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Unarmed child shot in the back while running from police

Mordhaus!!! says...

Under U.S. law the fleeing felon rule was limited in 1985 to non-lethal force in most cases by Tennessee v. Garner.

You can't shoot a fleeing suspect in the back unless the officer has probable cause to believe the suspect "poses a significant threat of death or serious bodily harm".

No apparent weapon. At the time of the shooting, fleeing teen was merely in a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle seen in a shooting. Officer is white, is part time, and has been through 4 police departments in 7 years (

As someone who has relatives in the police force, I can tell you that officers don't change jobs that often unless they are having issues or are moving to a completely different area. All 4 of the dept. were in Pittsburgh, so I am willing to bet this officer kept getting cited or failing evals.

That is the problem. We don't have a system in place to PREVENT these unfit officers from simply playing musical chairs with different departments. We have a national criminal database, it is beyond time that we have a national unfit officer database to prevent these assholes from being rehired by an unsuspecting department.

bobknight33 said:

Why post such video?

He deserved what he got.

No police mishandling.

Unarmed child shot in the back while running from police

ulysses1904 says...

I didn't even watch the video as the forced pathos of the description was enough to put me off. Let's just refer to him a toddler and call it a day.

CarbonCure’s Concrete Innovation

Payback says...

Fucking Commie.

newtboy said:

I think it should be paid for by co2 taxation. The cement makers free the co2, they should pay all costs to capture it again, not me. I'm not making profit from their co2 production, they are, so they should pay for the damages, that creates incentives for producers to not release it in the first place, government subsidies to recapture it without taxation on it's production do the opposite.

Satanic Turkeys?

Unarmed child shot in the back while running from police

newtboy says...

So, you support shooting all the Bundies and the militia men that stood with them in the death....right? Even if they're running away unarmed?
That wouldn't have been Obama and his Jack booted thugs murdering citizens in your mind, it would be an armed gang of criminal thugs getting what they deserve?

I don't believe that for one picosecond.....they're white.

You're trolling particularly hard recently, personal issues or just upset that Trump is failing on so many levels causing you to lash out?

bobknight33 said:

Why post such video?

He deserved what he got.

No police mishandling.

Real Marine Loses His Sh*t When He Spots A Fake Veteran Scam

Melania At Child Prisons Wears"I Don't Really Care, Do You?"

newtboy says...

No Bob, it has not.

A few cases a year of forcibly separating children from their family for cause or temporarily holding unaccompanied minors is in no way the same as jailing every refugee, legal or not, and separating thousands of children a month.

And real Republicans (not you) have finally found the Rubicon they won't cross, and are starting to become Democrats in large numbers with some long respected Republicans leading them in an effort to slow the Trumpian destruction they went along with for too long....i just hope enough of them to counteract the know nothing tribalistic morons that are replacing intelligent people in your party.

You are such a careless and sad liar...if you're going to lie, come up with better, harder to disprove lies, or face a lambasting for your stupidity and gullibility in believing Russian propaganda once again (after falling into that pit so many times I can't count) without ever making the tiniest bit of effort to see if what you wish is true and have been told by oan Jones RT or faux is true actually is true (hint, it never is).

You just love spreading obvious, easily debunked, idiotic lies....
But Jesus, Bob, even for you, this is pathetic, and that's saying a lot.

Fuck any person going on a humanitarian trip to see terrified displaced separated refugee children while wearing a message saying "I don't care". They are either too heartless or brainless to deserve a whit of respect, there's no middle ground.
Fuck anyone willing to tear apart thousands of families as a form of political blackmail , fuck them in the ass with a billy club if they have no plan on how to reverse their family separations when their bullying tactic fails.
Fuck anyone standing with and defending those indefensible actions of human garbage.

bobknight33 said:

No F the left.

This has been going on for decades. Now under Trump only the Left is piling on..

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