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The Plastic Industry's Long Fight to Blame Pollution on You

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JiggaJonson says...
newtboy said:

Hilariously it's actually only the summary of the so far unreleased word for word transcript ....and still it totally shows the president in his official capacity asking for foreign political help in the form of a baseless investigation of his political rival by a foreign leader.
One wonders what's in the word for word transcript they continue to hide that would make releasing this damming summary seem smart by comparison.

M60 Machine Gun

Tip of the day: SHUT THE FUCK UP

Tip of the day: SHUT THE FUCK UP

Infinite Loop and Drag Race Battery Test

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Why They want to REPLACE YOU

JiggaJonson says...

I like how during the description of a sociopath who has no feelings for other human beings and no sympathy for them images of Hillary Clinton in some distorted VHS CRT filter appear on screen.

Because only the most sociopathic among us tries to get healthcare for every American:

I'm actually about sick of arguing with people like you, It's like talking to an anti-vaccination person.

Well, I hope you get a metaphoric version of measles and get a re-education through experience.

What Happens When Liberals Run Your State?

JiggaJonson says...
(pick california durr)
Looks okay to me
^copy/paste whole link
here's more detailed information about industry in California specifically, looks like it's been growing steady for a while.

Also, note the sharp uptick in government spending starting ~2014 -current numbers late 2018

That spending doesn't account for all of the growth, but there's a parallel growth happening in the "All industry total" category, defined as - "The All industry total includes all Private industries and Government."

I still think you're a russian troll making the rounds.

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

JiggaJonson says...



For these people, it's not about "how am I gonna pay my X bill on time? I better do something corrupt"

It's more like
"I want more X Y Z in my life. I want more free time. I'll pay someone to do X for me so I'll just have more free time to do with what I please."
It's freedom.

The Pinkman Goo Strain - Strain Stories

JiggaJonson says...

During this whole thing I kept thinking "this host looks like she smokes dat goo"

When I saw that joint in her hand ... Illuminati confirmed.

CNN ratings, credibility falling

How it's Made - Fisher Space Pen

How it's Made - Fisher Space Pen

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

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