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Hellraiser - Trailer

noims says...

It's got potential. I like Pinhead's general ambiguity in particular.

The only thing that gets me is getting the cenobites' attention by just finishing the last few moves of the box. I always liked Pinhead's line that "It is not hands that summon us, it is desire".

2 Girls Climb A 2000-Foot Tower But Never Find A Way Down

Misheard Lyrics

David Blaine Freaks Jimmy Out

noims says...

Yes, you're absolutely right. I went back and followed the cut. I assumed he'd doubled-back to get the bottom (or top) cards to the top of the deck due to the convoluted way he talks through the cut... for example, just flipping the deck over one more time would do that.

This may have happened with editing (I think Blaine's been caught or at least accused of that before), but chances are I'm wrong and he's some kind of demon.

spawnflagger said:

But the 5 cards were from the middle of the deck, not the bottom.

David Blaine Freaks Jimmy Out

noims says...

I didn't follow the cuts precisely, but I suspect he just knew the order of the last 5 cards in everyone's deck. So long as their cut isn't in those last 5 he can force them. Everyone then picks the fourth, and they've all got the same card. (edit to note that even if a couple of them didn't follow the instructions properly, they might not hold up the card or it might not be noticeable on camera for one of a few reasons).

As for the nails, he 'drools' almost all the nails that go in his mouth, and he can probably conceal a few in there, say between the cheeks and the back teeth, that won't show if he simply opens his mouth. I'd guess the two out the nose is real, unless he slips them in there while 'eating' them.

That's all just guessing, of course.

spawnflagger said:

ok, I get the frog thing (other magicians have done that). and the whole box of nails were trick nails (Jimmy didn't have a magnet or pour water in the bowl), but I don't understand how they got the entire audience to end up with the same card?
at least 1 would have not followed the instructions correctly...
could be the whole deck was activated by body heat (to change to 5 of hearts), hence the pocket or sitting on it?
Notice Jimmy put in his outer jacket pocket and didn't have it on the whole time - maybe that's why David didn't ask him to look at it at the end?

David Blaine Freaks Jimmy Out

noims says...

Hang on, now, this is physics law.

Let's say it's a 1g nail and a 100g frog. In order to effect a 100-fold increase in relativistic mass (i.e. starting mass / sqrt( 1 - v^2/c^2) ) the velocity must be over 99% of the speed of light (it would be 99% if we didn't have to square them).

That's a hell of a lot more than 20 over, buddy. Is there a limit on that fine, or does it depend on the width of the ticket?

BSR said:

Yeah but it would roughly amount to a speeding ticket of 20 miles an hour over the speed limit. I doubt he'd fight it in court.

David Blaine Freaks Jimmy Out

noims says...

Obviously. It would violate the law of conservation of mass to turn a single nail into a frog.

BSR said:

He swallowed more nails than he spit out

Ai Generated Music Video - Deltron 3030 - Virus

noims says...

I can think of a good reason someone might want to be part horse.

You also make a good case study for the advantages of being part newt.

It all depends what what part, I suppose.

newtboy said:

In this dystopian future, humans have been spliced with horse dna….just because.

Lucille Ball dances the Charleston

noims says...

It's not Lucille I find interesting here. I started watching before reading the description and thought the woman in the middle was such an amazing relaxed dancer, even though I know nothing about dancing.

The fact that it's Ginger Rogers just shows how much class and ability shine through so clearly.

Cat walks on tredmill

The Queen's sense of humour remembered...

noims says...

I disagree. That bear is well known for going off-script and doing things his own way... it's the main reason for most of his wacky adventures. Similarly, Bond is a notorious improviser.

I just pity her security detail around a bear and a guy who tends to shoot first and ask questions later. Remember the Frank Drebin debacle?

cloudballoon said:

The Queen did have a sense of humour. But there's no way the Paddington skit wasn't scripted (the Bond bit too, probably). Shouldn't include it here.

Passing A Portal Through Itself

noims says...

As I often say in work: When designing a system, if a simple set of rules makes the system behave nicely in lots of weird situations you didn't think of, you have a good system and a good set of rules.

Now I have a nice example. This it really interesting. *promote.

the danger of abstinence

noims says...

Very well put. I'd far rather the cost of essential services be inflated by bureaucratic inefficiancies than by someone trying to squeeze as much profit as possible out of them. Especially in the west, the former is far less likely to drive corruption.

The video puts across the case so well it definitely deserves a*promote, even though I think the quote and especially the graphic that the French pay "just a little bit more" in taxes is misleading. In Ireland I pay very roughly 40% on all income over 40k (20% on the first 40k), and I think France is about the same. As I understand it, American taxes are more like 20-30% (not than anyone understands American taxes).

cloudballoon said:

True, any government-run programs have a certain waste. But letting Big Corps profiteering run rampant instread proves, time-and-again, that doesn't improve the quality of living for the vast majority of the population a single bit.

Why Geography Makes The US Insanely OP

noims says...

Taking that video at face value (as I don't have the time or expertise to evaluate it factually) that's so extraordinarily interesting tat it deserves an instant *promote.

In particular, it gives better explanations of of America's disgraceful treatment of Cuba, and the the environmentally terrible practice of fracking than I've ever seen, let alone from a single source.

Not only that, it's also demonstrated the value of a few practices I've personally seen in Russia (and read about elsewhere), such as the move from globalisation to self-sufficiency, and the value of control of boundaries/borders, regardless of the short-term and local impact.

What it doesn't go into is the American push to control the cultural narrative globally, particularly in the western hemisphere, but that's more a consequence of their supremacy in other areas, and doesn't depend on geography. i.e. while I ramble about further aspects, the video stayed expertly on topic. Bravo.

World's Highest Jumping Robot | Veritasium

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