Happy 12th Siftiversary

Well, @dag... @siftbot... We've made it to a dozen years. Congratulations to us!

Internet culture has changed in the past dozen years, but it's nice to see that no matter how much things around us may change, the people of the Sift are as awesome as they ever were.

You. Complete. We.

Hi guys! What'd I miss? (Scifi Talk)

Hello one and all. Firefly here, I used to (still do?) run the Sci-Fi channel when I was a regular, Just want to pop in and say hi....man it's been a while. I see dag and lucky still have things running smoothly. Site's really looking spiffy! I see ant still posting like crazy, Any other regulars still around? eric, eklek, kronos, zifnab, arvana, dotdude...those are the few I remember off the top of my head, and I see some new faces as well.

Gonna look around a bit, see if I still remember how to post.

Can't see channels

I can't see the channel descriptions a video is part of in the regular video listings anymore. I remember them being to the left of the video under the vote counter. Not sure if I'm the only one. Not a big deal or anything just was kind of handy.

Wrong video in "promoted" slot?

I'm getting a bug where the promoted video title/description don't match the video. Often it's still the last promoted video I watched, but with a newer promoted video's title and description. Am I the only one? I started noticing it a week or two ago. Refresh always fixes it.

Fonts changed?

Is it me or did the font and/or sizes changed today? Everything seems bigger and different?

Thank you in advance.

Unable to change the size percentages in my submitted video. (Wtf Talk)

http://videosift.com/video/The-Orvilles-Intro-duction-After-Its-Pilot-Episode has:

<iframe src="https://streamable.com/s/8iun2/fgjgxx" frameborder="0" width="485%" height="485%" allowfullscreen="true" style="width: 485%; height: 485%; position: absolute;"></iframe>

485% for the video's height and width that are too big. When I change ther numbers, they keep going back to 485. VS is annoying. How can I have it not change my values?

Thank you in advance.

Social media videos with captions (Geek Talk)

Since a lot of people watch videos on their mobile via social media networks they see them without sound. So they started making "videos with big texts/captions/subtitles on the screen" (e.g. Tech Insider). How to call them: "Mobile videos"? "Social videos"? "Social media videos"? "Text videos"? Is there an agreed upon term?

Does anyone know since when exactly this trend started and which big media producers were early adopters?

There are basic rules to get the most optimal results.
But I often still find these texts blocking the visual experience, resulting in an inferior video, wishing the texts were just annotations you can remove.
What do you think?

V6 Beta (Geek Talk)

Finally, a new version for VS! So, what are new and fixed in this? The only change I noticed is resizing my wider SeaMonkey v2.48's web browser window narrower messes up with video screen getting covered up by the right side.

Thank you in advance.

Well Hihi again, VS

Obviously I have been absent long enough again that Siftbot sends me an email, saying VS misses me. Most people here don't even know who I am, but old-timers do.. I was being a pain in the butt, sorry. I get upset way too easily..

Part of me misses VS too. Sifting was fun, but turned into work.. I don't think I am gonna come back any time soon. I will, however, come and fix deaded videos of mine if I can.. Yes, obsessed still..

I lost both of my older dogs, just 3 monts apart in 2016. I don't think I have recovered from that yet... Thank goodness for my DH NetRunner. He's my rock, still sticking with me, even when I am being a basket case and then some..

We have two dogs now, again. We got one as a puppy, and the other one just fell into our laps, needing to be adopted. Both are just so precious. Yes, still German Shepherds

Link? Not sure if this will work. Nico and Tiny this spring.


Everybody who knew me, please take care. And the rest of you too

Erics PSA: Don't forget to vote for the videos you like

It seems fewer sifters are voting on videos these days, and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to get videos sifted for those who post them. I'm sure it's obvious to everyone that traffic is just a fraction of what it once was, but it seems to me the ratio of sifters viewing videos to voting for them has gone down quite a bit. Not sure why that might be. I was wondering if it may be that more people are on mobile devices, and that makes it more difficult to cast votes (i've never owned a smartphone so don't know if it's more difficult) or just not as inclined to vote when mobile. Anyway if you happen to have cut back on voting do tell if it's for any particular reason.

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