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MMA Fighter shows exactly what happened to George Floyd

newtboy says...

Kinda verifies what I've said all along, it was most likely the cop in the middle, knee to his back, that directly caused his death, but they ALL helped murder him so should ALL be charged together like they would charge a dope dealer's lookout with selling drugs, and since they're cops, they should at least be sentenced to the maximum as an example since they won't add special circumstances and request the death penalty.

China bankrolling Biden Center at UPenn

newtboy says...

Still trying to pass that dumb, debunked "Biden got $1.5 billion from China" crazy bullshit? Odd, the Center for Responsive Politics estimates Hunter Biden's net worth, as of July 2019, at between $2.14 million and $7.92 million. Where did the other $1.498 billion go, @bobknight33?

Now it's a verified fact that Ivanka got a gift valued at >$35 million, between 5 -16 times Hunter's total net worth, directly from China's government in the form of trade patents during Trump's now completely failed trade talks.

This new stupid bullshit you're peddling is OAN trying to create scandal about an alleged, unverified, anonymous donation being called a bribe from China with zero evidence beyond the accusation, reported by a hyper partisan propaganda network that's unbelievably less honest than Fox....and you bought it hook line and sinker.

That the best you got, buddy? You've really got to stop trying the same old totally debunked conspiracy theories and come up with something aren't even keeping it interesting.

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newtboy says...

Sorry for your family's loss.
My mother and stepfather both caught it in February, but both recovered.

JiggaJonson said:

Don't mistake me, im not unreasonable. Im sure we probably could find someone who didn't add an asterisk and say "IF no one does anything" as an attempt to get ratings. As someone with extra time on his hands who was watching the news nearly constantly though, I didnt see that.

That said, still don't think the claim holds up. Even if there was halfhazard use of that study as a headline creator at times, he's using it as a justification to say basically that there definitely WERE going to be these deaths, and trump stopped them. That is simply not true. If even one single person decided to wear a mask, those numbers drop.

That and there are degrees of good and bad jobs being done, it's not binary.

Closing down the country? good.
Closing it down earlier? better.
Not restocking the emergency stockpilke when warned? bad
Blaming obama when he is the one who fired the pandemic team? asshole
Funneling money for small business relief into his own company and his son in laws? criminal
Opening too soon? bad
Finally encouraging people to wear masks? okay, but could be better


------------- also ----------------

my cousin just died
39, 5 kids
she had "fluid on the lungs"
but it's not determined yet the cause
like im saying my mom just called me 1 hour ago
im tryin to find a fucking picture of her on her husband's facebook
but all i can find is shit about not wearing masks and how obama is trying to stop trump from blah blah blah

Did donald trump kill my cousin? absolutely not.
Did he help spread propaganda that encouraged her to not wear a mask and break social distancing because 'MERICA!? yes And he's currently trying to force the RNC to accomodate 50k people in one small space, to boot.

She was 39, 5 kids

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Not only that, it's a worst case scenario based on no one doing a thing over the course of the outbreak if it lasts for years and the medical system is overwhelmed.

As you said, NO CREDIBLE PERSON said it WOULD or even COULD happen in "a few months", or ever in the real world, which was his claim. Only people like Trump intentionally misstating the conclusions to create paper tigers he could slay have said it.

JiggaJonson said:


"The 2.2 million figure was a projection based on a scenario where not only do the government and private companies not engage in any "control measures," but individuals don't on their own change their behavior to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. The study refers to this possibility as "unlikely," but let's be blunt: it's entirely fanciful. "

That's the origin. So yes, we are doing better than if the entire country 's population of individuals did nothing, AND the government did nothing. That's technically true, but it's about as likely as people sitting at their desks when the office catches fire.

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Dude. Tell me you aren't really surprised. ;-)
You know full well this is straight from the Trump chump playbook. Whenever challenged on the truthfulness of their claims they offer random "proof"...which is NEVER a truthful defense and usually actually proves exactly what they're arguing against, like this time....then they invariably actively ignore any further discussion on the subject to avoid having their nose rubbed in their mess.

That's the problem with blind faith in a convicted con man paired with well below average intelligence and a complete inability to reason or comprehend, it leads to (sometimes deadly) dishonest obstinate obstructionism based on obvious lies at it's best, and it's rarely that good.

Recent polls show that 41% of "Republicans" (Trump voters) actually believe Bill Gates is funding Covid vaccine research in order to secretly inject billions of people with microchips (they have no idea towards what ends, but they know it's true), and another 34% aren't sure but think it's likely true, only 25% are rational enough to say they don't believe it (but in private I bet they're less certain). Do you honestly believe one of these people has the capacity for rationality, truth, or reasoned discussion?

It does explain why republicans don't want to restrict firearms from the mentally defective, 3/4 of them would lose their rights on day 1.

JiggaJonson said:


This is not what i asked for, this is someone from the Trump administration SAYING that someone in the media is saying that + a bunch of word salad nonsense.

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newtboy says...

Sorry, Bobby only supports taking government help if you don't need it, making him exactly the kind of welfare queen his ilk claim to hate with a passion.

JiggaJonson said:

When did you become a welfare queen like that? Like I'm just wondering what made you change your mind that you said "that's it im going to start being on welfare."

I thought you hated stuff like that, i still haven't gotten my check, but I believe in good government policy that uses socialized programs to help people in times of need. I thought you would be living in the woods or on Walden pond or something by now.

Instead you became a welfare queen. I never would have thought you were a welfare queen but I guess tha'ts the way of it.

WELL I'll look forward to you NOT giving people a hard time for taking needed help in the form of government handouts in the future since you're a welfare queen now too.

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Walrus Whistle

Saluting The Heros Of The Pandumbic

newtboy says...

Odd...seeing as he's blaming all that time he spent testifying at his impeachment and supplying documents and witnesses for his inattentiveness, saying he was distracted and his time monopolized. Where did he find time to golf? Must be fake news....he would never put play ahead of work. Not him. Never.

SFOGuy said:

Timeline as far as I know it...There seems to be...a disproportionate amount of golf...

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

One Policy That Impacts Coronavirus Math

newtboy says...

So delusional.
You asked why, which was answered in the video clearly....I guess reality means nothing to you. An impossible dream of some magically universally enriching personal responsibility (your plan-all you need to do is save that money you aren't earning for hard(er) times) means less to me than hundreds of thousands of deaths and trillions in socialist handouts and losses.

I live in the real world, not the fantasy where being undereducated, under employed, and destitute is a choice people make. This fictional reality where everyone has the means and opportunity to succeed. If working hard and staying clean was a guarantee of financial success, you might have 1/2 a point to make, but it's not.

Yep, typical....berate me for being Santa by suggesting paid leave is smart, then pat orange Santa on the back for enacting a more expensive 1/2 ass version of that plan but wasting and grifting hundreds of billions in the process. Having it be federal law before it was too late could have slowed the spread, flattening the curve....1/2 measures long after it's an epidemic won't.

Economy, in the toilet. Unemployment, jumping faster than the great depression. Health and safety, a memory. Infrastructure, completely forgotten. Debt and deficit, skyrocketing like never before in history. How exactly are you winning today?

Come on, where's my "red tsunami 2020"?

bobknight33 said:

I did watch,
Personal responsibility means nothing to you.

Ok Santa Clause.

Orange man Santa Trump got their back.

MEGA 2020

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