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A Scary Time

noims says...

My problem is that you downvoted the comment, rather than the video. I've always assumed that comment downvotes are particularly targeted against spam and the like (and, checking the faq just now, it backs me up).

Glad you still enjoy being here in any case.

bobknight33 said:

Does a vote come with obligatory reason?
I do not think it is a great song. Catchy yes, great no.

A Scary Time

noims says...

@bobknight33 can you explain why you downvoted this comment? Do you find it inappropriate or irrelevant? I certainly don't, and probably would have promoted the song myself.

Believe it or not, I personally actually like having you around on the sift, both for your non-political videos and for your political comments (although I think I've yet to be swayed by any of your arguments and I'm an ocean away in any case). I don't want to see you banned for abusing downvotes, but it's a serious dick move. I know it's tough but I suggest you keep pleading your case rather than trying to punish or silence others.

RFlagg said:

*promote the great song...

Her original tween featuring it.

"The Rutles" - Eric Idle's parody of The Beatles

noims says...

BTW, in the past day or two Eric Idle released his 'Sortabiography' called 'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life'. I'm only two chapters in, but if you like Rutles-style wordplay, then you'll love those two chapters (and probably the rest of the book, but I can't vouch for that quite yet).


noims says...

No, Flying in a Blue Dream. Payback never was that smart.

I remember hearing Satriani was going to sing on that album and was really reluctant to get it. Turns out the fecker can sing too.

BSR said:

Surfin' with the alien?

Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment

noims says...

That's true, but it's interesting, cool, and good-looking enough for a *promote.

I particularly like that it should be easy enough to replicate. Very tempting.

C-note said:

This dude could have condensed this into 60 seconds.

Colorblind man receives Enchroma glasses

Kid brings the heat on cruise ship dance-off

Just fishing

noims says...

"Did you see that?!"

What answer was he expecting?

"No, man, this big whale got in the way. What happened?"

The Jim Jefferies Show - QAnon, a sit down.

noims says...

I like Jim Jeffries, but this is so much better than his usual stuff. Even if half the fun is in the editing, *promote the insanity.

In Russia they don't get freaked out when plane is on fire

noims says...

They're literally just having a chat. "You going on holidays?" "Yeah".

I've always loved that about the Russian attitude, and their subsequent sense of humour... things are crap, but there's nothing we can do about it, so why bother worrying. Get on with it, and do what you can to work around the problem.


Why we need a new education system

noims says...

While I agree with everything he says, he's pointing out a lot of problems without giving solutions.

To improve a system you need to introduce a better method, and ideally a way to transition to it; it's not enough to point out problems with the current one. I'm not saying it's not valuable to point out problems, I'm just saying it's not enough.

How Brexit could create a crisis at the Irish border

noims says...

Unfortunately that's no longer an option. Unless they officially cancel Brexit, they leave the EU on 29th March 2019 - less than 8 months from now.

If they leave without making some kind of trade deal, all EU agreements are no longer valid and tariffs go to default (extremely high) levels. Without policing over the land border or the Irish sea, there's no way to stop smuggling, which not only defeats the main stated purpose of Brexit - to 'control our borders', but also has obvious significant effects on ligitimite businesses.

As for the border, no matter how it's handled in that scenario, the Good Friday agreement becomes pretty much null and void, and there are plenty of people on both sides with a vested interest in starting up the violence again.

In other words, we're in the shit, and if feet are dragged we won't pull ourselves out of it.

C-note said:

Or everyone can continue to drag their feet until the older generation that voted for brexit pass on.

It's Time to Quit the Catholic Church!

noims says...

I think the intricacies of the arguments and the moral implications were best put in song form:

Pandas raising twins is not easy

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