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16 seconds: The Killing of Anita Kurmann

Buttle says...

According to the FAQ, snuff is defined as the depiction of loss of human life for the purposes of entertainment. Human fatalities alone do not define "snuff".

newtboy said:

Exception to snuff?

One Kick Ass Donald Trump Float In Parade

StukaFox says...

It's the Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

It's famous for the Naked Bicycle Ride that proceeds the festivities.

MilkmanDan said:

Fun -- any idea where it was?

The cropping and general video quality makes it look sort of like old footage. Kinda reminded me of JFK assassination video, lol

Googling "Clear Cut Plastics Inc." shows that storefront in Seattle. So that makes a lot of sense.

Hillbilly Neighbor Is Pissed About New Dog And Trampoline

eric3579 says...

First off why the fuck does she video the interaction with her neighbor when discussing these neighbor issues? If you ask me that's provoking all on it's own. That's not what good neighbors do to resolve issues.

Kids on trampoline always peepin what you're doing is kinda annoying but barking dogs piss me off. If your defense is "that's what dogs do" then fuck you. If your dogs are barking outside at 6:30am bring the fucker in. I love animals, but dogs that constantly bark in close neighborhoods are a nuisance. End of barking dog rant.

Also that hillbilly hair is amazing and she fixes her bike with duct tape. These things score huge points with me

(edit) okay after watching more vids from this women's channel which are ALL of her neighbor, i think that Billy is a bit off and difficult to be neighbors with. Also with as many views as this woman gets from her videos shes making a nice chunk of change. Just sayin'.

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