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Liberal Redneck: NRA thinks more guns solve everything

ChaosEngine says...

Except NZ's gun laws were already stricter than Australias. To get an AR15 here, buyers must have a standard, current firearms licence and an approved police order form. If the clip has a higher capacity than 7 rounds, you need a special endorsement. Also, you must have proper storage for firearms which the police will inspect before granting a licence.

Oh, and you will have difficulty being deemed 'fit and proper' to possess or use firearms if you have:

a history of violence
repeated involvement with drugs
been irresponsible with alcohol
a personal or social relationship with people deemed to be unsuitable to be given access to firearms
indicated an intent to use a firearm for self-defence.

That's a direct quote from the police licence page

harlequinn said:

New Zealand didn't enact Australia's draconian laws. You can buy an AR15 there with high capacity magazines. They also haven't had a mass shooting in 20 years.

Liberal Redneck: NRA thinks more guns solve everything

newtboy says...

No, I don't accept that because their stated purpose is no longer their actual, clear purpose. I quit when I noticed the shift in focus, I was a long time member and learned to shoot in an NRA sponsored course. Check where the money comes from, you'll see who they work for. It's not membership dues, it's industry donations....or at least was when I left.
You mentioned there were studies, but still didn't list any or any data, did you? He did, and you dismiss them off hand while still offering none, while continuing to make extraordinary claims that demand evidence.
I will say, his limited data wasn't extremely convincing either, but was far better than none.... a decade of data surrounding the law change might be enlightening. Got it? I'll change my tune if you convince me, but that takes verifiable data, not just dataless contentions or baseless claims.

harlequinn said:

No. While we're both wrong about their primary purpose (which after looking it up on their website is education and training people in firearms use), their other purpose is (from their about page):

"as a major political force and as America's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights"

"Downvote for lying".

Oh really? Lol.

I've produced peer reviewed research supporting my views. StukaFox produced none.

There are opposing research papers of course (it is a contentious issue). But it takes a very short sighted person to produce a limited set of ABS data (lol, 2 years) and a Snopes article to declare that I'm wrong. Keep in mind I mentioned in my first comment that there were studies on this topic.

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