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Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

newtboy says...

I ain't thunkified bout no lectronification no how....hidy-ho.

Sides, I is the envy of my kissin kin.....I got one of them there indoor outhouses.

00Scud00 said:

Yeah but if you buy that piece of shit you can get your banjo music in 7.1 surround sound. You'll be the envy of every other toothless hillbilly on the block.


newtboy says...

Sorry, automatics, machine guns, are already illegal without a Federal Firearms License, so not available to the general public Pat. I think you know this and are playing dumb to sound reasonable. The recent school shooting was with a semi auto, as are most, nearly all, mass shootings.
That's not just semantics.
Saying bump stocks and other rapid fire devices aren't the same as full auto modifications (which the law does)...that's semantics.

Man saws his AR15 in half in support of gun control

newtboy says...

It's not giving up the gun that might save lives, it's giving up the right to own them.
His gun probably wouldn't ever kill someone.
The right of any non restricted person to buy one is what leads to murderers having this tool often used to commit mass murder.
Would that stop all mass murders? Absolutely not, but it would stop SOME...probably most. Other methods people use are harder to assemble without being caught (bombs), are far less lethal (knives, arrows), and/or are harder to procure (tasteless poisons or gas). There's no other legal tool available to the public capable of mass murders with so little effort.

And yes, @BSR, this guy just made a sawed off AR15. He better post the video of him cutting it in half again if he doesn't want a visit from ATF. That gun almost certainly still fires, it's just incredibly more dangerous to the user now, and highly illegal. Not sure what you're saying in your snarky post, he didn't ever say a word otherwise.

A tribute to Warframe - Free to Play Done Proper!

enoch (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Ok, then I'm (accidentally) correct, time lady is fine. What's the issue, then? Fan boys that gotta hate change?

She could be the best one ever...wouldn't make me a fan. Early episodes blew it all for me with the tin foil costumes and plunger armed garbage can monsters. Oddly, my wife is getting into the newer ones.
I can't get beyond an immortal Time traveling hero bothered by anything, there's more than all the time in the world to fix any problem, or go back enough to never allow a problem to exist. Any time the hero controls time, the story is blown for me, even when they invent some convoluted reason time travel won't solve this episode's problems. Kinda like the all seeing, all knowing, all powerful, all loving God that allows evil to flourish and innocence to suffer....just doesn't make sense.

enoch said:

missy identifies multiple times she is a "timelady".
dude,she was fabulous as the female version of the master.

enoch (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

No. I've never been a Dr Who fan, so I really don't care.
Just making the point that a Lord is a male Lady in British nobility. I can't grasp why some want to be lords now, as if the terms aren't equal in status....but whatever. Not my fight.

enoch said:

didn't watch the video did ya?

Racist People are mad at The Black Panther ...

newtboy says...

Sorry, bud, but black people (and other minorities, and women) have often complained, rightly so, about under representation and total exclusion from movies, tv shows, availability of positive rolls, etc.
Saying he's never heard that complaint is 100% unbelievable, and I call b.s.....he's doing it himself to an extent in this video. I was ready to upvote until he spouted that nonsense.

White people complaining about that is patently ridiculous.

Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

who says a time lord can't be a woman?

Payback (Member Profile)

newtboy jokingly says...

Before my time, and Sifty failed to bring it up when posting. He's getting lazy lately.

Payback said:

Sorry Newt. 11 Year old sift.

Hehe, "1 Decade, 1 Year, blah blah days" That's cute.


John Oliver - Trump vs. The World

newtboy jokingly says...

No. We are not OK.
Wash the spare sheets, we're all coming over to crash on your couch for maybe the next 3 years. I'd like pepperoni and pineapple on mine please.

ChaosEngine said:

Ok, finally got to watch this, and let me say, on behalf of the rest of the world...

America, are you ok?
Look, we kinda get why you're in this abusive relationship, but it's time to admit it's just not working out.
You don't deserve this shit. You can leave him and we will be here for you. Even if he's being a total psycho, you can come round and crash on at our place until he moves out. We can get pizza! Hell, go back to the last guy... he was good to you.

Always leave them speechless

newtboy says...

So, do you disagree with his point, or just think people are so outrageously out of control that saying anything anyone might find offensive is asking for trouble? Kind of like any woman not wearing a burka is asking to be raped?
Do you mean you think people have a right to never be offended, and that right trumps the constitutional right to free speech?
You're going to need to explain that one to me.

C-note said:

Her ability to respond thoughtfully at the drop of the hat in no way proves his argument right. The risk he takes when being offensive can in some circumstances lead to his death. But some people are willing to gamble with their life and others because they get off on spreading violence and hatred.

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