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Why Trump Wants Covid To Last Forever

newtboy says...


No Bob, a Trumptard is not a republican. A climate change/science denier is not a Republican. A war hawk is not an old school republican. A draft dodger who calls those who serve America losers and suckers is not a Republican. You are a ReTrumpican, not a Republican.

Fiscal conservatism is the core of Republicanism, and the antithesis of big spender Trump, the nation's biggest loser, who made zero money at all 10 out of the last 15 years (taxes leaked, so sad), and less than my wife and I did at least two of the remaining five, paying at most $750 in income tax...unless he's a total tax cheat too....and it's looking like he's actually hundreds of millions in debt, some to mobsters, some, like $100 million, to Uncle Sam. THAT is not a Republican, Bob, it's a failed business man, convicted fraud and con man, and soon to be boat anchor in the Black sea.

bobknight33 said:

A McCain republican or Bush 42 republican is NOT a republican.

Why Trump Wants Covid To Last Forever

newtboy (Member Profile)

Mordhaus says...


newtboy said:

Wow, millimeters from being a snuff film.

This is why backboards are angled with the top closer to the shooter in proper ranges, ricochets are deflected towards the ground, not back at the shooter, and not randomly up and away.


Does a greased shaft penetrate deeper?

Does a greased shaft penetrate deeper?

wtfcaniuse (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Lack of flexibility, perhaps, but exceeding your sales projections by so much you can't keep up and have to outsource from competitors could be a genius (or moronic if it backfires) marketing move....if Tesla power packs outperform ones purchased from competitors in an apples to apples comparison (but one designed to favor Tesla from the start because they are in Tesla cars, optimized for Tesla batteries), they end up selling exponentially more when the new factories catch up and make a surplus. Worth it if in 5 years competitors all start buying from him.

wtfcaniuse said:

Not being able to produce enough batteries for your own products would suggest issues in management, production and scope. Having to increase component supply from what are essentially competitors for several years in order to meet demand isn't really a good thing IMO.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

The Pastry Chef Adding to Japan’s 400+ Flavours of Kit Kat

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Sociopath vs Psychopath - What's The Difference?

Sociopath vs Psychopath - What's The Difference?

noims says...

To answer his question, I don't know any psychopaths, but I know someone who voted for one.

OK, I apologise. That's an exaggeration. I don't know anyone who voted for him.

TheFreak (Member Profile)

Democrats For Violence

newtboy says...

Yeah...Americans are fed up with the Democrats. Lol. So deluded.
If you lived in this country, you would know better. Almost 1/3 fewer Republicans than 3.5 years ago, support among independents has fallen from >46% to <36%, and among democrats it's within the margin of error to say he has 0% of democratic fact recent polling indicates Democrats have almost twice the percentage of the remaining Republican's votes than vise versa....about 8% R voting D vs 4% D voting R.
Trump is president. If he can't lead the entire country, not just the parts that are so sycophantically Stockholm syndromed that they wouldn't think of complaining about his deadly failures or contradicting his lies, he's unqualified.

BTW, DeJoy's ploy to make mail in voting fail are in trouble. A federal judge just barred the usps from any changes at all until after the election, after reversing all the slow down methods DeJoy implemented, and ordered any post office that needs their equipment returned to petition the court directly and the court will order it's reinstallation. No word what they'll do about the equipment that was intentionally destroyed, I can only hope it will be repurchased at DeJoy's expense, but I doubt it.

Looks like Trump hired another unqualified felon for his swamp....because he only knows crooks.

Never going to answer @wtfcaniuse? What has Trump accomplished that's"great" for America?
Just like you won't answer me when I ask you to bring up just one single case of the widespread, well known voter fraud schemes by Democrats, while I've been happy to point out a half dozen cases of Republican frauds totaling thousands of instances of vote fraud (some cases involved thousands of votes).

So sad, Bob. Sad that your ilk was thrown out of the mental institutions by Regan and you think that indicates you are doesn't.

bobknight33 said:

American people are fed up of the Democrat party.

Funny Democrats say this Violence is Trumps America. Reality is that this is all in Democrat controlled area.

Democrats are a Total Fail.

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