people have unique situations that you may not have considered.

bobknight33 said:

What you are you saying. Does not make sense. Maybe you replied in anger and not clear thought.

I'll disregard you comment and let you re reply if you choose to do so.

I agree Some people need to be able to have abortions.. But not just because I want is not a reason.

On an pregnancy note How many ultrasounds do you look at? I've been looking at images for 19 years. We can argue when "Life " becomes " Life" But medically speaking Ultrasounds are moving the goal line closer and closer to mid first Term at the least. You can see the heart beat as early as 30 days but it too weak of a pulse to hear/measure. At 12 weeks you can measure the fetal heart rate.

JiggaJonson says...

Don't talk to me about abortion you dumb prick. Laws preventing abortion in my state are keeping me from having a family.

That's right. If my wife and I could have abortions, our family would be bigger now.

Some people need to be able to have abortions. It's not murder any more than me jerking off and my wife having a period. Laws against fatricide are wrong. You don't get a fertilization certificate, you get a birth certificate.

It's like I'm talking to a Putin sock puppet.

bobknight33 said:

Sometimes the Truth is sobering.
Find a real cause.
Abortion, The most dangerous place for a baby in in the womb.
More Murders /year than all other murders combined.

And you call me a bigot. Look in the mirror.

I don't mind different opinions but the left are mostly wrong.

JiggaJonson says...

I guess the best evidence yet is that the only real charges levied against anyone, the only people actually arrested are from the Trump camp.

There's this:

But, as scopes points out, that story is not actually true.

Keep on beating your drum about how everyone in the Trump camp is so innocent, we'll keep actually arresting them and charging them while you follow the propaganda.

Oh and the EPA admin resigned today amid ethics scandals. I'll look forward to seeing him behind bars while you keep chanting "LOCK HER UP" without anything actually happening to her.

Who is the Executive in charge of the Justice Department again?

JiggaJonson says...

You can say he ordered them to stand down, BUT

"It's not accurate to say that all activity ceased at that point."
And he goes on to explain that focus was shifted towards helping the states protect the integrity of the election systems.

It seems to me that the O-Admin underestimated the social-hacking taking place through propaganda efforts from the Ruskies, much like we all did before most of it came to light. It's a far cry from the current admin's "Russia if you're listening" and general 'We need to get along better with Russia' sentiments.

And it's odd that you're taking the side of Flynn considering even the current administration fired him in short order because of his dishonesty about his Russian entanglements. I'm not picking him as a "bad" guy, the Trump administration, the Obama administration, and the Justice Department is.

JiggaJonson says...

Feel free to reply, nothing is more American than putting down your own government in a show of free speech.

Please try to stick to primary sources as I mostly have.

JiggaJonson says...

Rather than edit the previous post, I'll add a comment here about why I pulled Flynn out of the group to cite:

Flynn is the most blatant example of the bunch. There are many human shields ready to take the fall, but there's a problem with Flynn compared to the rest. We know what he knew when. We know what Trump knew about Flynn and when.

Take a look at a search on Trump and Flynn from Jan-Feb before he was fired in 2017:

His son was fired prior to that, but he had some strong words on Twitter in May of this year

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