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History of the Earth

noims says...

I'll happily *promote any 10 minute video that takes me half an hour to watch. So much great information. Got to go back and watch it again.

I wish there was an easy way to watch things like this backwards.

Fireworks ban in Hawaii, does it work?

Why can i not go to the pub!?

noims says...

This is so familiar. Since my son was about 2 it was always a special treat for me to bring him to the pub after creche. When collecting him he'd jump around shouting "Dunphy's! Dunphy's! I'm going to Dunphy's!" to the great amusement of the creche staff.

The story behind the fisheye album cover

How Rage Against The Machine Topped The Christmas Charts

noims says...

Being Irish it's against my nature to complement the Brits, especially in this day an age, but they can have excellent taste in rebellion.

They got 'Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead' to the top when Thatcher died, and there was a nice push this year after the election to get *related="" up there. Music really can be the voice of the people.

Trump's Best Words: 2019 Edition | The Daily Show

noims says...

There is no better word than stupid. I can't believe I agree with the... um... what's the expletetive I'm requirising?

Jarvis Cocker - Running the World

MEYER WERFT - Der Bau der Spectrum of the Seas

Robocop with laugh track

When an Irish lad goes to London for the first time!

Trump’s Unqualified Federal Judge Appointments

noims says...

Interesting, but I would have liked to have seem how many nominees/appointees the ABA ranked as Unqualified.

C-note (Member Profile)

Solimans dream

noims says...

It's at times like these that I pray that either everyone else is seeing this shit, or that the guy that sold me the acid is still around.

Closer By Nine Inch Nails Featuring the Muppets.

Spooky Scary Skeletons: NOOB vs PRO vs EPIC

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