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Strangest Date Ending Ever?

A.I. that can generate videos from a single image

newtboy says...

Wait....are you saying you've seen him doing interracial gay porn?
Better clear that search history.
...on second thought, just throw out that computer.

Payback said:

Trump is actually a really thoughtful, nice, well-spoken man and we've just been mislead by the Deep State who keep him silent by force and all we ever see are videos from this technology.

...but he does love the BBC.

BSR (Member Profile)

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (Trailer)

newtboy says...

*quality message
From the description I expected a dark koyaanisqatsi....that might have been more impactful and less "preachy"

Moby Dick (1956): Gregory Peck's Best Scene

A.I. that can generate videos from a single image

newtboy says...

So, be prepared for hundreds of these by the next election, and for real videos to be called fakes by dishonest people.

Obfuscation of reality is a crime against humanity these programmers have made simple and easy. Because they didn't include an unremoveable watermark on every frame it generates announcing it's a fake, I wish they could be charged with a crime.

BSR (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Don't know what that means.
Just remember, loving everyone indiscriminately is a sure fire way to get the herps....and once you've got it, your love becomes infectiously toxic.

If you want my pain and my pen....homie's gonna need that paper. ;-)

Now post that clip of Peck's Dick before I have to.

BSR said:

Already had my lobotomy of the heart. I think about you a lot. I need your pen. And I know I need to earn it.

Landing at La Guardia Airport

newtboy says...

Those poor people who live in those new buildings. Unless they are only for deaf people, it must drive them nuts to have every inbound jet plane fly literally only a few hundred ft overhead day and night. Worse than living on the train tracks.


What Happens To Good Cops?

newtboy says...

No...the gift of being violated is not precious. The gift of mistrust might have kept me out of trouble to some extent, but I could and would have learned that lesson without a gun to my head and knee in my neck, and without the threats to my freedom if I told on him.

I don't KNOW....I said I would bet. Please read more carefully before making assumptions and accusations. It's far more likely he's not remorseful, I said why I think that.

They wouldn't take a report or complaint, and I don't remember his name. That makes checking in on the thug a bit difficult. Your suggestion is like asking someone to look up their uncaught mugger to see if they feel bad decades later. I would love to face him as an adult, but he's not my white whale like you want him to be....he's just one more dangerous whale in a sea full of them, he just happens to be the one that bit me, they all bite. Nothing special about him.

I have zero need to give him forgiveness nor to take away the mistrust. I don't care a whit about him. Hate implies he's important to me, he's just not except as an example, an instance where I learned some harsh reality, that police are not there to serve and protect citizens as I had been taught.

Please don't presume to tell me what I need or how I feel. I find it insulting. You obviously don't know me a bit or you would never take that path. Assuming I'll react, think, or feel like an average, normal person is about as big an insult as I can think of.

I'm no cop. I'm not assaulting those I'm charged with protecting and serving. I'm not abusing anything by having an opinion.
Just stop, please, you're becoming dismissively insulting with your naive assumptions. Love isn't all you need...obviously....or you would be in line for your lobotomy right now and happily spend your life loving whatever you see without thinking. Remember, the group that told you that lie was broken up by love.

BSR said:

Do you not understand that he gave you a very precious gift. He gave you his problem whether you know it or not.

How do you know he's not remorseful now? It's been 30+ plus years.

You're a fact guy. Check the facts if that's what you need. But that means you'd have to face your fears. Find him. That's the only way you will know for sure if he remorseful. Do you have the guts to face him again? I doubt he would send you a greeting card.

But you still have another problem. If he's dead already you will still need to forgive him. You will still have his anger. His death will not take away the hate.

You need to do this for yourself otherwise you will pass the anger onto someone else to find the answer you're not capable of. You may even pass it on to the people you love the most.

In short, you're just another bad cop. You have become the very thing you hate. You are abusing the power you have.

What Happens To Good Cops?

newtboy says...

Forgiven? Absolutely not. Forgiveness without any indication of remorse is acceptance, and his actions were and are unacceptable.
30+ years ago. I would bet he doesn't remember it, seemed like a normal everyday thing for him to violently threaten someone's life, then threaten their safety and freedom if they dared to complain.
It also seemed that he accepted zero responsibility for his mistake or actions, like most cops, something his superiors obviously agreed with. It was somehow my fault he misread my clean license plate, so what would he have to regret?

I learned that day that it's not just individual bad cops, it's top down criminality and disdain for citizens.

Anger and mistrust are proper when you've been abused and threatened and had your trust violated violently....more so when the system totally fails to address it.

If he's Moby, I'm Queequeg, not Ahab. I learned police are dangerous, dishonest, and filled with contempt for those they're duty bound to protect and serve. I didn't turn my life into a vendetta against them, but I sure as fuck know sperm whales are dangerous and will ruin your entire day, and should be avoided when possible and never trusted.

BSR said:

Have you forgiven the cop that put a gun to your head and saved your life and his by not pulling the trigger?

I wonder where he is today and if he truly regrets and is sorry for his actions at that time. It's been awhile hasn't it?

What Happens To Good Cops?

newtboy says...

So, you think, with no training, no equipment, no pay, and no oversight, I should become an armed vigilante, a punisher, and that somehow addresses police corruption? What?
Edit: I already do that when reasonable....when I see something I DO something. Where I live we have highway patrol and that's it. They don't show up when people are reported detonating huge explosives or shooting their guns rapid fire in the neighborhood, so I and others must investigate ourselves.

Police don't do those kinds of studies, why should I? They don't address corruption a bit.


Not a bit motivated to do meaningless busy work at your whim.
You do a study, it has nothing to do with solving police corruption and abuse, why would I?

Since it's your field, how about you do a study on how often police are given a pass on felonies that would put anyone else in prison. Then do another showing how often they get away with crimes that would cost anyone else their net worth. Then do one examining what happens to cops that turn in criminal cops. Then do a study about what happens to cops that threaten other cops off the force. Have your studies verified, repeated, and published, then if you aren't in prison on trumped up charges I'll give you that atta boy you didn't offer me before explaining what a waste of time that was.

Not a bit sure what your point could be. Cops do some needed work, so give all their crimes and abuses a pass?
What are you saying? Nothing rational or helpful that I discern.

Sounds like ' You need farmers to feed us all, so let them use deadly poisons and sell deadly, contaminated, even fake food without repercussions, or consider the implications of having no farmers.' a gnat.

Sniper007 said:

Well newtboy, how about this? Start promoting the concept of taking action on your own behalf and on behalf of your fellow man in situations that most would normally delegate to the police force.

Start first with listing every situation that would cause someone to call the cops. Be comprehensive. It might take several days or weeks. You may even want to interview subject matter experts to help with this ideation phase.

Then, come up with 3-5 alternative courses of action for each situation that don't involve a police force.

How motivated are you? I organize these types of research projects for a living. Heck, even without you I might undertake this project. I have many others higher on my list though.

Once you are done, it's a matter of publishing and promoting your research. I do all that as well.

shinyblurry (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

"Warned about" Noah, not God, right? So Noah failed to convince them it was true, no? If they knew it was coming because they KNEW God was real and had warned them himself...good riddance, they must have been incredibly dumb or suicidal.

I've been warned that Zenu is coming back too....I've been warned that Vikings will pour over a rainbow and murder the world, or many other tales that existed far longer than this Jesus guy's been heard of. I've only been warned of these things by humans who were clearly delusional (or liars), never anyone trustworthy. When the message is unbelievable, and so is the messenger, and the proof is "believe", and there are dozens of contradictory messages with exactly the same level of proof, the idea that a person should choose correctly or suffer eternal punishment is the definition of evil.

If God withholds judgment capriciously out of fickle mercy based on no discernable pattern or rule, and just as often punishes the righteous and rewards the wicked as the reverse, how is that different from random chance?

Why do you stubbornly deny the undeniable existence of El and his son Ba'al, though you see their works daily? Their tales, which predate even the earliest Hebrew scriptures or stories, prove their hand in your existence, yet you refuse to give your devotion and would unfairly discredit them and hand all credit to this Johnny come lately deity. Mot shall have you if you don't repent.
Sounds silly, doesn't it?

shinyblurry said:

No, it wasn't Noahs failing. The scripture says he preached righteousness, so the message was endorsed by God. The reason no one was converted was not due to a failure on Noahs part, or Gods. The message wasn't misunderstood, it was rejected by a wicked generation, which was their free will choice to do so. Because they rejected Gods message they weren't prepared when the flood came. The choice to reject God doesn't eliminate the consequences of rejecting God, in this case being unprepared for the impending global flood which you were warned about for 100 years. In the same sense you are unprepared for the impending second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which you have been warned about your entire life.

When God withholds or suspends judgment out of mercy, ironically it has the opposite effect on the callous hearts of men:

Ecclesiastes 8:11

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil

Because you don't see God out and out punishing people when they do evil, you feel free to live how you want regardless. That is how the pre-flood world felt, and that is why they were swept away. In your ongoing effort to put the worst possible spin on everything in scripture, you neglect to understand the fundamental narrative of the story. The reason for that is your stubborn refusal to say God did something good even when it is integral to the narrative which you use to unfairly discredit Him.

shinyblurry (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

When I die, I expect I'm going back to where I was before I was born....nowhere.

Obviously this "evidence" is not undeniable...I, and hundreds of millions....actually many billions deny it.

Religopolitical propaganda has no bearing on real life unless you make it. Christian scripture is political, compiled and edited by men with an agenda to make people more easily controlled. That is simply an undeniable historical fact.

You do realize that there are other "undeniable" scriptures from other religions that contradict your chosen dogma, right? You deny all of them, I just deny one more than you do.

I must be really special, because God has made no such thing evident, in fact he gave me the ability to reason which makes evident the fallacy of supernatural entities and powers and makes any creator totally unnecessary, superfluous, and infinitely unlikely.

It's reason that lets me see what "God" is....a tool for civil control and a soothing but baseless answer to the questions of the unknown.

I've told you many times, God is free to reveal himself at any time. He has not done so in any way shape or form, but his fans have offered mountains of proclaimed evidence that was all self referencing circular logic, stone age tribal nonsense, and fantasy fables, and nothing more. If he exists, it's his will to have me not believe. Plain and simple.
My heart is as opened to Jesus as anyone else....but he has to show up and work his way inside. So far he's a total no show, and I'm not holding a table reserved for anybody and pretending they're present. Mot has made more of a substantial showing than Yahweh...should I be serving him?

shinyblurry said:

Romans 10:9-10

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved

When you do that, believing that Jesus died for your sins, God will save you and make you a new person. You're good if you don't care where you are going after you die, if you leave it as you believe up to chance. Yet the evidence that God exists is undeniable, and the coming of His Son Jesus Christ was predicted by prophecies going back thousands of years. So you're not really leaving it up to chance because the scripture tells you that you have no excuse for ignorance.

Romans 1:18-20

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse

You would say, I am sure, that you haven't seen any evidence for God but the scripture says you have and you have suppressed the truth about it. I believe scripture and in our conversations I am sorry to say you are always poisoning the well of reasoned debate with mockery and ridicule. What is behind that is a heavy bias and angst which keeps you from seeing who God is. Being obstinate against the truth of Gods word is foolish. Why not give God the benefit of the doubt and at least ask Him to show you if what I have been telling you all of these years is true?

What Happens To Good Cops?

newtboy says...

The problem is, by the time we know who those .0001% are, they've already been harassed off the force. It's impossible to support them as cops, because doing the right thing ends their law enforcement career.

My opinion or support doesn't matter to them, but I do fully support whistleblower laws that make it a crime to retaliate against whistleblowers, I would make it a felony and strip any municipal protections, criminal or civil, that they otherwise enjoy, making those who retaliate personally responsibly the tune of 5 times the lost wages they would have been paid if they weren't forced out. That's the limit of my power in this situation without taking up arms.

The system is irreparably broken and only getting worse. When 99.9999% of cops are bad, and the rest get fired for not going along and have their lives and the lives of their families as well as their freedom threatened with no repercussions for the criminals, it's acceptable to say there are no good cops*.

*because the few good ones don't stay cops after being good

Edit: tell you what....start a go fund me page for her and other good ex cops, I'll donate....and I'm poor as shit.

BSR said:

The "excessively few" are the ones who need your support and not be prejudged to be bad.

I'm glad you acknowledged that there are good cops. Cheer them on. They need to know you got their back.

What Happens To Good Cops?

newtboy says...


And people still have the gall to question those of us who don't trust police and claim there are no good cops. The excessively few who were good are quickly threatened by other cops and driven out of law enforcement, while the blatantly criminal cops get promoted and congratulated.

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