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Why You Should Care About the Plastic in Your Poop

newtboy says...

*doublepromote *quality info, even if it barely scratches the surface of this food web destroyer.
This seems like our backup Armageddon. If the effects of climate change don't wipe us out, the survivors get to die slowly of petroleum poisoning.
I hope those disposable forks were worth it.

I was surprised he didn't mention all the plastics we eat intentionally, like any toothpaste with sparkles for instance....that's just bits of plastic we are fed on purpose.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

newtboy says...

That is an argument, but is fallacious.
Those already well practiced in self enrichment are more likely to continue. Satisfying greed makes it stronger, not weaker.

Go to soy bean country and tell them that, or someone who works for the federal government, or contracts with them, or makes a living serving them. I think you'll find things have changed for more people than you seem to think.

Gratefully he has been less effective at most of his ideas than he claims, or we would be fighting off the wolves coming for the national carcass.

scheherazade said:

Bob said that her line of argument (selling regulation policy changes for self enrichment), is less of an obvious motivation for someone who enters politics already wealthy.

That's a perfectly fine statement to make, as there is less to gain.

Net effect wise, nothing has changed for the average person. So I would argue that POTUS is more ineffectual than able to make things exponentially anything.


AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

newtboy says...

No sir.
He is saying Trump is cleaning up Washington, removing corruption.
I'm saying he's more corrupt than any other politician ever and has made things exponentially worse.

All I see we agree on is that there is corruption in congress, but even then we don't agree on what level of corruption or by who.

We absolutely don't agree on Trump's corruption (or lack thereof).

scheherazade said:

You are both saying the same thing.

The only difference is that the cynicism isn't consistently applied to everyone who warrants it.

(I heavily suspect that when the money doesn't add up - someone is making money on the side. And it just so happens that they are in the position to sell regulatory capture, so it is the most likely candidate.)

The guilt so far is the sort of guilt everyone has. Not saying everything is kosher - just saying that everyone is guilty, malfeasance or not.

There is a saying, show me the man, I'll show you the crime.

I'm sure that the FBI can look closely enough to everyone related to trump and find something to convict everyone of. It may not be foreign influence related, but it will be something. They can even drag things out until the prez is out of office before going after the juicy targets.


AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

newtboy says...

$3 billion? Aaaaaahahahaha! Says him?! Oh Bob, hang your head in shame.

Edit: How much has he and his family milked the presidency for so far? Hundreds of millions certainly when you include Ivanka's special trade deals, the apartments sold to foreign agents at 10-100 times market value, and the rental of his properties by the same and other foreign agents at above market value, the milking our treasury, requiring the secret service pay him to be allowed to guard him at his properties.....sweet zombie Jebus, no one has ever abused the office or any other like he has, with your full blessing. Don't feign indignation now at others.

Earned?! Aaaaaaahahahaha! He inherited it Bob....and stole it from rubes like you pretend to be.

Are you claiming McCain got his money in some untoward way, or just implying it because you have zero evidence of any such thing but want people to think you do? You, as a Trumpeteer, have some gall accusing others of making their money in some underhanded way, no matter what they might have done it pales in comparison to the known, admitted frauds and swindles your leader brags about with pride.

Bob, Trump's administration's leaders have been found guilty on 24 counts so far in under 2 years with 89 charges SO FAR.....and many more removed in disgrace for abusing their offices for personal enrichment..... that's far more corrupt than Nixon after the break in and cover-up. There has never been another administration 1/4 as swampy as Trump's. NEVER.

Trump himself is an admitted and convicted fraud who stole money from the ignorant poor with his fake schools....and charities....and businesses....and every contract he's ever been involved with.
He's called the swamp thing for a reason.

bobknight33 said:

Trumps net worth 3 Billion . At least he earned his $.

U.S. congressional salary is 174k today

McCain, In 2016, the senator was worth $14.8 million.
Pelosi , Net Worth: -$58.7 million to $72.1 million
Ried net worth is between 3 and 10 million dollars.
This does not take into account the back door funding that enrich family members.

Most political figures have all lined their pockets over the years. It is call a swamp for a reason.

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

newtboy says...

She clearly points out the ability of CONGRESS to satisfy their own self interest and the laws (that they write) that do nothing to stop loopholes of self enrichment and then EXPLAINS HOW THEY ARE HELD TO a higher standard than that of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT AND HIS CADRE OF SWAMP MONSTERS are held to.

And yet she somehow KNOWS that Trump ( POTUS of 2 years with ALL outside big money funding, SOME FROM OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY AND LAW) has been more GUILTY OF MALFEASANCE than those she sits with.


bobknight33 said:

She clearly points out the swamps ability to satisfy their own self interest and the laws (that they write) that do nothing to stop loopholes of self enrichment and then implies that this is a higher standard than that of the president office is held to.

And yet she somehow feels that Trump ( POTUS of 2 years with no outside funding) has been more mailable than those she sits with.

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

newtboy says...

So....the only way (for US) to win, is (if they decide on their own) not to play.
*doublepromote one hell of an ex bartender

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

The deadliest accident in motorsport history

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Thanks and thanks and thanks again...and what the hell, one more thanks for beet loaf. Not in the third circle of hell could such a fetid concoction be justly served.....that's nasty.

Mordhaus said:

LOL vegan beet loaf. *Quality *doublepromote

Why Everyone is Going to Iceland Lately

newtboy says...

We went 2016 because tickets were <$200 roundtrip from the West coast on wow air.....air bnb was everywhere and great, most attractions were free and amazing, zero crowds, we drove the entire island in a week without rushing, everyone speaks English well, and because Formula Offroad, which I finally saw in person after years of disbelief. I would suggest a summer trip there to anyone who loves nature, beauty, friendly people, and interesting mythology.

Edit: book your day at blue lagoon first, they can be booked solid for months.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

The Pinkman Goo Strain - Strain Stories

newtboy says...

Yeah...that was a huge WTF for me too.
According to the story, she discovered the strain, he didn't create it, he just grew it. There's no telling who bred it, 3 seeds sounds like what you find in an 1/8th of sticky outdoor, not a seed run by a grower family....and no one in the family took credit for the stash.

TheFreak said:

Soo...Twompson Prater is credit with creating the strain...but he didn't do anything other than plant seeds created by someone in his family that his sister found? Are they leaving something out of the story?

We ❤️ The Periodic Table

newtboy jokingly says...

Wait....are you saying it's not? What did YOUR parents teach you to read with?

00Scud00 said:

Stop that, even the idea that Trump is the basic building block of all things in the universe is an existential horror that makes Lovecraft look like a Dick & Jane book.

Can Moons Have Moons?

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