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Kayaking Down the Worlds Largest Natural Water Slide

Photo Wake-Up: 3D Character Animation from a Single Photo

noims says...

The Picasso 30 seconds in is the stuff of nightmares, and there are a few close contenders later.

I suddenly have a masochistic impulse to watch Ring.

Cool Hand Luke- Carwash Scene

Fight - Julie Estelle v 2 Assassins - The Night Comes For Us

noims says...

Got to *promote something that goes so smoothly from "that wouldn't work" to "nice" to "ooh" to "euaaaaaaaaagh"'. These are literally my utterances over the past 5 minutes.

Without context the bodies in the hall add so much too.

Tumblr CEO: No More Porn

Smoking a Carolina Reaper

noims says...

I'm surprised he didn't pack some milk duds in there and spark them up to relieve his burning lungs.

Deer Park - Nara Japan 奈良鹿公園

noims says...

"They've come to see tourists as a source of food." (about 1:15)

I had a 1% hope or expectation that this video was about to get dark.

Meet Knickers, the 1,400kg cow from Australia

Warp Speed Comparison

C-note (Member Profile)

noims says...

I wish I could promote comments. This is so true it makes me both laugh and cry.

C-note said:

The current climate towards facts would see the warship maintain coarse regardless.

The Best Bouncer Fight Ever

noims says...

I'm pretty sure I was in there a couple of nights back. Not to push the stereotype, but it's an Aussie pub in *celtic Dublin.

Like the rest of the world, we have Irish bars, but i's nice to have a bit of variety.

Nice to see appropriate use of force, though. Give the man a raise.

Norway accidentally sinks its own warship

noims says...

Reminds me of the old story of the navy vessel on a collision course insisting that the other vessel cede right of way, repeatedly escalating until the final request of "we are a <warship> of the <whoever-you-dont-like> navy; change course or face our wrath" with the response of "we are a lighthouse; your call".

Nice to see art becoming life.

English is hard

noims says...

I remember realising how screwed up English tenses are when I told a Hungarian friend that I "would have had to have had" done something beforehand. She just glared at me.

White House revokes CNN reporters press pass

noims says...

I know I'm jumping back in the conversation a bit, but I'd say it's a journalist's job to ferret out the truth - something that's unfortunately both lacking and waning in the US. For the system to work as designed there should be an antagonistic relationship between the four branches of government (colloquially and importantly including the press), where each pulls against the other to make the whole system stronger. Once one (or, as it has been, three) bow to the executive - willingly or forced - corruption floods in.

The conversation - enlightning as it is - brought me back to the famous interview between Jeremy Paxman and Michael Howard ( where Paxman repeats the same question 12 times in 90 seconds to try to get a straight answer. This is respect for the office and disrespect for the man who shames it.

mentality said:

A journalist's job isn't just to sit there and passively report what Trump says to you - that would be no different than any official party propaganda.

The ground looks like it's breathing

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