Emoji Shortcodes Now Available

As mentioned here, I thought it'd be great to support Slack-style emoji shortcodes.

This has been implemented and is now available.

Just use a colon followed by a shortcode followed by another colon, for example: 👍

As @newtboy requested, there is a 🤦 emoji and thousands of others, and as @ant requested, they are rendered as simple standard emoji characters.


If you hover over an emoji, you'll see the shortcode text that was used to create it.


The full list of emojis is available on the following page. Click the emojis you want and then copy them all to your clipboard by clicking the 📋 in the bottom-right corner, then just paste away!


Can't submit video

Not sure where the best place to put this is, but trying so sift my first video, it asks to solve a math problem(six plus five...) to verify you are human, and then I get to the next screen to ask if it is a duplicate video, but when I click submit, it goes back to the previous page with a message that I can't be verified as human. What am I doing wrong?

Time to review user ratings? (Internet Talk)

Five of the top ten sifters have not posted a video in years, some as long as 7+ years.
Is it time to revisit how users are rated, perhaps by vote count over the last year or some other measure? With traffic so low lately, it's impossible to ever come near the vote counts of our top 10, no matter how many videos are submitted. No video is going to get 100+ votes anymore, today a 15 vote video usually hits #1. That makes rating users by overall vote count a poor metric, and leaves the top user list full of long inactive users.

Is it time to change the rating system, or is the semi-broken system we have now one we want to keep?

What's your take on videos with a fixed lifetime

I can't see any official policy on videos that are made available online for a short fixed period.

I'm halfway through a really good production of Twelfth Night by the National Theatre (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aig5ObghHS4) and was thinking of submitting it, but decided against it because it will be taken down next Thursday. Today I saw Ant put up Phantom Of The Opera that's got a two day lifespan.

Since I've seen more of these popping up since the lockdown, I thought I'd check if anyone had any opinions on etiquette for mayfly videos. Should we avoid them? Should we put the expiry date in the title? Should we kill them again a while later? Or should we treat them like any other video, since all life is fleeting?

Blocked videos

I just really wanted to bring this up.

As a community we've always been fairly tight here. I've met a lot of great people in this group. As such people have been really great at helping make this site what it is today.

That being said, The amount of Blocked videos being posted seem to me at an all time high. It's really getting frustrating. I'm going to guess, every third video I try is blocked.

As a community, we have used the Blocked tag to let people know the videos have issues with them to the embed can be replaced with better embeds which aren't blocked.

But it seems like now some community members "just don't care". They don't care they are blocked and they don't care that it makes for a "broken" site. The user experience here is important to all of us, some get their best videos through this site, sharing and watching what others share.

When a person (me included) is constantly getting unviewable content, then the whole site suffers. Why should people commit time here if they can't see the videos?

Please, lets work harder to identify and fix the blocked embeds and replace them whenever possible, or post alternate embeds or links in the comments.


What is your preference?

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A total of 7 votes have been cast on this poll.

So sick of hearing "Quid Pro Quo" I'm ready to pull my hair out and set myself on fire!

Is @ant too cute?

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A total of 9 votes have been cast on this poll.

BSR said:
@ant, I think I've told you this once before. That's NOT venom you're injecting. Here's a tissue.

And no one is afraid of you. You're just too cute.


@ant jokingly says...
Prove it!


You might be wondering how I got here. Well, I'll tell you how it happened. I was looking for places to also upload my videos, and I'm planning on making a web series on here. But the problem with my plan is I'm not allowed to "promote myself." I can't put my plan into action if I'm not allowed to upload my own videos to here. Hopefully you guys can change this so I can upload my videos. I won't be advertising on the talk page, let alone the entire community.

How do I actually post something?! (Wtf Talk)

I keep trying to submit a video but I keep getting "sorry, we couldn't verify that you're a human". I fill in the answers correctly of course, it's basic first grade math like "what is twenty-nine minus thirteen?" and when I type in "sixteen" it send me to the "see if it's a duplicate" page (it's not a duplicate), I click that it's okay to submit but I get looped back to the submit page with "sorry, we couldn't verify that you're a human". I tried numerical answers but it won't even accept those. Why am I being sent in an infinite loop?

Additional info: I just signed up today, was there a waiting period I missed in the terms and conditions that perhaps I overlooked before I'm allowed to post?

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