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JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

lurgee says...

You are welcome. I always enjoyed his style back in the '90s. Thanks for the promote! There are many videos of him on YouTube but to me, this is his best performance.

JiggaJonson said:

ty for posting this. I've got vague memories of seeing this whole routine, i think this exact one when i was a kid.

zerishhz (Member Profile)

ElectroBOOM - Rectifying a Bunch of Videos

transmorpher (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Just walk away.
There is no delete account. It hurts the site to poke holes in it's fabric. Please don't try to erase your presence, it's considered an attack and rude.
You can set your profile to stop all email notifications and you won't hear from the sift again.....or just leave it and you probably won't hear from the sift again.
Sorry you feel you have to go. If nothing else, you sparked a few interesting threads.

transmorpher said:

Please delete my account and all message and videos. I'm done here. Thanks

cloudballoon (Member Profile)

BSR says...

Still got the world on your shoulders I see.

Why did you decide to be Christian?

cloudballoon said:

To elaborate, it's more like "I hate the feeling stirring inside me (frustration, exacerbation, etc) whenever I hear those people offering thoughts and prayers"... but hey... my fault for not being clear.

You're right thought, we just shouldn't be hateful towards fellow beings. But I think there's legit room to hate evil deeds.

But man...I don't know... I live in Canada and I just feel Christians as a group is vastly different from what I see in the US. I can't stand those loud "Evangelicals" in bed with Trump and the Republican. What Christian values that those Republicans stand up for that's enough for US Evangelicals to be kept silenced or down-right condone of all the non-Christians deeds they're doing to this world or the USA? Cynically, if I'm forced to vote for the "lesser of two evils" then it's the Dems any day. Things in the USA is so twisted, it is a circus horror show.

How to make inverted bubbles

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Paris’ Traveling Knife Grinder

mxxcon says...

I'm always so disappointed in these "great big stories" videos.
They have such amazing, interesting subjects, videos are so professionally shot, but they all end up being too short and not really getting into the meat of things
This video should've been AT LEAST 15min long if not good 30+.
They could've shown how he sharpens different knifes, blades, etc etc, what customers think of him, etc. All their videos are such wasted opportunities

Paris’ Traveling Knife Grinder

worthwords says...

I use a Tormek like the one right at the end - slow speed grinding wheel bathed in water. Safe to use with no eye protection.

SFOGuy said:

Wonderful slice of life video.
But I just spent $275 and a morning managing a metal working friend through an opthalmology appointment to extract metal shavings from their eye...so...Hope he gets back to using safety glasses.

newtboy (Member Profile)

How Flexible Machines Could Save The World

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