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"Mostly Fair" Media

"Mostly Fair" Media

bobknight33 says...

How many burning of buildings,
cars and businesses .
how many shootings and deaths

Jan 6 has nothing like that.
BLM and Antifa are more dangerous.

newtboy said:

Only 3% of BLM rallies had violence perpetrated by some of those marching, the same as had violence perpetrated against them by right wing groups like proud boys and boogaloo boys. All bombings, police assassinations, drive bys, cars driving through crowds, armed gangs hunting BLM, and planned terrorism was by right wing actors often trying to blame BLM. You don't hear that on Fox.

Oh my fucking God, did that idiot just claim ALL media bias is from the left and against the right? Lmfahs! *lies and *debunked

Hilarious to hear Stossel complain about media bias, he's so far right he turned his back on reality decades ago. Another big fail, @bobknight33

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

You using Snopes as a fact checker is rich.

U.S. President Joe Biden has a speech impediment.

False. No speech impediment just too old.

No speech impediment in 1993. 12 minutes of pure coherent speech .
Maybe as a kid but not by 1993.
2021 Must be to old feeble to speak with out bumbling/ stumbling.

Just admit Biden is too old to be POTUS. Grandpa Joe will be gone soon and the unpopular VP will take over. Yet a bigger joke.

newtboy said:

Um....are you really that ignorant and delusional? Oops, forgot who I was addressing....sorry. (I hadn't noticed you flatly denied he has a speech impediment)

Lol. At least he can give a speech with complete sentences and thoughts and without pooping his diaper. Trump can't, just watch his my pillow speech from Saturday when he slurred and mumbled his way through more whining and sour grapes about losing the decrepit he was unable to open his eyes the entire rambling seated speech (maybe involuntarily closed due to rancid full diaper stench), or the pictures from his recent New York trip where he looks on deaths door, pale, frazzled, and exhausted, without his taxpayer funded makeup team he looks like Palpatine after a fight...and you still think obese, dementia riddled diaper Don has it in him to be president. He never did, that's why he spent 1/3 of every day watching tv, and 1/3 of every day frantically rage tweeting nonsense, and astonishingly a full 22%, 308 days of his single term playing golf at tax payers expense and his profit, leaving 11%+- of his time in office for governing, family time, travel, and sleeping combined. He doesn't have it in him to do any physical activity more strenuous than cheating badly at golf while using a cart to go 30 ft., even on the green. Biden runs and bikes long distances constantly, and isn't obese or dementia riddled.

Don is a worn out old con man who should be gripping his soap with all his might in the prison shower....and who may be doing that soon for the rest of his life. Lmfahs!
Also, when Trump eats cookies with his grandchild, he's also having cookies with his child. They're the same person.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

I never said or went after Biden for having a speech impediment. He doesn't

He is just too old and worn out and doesn't have it in him to be to POTUS.

Trump has given more speech than Biden since Biden been POTUS.

Joe is a worn out old man what should be home eating cookies with grand kids.

newtboy said:

You love to go after Biden for having a speech impediment, so of course you aren't going to be a hypocrite and you'll go after Trump's demented, rambling, total nonsensical speech in N Carolina where, among other nonsense, he declared....

"We have to get it done. We have no choice. Actually, we have to get it done together. We're going to defund our freedoms. You just take a look at what's happening. Biden is halted wall construction, suspended, removals, and even removables or removals of just horrible, horr...." all with his huge extra absorbent diaper showing clearly through his pants that were apparently on backwards.

No? That's normal to you?

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

I Remember .

They are going up a lot. Not due to global warming .

Rates most likely going up due to dollar losing 50+% of value since 2000.

from the Herald Tribune

"Property owners throughout Florida are seeing their insurance rates soar, as companies had rate increases approved ranging from from 12% to 31%. Insurers point to high rates for reinsurance, which is basically insurance to back up insurers, and claims for water damage from leaks that are not hurricane-related.

Another factor cited was that claims still were rolling in from Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Michael in 2018. Policy holders have a three-year window to submit wind damage claims. Insured losses from Irma totaled $17.44 billion while Category 5 Michael generated $7.9 billion in claims for insured losses, according to FOIR."
NOAA data goes up 2004.
Hurricane rated not more no less over last 100+ years.

newtboy said:

Remember that time you said if climate change and sea level rise were real, insurance in places like Florida would skyrocket or disappear. Guess what.

Not only has it skyrocketed like I told you was happening back then, but many companies have now just left places like Florida altogether because it costs them far too much to payout over flooding and extreme weather events that are now regular occurrences.

My'll ignore what you claimed, ignore what the companies say, and ignore the data that's undeniable and blame liberals for faking the insurance fiasco and faking constant repeated flooding and extreme weather decimating many areas, especially coastal and low lying areas....or you'll just deny things are demonstrably worsening.

What I know for certain, you won't admit you were/are wrong, and won't accept any responsibility for dragging your feet and obstructing vital progress with unending stubborn denial of reality and making the situation exponentially worse and the time to mitigate it exponentially shorter.

Virginia Officers Respond To Armed Suspect

bobknight33 says...

Most Cops do practice good policing .
Media just likes to focus on the bad.

As you state
"stark contrast to the daily barrage of cops gone wild, boys in blue behaving badly videos that come without repercussions"

Is a bold false narrative propagated by media to divide Americans.

You imply that day in day out across America cops routinely bead down as a matter of fact.

This is not the case.

newtboy said:

Sadly, fools like @bobknight33 can't understand that good policing is supposed to be the norm, not a once in a blue moon occurrence to be celebrated and rewarded in stark contrast to the daily barrage of cops gone wild, boys in blue behaving badly videos that come without repercussions....nor does he grasp that one right doesn't erase one wrong, it takes a thousand good deeds to atone for one evil deed, some might say it's a debt you can never repay.

Virginia Officers Respond To Armed Suspect

Rising crime rates

bobknight33 says...

Glad to see Democrats creating a safe place for their citizens.

Don't worry fellow sifters you will ignore this, just like your Democrat politicians and cause more deaths.

Black lives matter... Not to Democrat leaders.

Cops aren't the problem Democrat policies are.

Virginia Officers Respond To Armed Suspect

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

U uter such leftist lies.

You have Zero ides what is going on, other that what MSNBC/CNN fake news machine is cracking out.

newtboy said:

You should have heard by now, the fake bamboo audit has now completely destroyed Maricopa county's election system because, since the pro Trump "cyber ninjas" (who's name itself indicates they intended to surreptitiously set traps and viruses in the machines and who had no supervision) tampered with vote machines, tabulators, and databases (and have asked for every piece of government held data in the county from addresses and social security numbers to expunged criminal records), so now every single machine in the county they touched must be discarded by court order.

It's impossible to know how many tens to hundreds of millions they wasted, finding nothing, and now they intend to travel the country doing it in every state. They seem intent on destroying our election apparatus, just like Trump's presidency was intent on destroying our government. It wasn't about finding problems and fixing them, it was about destroying the system and wasting billions of tax dollars, then lowering taxes to destroy America with massive debt over stupidity.

Because they played so fast and loose, with no chain of custody, no supervision, and no honesty, their "audit" is completely invalid on it's face. They destroyed the data, destroyed the machines (400 $5000 tabulators and around 10-20 vote machines per tabulator at another $5000+ each at a bare minimum in this one county) in the $20- >$40 million range for fraud #1, and they plan on at least 50 more. Good job handing Dominion tens of millions to replace pay up.

Every single Republican should have to pay for every cent they wasted, with non republicans exempt from the new election fraud fraud recovery tax. Children of Republicans too. I'm writing my congressman.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Biden brain is gone, was gone few years ago.

newtboy said:

Um.....what? You think Biden owns planes and helicopters?

Are you claiming Trump has a pilot's licence? He's never produced or used one. I doubt he has a driver's license.

What does that have to do with Biden driving and Trump's instabilities? Nothing.

Biden can drive, well enough to put million dollar prototypes in his hands, dementia Trump can't properly operate a golf cart.

It's nice to have a functioning adult brain in office again.

Attempted kidnapping in West Pensacola

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

Your such a tool/ fool.

Biden has his own plane and helicopter and does not need a pilot to fly him around?

Grow up.

newtboy said:

Funny, we never saw Trump drive anything but a personal golf cart (seems no club he didn't own wanted to rent him a cart), and he sucked ass at driving them and never followed the rules for them, always drove onto the green. He was allowed to sit in the driver's seat in trucks like a big boy, but no one trusted him behind the wheel so he never had the keys.
Biden is trusted to drive prototype vehicles that cost millions to build.
And you still say Trump doesn't have dementia but Biden does. Your delusional thoughts are rapidly becoming a super minority of and Trump.
Here's proof.

newtboy (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

If true then lock him um.

That the difference between me and I look for truth and facts regardless of party or else.

You just blindly see your party.

newtboy said:

Oops....Mat Gaetz's pimp down in Florida, who is cooperating with prosecutors, apparently saved all the encrypted, supposed to disappear in 10 minutes communication he had with Roger Stone where he was attempting to buy a pardon for sex trafficking young women for Republican representatives to rape (because they were under age, any sex with them is rape, they could not consent).
The conversations are about his pardon price, which was $250000 to be paid in bitcoin so it couldn't be traced. Unfortunately for him, Stone told him the pardon was delayed because of the scrutiny after Trump lost the election, and was never produced. (Unknown if he paid the bribe, but it would be typical Trump to take the money and disappear). Unfortunately for Stone and Trump, he took screenshots before the secret communications evaporated.

It is undeniable what they discussed, and it was the outright sale of presidential pardons to cover up sex trafficking children for Republican representatives to rape.

He also wrote a confession letter in preparation for his pardon in which he admitted paying underage women and helping them travel to other states for Republican representatives to have sex with.
More proof that the Trump party is the criminal party of child rapists. Your people.

Pike County Sheriffs Beat And Mace Man In Restraint Chair

bobknight33 says...

This was on CNN, MSNBC ABC CBS NBC national news?
This Attempted Murder.????????????
How do you know ?

Yea the cop went to far.

newtboy said:

For you, @bobknight33
Another criminal gang of murderous thugs getting paid to assault the public.
No good apples anywhere to be seen.


And what do you know, main stream media covered it, even though the victim is white!

They covered this one too, with another white victim.... violent abusive cop murders graduate student who was protecting the abusive cop's terrified wife....

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