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TLC "Beasty Boy"

noims says...

Look, if that dog wasn't interested it wouldn't be all groomed and tarted up, with those bare shoulders and those eyes, and always licking... um... excuse me for a minute...

Patrick Stewart Looks Further Into His Dad's Shell Shock

noims says...

I've been struggling to find the right adjective to use to describe your story, but all I can say is thank you for telling it. It's personal accounts like this that really bring home the effects of war, and this is what happened to the victors!

I admit I don't read much non-fiction, but I hold a very special place in my heart and my life for Spike Milligan's war diaries which, along with the Maus graphic novels, taught me more about the reality of war than I ever wanted to know. Like your story they are so relatable and so full of banality and horror side-by-side that my disgust for the instigators makes it painful to try to see things from their point of view.

I try to eliminate unconscious bias where I spot it, but here I just can't. Unfortunately this disgust also stops me from wanting to learn more.

MilkmanDan said:

Possible, but I don't really think so. [...] I'd wager that when the docs said Stewart's father's shell shock was a reaction to aerial bombardment, that was really just a face-saving measure to try to explain away the perceived "weakness" of his condition.

Holocaust denier arthur jones republican running for Congres

The Black Stuff

noims says...

I will say, though, that for what pretty much amounts to an ad for the stuff, the pours are terrible. As an Irish Guinness drinker what he did to that poor pint around 2:57 made me physically wince.

Foreigner Surprising Indians with Hindi (Smiles Galore)

noims says...

No matter where I go I always learn a few short phrases out of respect, and it pretty much always brings a smile.

The first and most important is 'thank you' and, while 'yes', 'no', 'excuse me', and 'hello' are good, the second phrase I always learn is how to ask for the bill (or the 'check', as I learned before going to the states). Pretty much anywhere you go you'll probably eat out, there's no response needed (beyond 'thank you'), and it doesn't hurt that it sometimes means the bill comes with a complementary drink.

Shelfish- The Bathroom Shelf Song

noims says...

I believe Lynx is what you call Axe body spray.

i.e. I don't blame her for trying to get rid of it, and she might be subtly trying to get rid of him too.

newtboy said:

Can anyone tell me what a tin of lynx is? Are the tins enormous?

Motorboat does impression of Killer Whale in the wild

noims says...

You see, this friendly display is why they should be called Orcas rather than Killer Whales.

(Note: see other videos to find out why they should be called Killer Whales rather than Orcas)

First Look at Nintendo Labo

Putting salt water in holes

The Cranberries - Dreaming My Dreams (Live on Jools Holland)

noims jokingly says...

Yes, I thought it was a little insensitive or @eric3579 to pronounce 'dead' until I realised that was 6 years back.

Great tunes, though. It's a huge loss. Cheers for promoting.

Zawash said:

R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan. *promote

Imperial March played on pencil and paper

BBC Proms Late Night tribute to David Bowie

noims says...

Well that's a couple of hours of my life I won't regret.

A few very interesting arrangements, not all of which I enjoyed, but it was a nice mellow experience.

Just because I took notes myself (some of which may be wrong), here's what they played:

4:58 Warszawa - (Instrumental)
8:55 Station to Station - Neil Hannon & Amanda Palmer
16:04 The Man Who Sold The World - Conor O'Brien
22:24 This Is Not America - Neil Hannon & Elf Kid
27:44 Life On Mars? - Mark Almond
33:22 Lady Grinning Soul - Anna Calvi & Jherek Bischoff
40:21 Ashes To Ashes - Paul Buchannan
46:14 Fame - Laura Mvula
50:54 (I didn't recognise this one) - (Instrumental)
53:52 Girl Loves Me - Laura Mvula & Paul Buchannan
58:32 I can't give everything away - Paul Buchannan
1:05:31 Blackstar - Amanda Palmer & Anna Calvi
1:16:01 Heroes- Amanda Palmer, Anna Calvi & Jherek Bischoff
1:21:13 Always Crashing In The Same Car - Phillipe Jaroussky
1:27:39 Starman - Mark Almond
1:33:00 Rebel Rebel - (Instrumental)
1:35:03 Valentine's Day - John Cale
1:40:49 Sorrow - John Cale & Anna Calvi
1:46:47 Space Oddity - John Cale & House Gospel Choir
1:57:09 After All - (Various artists) + House Gospel Choir
2:02:45 Lets Dance - (Proms audience)

Republican lawmaker say black people cant handle marijuana

PowerPoint: Turing Complete

noims says...

*promote in the same way that I would promote a video of an actual great old one whose very image would drive any sane person to madness.

Sarah Silverman, Mr. Rogers, and Masturbation

noims says...

I'm now so tempted to get myself a Pocket Pussy, a camera, and a personal trainer to shout inspirational work-out phrases at Sarah. And a royal blue blanket, obviously.

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