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Covid Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

spawnflagger says...

It's < 1 in a million chance of dying from CVST complication, but it's still not "zero deaths". (the number of "breakthrough" cases of covid leading to death were still higher)

Not sure where you got those car stats - annual fatalities peaked in 1972 at around 55,000 per year and have been declining since (under 40k in 2019).
So ~10x more covid-related deaths in US.

Injuries are around 4M a year (2017) and I couldn't find a source that distinguished maiming vs other injury. This infographic said 2M "permanent injuries" per year. (older 2010 data, from what I can tell)

And I bet most of these car accidents are caused by the same aggressive tailgating coal-rolling drivers who are more likely to be anti-vaxxers as well.

luxintenebris said:

any medicine, procedure, or vaccine carries risk. no guarantees, just probabilities. and the blood clotting risk is - what? greater than 1 in a million?

love to have those odds...say a million to one that Scarlett Johansson would reject an improper advance versus one in a million to ever suffer an immediate reprisal.

it'd be worth a shot.

more concerned that not enough citizens will help get the population up to the point of herd immunity. the consequences of that maybe become a catastrophe.

BTW: 1 in 5 chance, of any american car passenger, over their span of life, will be killed or maimed for life. is this worth the risk? doubt many ever give it a concern.

Hoverboard On The Street

spawnflagger says...

video is so fake.
why? physics.
(to take off and accelerate from a red light that fast, he'd need a much steeper forward angle, and the "pilot" would have to lean hard and bend his knees to even possibly keep balance, not nonchalantly stand vertical like it shows)

Covid Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

spawnflagger says...

The AZ pause happened before that, and likely contributed to the extra caution of the J&J pause, since the CVST condition looked the same from reports.

newtboy said:

That's America, it was J&J that was paused for blood clotting deaths.

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