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MAGA Catholic Kids Mock Native Veteran's Ceremony

newtboy says...

So you know, the "March for life" ended over 22 blocks away near the supreme court, the indigenous people's march ended on the steps of the Lincoln memorial where this happened.

bobknight33 said:

The kids were there for "March For Life" and the Natives were there for the "Indigenous People's March."

MAGA Catholic Kids Mock Native Veteran's Ceremony

newtboy says...

Sorry...some details that were hastily reported have turned out to be more nuanced than originally thought, for instance it's now being reported that there were adult chaperones there, but the kids absolutely surrounded, taunted, and acted threatening to the native American elder, mocking his ceremony with racist chants and tomahawk chops to derisive laughter, they were not trying to join him as some have tried to claim.
They also blocked the progress of the planned, permitted closing ceremony, intentionally or not.

More video has surfaced of what appears to be some of these kids shouting at and harassing other people (the video I saw was 6+ MAGA boys screaming at a pair of girls) on this trip, away from this incident.
These aren't angels caught up and unfairly painted, these are kids who have reportedly posted videos of at least 4 of themselves dressed in black face and the whole school's bleachers chanting "caramel" at lone black basketball players at their school functions apparently with the full support of their teachers and school....that video just removed from the school website, but after going public.
They've already been invited to the Whitehouse.

greatgooglymoogly said:

It's funny how sure people sound that they know what happened based on a few "media reports"(oops, turns out he's not a Vietnam Vet!). There's video out there, educate yourself people! The drummers did walk into the crowd of teenagers purposefully. The kids likely didn't even know he was part of a protest, just that he was getting in their faces and banging his drum. Some even sang along with him.

The description here "decided to surround and block, taunt, and threaten a native American veteran performing a ceremony" is all false.

MAGA kids Full video(1h40m of context)

newtboy says...

Yes, but those circles would latch onto anything they think might excuse the racial taunting by the Trumpler youth far nothing does.

notarobot said:

There are circles on the internet saying that the words said by the folks in black coats justify the actions of the MAGA-Youth mob later.

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newtboy jokingly says...

The obvious soyboyness caused by fly fishing can only be negated by eating the catch alive and wriggling, like a real man.
Now you know....and as G.I. Jose says "You already know enough."

wtfcaniuse said:

I would think fishing would be manly but where does fly fishing stand? Surely all that swishing and fucking about is classic soyboyism? May as well be doing rhythmic gymnastics. Does eating a fish caught when fly fishing negate the method of fishing used?

So many questions, why didn't they teach me this in school!?

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The Donald Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013

Thai PSA: Boss Da Market

MAGA kids Full video(1h40m of context)

The Donald Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013

newtboy says...

I personally don't believe in governing by blackmail even when i support the goals.

noims said:

I have a theory to help you feel better - you might actually agree with Trump less than you think you do.

Just to play devil's advocate (more literally than usually), there's a fair chance of unconscious bias here. If the shutdown were due to an "obviously good idea" from, say, Obama, being intentionally blocked by republicans I'd say a lot fewer democrats would be so critical of the president.

Of course, this doesn't decrease his hypocrisy, just your self-disgust.

MAGA Catholic Kids Mock Native Veteran's Ceremony

newtboy says...

The Christian right wing kids left the March against choice unchaperoned and decided to be morons and intimidate this small group.
Edit: New videos show both groups were antagonize by a group of black Israelites first, not that it excuses the kids.

The articles I've read said the native group was performing a closing ceremony when the kids approached them. The leader tried to retreat to protect his group when the smirking kid and others stood in his way while the rest mocked him with derisive Indian noises, insults, derisive laughter, screams, and Trump slogans.

No surprise you defend this, they wore the right that, so must be the good guys.
Fortunately most others aren't so deluded.
At the least, they represented their school and town so disastrously and publicly that there will be some consequences, but because they certainly learned to be disrespectful douche bags from their parents, those consequences will likely be minor.

And no, spitting is not Ok, show me who said it was, please.

Meeting a loud crowd of angry Neo-Nazis with a larger and louder crowd of angry anti nazis is totally appropriate. Driving a car full speed into that counter crowd from behind is not appropriate....sad I think I need to say that but I do.
Surrounding an elderly veteran who's leading a performance of a closing native ceremony and derisively mocking him and his culture, well, you think that's ok's not, and it's decidedly unChristian (in theory, it's very Christian as practiced).

Yes, forming in a circle around him to interrupt his ceremony and intimidate an elderly man and small group by smirking in his face and chanting "hi-ya-hi-ya-hi-ya" while tomahawk chopping and holding up an "L" on their foreheads is berating, and is volatile. Trump asked for people doing <1% of that to be beaten before being arrested, and many were. Fuck, Bob. Try to be just a little rational and not so biased you completely lose touch with reality. *facepalm

bobknight33 said:

The kids were there for "March For Life" and the Natives were there for the "Indigenous People's March."

AS usual media spins this as something it is not.. Guess why they are call FAKE NEWS.

The Native Man walked into this and he was un harmed. Not berated, not spin on. no volatility against this man.

If it were ANTFA group facing down a MEGA hat wearing dude ALL IS OK even if ANTFI spits and intimidates MAGA to leave.

Grow up Sifters.

Economy is Great for Billionaires, Bad for Working People

newtboy says...

Ok, Bob, let me try another tact.
Please follow along with the hypothetical.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that Trump is found guilty of subversion by colluding with Russia against the interests of the USA and obstruction for trying to hide it....undeniably with concrete proof, and it turns out that almost every accusation is true. What type of restitution would you be prepared to offer the nation for the damage your willful blindness and support of clear anti American actions has done? Self deportation? Loss of citizenship rights? What?

Now, keeping that answer in mind, what would you demand if Bernie won with blatant help from China and went full socialist with a complicit congress, supporting socialist dictators, raising tax rates by double, nationalizing energy, medicine, water, etc?

bobknight33 said:

2 years and ZERO evidence of Russian Trump collusion.. Guess your a Dreamer also.

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