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The Last Starfighter - Redone VFX Teaser

Oats Studios - God:City

Oats Studios - God:City

Oats Studios - God:City

Prospect (2018) - Official Trailer

00Scud00 says...

It's possible all those things could still be in there, just not in the form you may have been expecting. As far as being set in the old west, Firefly. Looks interesting enough to me at least.

ChaosEngine said:

It looks beautiful, but where's the amazing high concept stuff Dust have been doing?

If you're gonna make a sci-fi movie on another planet, and you're outside the bounds of the studio system, give me an interesting story. Ask some questions about our place in the stars or how technology will shape humanity. Don't give me a story that could have been set in the old west.

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