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English is important, but math is importanter. 2+2/2=3. Deal with it.

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geo321 says...

Btw if you guys are worried about getting the vaccine I got it and it was fine. As I told my niece it's cool just like this instructional video from Tarantino...

newtboy said:

Deal, but it's not the Tarantino you're thinking of.

BSR says...

7% and dinner with Tarantino.

newtboy said:

7%, final offer, and stay away from craft services on set. I can pick handcuffs, your threat doesn't scare me...I might like being hobbled.

geo321 says...

Lucky wakes up to everyone handcuffed on the floor

newtboy said:

...and so began the hardheaded hobbling horror of 2021, culminating in the brutal banning backlash of 2022 when all members were automatically banned including new accounts.

chicchorea says...

I was looking forward to contacting you upon finishing my foray.

imagine my happy surprise at your rather wonderful and welcome intercedence on behalf of all things light and transcendental in nature.

Thank you old friend.

I applaud and thank you further for the enlightened and inspired suggestion to resolution of the situation though I infer there to be a lag in implementation at best.

As I was unaware of the possible agitation my efforts evidently caused, I somewhat bristled at the unjustified, that is to my mind, action taken at no infraction of which I am aware.

Is instahobbling not regarded as inappropriate thusly invoked?

In any case, my reaction to such was averted by your intervention and I, again, thank you.

newtboy said:

Racking up the grim reaper badges. Damn!
Why are so many of Choggie/Chingalera's videos dead? Do you plan on removing them all?
I put in a question to lucky about making invocation only posts seems some are upset that the comments page is full of non comments. Not me, but if I can diffuse a fight before it starts, I will.

bobknight33 says...

I never said or went after Biden for having a speech impediment. He doesn't

He is just too old and worn out and doesn't have it in him to be to POTUS.

Trump has given more speech than Biden since Biden been POTUS.

Joe is a worn out old man what should be home eating cookies with grand kids.

newtboy said:

You love to go after Biden for having a speech impediment, so of course you aren't going to be a hypocrite and you'll go after Trump's demented, rambling, total nonsensical speech in N Carolina where, among other nonsense, he declared....

"We have to get it done. We have no choice. Actually, we have to get it done together. We're going to defund our freedoms. You just take a look at what's happening. Biden is halted wall construction, suspended, removals, and even removables or removals of just horrible, horr...." all with his huge extra absorbent diaper showing clearly through his pants that were apparently on backwards.

No? That's normal to you?

bobknight33 says...

I Remember .

They are going up a lot. Not due to global warming .

Rates most likely going up due to dollar losing 50+% of value since 2000.

from the Herald Tribune

"Property owners throughout Florida are seeing their insurance rates soar, as companies had rate increases approved ranging from from 12% to 31%. Insurers point to high rates for reinsurance, which is basically insurance to back up insurers, and claims for water damage from leaks that are not hurricane-related.

Another factor cited was that claims still were rolling in from Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Michael in 2018. Policy holders have a three-year window to submit wind damage claims. Insured losses from Irma totaled $17.44 billion while Category 5 Michael generated $7.9 billion in claims for insured losses, according to FOIR."
NOAA data goes up 2004.
Hurricane rated not more no less over last 100+ years.

newtboy said:

Remember that time you said if climate change and sea level rise were real, insurance in places like Florida would skyrocket or disappear. Guess what.

Not only has it skyrocketed like I told you was happening back then, but many companies have now just left places like Florida altogether because it costs them far too much to payout over flooding and extreme weather events that are now regular occurrences.

My'll ignore what you claimed, ignore what the companies say, and ignore the data that's undeniable and blame liberals for faking the insurance fiasco and faking constant repeated flooding and extreme weather decimating many areas, especially coastal and low lying areas....or you'll just deny things are demonstrably worsening.

What I know for certain, you won't admit you were/are wrong, and won't accept any responsibility for dragging your feet and obstructing vital progress with unending stubborn denial of reality and making the situation exponentially worse and the time to mitigate it exponentially shorter.

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your video, Bees Opening Soda Bottle, has reached the #1 spot in the current Top 15 New Videos listing. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish but you managed to pull it off. For your contribution you have been awarded 2 Power Points.

This achievement has earned you your "Golden One" Level 276 Badge!

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