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Introducing A Compound Bow To The HadzabeTribe In Tanzania

chicchorea (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Contact @lucky760 or @dag.
It was not an appropriate hobble imo....You were doing long overdue maintenance, not harming the sift through abuse of your star powers. I see how it was inconvenient to have so many invocations in a row clutter the comments, but not malicious.
It's worse since the admins seem to be MIA, and only they can unhobble.

Good luck.

chicchorea (Member Profile)

newtboy jokingly says...

Come on guys.....
@BSR, @chicchorea

BSR said:

Fortunately, I don't lack respect for fellow sifters and their comments and conversations.

Had I been someone new to VS and wanted to check out the comment section I would have disregarded joining the site simply because of the appearance of an attention whore poster.

I did try to get your attention as a friend to ask you to maybe limit how many "dead" posts you make at once so as to not push recent comments and conversations into oblivion.

When you didn't respond I assumed you were not interested and just continued on.

This isn't so much about the rules as it is about respecting fellow sifters.

I hope you and I can stand on common ground.

CC: @dag

CC: @lucky760

chicchorea (Member Profile)

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

newtboy says...

Not if the same people were running the company, but it folded because they were swindling investors to pay themselves and never completing projects. When the attenuator job stalled, I think because he didn't pay for the crash testing so never got certified results, he just moved on to the next project instead of fixing the issues, and did the same thing. Not good.

moonsammy said:

Interesting - thanks for sharing! Shame it didn't work out better, and I have to wonder if the outcome would be different now with the increased focus on fuel economy / climate change mitigation.

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

newtboy says...

The technical term is a rear crash attenuator.
I worked for a friend with a patent on foam cured carbon fiber manufacturing, using the heat and pressure of an expanding foam core to cure the carbon fiber without vacuum bagging or autoclaving....I helped with designing, and personally designed and built the molds, and built a number of test attenuators meant to replace the huge yellow plastic boxes on cal trans trucks. Basically an approximately 3x4x6' carbon fiber box with a dense foam core containing multiple tuned air chambers. We had to tune the chambers to stop vehicles at 60 mph without exceeding certain g forces. In the end, he lost the contract, but not because the device didn't work, I think it was too expensive, and my friend was not a great businessman. Ours was far lighter than the plastic versions, and was meant to pay for itself in fuel savings hauling it around.

moonsammy said:

It was quick, but I'm pretty sure 11:56 answers a question I'd had for years, but never actually bothered to look up. Every so often I'd see a parked highway dept vehicle with a big, fairly flat object lowered to a horizontal position behind it. Barrier makes *way* more sense than any of the hypotheses I'd imagined.

Exploding Weed Seeds - Smarter Every Day

surfingyt (Member Profile)

Rising crime rates

newtboy says...

I would state what I think is the obvious, crime goes up as population goes up. Anything that lowers the population is therefore anti crime.

The fact that Trump didn't leave the Whitehouse in handcuffs is proof that Democrats and Republicans are soft on crime.
If I'm not mistaken, he both hired more felons and had more felonies committed by active members of his administration than all other presidents combined. Not to mention the criminal tendencies he fostered in the public with his divisive style. The Joker wasn't as effective at being a one man crime wave....a crime tsunami if you will. (Smirking at you, Bob)

luxintenebris said:

just thinking...

Ever read the book "Freakonomics"?

'specially that theory on abortion and crime?

that's the quandary i'd like to see 🦜 and all the other 🦜 🦜 have to think through.

if crime goes down while abortion is legal, then liberals support low crime while conservatives w/loving the unborn, support high crime.

better point...

the malfeasance of the president & his administration most assuredly raised the crime rate in d.c. w/his election. so how does anyone question the democrats on being soft on criminals, when just removing mar-a-lard-dough would have quelled a crime wave.

Virginia Officers Respond To Armed Suspect

newtboy says...

Neither supports racial supremacy like your ilk, so the leading question is a red herring non sequitur.
I am not an anarchist, not since I turned 16, so I don't support Antifa, but I enjoy watching them make your head spin immensely.
I have always supported equality under the law, so yes, I absolutely support BLM....I would if they murdered a cop every time an unarmed black person was killed by police.

You are delusional.
Do, at some time, most cops act appropriately? Yes. Are you so brain damaged you take much accusations and hear "all cops are all bad all the time"? I've never said that. Pablo Escobar, by all reports, was a quite generous man who helped the poor on many occasions....he was not a good person.
Same for cops.
If you murder one person but do your job well otherwise, you are a murderous thug. If you allow fellow officers to get away with murder but don't participate, you are a murderous thug. If you spend every waking hour tending to the invalid and elderly on your own dime and you only kidnap and rape one child, you are a disgusting child rapist. If you cover for another motherfucker who's a kiddie fucker, you're no fucking better than the motherfucking rapist. That's the norm for American police, cover for the bad ones under any circumstances.

Cops can do good at times, usually when they know they're on multiple cameras, it doesn't ever erase their crimes.

Most, I would say statistically all cops are at best accomplices if not the bad actors. Good policing includes stopping other cops from committing crimes....until BLM pushed the issue, that was absolutely not the case...It might have happen once a decade nation wide, always ending with the whistleblower fired and under threat from police. Now, thanks 100% to BLM, that's slowly changing. Maybe up to .01% of the time...and that's an improvement.

Trump said to hit them harder and more often, cops listened and cheered.

Cops wear cameras. If they followed the law, they could put out ten thousand videos of themselves doing the right thing every day, not one a month, deescalation, not shooting until threatened, stopping other cops from beating handcuffed suspects to death and arresting them, defending the accused shoplifters from the racist store owner's false accusations instead of what we do see, smashing their window and pulling them through it because a racist said they think they stole something, they just don't know what or when. Have you EVER seen one of those? No, but you can see 10 disgusting abuses recorded daily with never another cop intervening, always the entire department forming a blue wall, destroying evidence, publicly pushing lies, testifying to lies, etc. They're a gang, they only protect and serve themselves when the chips are down. This is not a media perception, it's cold hard fact buddy.

Cops went to the supreme court to guarantee their right to lie. They are all professional liars. Liars cannot be trusted. I know, you can't grasp that concept because it would mean questioning daddy Trump, but it's true. When you give people authority, the power of life and death, and the legal right to lie at all times you set up a disastrous's what we have. Racist liars who kill. No good deed erases that.

Yes, Bob. Cops admit they shoot three citizens to death daily on average, already an abject failure, but hide likely > 95% of the deaths they cause by blaming the victim, claiming suicide by somehow beating themselves to death or claiming they died in a minor wreck that caused no injury after beating them to death. Claiming a cell phone clearly visible that they are talking to 911 on looks like a gun and shooting 47 times, running them over intentionally then stopping 10 ft away but claiming they had to because they feared for their lives, kneeling on their neck for 9 minutes and later saying the people telling them they just killed the man distracted them from knowing they killed the man. Strangling boys for 17 minutes straight while beating their heads with a giant maglight.......Daily. Multiple times daily.

You are such a delusional idiot.

bobknight33 said:

So you are against ANTIFA and BLM?

Most cops do good policing.

Rising crime rates

newtboy says...

Only two of the largest 25 cities are led by Republicans, but also two of the most dangerous 20, three of the worst 25. Fox and @bobknight33 hope you don't know that because if you don't it makes it sound like Democrats can't lead, when really Republicans do worse statistically.

Such sad little whining, Bob. You've tried this dishonest ploy before and failed....remember?

Funny how the crime rate wasn't Trump's or Republican's fault or responsibility in any way, but suddenly after January 20 everything is controlled by and the fault of the president including crimes that happened before he was in office.

Of course crime rates were lower during full lockdown, and of course they rose after real leadership allowed opening of businesses and cities. Too difficult a concept for some.

Yes, a vote of no confidence from any cities police union, especially Chicago's, is a badge of honor. They are so corrupt that, if you don't play ball with them, they threaten public officials and the public in official statements.

More delicious tears from losers. Big Daddy Biden crushing it. Harris 2028!!!

Virginia Officers Respond To Armed Suspect

newtboy says...

Sadly, fools like @bobknight33 can't understand that good policing is supposed to be the norm, not a once in a blue moon occurrence to be celebrated and rewarded in stark contrast to the daily barrage of cops gone wild, boys in blue behaving badly videos that come without repercussions....nor does he grasp that one right doesn't erase one wrong, it takes a thousand good deeds to atone for one evil deed, some might say it's a debt you can never repay.

bobknight33 said:

Sadly fools like @newtboy only see cops as bad people.

Virginia Officers Respond To Armed Suspect

Parents Read of books from the LCPS Library

newtboy says...

Approved for high school, not for small children. Many high school books deal in explicit detail with murders, torture, kidnapping, being buried alive, dismemberment, etc....but these prudes flip out at the mention of sex. Grow up, repressed little babies. If you want to shield your children from reality, home school them.
If you're ok with the tell tale heart but upset by this, you have a serious fucking problem. If you're ok with sleepy hollow but have a problem with this, you have a serious fucking problem. If you're ok with mutiny on the bounty but have a problem with this, you have a serious fucking problem. If you're ok with kids reading the bible but have a problem with this, you have an outrageously serious problem you need professional help with.

It sure seems the issue is that they're black girls having oral sex, because the sex couldn't be more soft core and many high school books have sexual components much more graphic than this.

newtboy (Member Profile)

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