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Leg press loud fart gym fail

newtboy says...

Not cool, canaries haven't done anything to deserve that....I'm using a Republican to test for deadly gas.

BSR said:

Bring in the canary first. There still might be ass gas.

Leg press loud fart gym fail

Let's talk about Trump's accomplishments...

newtboy says...

Oh fuck, Bobby...20 lies to debunk? You suck.

1) and how many lost?...tens of millions
2) citation needed, and even if true, there are many more unemployed too, there are more of us. What you neglect is that there are more trying to work because it’s impossible to live on one average income and even children have to work to pay the family bills
3) citation needed, and lost how many millions? The net has been a loss of manufacturing, most of his gains never materialized
4) for one quarter after declining at the fastest rate in history for two. If I drop you off a 100’ cliff yesterday, then lift you up by 6’ today, I still made your position much worse even though it’s incredibly better than yesterday when you were falling...I don't get kudos for picking you up after stomping you into the dirt.
5) economic growth the quarter before reduced by what was it, >30%? That’s still a loss, dummy. See #4
6) new unemployment claims hit 50year highs for 3 quarters before, and new rules take many unemployed off the list so it looks better for Donny. The unemployment rate is still historically high
7)average household income has decreased. Rich became much richer, poor became poorer. Average Americans saw a loss in income
8 ) already discussed unemployment, you’re misstating or obfuscating the whole picture
9) anyone suspected of being undocumented is removed from the list....not an honest number by far
10) more fake numbers
11) more fake numbers
12) more fake numbers
13) more fake numbers
14) more fake numbers

Here’s the real data, notice only three states weren’t in the worst unemployment position ever last year....
Also note not a single one is at it’s historic low unemployment, and most saw record high unemployment rates for most of 2020.
I give him credit, at the beginning of 2020, before he screwed it all up with his failures over the Trump pandemic, about 1/3 of states were near record unemployment by the newer standards. I have to wonder how much of those gains were due to changing g the criteria for counting the unemployed.
When you drop your victim in a 100’ hole you don’t get kudos for throwing them a 6’ ladder
15) you mean thrown out of the programs, there’s more need than anytime since the Great Depression. It's incredibly dishonest to make qualifying for assistance far more difficult, then use the lower numbers of people who qualify as proof you improved conditions. Utter bullshit.
16) they’ve pledged that before. Call me when they graduate, until then it’s another empty promise
17) citation? Probably a Trump speech talking point
18) it was Christmas...they ALWAYS surge in Dec, usually by a ton more than this year. Let’s see the yearly number for 2020. I don’t believe for a second it was better than 2019...citation? Oops, looked it up, declined, didn’t go up. I think you’re looking at predictions for December, they were WAY below predictions.

US Retail Sales Unexpectedly Drop in December
US retail trade fell 0.7 percent from a month earlier in December 2020, following a revised 1.4 percent decline in November and compared with market expectations of a flat reading. That was also the third consecutive month of decline in consumption, amid record COVID-19 infections, high unemployment levels and lack of government's support. Receipts declined at electronics & appliance stores (-4.9 percent vs -8.3 percent in November), restaurants and bars (-4.5 percent vs -3.6 percent), food & beverage stores (-1.4 percent vs 1.5 percent), general merchandise stores (-1.2 percent vs -1.3 percent), sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument & books stores (-0.8 percent vs -1.7 percent), and furniture stores (-0.6 percent vs -2.1 percent). In addition, online trade slumped 5.8 percent, accelerating from a 1.6 percent decrease in the previous month.

19) not for people making less than millions a year, our tax cuts were minimal, temporary, and unnoticeable. What’s the debt now? He cut revenue and increased spending....thanks to failing to deal with COVID, it’s likely he doubled the debt. What was the low estimate, >$6trillion in unplanned off the budget socialist handouts to fix his lack of a public pandemic plan. This year the debt is going to outpace gdp....the deficit was up by 35% BEFORE the Trump recession.
$300 billion didn't leave...that number was the total high estimate of businesses that said they were moving off shore because they didn't want to pay taxes or said they would move back...if you believe him...and it was only for one quarter, a one time gain at a cost of >$1.2 trillion per year In lost tax revenue. Great plan. It was a one time thing, and much of that business left anyway within the year. GM plant? Foxconn? Harley Davidson? How much of that claimed $300 Billion was based on promises that never materialized?

20) not most small businesses, only those making what was it, >$500000 a year? That’s not most “small businesses “....and that tax rate is temporary, phased out completely after 10 years, corporate tax rates and rates for billionaires is permanent.

You must ignore or fake all economic data from 2020 to make these claims, and even then they would be dishonest exaggeration based on baseless claims from a constant liar.

Not one point you made is honest...that’s why you can’t provide references or citations, you would be embarrassed to admit it all came straight from Don the con’s lying mouth and not organizations that professionally study these claims.

bobknight33 said:

@newtboy ...LEARN

(20 Dishonest claims)

Nina Simone: Mississippi Goddam

newtboy says...

Sweet Jesus you dishonest brain dead slug. You are either being as dishonest as possible or have severe brain damage....or both.

I’ve never once denied that Democrats WERE once the party of racism and anti civil rights until the 60’s when they decided it was in their interests to support civil rights and oppose racism. When they did that, they became far more popular and Republicans, to have a chance of winning another election, changed their platform to anti civil rights, pro racism in order to gain the southern white racist vote. That was called the southern strategy that you just deny happened despite all evidence proving it did. This is at least the 10th time I’ve pointed this out with references to prove it, and you still act ignorant. Do you have a severe memory problem, or are you just being a dishonest troll starting the same argument for the 11th time because you might get away with it this time?

Yes, the Democratic south WAS the OG of racism and anti civil rights right up till the 60’s when they, like Iced T, changed their thought process and straightened up. Shortly afterwards, Republicans were losing elections and the party was dying, so Goldwater and Nixon courted those abandoned southern white racist voters. Since then, Republicans have been the party of racism and anti civil rights (for non whites). I expect, like at least 10 times before, you’ll take the first 1/2 of the first sentence of this paragraph, remove the word “was”, and pretend I just said Southern racists ARE Democrats because you are nothing but a dishonest bullshit artist (but a horrendously bad one).

Iced T WAS an OG gangster rapper, now he’s a rich actor. Same for Ice Cube, J Z, etc.

I’ve never denied the truth, or history. If Democrats and Republicans had not switched positions I would be Republican and you would be a Democrat...but they did. When are you going to accept the truth? It’s been over 50 years and you still deny it. We aren’t living in the 50’ seem confused about that.

Again, if Republicans aren’t the party of racism, how do you explain the fact that they get 100% of the racist white supremacist vote and well under 10% of the black vote?
So infantile Bob. You just have to deny reality every time to ever make your point.


bobknight33 said:

You saying

" Republicans switched from supporting civil rights to opposing them in order to win the southern white (mostly racist)" ..
So you are saying Republicans became racist to get more racist Democrat votes.

So you are implicating Democrat south as the OG of Racism. Sweet. About time you admit truth.

Window. Owl. Letter. World fame

Let's talk about Trump's accomplishments...

BSR (Member Profile)

newtboy jokingly says...

So wait....I bought my guns to protect me from home intruders. Does that mean I should be trying to get the crime rate as high as possible and increase meth use in my area because it would increase the chances I might get to?

BSR said:

Oh come on. You probably bought yourself some guns and are getting sick and tired of shooting clay pigeons. All that money you've spent on weapons going to waste while you wrestle with the urge to use them for what you really purchased them for.

I get it though. "No gun. No respect." -Grand Canyon

A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege

Trump Is Gone! - Billy D Washington

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Ahhhhhhahahaha. YOU are saying I can't think....and you're repeating Donny's lie that poor little Donny was cheated!? Aaahhhhhahahaha. Sometimes you really make me smile, buddy.

bobknight33 said:

Biden not a leader and all know it. The party had to cheat to get him in.

Keep you head up CNN back side and stay in the dark. Democrats like that, people who can't think.

New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters

newtboy says...

Then we’re back full circle to I'm curious why you think enforcement of existing usury laws (without special rules for those who bribe enough) is the same as new building codes. Removing the special rules for predatory lending companies simplifies the law, it doesn’t complicate it like new, often contradictory building codes (that seem to be being used as an excuse for slow work by his contractor).
I feel like you’re comparing apples to brisket.

smr said:

The last paragraph addresses the irony, which is the entirety of my first comment. I did not expect him, when pushing for a legal/policy solution to her problem, to then start attacking red tape for building codes. Enough loans regulation and you'll have the same thing - complaints about not being able to get a loan and the extended processing times.. Then Bill will do a schtick showing us

New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters

newtboy says...

I think that's at the discretion of the judge, if you asked for 15%, likely you'll get your principal back, if you asked for 1500%, chances are you won't get a dime back as punishment, and may end up owing the borrower if you went overboard trying to collect.

I live in California, building codes change constantly. I agree, it is maddening and often backwards. He was specifically talking about codes for building stand alone solar, which are newer building codes. Even old building codes are often poorly thought out and contradictory. I'm not saying there isn't an abundance of red tape here, especially for building.
That said, his contractor should have been aware of all codes, submitted his plan, and would have approval or notes on what to change in weeks tops. There's something wrong when it takes over a year to get a shed built, some reason his plans weren't approved like they weren't to code.
Citation : personal experience - I installed solar in California, it took 3 days for my permit approval....and only that long because my contractor was being lazy.

That's the thing I disagree with, no new laws are needed at all, just a removal of exemptions/deregulations for businesses that pay large enough bribes (contributions) to elected officials. Even making all credit businesses operate on the same rules, allowing them 30% interest, seems ok, but that isn't reality today. It's unconscionable to allow 1600% interest on loans peddled to desperate people that don't actually qualify for a real, legitimate line of credit, many of whom don't understand it's what they're agreeing to, but the payday loan lobby is well funded and connected.
Although U.S. states set their own maximum legal interest rates, a Supreme Court interpretation of the National Bank Act of 1864 preempted state usury laws and created a path toward a national consumer lending economy. The most important federal case in credit card interest rate deregulation was decided in 1978.

Her problems were multifold. The predatory loan took a fixable issue, her terrible customer service, and compounded it with insurmountable and ever expanding debt, which in turn undoubtedly hurt her customer service more, thus increasing her debt..... It sounds like she never should have purchased a service oriented business, and likely overextended herself from day one just to do it.

I'm unsure of your point in the last paragraph.

smr said:

I think you mean they wouldn't have to pay you the interest. They would have to pay you back the principal. And that would be under specific cases and usually when no contract is involved, also all depends on where you live.

Also, I don't think either Bill's building codes are "new" vs. the usury laws being "existing". Please cite to support.

The irony is that additional laws to stop predatory lending are, in fact, what red tape is made of, by definition. So I found it amusing that he would look at her situation, say that Nancy and team were trying to solve it for her by passing new laws, then go on to complain about all the red tape surrounding this building. That red tape exists because someone else before him saw a problem or safety issue or concern, and put yet another policy or law in place to solve it. In reality, as your posts prove, her problem was not that a predatory lender got involved in her life, but that her business was in bad shape because she had gone off the deep end and was thus losing customers.

I could easily imagine a bit where he showed a stack of papers four inches thick that he had to sign to get a loan, and complain about the processing time, then showcase an SMS based loan that works in another country and funds in one day.

joe scarborough on wednesday jan 6 2021 maga riot

newtboy says...

Still waiting for this ethereal clip of a reporter standing in front of a burning building calling riots “mostly peaceful”. Your silence on this amounts to an admission you are just a liar, you’ve had plenty of time to produce one.

One wonders where you get your numbers from, too. They sound like you just made them up, they are not even close to the numbers capitol police and the fbi are using. They indicate there were well over 1000 that invaded the capitol building, and close to 10000 total...that’s around 10% of the crowd that entered the building by force, the rest were outside murdering police and damaging public property, setting live bombs, and keeping police reinforcements from being able to get to the scene. Mostly peaceful it was not.

greatgooglymoogly said:

30-50,000 people in the protest. A few hundred invaded the building. I'd call that "mostly peaceful" by the definition of the reporter standing in front of a burning building saying the same.

Guy Builds Veggie Garden For Family Of Groundhogs

newtboy says...

Not just his gardens....they’re burrowing under his house. I think his tune is going to change when his foundation starts sinking unevenly and his house falls apart.

Ashenkase said:

Holy crap I cannot believe how stupid this is. First, he's feeding wildlife... don't fucking feed the wildlife. Second, in 5 years that colony is going to grow and grow... tunnels will be excavated and his cute "gardens" will be decimated. Three, Gophers are know to contract an carry rabies... I have had to kill numerous rabid gopher in my youth. While it makes for a cute little video this guy is an idiot.

New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters

newtboy says...

There are dozens of these about her from mainstream media....and I think Bill counts as mainstream media too.
Why is every statement right wingers make a bold faced lie these days. What the fuck happened to you all? Trump has made you all into seething liars frothing at the mouth over the lies you tell each other.


TangledThorns said:

Wow, Bill Maher gave more coverage to Ashli Babbit who was killed in cold blood by .gov than the mainstream media did. And we still don't know who murdered her!

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