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Firefighter Reinstated After Spitting on Black Toddler

newtboy says...

Understood, but he's had it explained to him directly by multiple sifters.....I even cut and pasted the channel description for him.
Hopefully he reads it.

Edit-when it's an improper assignment to the kids channel, it's worth addressing imo, the rest are just annoying.

eric3579 said:

@Mordhaus @newtboy
It's possible @C-note does not know about the channel assignment rules of the sift ( It's also possible he does not have the ability to see the definitions of each channel. From what i can tell the channel definitions are not available for those using vs6, the new sifts design (please correct me if i'm wrong). The old sift style still makes them available so this may be an/the issue. Also you will notice if you attempt to click on any of the channel links siftbot has put in the above comment, they do not work. I think @lucky760 may need to address this issue one way or another.

(edit) also for the record i see channel assignments improperly used by many if not most sifters due to the fact they may know how some channels are defined but obviously not all of them.

Starbucks meetup ends with handcuffs for 2 patrons

newtboy says...

If that was the policy, I could agree, but the corporate representative has said publicly that in that region it's their written policy that non customers can't use the rest room or loiter inside, and they set up the manager, unintentionally, to fail with their policies. It's horrific to me that, for following written policy, the manager is now fired.

Crazy that you, of all people, are arguing the manager in a privately owned business doesn't have the right to eject even customers, much less non customers. How can that work? Any place open to the public is now publicly owned? No business may prosecute anyone for trespassing? Even non customers? Or is it just franchise coffee shops? I've seen many a white punk asked to leave Denny's at 2am for no purchase, or for nursing their coffee for hours....I've been one.

The cops have said they asked the men at least 7 times to leave peacefully over a prolonged, disruptive time period, and they continuously refused. During that time, backup and a supervisor were called and had time to show up while the men remained seated, ignoring the police requests/commands.

How hard would it have been to just buy their own coffee instead of causing all this over obstinate refusal to respect the manager's requests because they're waiting for someone? How often would you expect that excuse, if accepted, to end with hours of free WiFi and restroom use but no sales? Seems to me they caused all this themselves, and had dozens of easy opportunities to avoid even being asked to leave, much less arrest, just by being a customer in the store they set up shop in.

Edit: and I shouldn't have said it had nothing to do with race, there's likely a racial's not only or definitively about race.

All that said...please go ahead and boycott Starbucks, if not for this then because they're out of control and a near monopoly.

bobknight33 said:

I agree until your last paragraph. They were waiting for their friend(s) and they were early.

I personally don't like Starbucks. I do have to meet my boss there yearly ( yearly reviews) and often sit waiting 30 -- 40 minutes till my turn. I do not buy anything, never had. The place is mostly full but I am never harassed.

The store clerk was wrong. And the interaction between the police and the men could have been wrong. I do not know how the interaction went down. If they said their piece and disrespectful to the police then then sure escort them out.. But I don't think they were. Cops should have mediated between the store and the men.

The Race of Gentlemen:Vintage Cars, Motorcycles on the Beach

That Time I Met Michael Jackson | STORYTIME

Firefighter Reinstated After Spitting on Black Toddler

newtboy says...

*terrible *news *law *equality *controversy *wtf

Again, intentionally assigned to the wrong channels.
@C-note, please read the channel description, you're being a dick about kids.
Kids-Sandbox for Sift Tots. This is a realm for videos that are suitable for children to enjoy. Non-kid-friendly videos that simply happen to contain a kid do not belong here.

confederate flag demonstration outside Bay City Western High

confederate flag demonstration outside Bay City Western High

newtboy says...

*teens *fail *education *equality
Kids is for kid friendly videos
Poster is becoming an abuser, he's been asked repeatedly to stop labeling non kid friendly videos with "kids" among other bad tags.

Syracuse Suspends Fraternity Over Racist Initiation Video

Syracuse Suspends Fraternity Over Racist Initiation Video

Cuffed Without Cause

newtboy says... the station, what he's calling a "sobriety test" is, in most states, a breathalyzer test that you must agree to, or blood, and not saying yes and taking it is considered refusal because people do waste time arguing in an attempt to score lower, and ain't nobody got time for that. They told him clearly you must answer yes or no, or it's considered refusal, which is absolutely normal procedure from what I've seen. He answered "Listen, I was a US Marine, ....bla bla bla...let's take a minute....bla bla bla...explain my rights...bla bla." and never took it, which is refusal under the law.
5:33 confirms this, breathalyzer.

They must have claimed he failed the field test or why cuff him and require more tests at the station, something he omits, which makes sense since he said he joked around while taking it, marching left right instead of heel toeing. At first he insisted on making numerous phone calls first, like that's a right....he knows his rights....Then he wants to stop to set up his camera to record the stop...Then argues more about the test itself. The cops were clearly annoyed with him arguing and not complying before he got out of the car, but he persisted right into jail.

I wouldn't trust his biased recollection to include all the facts, especially since he is "conducting a study on racial profiling". Sounded to me like a case of arguing himself into a charge he was lucky to get out of because the cops stupidly didn't record the stop. From his own descriptions, in California at least, he's totally have no right to discussions, and only an idiot would believe the cops will tell you your rights honestly anyway, so why keep asking except to waste time and annoy?

00Scud00 said:

At no point during his recollection of events did he say that he refused a breathalyzer test, nor was one offered. And it sounds like he more or less did the standard field sobriety test. And if he had failed the SFST or refused the breathalyzer I'm pretty sure that would have come up in court. Sorry, but this sounds like a cut and dry case of DWB to me.

Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer

newtboy jokingly says...

Dunno....I've never played with black tiles that have white dots. That could freak me out enough to trigger a violent psychotic break.

ChaosEngine said:

I have to admit I don't really know Domino so are you basing this on changing her character (personality, powers, etc) or just her appearance?

Palette swap (pale chick with black eye to black chick with white eye) doesn't really bother me.

Also, this still looks fucking awesome.

Tumbleweeds invade

Cuffed Without Cause

newtboy says...

Jesus fucking Christ....What bullshit.
He failed the field test after illegally parking on the freeway with dealer plates and admitting to drinking and driving, argued and stalled rather than complied, and then played games with the field test, failing it, and didn't submit to the breathalyzer as required by law (you can't delay the test by arguing about your rights as he did, by law, they clearly warned him so). That's automatic conviction in most places....white or black.

Totally cuffed for cause, then eventually had the charges dropped because they "lost" the footage, but by his own words he's guilty of the charge of refusing the test.
Every bad experience had by a person of color is not institutional racism, especially when they're actually breaking the law and being belligerent....which he was by parking on the shoulder and arguing instead of complying with lawful commands. Had they not "lost" the video, he should have been convicted and had his licence revoked....white or black.

Thanks @C-note, you've single handedly turned me from someone who exposed racism to someone who now actively debunks it. Congratulations.

confederate flag demonstration outside Bay City Western High

newtboy says...

Vastly overreaching dishonest tags.
Not institutional or state sponsored.
Exaggeration like that earns my downvote. There's enough actual racism out there that no one needs to exaggerate and lie about it.
I saw nothing on the video that was actionable, so the claim that not harassing them with the law equates to support is just ludicrous.

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