Is @ant too cute?

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BSR said:
@ant, I think I've told you this once before. That's NOT venom you're injecting. Here's a tissue.

And no one is afraid of you. You're just too cute.


@ant jokingly says...
Prove it!


You might be wondering how I got here. Well, I'll tell you how it happened. I was looking for places to also upload my videos, and I'm planning on making a web series on here. But the problem with my plan is I'm not allowed to "promote myself." I can't put my plan into action if I'm not allowed to upload my own videos to here. Hopefully you guys can change this so I can upload my videos. I won't be advertising on the talk page, let alone the entire community.

How do I actually post something?! (Wtf Talk)

I keep trying to submit a video but I keep getting "sorry, we couldn't verify that you're a human". I fill in the answers correctly of course, it's basic first grade math like "what is twenty-nine minus thirteen?" and when I type in "sixteen" it send me to the "see if it's a duplicate" page (it's not a duplicate), I click that it's okay to submit but I get looped back to the submit page with "sorry, we couldn't verify that you're a human". I tried numerical answers but it won't even accept those. Why am I being sent in an infinite loop?

Additional info: I just signed up today, was there a waiting period I missed in the terms and conditions that perhaps I overlooked before I'm allowed to post?

YouTube Changes to Community Guidelines Strikes (Politics Talk)

YouTube is enforcing a new "Strike System" for "Community Guidelines." It begins February 25, 2019.

Changes to Community Guidelines Strikes - Burning Questions

Community Guidelines have been around a while, but more violations have been identified.

I realize YouTube is not our only source for videos, but I figured folks need a heads up. Deleted videos or channels on YouTube will affect the content here.

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

Happy happy Holidays, Merry Merry Christmas to VS!

I am not here any more (hoping eric357 to take the #1 spot soon, or ant... )

I am not coming back any time soon, personal reasons..

It was fun, when I was here. I apologize for being obsessed and just getting to #1. I don't deserve it any more.

But thanks, being on VS was making me very happy back in the day! Again, I apologize for being frigging maniack back then...

Thank you, people who rememeber me,

-Mintbbb, aka Mia

FYI. YouTube is having technical problems. (Wtf Talk)

So, embedded YouTube's videos and logged in are currently showing:

"500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.
If you see them, send them this information as text (screenshots frighten them): ..."

and "Sorry - there’s a temporary issue loading your subscriptions. Please revisit this page shortly to try again.",!forum/youtube, etc. confirm it.

At least we still have other video hosts like I wonder how much I missed since before 1 PM PDT.

So, we are fucked. (Science Talk)

Holding global warming to a critical limit would require "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society."

Based on the report, we are absolutely going to hit the critical limit now. No stopping it. The best we could do, literally the best, is to prevent from going too far above it.

So, we are definitively fucked. Now we just get to compete for how bad it is going to get by the end.

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