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The Best Of Isaac | Season 1 | THE ORVILLE

Confused Pug tries to drink shadow

I threw my mom cigarettes out the Window

BSR says...

Exactly right. Mom should have told the kid where the bear shit in the buckwheat.

Oh wait. You meant the other way around.


Sagemind said:

Takes a Brave Moment to stand up to someone when it's for their own good!

Kid vs Fence

Creepy guy shows how to eat an egg

Star Trek: Awesome Kirk Moments "Not My Ship You Don't!"

Lazy Nashville Police Fatally Shoot Black Man

Lazy Nashville Police Fatally Shoot Black Man

Gray Whale swimming through kelp forest

Is the BBC dip still used in speakers?

Ant Stealing Diamond

Bear rescue FAIL!! Warning this video has violent content!

BSR says...

Took the liberty of adding 'graphic content' tag.

eric3579 said:

I didn't need to see that. Maybe put a warning in the title. "Fail" doesn't quite convey the horrific outcome. Although, i now see it's in the death channel. Still, title warning would have been appreciated.

Face to Face With A Mountain Lion

BSR says...

Go to Walmart.
Sporting Goods section.
Grab an Air Horn.
Clip it to your belt.

When you're out of options, you'll know what to do. It's not so much how big you are than how loud you are.

If you're riding a bike it works great on loose dogs and bears too. No harm. No foul.

The 8-Bit Guy: Color Photos from a Black and White Camera

BSR says...

So obvious now that you say it.

Kind of suspicious that he had to take so many photos because of "movement between shots."

C-note said:

So your friend's dad asked you to go in his basement so he could take pictures of you.

Chicago Police Leaving Bait Truck full of Nikes Near Park

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