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newtboy says...

Thank sweet zombie Jebus you were wrong on all counts with your predictions.

I'm usually the biggest cynic in the room, so I couldn't exactly deny your theory, but I am incredibly glad civil adults did get the reigns of the country back, and that America did end up deciding black lives do matter, at least a little bit when our noses are rubbed in our murderous racism.

How's the visa fight going? Does getting vaccinated make a difference? Good luck over there....I've never had any desire to visit France, but I'm a weirdo. My perfect vacation is a secluded house on a secluded warm beach in the middle of nowhere and seeing only family all week....I'm not into culture or large groups of people. Give me unspoiled unpopulated nature instead please. Last January we did exactly that outside Mahajual, S Mexico. It was heaven for me except when we went to town.

StukaFox said:

Sorry Newt, but this'll just be added to the pile of "who cares?"

This is the country that watches its children get machine-gunned in their schools and just shrugs. This is the country that poisoned its own population with opioids and just shrugged. This is the country that allowed corporations to take over the entire power structure of the nation and just shrugged. No one cares. No. One. Cares.

You cannot overcome the wall of indifference and entitlement no matter how many impassioned pleas or elegant speeches you make.

Your heart's in the right place, but this is Bob Knight's country now and you will never get it back. And the people who're like Bob Knight? Yeah, they really don't give a shit about dead niggers.

As soon as I get my work visa for France finalized, I am out of here.

siftbot says...

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Mordhaus says...

Yeah it is worth it. Hope you feel better soon.

StukaFox said:

I'm right there with you. Get my second dose of Pfizer yesterday and I feel like death warmed over today. However, if this is all I have to deal with to get the immunity working, I'll be happy.

bobknight33 says...

Not sure what you point is.

Media is mess largely because of GE buying NBC. Before this news was a public service paid for from other program profits. News was not a money maker. When GE bought NBC GE argued that news should also a money making show.
News slowly morphed into the mess we have today.

And to you comments. FOX is 1 right leaning VS 6+ all late night + all Hollywood left pushing media. So who did this hurt most?

StukaFox said:

Not only did he abolish it, but it was one of the highest priorities of the GOP once Reagan came in. Haynes Johnson writes extensively about this in his frighteningly-prescient book 'Sleepwalking Through History'. The GOP was already following the lead of Roger Ailes (later of Fox News) after he polished the turd named Nixon and the GOP understood if they controlled the narrative, they could stay in power. Newt Gingrich, and the shitshow that followed, was the natural extension of Ailes's methodology. Abolishing the Fairness Doctrine will be studied for centuries as one of the single greatest acts of self-destruction in world history.

BSR says...

Please show your math. I'll wait.

StukaFox said:

It's fairly amazing how short the Stelliferous Era (the time period in which stars exist) is during the entire birth-to-death of the universe. It's roughly 10^6 - 10^14 years (one million to 100 trillion years from the Big Bang to stellar death, or a span of one million million x 8 years). This seems like a very long time, but on the universal time scale, it's not. "Matter" in the universe will exist for ~10^~125 years, or ten unquadragintillion (yes, that's a real word)

This is the equivalent (if I'm doing the math right) of the total life of the universe being a length of one mile, the entire age in which stars exist is the width of a playing card approximately one millimeter from the start.

For comparison, the atomic decay of Xenon-124 into Tellurium-124 is about 18 sextillion years (1.8 x 10^22 years), roughly 1 trillion times the current age of the universe.

newtboy says...

To be clear, I didn't comment TO him there, but i certainly don't blame those who do. He has a habit of being smarmy and disrespectful on other people's non political videos to the point I've seen many killed because he turned it to a bob centric vitriolic comment thread.

I've given him years of civility, hundreds of opportunities to be better, he almost never returned the civility. It's not what he wants. He wants to trigger libtards and doesn't care how damaging it is, how racist, how uncivil, untruthful, or how many lives are lost as long as he gets to be a cheerleader for Trump.

When he actually directly supported Trump lying under oath, saying only a stupid man tells the truth if the truth would hurt them, I 100% gave up on him. I will not coddle a liar, nor will i let him lie publicly uncontradicted.

I hate liars unconditionally.

If I was a dishonest muck raker, i want others to contradict me. If i become a vocal racist, i want others to call me out. I treat him as i would have others treat me if I acted like him.

After 4+ years of his vitriolic support for everything disrespectful that trump says, perhaps he will return to just being a right wing troll once Trump is gone, but I'm not holding my breath.

Merry Christmas to you too.

StukaFox said:

"(...) I wonder why you believe he should he be coddled?"

- I'm not saying he should be coddled anymore than anyone else here. He did something humane and cool, and that's what everyone here has been asking him to do (each in their own way; mea culpa etc), but instead of saying "hey, that was really a cool video. Thanks.", it was time to take shots at him. I make no secret of where my feelings are on him, his politics and the world at large, but I also feel that cool things should be rewarded, especially in this case and in this place and at this time.

"Are you saying he doesn't follow the golden rule, to treat others as you would have them treat you? I thought disingenuous discussions dripping with disrespect was what he wants."

- Congratulations, then, you just gave him everything he wanted and lowered yourself in the processes. It's not for others to follow the Golden Rule, the point is you're the one who's supposed to live by it even if others don't. If you blame him for not being the bigger man, you should at least try to be that man himself.

Christ knows there'll be enough ugliness for everyone involved the other 364.

FWIW, Merry Christmas to you, BSR, all the fun and raucous people who make Sift a daily view -- and that includes Bob.

newtboy jokingly says...

Lemme school ya sonny, there simply weren't websites back then, there wasn't even a WWW yet. ;-)

StukaFox said:

"Um, hello? Yeah, you guys in the pointy-nosed loud-ass flying thing? The one with the stripey flag on the tail? Yeah, you, yeah -- uh, listen, we'd actually ordered freedom and democracy off your website, but we got blown the fuck up instead. I know you got here in five minutes or less, but this totally not what we ordered!"

newtboy says...

Lol. I've done similar at that turn in my Civic with super wide tires, it was a go-cart, totally rode on rails, but that turn had the rear end hanging out and the front tires smoking. I also got pulled over doing 110, but on the straight right after the turn, just before the artichoke fields. The cop asked didn't I think over 80 was a bit fast, I said yes, he let me go. I was so lucky. Should have lost my car.
Then there was the Acura Legend I inherited...the Speedo topped out at 150, but the car sure didn't. I think I got it to around 175 based on rpm calculations. Ahhh, to be young and stupid again. Crashed it into a K rail at 55 mph, went airborne. Good times!

StukaFox said:

I love 84!

I had some friends into exotic cars and we'd take 84 over to the coast now and again, mostly because we had a shit-ton of money and a shit-ton of spare time to kill -- the Dot-Com fucking rocked!

There's a bend in the road just outside La Honda on the coastal side that's a 15mph hairpin with a tree at the apex. It's a lovely goddamn thing, especially when you forget it's there. So here we all come, lane-trading and exercising general assholery in cars that cost what a nice single-family home does.

Oh FUCK, the turn!!

My friend in the 911 does this beautiful trail-brake and swings through the curve. Elise follows suit, complete with smoking tires. Next up is Countach. He BARELY holds it together, but gets through without any real drama.

Now it's my turn.

Did I mention I was driving a '97 Camaro Z-28? Yeah, Camaros of that year are good at exactly one thing: driving very fast in very straight lines. Corners? Yeah, not so much. I realize I'm in trouble and I'm coming into the turn WAY too fast. I grab the shifter and get ready. My plan is that I'm going to slam it into first, let the rev limiter do its thing to save the engine, pull the e-brake and swing the tail, then punch it and swing the ass-end around and launch out of the curve with smoking Z-rated tires and all!

And HERE WE GO -- grab the shifter, yank it all the way down and...

That's when California emissions standards fucked me.

You see, when you buy a Camaro Z-28 in California, you don't actually get first gear. You get what's called a California First, which is actually SECOND gear, because if you were actually able to use FIRST gear, the goddamn car would belch enough emissions to make a farting Brontosaurus blush. And second gear ain't exactly gonna work for my little plan.

tl;dr is that I hit the no-lock brakes hard enough to get my speed down and was able to bring the ass around with the little e-brake trick. I wasn't out of the woods because I over-corrected on the way out and spun. The same God that I spite and don't believe in actually saved my ass and I didn't end up going off the road. Apparently, he loves fools and Z-28 Camaros.

I honestly had more fun in that car than the law allows: sometimes literally, like when I got clocked at 110 coming onto the straight at King City. Good times, man, good times.

newtboy says...

I don't disagree with you there, but fail to see how that would excuse leaving Trump in office....abandoning all hope and learning Mandarin. Biden is far from perfect, and old enough that who his VP is matters, but compared to Trump it's night and day.

Yes, we are likely headed into depression. One team has a chance of shortening it, one will certainly make it worse.
Yes, the pandemic is still in phase 1 of many, but one team sees a problem to tackle, another just sees an optics issue to deflect from.
Yes, there's a huge cultural divide, one team seeks to minimize it, the other exploit it.

I have zero hope Biden will solve our n national problems, nor any doubt Trump would exacerbate every one until there's no nation left. Trump might be a symptom,but so is suffocation. Sometimes you must deal with the symptom first to have a chance at fixing the cause.

Trump is no longer the candidate of change, he's the establishment. They won't vote for him to fix their lives after he ruined them, imo.

I agree, we are headed in the direction of dissolution.

The civil war was plenty bloody, but we have avoided responsibility for most of our sins, agreed.

Yes, 90% reduction if we acted 2weeks sooner is criminally negligent imo. We really dropped the baby on this one....bigly. It's going to get worse.

"This business will get out of control, it will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."

StukaFox said:


siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 13 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

noims says...

Sound like you wouldn't have had much fun in Stalingrad.

I don't recognise the Lord Snoad quote though. Where it's from? Or is it just something you feel personally?

StukaFox said:

"Well I gave 'im my baby to kiss and 'e bit it on the 'ead!"

"I'd pay some Dutchman to set fire to Lord Snoad..."

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