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newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

I....did....not....know...that. Seems I learn something with every comment you make.

Are you a professional teacher?

newtboy said:

uncomfortable to me having a pot party on Hitler's birthday.

Sesame Street: Respect is Coming

Orangutan trying to fight off a bulldozer

Let me just release you into your natural habitat

Manual Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man

If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama

BSR says...

Bob is a "I'm rubber, you're glue" kinda guy. But he does seem to summon the truth inadvertently.

Sagemind said:

Not trying to be mean - but from way over here, you have no idea how dumb you sound - Please take the time to educate yourself with news other than the propaganda machine.
-for your own benefit. I say this not to make you look bad, but to help you out and make you a little more self-aware.

MST3K: Agent For H.A.R.M. - Hot And Ready Man

BSR says...

My mother came home once with a beehive and my dad didn't care for it at all. I remember feeling sad for her and told her that I liked it even though I thought it wasn't really her look. I even cried a little, privately, feeling sorry for her.

I laughed anyway.

ulysses1904 said:

The beehive joke killed me. These guys were great.

Bodycam shows the fatal shooting of Danquirs Franklin

BSR says...

The black man looked hopeless or careless. My first thought was suicide by cop. When I saw the woman in the car I suspect it was a relationship problem.

They took way too long to tell the bystander to step away.

Ink On A Leaf In A Puddle

Turkey broke into my truck

If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama

BSR says...

I would just like to say "Thank You" for the dedication and time you put into your replies to Bob.

I suspect Bob probably doesn't read your replies as I notice he never seems to debate you.

Know that your time IS well spent regardless of Bob. If it wasn't for him I'm not sure I or others would have learned as much as I have from your writing.

I appreciate what you do and your words aren't falling on deaf ears.

You've got passion.

I also think you already know all that.

newtboy said:

Yeah, like you've read it. We know that's what Dumb Donny told you. Duh, Bob. Maybe don't leap before you look.

Not zero, plenty of convictions and admissions already, just not proof of prosecutable illegal collusion directly by Trump. Retweeting the Russians propaganda designed to elect him is collusion, meeting with Russian agents looking for illicit "dirt" on your opponent is collusion. Hundreds of contacts with Russian agents by his people that he outright lied about and hid, tens of millions paid to those in his cabinet by Russia that they lied about and hid before being caught and convicted.
34 guilty pleas are > zero. *facepalm

Obstruction charge is not a nothing burger, it's also not over by was quashed here by Barr, but Mueller was clear there was action that amounts to obstruction, but he was unable to charge the president due to DOJ rules and would not make a declaration if he couldn't make a charge. The report is clear, he was not allowed to make a conclusion, and Barr is a fixer for Trump, always has been clearly and unambiguously, it's why he was nominated.
The report delineated dozens of attempts to obstruct justice by Trump that his advisors knew were illegal and persuaded him to abandon....and they were usually fired for it.

What we can see undeniably is Trump has publicly outright lied about nearly every point in the report...thousands of times....and his administration has fully fallen in line and repeated his lies to you, now admitted under oath, but we know you don't care.
You wouldn't care that Barron's real mother is his 1/2 sister. There's absolutely nothing you could learn about Trump that would change your mind about him, cultists are like that.

We now know that when Trump said "fake news" it meant "that's true" every time.

We know for a fact that not a single person working for Trump is honest or trustworthy, every single one has lied to the public for Trump's benefit at the expense of the Union....doing Russia's work to divide us.

We know for a fact that you don't care he's a pathological fraud and liar because you love Trump far more than America. I believe firmly that if he raped your daughter you would feel honored, not outraged.

You made a boom boom....and he's the fake/illegitimate president.

Edit: So I'll assume consistency and assume you just haven't gotten around to declaring there were no Clinton crimes either then, right? She actually WAS cleared in no uncertain terms after a number of purely political investigations, he was specifically not cleared in no uncertain terms after a republican led, highly interfered with investigation. If you're willing to declare it a nothing burger, what is the Clinton investigation, a nothing casserole with a side of nothing fries and nothing pie for desert?

Antarctica Is Losing Ice At An Accelerating Rate

If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama

BSR says...

Went to fatal car wreck once but at least there wasn't a fire.

Funny you should mention burger. Like minds think alike I guess.


bobknight33 said:

Muller report is out

Zero. Collusion

obstruction that raises to a nothing burger.


Helicopter mounting a 1 ton TV antenna on top of a tower

If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama

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