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The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

Happy 15th Birthday, VideoSift! (Sift Talk Post)

Tetris snow

These birds are soo METAL!

noims says...

Well I think the guitars are real but there's no such thing as birds so they were added digitally.

We all have valid opinions worth discussing and should be given equal airtime.

lucky760 said:

I think the guitars were added into the video digitally. The birds weren't actually holding them and playing them with their arms.

World Record Run

noims says...

I remember tricking my son, who was probably about four, while we were getting our running speeds checked by one of these.

I think I was getting speeds of about 10-12 km/h but I waited till a car was coming and told him to start running. It came up about 30-40 and he was so happy.

C-note (Member Profile)

One last look back

noims says...

Wow. Amanda Gorman has some serious competition for the most poetic speech this week. Bravo! *promote

Don't hold back, just push things forward

Tacoma Police Car Plows Through Crowd

noims says...

Anyone who has this reaction to watching that video is a seriously fucked up human being.

bobknight33 said:

Guess mom didn't teach these kids not to play in the street.

Deciphering the World's Oldest Rulebook

noims says...

You can also watch Irving play Tom Scott here: *related=

Up to his neck in charges

noims says...

I know this is very very wrong, and I apologise in advance, but I got forwarded a picture of him (or someone similar) just after George Floyd was murdered with the caption "We're gonna need a bigger knee."

I'm happy to laugh at tragedy so long as it doesn't make you forget how awful it is.

Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview With Dr. Fauci ...

noims says...

This was a hell of a lot more informative than I was expecting. Good questions and great answers. *promote

Enormous Avalanche in Nepal brings a mighty wind

Why Is the Alt-Right So Angry? | The Daily Show

noims says...

It also explains why they're against reasonable covid precautions. I've pretty much stayed at home for a few months now, but I have one reliable source of aerobic exercise I'm happy to engage in regularly. Very very regularly.

Music Battle - Our Shining Days -2017

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