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Phil Robertson: What Liberals Did to Kavanaugh Is SATANIC

newtboy says...

I looked, they and their policies are amazingly, astonishingly more moral and Christian than the Republican party who gives Jebus public lip service when it serves their hatred but thoroughly ignores his instructions and blatantly worships the dollar.

Remember, your party embraces child molesters, frauds, thieves, rapists, and certainly would support murderers as long as they'll vote with Trump, the Democrats oust comedians who make an off color who's immoral?

Is it just your position that Republicans are totally amoral (lacking any morals), so they can't be immoral (violating their morals)?

Btw, isn't that one of those fake hillbilly duck call millionaires that turned out to be a preppie who realized he could scam hicks by pretending to be one?

bobknight33 said:

2012 The Democratic party convention in Charlotte NC successfully voted to remove GOD from the party platform. Google it for your self. And look at the morality of the Democrat party today.

The Newsroom's Take On Global Warming-Fact Checked

newtboy says...

Ha! Came to reply to you, only to find this was actually my long forgotten post! Thanks for the double promote.

In the competition, I say if we're going to fuck it up, go all in and shoot for Venus level warming.

Mordhaus said:


Guess what, this just became true.

Holding global warming to a critical limit would require "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society."

Based on the report, we are absolutely going to hit the critical limit now. No stopping it. The best we could do, literally the best, is to prevent from going too far above it.

So, we are definitively fucked. Now we just get to compete for how bad it is going to get by the end.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

How The First Ever Telecoms Scam Worked

Facts I Learned At School Which Aren't True Any More

Wrongfully Jailed For Rape As A Teen,

newtboy says...

Aaaahahahahaha! I actually fell off my chair. Thanks for a good laugh.

Sir, you must not understand the meanings of those words, because you are as illogical and untruthful (because you illogically choose to believe known liars) as I think it's possible to be.
You are so unconcerned with truth, I don't think I've ever seen you even once admit you were wrong when the lie you repeated was debunked, and on average you have that opportunity at least weekly.

bobknight33 said:

Unlike liberals, logic and truth are my guiding principles , not race .

Graham Questions Judge Kavanaugh

newtboy says...

After Graham helped outright steal the last nomination from the last president with zero excuses or apologies, his faux hyperbolic outrage is pretty overly dramatic and hypocritical.

Note, he didn't ask a single question about the accusations, only ranted about the process and complained vociferously about the unmitigated gall of politicians being political.

Shift in Economic data since Trump Election

newtboy says...

Odd that, so far, it's pretty exclusively Trump Republicans being convicted, but that's happened in spite of Trump's obstruction, not because of him being tough on crime.
The creature from the orange lagoon brought these snakes with him to the swamp, he doesn't get any credit for some of those he brought in being removed.

bobknight33 said:

Just for you Newt.
Every day this becomes more and more plausible. Don't worry Trump will jail some crooked Republicans also.

Shift in Economic data since Trump Election

Shift in Economic data since Trump Election

newtboy says...

No. No I absolutely don't.

I cannot admire being faithful to the unfaithful, loyal to the disloyal, or offering up your devotion to the devotion-less, just as I can't admire trusting the untrustworthy, believing the unbelievable, and excusing the inexcuseable. Putting on blinders and accepting anything your guy/side tells you and NEVER fact checking those people you admit are professional consummate liars while with zero contradictory evidence, zealously contradicting those who dare to display professional levels of honesty and care in their words is not something to admire.

Water seeks it's own level, eh? Is that why Republicans are still diving deep into the swamp with the creature from the orange lagoon even as they watch him eat all those who went before them?

BSR said:

Regardless of his beliefs, you have to admire his faithfulness, loyalty and devotion no matter where it leads him. Water seeks its' own level.

Shift in Economic data since Trump Election

newtboy says...

Sorry, Bob has used up his quota of propaganda I'm willing to watch and debunk in one week with his "walls closing in on Obama" nonsense. This will have to wait for me to become bored enough to debunk more nonsense. Right now I'm not prepared to subject myself to more narcissistic self congratulatory ridiculousness by the Orange one's sycophants.

BSR said:

Hang in there, Bob.

newtboy will be with you momentarily.

Joe diGenova: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials

newtboy says...

When the campaign chairperson and nearly everyone below him lies and hides their work and strong ties to and multiple millions in payments by Russia, that IS the Trump campaign, it's hardly unrelated. He chose these people, and they all have Russian ties. It wouldn't be a surprise if we find them all on an actual list of people Putin told him to hire.

You mean what evidence he has against Trump remains to be seen, the deal is public, and Muller didn't let him off on 8/10 pending felony charges for nothing.

Odd, I thought Trump was covering his ass by suggesting a pardon was coming. I guess his close friends just don't trust Trump to follow through on a promise..... imagine that.
I wouldn't have to cover my ass. I'm not one of dozens of lying traitors working for the president while hiding my Russian ties, and I never would be.

He has no upcoming trial, he plead guilty and offered to give testimony and evidence against Trump. Trials for him are over.

The charges, again since you can't seem to grasp it, were about lies he told under oath FOR and DURING the campaign, not just about his prior work for Russia (defrauding the United States and obstruction)....true, these were lies about his job right before the campaign and about payments made for his Russian propaganda work, and lies about who made those hidden payments, Russia....but those lies under oath (on campaign and security clearance applications, etc) were all during and in the service of the Trump campaign.
The fact that you refuse to accept those undeniable and admitted facts in favor of a ridiculous fantasy put forth by Fox that doesn't just beg credulity but completely ignores reality (like the theory that he's being prosecuted for decades old crimes (from 2010-2017?) that are well past the statutes of limitations and not for his recent subversion and obstruction in service to Trump that he plead guilty to) make you look pretty delusional and irrational.

bobknight33 said:

The deal tied to Ukrainian political consulting work and unrelated to the Trump campaign.

What the deal involves remain to be seen.. Sure Muller wants Anti Trump dirt-- If any exists.

Manifort is 69 and covering his ass.. you would to .. His upcoming trail is from his doings years before Trump.

Joe diGenova: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials

newtboy says...

Um....he's providing evidence against Trump in the Trump Russia investigation as part of his plea deal....that is about Trump.

Keep denying.

He's pleading guilty to crimes he committed for and during the Trump campaign, through 2017, namely conspiracy against the U.S. by intentionally hiding his foreign agent status and the tens of millions the Russians paid him and lying under oath about them (a gift by Muller who has far more dirt on him but let him off easy), and he's providing documentation about Trump's campaign working with Russia, not so old or unrelated to Trump. Derp.

Maybe Muller will suggest 14 years in prison for Manafort if his evidence proves useful, or perhaps much longer if not. Remember he already has 8 other convictions awaiting sentencing, this takes care of the other 10 charges he had pending.

Yes, conspiracy against the United States, and defrauding the government are fairly big time crimes.

Odd that, when every person Trump hand picked is totally in Russia's pockets and as an administration they go to extreme lengths to hide it, including lying under oath and in official documents until caught, then are convicted or plea guilty, you still try to pretend it's not related to Trump.

He's either outrageously bad at his job, easily tricked by Russia into hiring only Russian operatives, and should be removed, or is complicit and should be removed. Which is it?

bobknight33 said:

Still ZERO about Trump.

Keep trying.

Old crimes not related to Trump
Maybe Muller will give 14 days in jail for Manafort -- Big time crimes ..

Joe diGenova: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials

newtboy says...

Oops....they caught another admitted witch!
Today it's revealed Manafort is pleading guilty and cooperating with Muller.

It's pretty ridiculous to pretend the crime here is that Clinton bought a report from the Republican party that implicated Trump and the DOJ used said report as the sole basis to begin an investigation that actually began as long as years earlier.

It's also utterly ridiculous to pretend that investigation has found nothing, it's gotten convictions or admissions from every administration member that's been investigated. Most of them have publicly pointed fingers directly at Trump and are cooperating with the investigation.

But yeah, @bobknight33, the walls are closing in on the investigators and President Obama because President Petulance says so, but not on the subject of the actual investigation, an admitted and convicted fraud with a cabinet chock full of undisclosed foreign Russian agents. #derpstate

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