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The Ocean Cleanup Launches To The Great Pacific Garbage Patc

newtboy says...

Hmmmm. What makes those people think you can't clean up and litter less at the same time?
Thanks for the promote

Mordhaus said:

They seem to have a good shot. Most of their critics were just saying that we need to stop the influx of plastic, like what these folks are doing is detrimental to that process or something. Derp.


Anderson Cooper Shuts Down Donald Trump Jr.'s Lie

newtboy says...

You have again guessed wrong.
As I've told you dozens of times, I use multiple sources all viewed with a critical eye. I don't have a trusted news network.
I can certainly tell decent but fallible news networks from opinion and propaganda networks wholly unconcerned with accuracy, however. You cannot.

bobknight33 said:

Guess CNN is your trusted news network.

GOP Stands by Kavanaugh Despite Sexual Assault Allegations

newtboy says...

I agree, there's no proof the accusations happened.
There could easily be proof that contradicts her story, though, and if there is, it makes an FBI investigation dangerous for her.
If she/they can prove he lied under oath about details that can be proven, even if the underlying charge can't be, he should be disqualified to be a judge imo.

Far more worrying to me is the accusations he helped his mentor, Kozenski, hide his decades of sexual misconduct, abuses he was removed from the bench/forced into early retirement for but that Kavanaugh, his close friend and confidant, claimed to know nothing about, even though Kozenski had public websites dedicated to racially and sexually inappropriate materials and many accusations of inappropriate behavior at work, including forced pornography viewings in his chambers by female clerks.
Edit: if he's willing to hide one bosses crimes, what's he prepared to do for Trump?

Yes, I hope we've made some progress since the way Anita Hill was attacked for coming forward at great personal cost, but I doubt it. It's clear those in control are unphased by the accusations, true or not, because he's their only chance to drive the court far right. Nothing else matters to them. That is a sad state we find ourselves in.

Mordhaus said:

Even if they did, it wouldn't show evidence that he assaulted her. She has no worries about an FBI investigation because there is no evidence to find. Literally none, other than the marriage counselling thing you mentioned.

I'm sorry, but simply accusing someone of assault doesn't mean it happened. I don't know what her reasons are and I don't know if he did assault her, I just know that as long as we have no evidence he couldn't be convicted by a court in the nation. If he couldn't be convicted, he shouldn't be held accountable as far as his future career goes. I recall that it used to be innocent until proven guilty, not the way it is now.

I am worried he will end up fucking up Roe v Wade and I support legal abortions, but at the same time, I can't say he should be barred from the opportunity of his lifetime based on a simple accusation from someone who went 36 years without mentioning it to anyone other than her husband and marriage counselor.

Anita Hill had a much better case versus Clarence Thomas and the Democrats still voted him into SCOTUS.

Anderson Cooper Shuts Down Donald Trump Jr.'s Lie

newtboy says...

Bwaaahahaha. You are so funny.
Of all the right wing propaganda networks the republicans put out, you decided to try to use the always wrong, all ridiculous inflammatory propaganda all the time fake network, OAN, to try to prove CNN is "fake news"?!
That's like Trump calling Stewart Smally a disgusting womanizer, just an astonishing lack of self awareness.

bobknight33 said:

The boy who cry wolf.

Of all the fake news CNN puts out, this is the story they push back on.

Report: CNN ratings, credibility falling

Lucas di Grassi on how quickly Formula E has evolved

newtboy says...

You would like formula off-road, Icelandic off road racing. Those cars have no electronics, just 800 HP motors, industrial gearboxes, and military axles tied together with steel tubing. The things they can do with that minimalism are astonishing.

vil said:

This is all fine, why not. IMHO Formula 1 is basically approaching this from the other shore most of the time.

Racing cars used to be about adrenalin, taming a beast, surviving unlikely odds and so on, an adventure for gentlemen.

In the last 40 years it has become a competition in pushing buttons, mostly.

If racing cars can have ABS, automatic gearboxes, power steering and all, why not an electric motor?

I still think it is sad and I am glad I saw F1 in the 70s.

GOP Stands by Kavanaugh Despite Sexual Assault Allegations

newtboy says...

If they allowed her husband and their therapist to testify and present his notes as evidence, they could at least prove she told the same story in 2012 with no interest in going public with her story or even naming Kavanaugh privately...or that she's an evil supergenius that started planning this fraud 6+ years ago.

Yes, there might be reasons to want to prevent his appointment, but it's a stretch to believe this successful professional wife and mother would knowingly upend her life and the lives of her family permanently in hopes of delaying his confirmation slightly and smearing his name as a likely best case scenario if she were making it up. It also doesn't make sense that she would request a formal FBI investigation since lying to them is a crime they often prosecute harshly.
It's possible she's a liar and a nut sacrificing herself for short term political gains, but it really seems unlikely.

I do agree, there are a lot of reasons why someone might want to prevent him from being selected. I have a few myself.

Mordhaus said:

To be fair, the Kavanaugh situation is beyond he said/she said. There is literally no way to prove anything and there are a lot of reasons someone might want to prevent him from being selected.

Anderson Cooper Shuts Down Donald Trump Jr.'s Lie

newtboy says...

Amazing. CNN is so adept at fake news, they got one of their own to return from the dead to fake that flood to make Trump look bad.
I'm surprised Cooper didn't thank them for saying he hasn't aged a day in 10 years.

Street musician in Antwerp

Dog gets stuck trying to get to the Ministry of Magic

Self Defense?

Dune Buggy makes impressive vertical climb

newtboy says...

Damn, crazy
*promote Formula Off road/Torfaera

The Worst Roofing Job Ever

newtboy says...

About 4 times what I paid for mine, 1200 square ft and my 4 car California. Granted, mine are simple roofs, but it seems clear this person went with the first estimate. I hope their installer is licensed and bonded, because they're going to need that removed and redone in it's entirety.

Chaucer said:

yea. its about 5 times what I paid for mine. However, that is a very large house and its in California so the prices will be jacked way up. Then again, the roofer probably made a killing as it looked like he just went to home depot and got a bunch of dudes to put the roof on.

Earth's deadliest animal

In Australia lots of things can kill you ...but not AR15s

newtboy jokingly says...

They don't need AR-15s.
If Bruce or Sheila want to commit a massacre, they can just leave a box outside for a while and bring whatever deadly critters crawl into it to their victims. Why waste effort on bullets and such when every fucking thing in your country is deadly?!

Shift in Economic data since Trump Election

newtboy says...

Odd that, so far, it's pretty exclusively Trump Republicans being convicted, but that's happened in spite of Trump's obstruction, not because of him being tough on crime.
The creature from the orange lagoon brought these snakes with him to the swamp, he doesn't get any credit for some of those he brought in being removed.

bobknight33 said:

Just for you Newt.
Every day this becomes more and more plausible. Don't worry Trump will jail some crooked Republicans also.

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