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Why Support VideoSift?

VideoSift is not backed by any other company or organization. We are a grassroots community that has evolved with the support and collaboration between members and administrators. It's different around here than any other web community. We would like to continue to be an alternative voice for quality video content separate from mainstream networks and video mega-sites.

"Honestly, becoming a Videosift Charter Member was an easy decision for me ... It is worth it for just the double in queue size and more. It is also nice to feel a special kinship with your fellow Charter Members in that they believe in this site as much as you do and they have decided to contribute their own small part likewise into supporting what they believe in. Support this great online community. Go Charter!"

-- Issykitty
(Charter since May 2007)

At first it was pretty easy; it felt like a big group of friends working together to make something great. You brought your friends with you, and now VideoSift welcomes over a million people a month. We need your help financially to keep this great thing together. We outgrow our servers every couple of months, and our bandwidth and associated costs are climbing. Please help us keep your community thriving.

Charter Membership

By buying yourself a charter membership, either on a one-time or recurring basis, you will get all these great benefits available only to active supporters of the community:

  • Absolutely no ads
  • Personal Blog
  • Six (6) concurrent submission slots in the unsifted queue
  • Two (2) Power Points per recharge period
  • Personal subdomain for your member profile, e.g.,
  • Personalized colorizing for your username and comment background
  • Customizable styling for your member profile
  • Participation in the Sift Lounge chat room
  • Random Personal Queue videos listed on your profile
  • Use a YouTube video for your avatar image in comments

30 Day One-Off Membership


  (Please login to upgrade to Charter.)
(You may gift this to someone via their member profile.)

30 Day Recurring Membership


  (Please login to upgrade to Charter.)

365 Day One-Off Membership


  (Please login to upgrade to Charter.)
All transactions are processed by PayPal.

If you "Buy Once" you will become a charter member for the corresponding length of time and once that time is up you'll return to standard membership. If you "Subscribe" your charter membership will automatically be renewed at the end of each charter membership period. If you opt to subscribe you can cancel your subscription through PayPal at any time.

A la Carte Power Points

Power Points help members promote content and exercise "super powers" on VideoSift. Purchasing them a la carte will give you a stockpile without having to wait days for a recharge. Read about all the available Power Point abilities on the FAQ.

5 Power Points


10 Power Points


Note that when you purchase Power Points your current points will be recharged before the new points are added. In other words, if you have a maximum of 2 points but currently have 0 and your recharge time is 16 hours away when you purchase 10 power points, your points will first be refilled to 2 and then you will be granted your extra 10. So you'll have a total of a whopping 12! (Your next normal recharge would remain scheduled for 16 hours later.)

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