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Doom running on an Ikea smart lamp

How To Tie Shoelaces

BSR says...

That doesn't mean you can't get it done. Hell, for $20 and airfare I'd tie 'em for you. Now turn that frown upside down.

10% off if you order before midnight tonight.

ant said:

Due to my disabilities, I can't tie pretty at the end.

Mom arrested after posing as 7th grade daughter in school

BSR says...

Correct. I was a kid when I first heard it used. Later I always thought it was a deliberate mispronunciation of Moron for humor sake. For instance only a maroon would mispronounce it just as he also mispronounced ignoramus in this clip.

JiggaJonson said:

I believe I learned the term from Bugs Bunny "What a maroon!"

Solvent Trap Kits Tubes Parts and Modular Designs – Armory


BSR says...

After walking 500 miles in two weeks he had to walk another 6 miles because his bus ride was canceled when he got to the lighthouse.

Deliverance - Rape Scene

1,500 Birds Invade House Through Chimney

Waterfall Defies Gravity Due to Strong Winds

BSR says...

Glad you were able to get all that out. Holding all that inside is sciencetifically not good for your health. You know... according to Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla.

cloudballoon said:

I can't stand Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Everytime I see him I kept thinking "is he 'roided up or did he just sniff some coke?" I don't need science to be screamed at me (or the arrogance) all the time. Even Adam Savage is far more subdued in comparison and he's plenty hyperbolic in Mythbusters. I never understood why he got such a celebrity status. He offers little new insight on his shows or guest appearances. I just wish I get see a much better modern "science/space guy" on TV.

The Magic Crystal - Ninja Sex Party

BSR says...

Rode by a house once with a bunch of people standing around with drinks in their hand. A big colorful sign displayed in the front that read "We're all here for the sex". Imagine my surprise when they told me to put my clothes back on because it was a Gender Reveal Party.

Biden's HHS Sec refuses to say 'mother' instead of 'birthing

Filling in for Clifford Banes - A compilation

lucky760 (Member Profile)


Biden's HHS Sec refuses to say 'mother' instead of 'birthing

Waterfall Defies Gravity Due to Strong Winds

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