What did Reagan think about the right to vote?

noseeem jokingly says...

Although I'd agree that Reagan's administration was engrained with corruption, there is some serious competition from Nixon. *

Also just seems to be the nature of the Beast. Nixon, Reagan, Bush Jr., and Orange-U-Glad-I-Ain't-President. All involved with numerous scandals, corrupt Administrators, and some serious charges of being war criminals in the mix as well.

Almost unavoidable when Republicans come to power. As Rumsfeld noted, you go to war with the army you have.

*Tea Pot Dome Scandal in the 20th Century running also.

robdot said:

Reagan had the most corrupt administration in history . Only to be outdone by trump. Google it. He was also a senile old man who barely knew where he was. We made Star Wars,because he saw it in a movie. Even though everyone said it wouldn’t work,and it never has.

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