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Dr Drew's Horrific Coronavirus Advice Compilation

StukaFox says...

I'll give you this, Bob, Trump certainly made the US number 1:

Number 1 in the most virus cases in the world by a factor of 2.

Heckuva job, Trumpy!

bobknight33 said:

Trump was right from the beginning, Assembling a team , stopping china flights and starting preparations for this. The media countered with racist against China, Fool this is just another flu type event.

Now its 24hrs a day panic panic fear mongering from media and Trump should have prepared.

China lied and knew person to person spread back in mid December. The WHO carried the lies of China.

Albuquerque homeowners tapes up man for breaking in his home

newtboy says...

I'm not sure all military personnel are trained in indoor armed arresting....nor do I think those with that training always do it right.
While I see mistakes, they aren't worse than an average arrest by multiple police. For mostly untrained neighbors, I thought they did OK. No one got hurt or shot, and he didn't get away. I call that success, mistakes notwithstanding. Not perfect, but a solid "B" imo.

SFOGuy said:

But...she makes a point of saying that they are ex-military...
Oh well, just saying.

Albuquerque homeowners tapes up man for breaking in his home

eric3579 says...

Really? I think they handled it perfectly well for being homeowners and not part of a SWAT/Police/Military team.

SFOGuy said:

Know just enough to wonder:

1) She just announced she owns guns and where she keeps them with pictures of the gun safe. Ok, pros and cons to that.
2) She passed through line of fire of her husband/partner instead of getting the subject flat or circling around the other side. I think that's a no-no.
3) Why take him in the house in confined spaces instead of outside on the lawn when he exits? And then way too many people enter the house before the guy is restrained.

Trump Just NUKED Democrats From Orbit With Hilarious Letter

Man Derails Train Trying To Hit Hospital Ship

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