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How Differential Steering Works (1937)

Russian Hamster Mocks Cop

Russian Hamster Mocks Cop

Suspicious Man Breaks Autozone Windows ... Minneapolis

Louie Anderson admits to being a hoarder ... and then some

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

FDNY Has Some Fun Messing With a Loud Crazy Preacher Woman

ant says...

*dead -- "Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

Baldwin on "When a black man attempts to become a man"

Testimatic-The Anonymous Testicle Checking Booth

Portal - The Sound Of Science

German Shepherd suddenly realizes he is at the vet

Police fire (paintball?) at residents on their front porch

Portal - The Sound Of Science

Bing Bing Harro Prease Ching Cha

Crew Demo 2- SpaceX Launch Live Stream

ant says...

Yeah, it was weird to see all these modern stuff but still awesome. I don't care as long we continue this space stuff!

BSR said:

I kinda miss all the switches, dials, meters, wires, hoses, clipboards and bulky suits.

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