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Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

The Economics of Nuclear Energy | Real Engineering

newtboy says...

Kinda lost me when he claimed wind creates 11g CO² per kwh with no reference, calculations, or explanation.
Wind energy production is zero emission.
Are they including every gram produced by every step of construction and estimating a short lifespan, but not doing the same for nuclear, which takes exponentially more resources to build, run, fuel, store waste, and dismantle?
I also have a problem with him saying more expensive, higher profit natural gas plants have better prices because they're much HIGHER than nuclear prices per kwh.
He seems to ignore the spent fuel disposal/storage costs, which are significant in both cases, but while the natural gas plants don't pay for their waste (massive amounts of CO² and methane), nuclear has no choice.
Diablo canyon refurbishing was canned after Fukashima, because it's got all the same dangerous issues of being in an active earthquake/tsunami zone right on the coast with no way to shield itself from tsunamis. Before Fukashima, they totally planned to revamp and continue operations.
His levelized cost of electricity slide conveniently ignores the cost of environmental damage caused by fuel production/use.
Include all costs, coal is worst, followed by natural gas, then nuke, hydro, wind, and solar cheapest. Geothermal is great, but only in areas where it can be easily tapped, which are few and far between.

In short, his vast oversimplification and inconsistencies in what's included in his cost basis make his conclusions relatively meaningless, imo.

Buffalo Police Push 75 Year Old To The Concrete

newtboy says...

The entire crowd control unit quit...but are all still employed as police?!?
So cops can now just refuse their assignments with no consequences?

Every single one who quit this assignment needs to be fired, and their past arrests need to be thoroughly investigated, since they ALL quit solely because their blatant lies weren't believed. This leads to the logical conclusion that they all routinely lie in their incident reports, hiding their violent assaults, claiming their victims "tripped and fell" while never speaking up against the officers who pushed them forcefully causing the trip and fall. Without this video the victim would be charged with obstruction if not assault on a police officer.
If the only evidence is a cop's word, there's less than zero evidence. They lie far more often than not.

Not a single 1/2 decent cop in the gang, they all tried to hide this, every single one of them. Toss them all for dereliction of duty and failure to report criminal violence. These are EXACTLY the kind of cops that need to go. Unfortunately, that's going to leave some departments completely empty.

Baldwin on "When a black man attempts to become a man"

newtboy says...

Hilarious, coming from one of three RWNJs that frequent the site, all accounts started within days of each other and two having zero video posts in over 11 years.
Will the real comrade bobknight33 please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.

Having two (or more) sock puppets to agree and vote with you because no one else THAT captures victim mentality well.

Jesusismypilot said:

Captures victim mentality quite well.

Imperial March Police France

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rolls Over In Small Overlap Crash Tests

newtboy says...

Funny, I watched, and each one proves my point. At those speeds, had the energy been completely absorbed by a dead stop, the damage and injuries would be far worse. Notice the lack of damage to the parked car that almost became a vehicular centipede.

wtfcaniuse said:

I loaded a YT channel to find an old video, seems they've just put a new one up at a much lower speed.

~60km/h mild impact into a parked car causes the car to roll onto it's roof facing the wrong way. Note the lack of damage to the parked car.

~100km/h impact rollover

~100km/h impact rollover that almost sends it into oncoming traffic.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rolls Over In Small Overlap Crash Tests

newtboy says...

I'm thinking you just want to argue.

Citation? Physics. acceleration = Δv/Δt. Larger injuries come from higher g forces.

I explained how there's lower maximum energy involved when some crash energy is absorbed rolling the car.
Now you argue you might roll into another direct impact...true in either case but in one you've already had one, in another you had a glancing blow and flop.
Nowhere did I say it's safe, only safer than hitting a wall and stopping cold.
All other things being equal, a partial roll like shown here is safer than the trucks hard stop...according to the IIHS recorded data (see @blackoreb 's post above)

wtfcaniuse said:

We have already established your experience differs from this in that there was no impact causing the roll.

citation for maximum/force time being a primary factor in vehicular CSI .

You're also making the assumption that the roll doesn't send you roof first into oncoming traffic, telephone pole, tree, parked car, building or whatever.

We saw a rollover on here recently that was the result of a pit maneuver where the driver died. Guess that wasn't an easy flop for him.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rolls Over In Small Overlap Crash Tests

newtboy says...

*personal experience crashing/rolling...too much of it

I'm no doctor, but I've been in dozens of what normal people would call wrecks/accidents thanks to off road, and multiple rolls. The lateral (to the side) forces in a roll were never close to direct impact forces...not in the same ballpark. It's all about maximum force/time. Rolls are nearly always comparatively slow, drawn out rotational acceleration, crashes are quick, near instantaneous. That makes an enormous difference. Rolling at 50mph, you might get hurt. Hitting a wall at 50mph, you're lucky if you survive.
Rolling looks scary until you've done it. Dead stop crashing is scary.

Edit: I once watched a truck roll 10 times at 100mph + through a fence...driver walked away and raced later that day. That speed into a boulder, he would be dead, no question.

wtfcaniuse said:

Citation needed*

Your spine is designed to move forward and backwards, not violently but still the mechanics allow for it. When it starts doing the same sideways, particularly in the neck as shown in this video is when you slip discs, fracture verts, pinch the cord, etc.

A Deer In Headlights

newtboy says...

Bwaaaaaahahahaha! Suddenly all those single upvotes for bobby's most ridiculous comments make sense.

BSR said:

Funny how you and Bobbysocks joined on the same day, month and year. How sweet.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

So....Trump committed voter fraud.

Moron that he is, he registered to vote in Florida in September using an out of state address (for tax evasion purposes). When that was rejected, he just changed it to a Florida address....but you have to have lived there for some time (6-12 months in almost every state) and between September and November was not 6 months, yet he voted there in November, even though he wasn't qualified to do it. Is this why he calls it fraudulent? Because the way he does it, it is?
Remember, his other gripe is people registered in multiple states who might vote more than his entire family who are registered in New York, D.C., and Florida that we know of, possibly more.

Also remember every voter fraud case found in 2018 was a Republican committing fraud, from voting for the dead, voting in multiple states, to campaigns collecting absentee ballots from the elderly and changing their votes. 100% republicans. Meanwhile Trump's multi million dollar voter fraud investigation looking for his fantasy of millions of illegal (democratic) voters found nothing....just another campaign ploy at tax payer expense like his church photo op.

Lawyer's Reaction to Carnage at Lafayette Square

newtboy says...

You better hope Biden is better than Trump or you're going to see the national guard in your town looking to shoot you and your family in the face.

So dumb, Bobby, so short sighted, anti American, and just dumb. I get you're upset that Trump has less chance in November every single day, starting out behind and sprinting to the's made you choose delusion over any semblance of reality....not that that's a big change.

Trump has driven us into bankruptcy, a quarantine his slow and indecisive actions caused and extended that will have to be repeated because he invited his people to ignore it, go to work even sick, and to violently protest against them (like the armed invasion of the governor's mansion and burning him in effigy on the porch), now exacerbating civil unrest he fomented by telling police to be more brutal, hurt suspects physically whenever possible.
Look how well he's done at "leading". So well, we are on the verge of civil war.

What's his approval today? >35%? How many swing states is he even within the margin of error against Biden? None today.

Waiting for your second red tsunami with bells on, this one's poised to wash away even more human garbage than the last.

bobknight33 said:

MEGA 2020

Trump is right in this matter.

Buffalo Police Push 75 Year Old To The Concrete

newtboy says...

Stupidest antiAmerican racist post I've seen all year.
You truly are a waste of skin...and a welfare queen.

bobknight33 said:

See White privilege is a farce.

Obey the police. There are consequences either intentional or non intentional.

99% black on black murders. 1%cop on black murder. Address the 99% and the 1% will fade away.

Guess it better to live as a victim then actually make something of yourself.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rolls Over In Small Overlap Crash Tests

newtboy says...

Why bring it up? Because the flop was far less violent than the other crashes. The energy it took to flip the jeep used up kinetic energy the other trucks put into stopping hard and fast. Having experience with rolling, I know they aren't as scary or violent as people expect.
My speed at the start of a couple of my rolls was up to 80mph, not controlled and slow. They were faster than this test. Like this test, the act of rolling slowed the vehicle considerably. My seat was not much deeper than many seats I see in cars, but slightly. My interior, however, was bare metal everywhere, not padded pleather. Because there are zero crumple zones, the impact was absorbed by the frame, so transferred throughout the seat to me.
As for whiplash, I think the heavy helmet I was wearing would multiply that, not protect from it. I had no hans device, no helmet straps.

Edit: rollovers like this are less likely to cause whiplash or spinal injury than coming to a dead stop like the trucks did.

Is it exactly the same? No. Is it significantly similar? Yes. Do I have a decent idea of what a violent rollover is like. Yes. Better than around 99.999% of people.

wtfcaniuse said:

So a relatively controlled and slow "flop" in a harness with a racing seat designed for lateral support rather than a high speed collision causing whiplash followed by a "flop" in a typical vehicle. Why bother bringing it up?

Australian Prime Minister asked to "get off the grass"

That's some dope ass bass playing (super funky)

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