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newtboy says...

I don't blame you a bit, it's hard to watch. I made a noise when I first saw it that made my wife come in the room to see what's wrong. Poor girl, guess she'll be concentrating on that aerospace degree a bit more now, her gymnastics career is over.
Since you won't see it, both legs went backwards just below the knees like an alien from The Arrival.

eric3579 said:

In thumbnail sees girl doing a floor routine, and reads "breaks both legs" in title.

Oh, hell no! That's a hard pass for me

(edit) Most search results say broke legs, but It seems she actually dislocated her knees and tore some ligaments.
Still not watching

oritteropo says...


...and success!!!!

eric3579 said:

I'm gonna keep promoting until it gets either an eighth vote or at least 5 more sifter views (currently at 13)

I won't give up on you!

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