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lucky760 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Thanks for the kind words and the promote.
Yes, I remember the wrestling episode. Good times.

lucky760 said:

You are a god, @newtboy.

I LOVE that you remember the things that I remember.

I recently shared this video with some people in their 20s and their blank stares and "wtf is this" responses made me so sad. (I also shared with them the "Fish Heads" music video from the 80s.)

In addition to this bit and so many others, the Mad Dog Hoek episode is one I remember frequently. I wonder if you remember that as well.

"I wanna holler the loud funny words."


Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Fastest, Easiest Way To Understand The Impeachment Report

newtboy says...


I'm on the wrong side of truth?! Well, you think the Trump (and or Russian) side of truth is the correct side to be on....I prefer the honest side. To each his own.

Lol. That's why he has so many convictions and guilty pleas for fraud, right? Including his most recent, defrauding veterans out of millions in donations he diverted for personal use. He was forced to return the money and pay millions in fines, and dissolve his "charitable" foundation scheme.

See, if you hadn't been saying exactly that since the story broke but before any details were released, mindlessly repeating it with your fingers in your ears since, you might sound more believable....but you have.

How many court battles did he win last month? How many did he lose? And what were those battles about? They were all about trying to hide his actions, because many are illegal and all are immoral and unethical. He lost almost every attempt at obstruction, and he's running out of appeals fast.

Can't wait for another red tsunami. It is to laugh.

bobknight33 said:

Troll boy,

You are on the wrong side of truth. Democrats have ZERO, Always had ZERO and will only have ZERO shit against Trump. All they have are fake stories being pushed by fake news.
The Adam Schiff and Nadler shows were a joke. No facts just theater for the media to feed pinhead sheep like you your daily dose of Anti Trump propaganda.

Trump is wining the battles and will win Democrats war. Trump will win in 2020.

Capitalism Didn’t Make the iPhone, You iMbecile

newtboy says...

1) unless that trade is privately controlled, then it is.
2) you said MADE. They make them. ;-)
3) Capitalism isn't technological industry, or civil's trade and ownership. If an individual can own a business (edit :and profit from freely selling it's products) that's capitalism. Farms count.
Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
4) well, that's one thing we agree on then, but it's hardly a selling point for capitalism to most people.
5) If public funds are used for any public purposes, that's socialism imo. I certainly think basic research where the results are free to the public counts.

vil said:

1) no, trading is not capitalism.
2) kids in China did not - that is borderline silly. Creating and marketing the iphone created a DEMAND, the MARKET had been in place already (the US constitution, the fed, the dollar, cellular infrastructure, people free to buy things of their own will, the internet et cetera et cetera et cetera ad nauseam - takes a lot of preconceptions to be able to sell such a product)
3) basically yes.
4) I am sure we agree on a lot of things, this is one.
5) I understand government=socialism. The government of the US of A funds a lot of things that would be hard to justify as socialism. Maybe an argument can be made that basic research is a social investment IDK.

Basic research does not equal fast progress though. You can be as clever as Archimedes or Leonardo but steam trains require capitalism to make sense. Iphones required masses of rich crazy americans to take off - a market and demand. Without a market and demand (or a war) progress is slow as f***.

MAGA Challenge

newtboy says...

More lies from the Kremlin tied OAN, who hires current Kremlin propagandists to spout this kind of divisive lie/smear campaign that people like Bob then spread.

Biden has never been implicated in ANY actual wrongdoing associated with Burisma. Not one smear the Republicans come up with is supported by fact. Now they're trying to say he was paid with stolen money for his saying all Burisma money is stolen money without any proof or convictions to back up that meaningless smear.

It's moronic anyway, Trump tarnished and sold out the presidency to dig up and create dirt on the son of a political rival, arguably committed treason to sully the family name of his political rival who was never going to be his opponent. Derp.

bobknight33 said:

Wow such talent.

On more serious note:

Ukrainian MP says Burisma head to be indicted, Hunter Biden slush fund named

Fastest, Easiest Way To Understand The Impeachment Report

newtboy says...

100% Russian propaganda from the Kremlin tied propaganda network.

So much for the excuse that the investigation didn't happen so there's no bribery, right? Apparently it's been ongoing since Giuliani started pushing them in 2016, but the prosecutor investigating was just fired, having found no Biden crimes, so a new investigation can start with a focus on Biden, who's not accused of anything criminal, his boss is.

Bobski, if receiving money from corrupt Ukrainians is a problem, it's one Trump has far worse than Biden....who won't be the nominee anyway. Trump as president directly took truckloads of Ukrainian money from Russian tied Ukrainian separatists, our enemies, (they've been forced to admit it) then did their bidding, firing an ambassador that stopped some of their corruption.

Biden worked for a company run in part by a man that had previously been accused of using his Ukrainian government position to self deal, a crime that's exactly like what the Trumps have done in China, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, and elsewhere. His father, Joe, as part of an official public bipartisan American and international policy then pushed to remove the corrupt prosecutor that man had bribed to drop the corruption case. It's asinine to pretend he pushed to remove the prosecutor to protect his son or his son's boss, to do that he just needed to sit back and let the corrupt prosecutor stay. Only morons repeat this nonsense.

Facts? You don't understand the term, obvious from your posting anything from OAN, the Kremlin's news network that hires Kremlin employed propagandists. *facepalm

bobknight33 said:

Facts??? Not quite.

On the other hand ...

BSR (Member Profile)

Capitalism Didn’t Make the iPhone, You iMbecile

newtboy says...

1) I question your sources, because some of the earliest writings ever found were business ledgers dealing with selling grains as I understand it. Capitalism has been a thing since before writing was a thing.

2) um...I think those kids in China would dispute that....THEY made the Iphones, which created a smart phone market by being useful and fun (for most people).

3) do you believe capitalism and the industrial revolution started at the same time, or that capitalism has something to do with surfs, civil rights, or secularism? Capitalism applied to people is indentured servitude, what we lazily call slavery. Unfettered capitalism created a situation where civil rights needed to be delineated and codified, it didn't create them any more than wildfires created firemen imo.

Some people do educate themselves before acting or making purchases, but it's not the norm.

Capitalism says your poor neighbors should die, because capitalism says there is no value to human life...I did a term paper on that. Value is derived from a supply/demand equation, and there's such a glut of humanity that human life has a negative value.

The government paid for around 75% of the technology development. " paid for some of the technology...." is incredibly misleading, if technically correct (the best kind of correct). Without a healthy dose of socialism, progress slows to a crawl and only the privileged few can afford it.

1 word....flip-phones. ;-) (I don't even have one of those)

vil said:

1) Definitely - but without a market improvements fall flat and dont stick. Ancient people had a lot of good ideas but overall progress was really slow and retrograded often until.. well until capitalism became a thing. Abolishing serfdom, general civil rights, separation of church from state and the fall of absolutism made the Iphone possible.

2) No, that is my point. People "discover" things all the time, some of these things are deemed useful by the general public and capitalism provides the tools to finance production and distribution (the profit part is optional - it is entirely legal to sell your invention for any price or indeed give it away for free).

So to get to the original point capitalism did not discover or design the Iphone but it certainly MADE the Iphone.

3) Not impossible but incredibly slow. Generations lived out their entire lives without perceptible changes in their environments prior to the onslaught of capitalism and the industrial revolution. The advent of science from the renaissance onwards was OK, but only once factories and transport infrastructure became a thing did living conditions start to change for everyone.

A big problem with free markets is that they are never really "free". A theoretical free market implies too many things that dont ever happen in real life, like everyone having all relevant information and being able to make a good decision. People just dont do that IRL.

Also not everything can be solved by free markets because you cant just let your neighbors die poor because the market says they deserve it. However the Iphone is really not something the state should subsidize. I understand that it paid for some of the technology that went into designing it. But true socialism would have to make sure everyone could afford one, and would design a cheap bad phone to fit the need.

Portrait of Lotte, from birth to 20 years old

Front Suspension Leaning Trike

Fastest, Easiest Way To Understand The Impeachment Report

Catalyst Lifestyle Coach: Just Add-Venture™

No Soliciting Sign That Works Like A Charm

newtboy says...

I did, but in small form, maybe 4x5"...printed at home then laminated. I took it down about 10 years ago, and I don't have any pictures I know I guess it's just a false memory. ;-)

lucky760 said:

This is phenomenal.

Did you really do that @newtboy? Do you still have it up?

Photo or it didn't happen.

Capitalism Didn’t Make the iPhone, You iMbecile

newtboy says...

Eventually. My brother was online before there was an internet, trading programs for his Apple 2 over the phone lines, and the web existed for years before the possibility of profit, and much longer before any profit was realised. The nerds (myself included) drove the expansion for quite a while, but I don't deny commerce has made it ubiquitous and fast. Companies want you to enjoy the experience of buying from them so you come back, so they have an incentive to continue funding advancements that benefit the market, making more potential customers.
There are many incentives not based on profit too, as you mentioned. I don't think it's an either/or equation.

Didn't iPhones basically create the smartphone market?

vil said:

But it (the internet) took off based on the possibility of profit. Got stolen from the nerds.

Of course basic research needs public funding. No direct profit - no market value. Some capitalists (entrepreneurs, people who invest their private property) look beyond direct profit and fund science, or arts, people are whimsical.

Iphones need a market. Without a market who would care if someone invented the Iphone?

No Soliciting Sign That Works Like A Charm

newtboy says...

I had a similar sign on my doorbell before I fenced my front yard, but I included a minimum $500 charge clause.
I only had one knock after I put it up, Jehovah's witnesses. They put me on their do not knock list after I opened the door and extended my hand to them palm up.
*doublepromote a *quality no solicitation solution

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