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Wendy Williams Passes Out on Live TV -- See the Scary Moment

The Stakes Are Unbelievably High

newtboy says...

You mean the party of debauchery? Treason? Sex trafficking? Vote fraud? Pedophilia? Hebephilia? Secret foreign agents? Infidelity? Insurrection? You mean Republicans?

Right, anything to stop you ethics free, morality free, education free Trumptards led by the least moral person ever to hold office. How does removing all reproductive rights from women accomplish that?

Do you even know what “morals” are? I don’t think so.

Hilariously, Republicans tried to block a bill to help supply babies with formula, because they care so much about babies that they want them to starve to death if it costs $.03 to feed them…but no problem to waste $10 billion in a PR stunt “inspecting” Mexican trucks at the border with zero results. Such outrageous hypocrites and liars. The party of irrational hate and fear, immorality and prejudice, thy name is Republican.

bobknight33 said:

Absolutely. Anything to stop the party of no moral fiber.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Such a dumb ass. That’s exactly what you said when it was at $1200. With Elon as the only leader, there’s no good time to buy, because tomorrow he might decide it’s a great time to put every dime in bitcoin (because it also lost half its value).
Biden had nothing to do with the stock tanking. Musk being an idiot has everything to do with it.

Um…what? A bit late to look at the company now, don’t you think? He might have done that before making a $45 billion offer that he’s locked into. Now he’s wasted between $1 billion and $20 billion, which comes out of Tesla.

Tesla is no longer a monopoly, Elon no longer looks like a business genius. That means the likelihood of Tesla stock going back to a PE ratio near 200 is pretty low, but further decline is highly likely. It’s still over 90 PE…anything over 25 is a horrible deal.

bobknight33 said:

It’s a fantastic time to buy Tesla stock. Truly this is a “thank Joe Biden”

WRT to twitter musk trying to get a true sense of fake accounts and bots

Lawrence: ‘Fox News Has Blood On Its Hands’

newtboy says...

Utter lies Bob. This killer quoted Fox repeatedly in his manifesto about hating non white immigrants who are replacing real white Americans….I’m sure you relate.

Yes, Fox is all fake, racist shit, all to keep people divided. Reporting on how they do it is not, you member of the racist neo nazi party.

bobknight33 said:

Such bullshit from a fake news outlet despite to get viewers

This killer hates all.

More fake racist shit. All to keep people divided

Amish response to covid

newtboy says...

>1230 of them died. The number permanently disabled is much larger. Permanent brain fog is pretty serious if you’re 10.
Also, Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is also pretty bad.

In your opinion….ok. I’ll accept that, but in reality the risks from getting covid, even for children, outweigh the minimal risks from vaccination by far. 1231 verified US child deaths from covid… …how many verified deaths from vaccinations? Cite sources please.

Buttle said:

For children covid is just not bad at all, almost no chance of serious complications. Taking a vaccine based on brand new technology never before used in humans is, in my opinion, just not worth the risk for them.

Amish response to covid

newtboy says...

Sweet zombie Jesus, compared to the side effects of getting covid, the risk with vaccination is statistically zero.
Permanent heart, lung, blood vessel, kidney, eye, and/or brain damage, and death just for starters.

The occurrence rate of side effects is almost certainly orders of magnitude larger with the disease….but admittedly I can’t find trustworthy numbers for either.

Specifically for Myocarditis …. 37 “reported cases” after 82 million vaccinations, vs 450 cases per 1 million infections….
“Myocarditis (or pericarditis or myopericarditis) from primary COVID19 infection occurred at a rate as high as 450 per million in young males. Young males infected with the virus are up 6 times more likely to develop myocarditis as those who have received the vaccine”.-

Buttle said:

The problem with that approach is that vaccines have potential side effects, some of them severe, like myocarditis. For old farts like myself it probably makes sense to get the vaccine, but for young people and especially children the upside is small and the potential downside is large.

Amish response to covid

newtboy says...

You might notice they compare apples to oranges…
Different time periods, different shot levels, grouping mixtures, no clue which vaccine or which strain of covid they looked at, they all vary widely…I would prefer more standardized methods if I’m to make sense out of their data.

I’ve read studies that had similar results, and those with completely contradictory results. Some say natural immunity is better, longer lasting, some say the exact opposite. You can prove anything with statistics….forfty percent of all people know that.

It’s better off the bat because you don’t have to get the disease for the immunity…better again because with boosters it’s better than without them, double boostered likely being better than natural immunity in the same timeframes, or if not, close….also better because you KNOW you got the shots and have a widely accepted record of them, unless you get repeatedly tested you don’t KNOW you had covid…false positives happen…and you don’t get a record to show (for travel, etc).

The science isn’t clear, but it is clear that no immunity is permanent and none is total protection. Because all immunity fades rapidly, herd immunity is a myth.

Buttle said:

That does not seem to be entirely true. It is true that immunity declines, whether from vaccination or infection. It's not true that vaccination gives better or longer lasting protection than vaccination.


maddow-religious right and how birth control kills babies

newtboy says...

Don’t say she didn’t warn you.
Oklahoma just passed an anti abortion law that makes using most forms of contraception murder, and calls a fertilized zygote a human being.
*promote as a reminder that Republicans told us who they were and what they planned decades ago…and a warning that this will become federal law if they get control back.

George W. oopsie regarding Ukraine.. Iraq invasion

newtboy says...

Gives the “Mission Accomplished” banner a new meaning…perhaps they meant the mission of making their electorate so fearful and stupid that they would buy any excuse for any atrocity without question. It certainly makes much more sense looked at that way.

Florida Man Brings Knife To Gunfight

newtboy says...

Nothing indicated the riders changed their route to follow the guy who cut them off (incredibly dangerous if you’re the bikers in that situation)…when you get cut off, you end up following the person who cut you off unless you just pull over to cry.

“When both men (and the woman) eventually stopped” (at a stop sign? The truck was in front…it was smart to not go around him, it’s not smart to put yourself in front of a raging out of control driver, especially as a rider).
“Rivera stepped out of his truck holding a knife.” Who escalated?

I’m hard pressed to understand how you think the motorcycle escalated the situation considering the circumstances. He was cut off, the truck in front stopped, the crazed man got out brandishing a knife and trying to use it. The rider didn’t pull a weapon until he was actually attacked. He could have legally shot Rivera dead in Florida. I thought he showed great restraint. The police clearly thought the rider had done nothing wrong.

C-note said:

So a man armed with a gun says he was cut off and that's why he followed the guy an escalated the situation. I guess this ended as good as it could considering it was florida.

Amish response to covid

newtboy says...

Herd immunity is a myth with Covid because Covid immunity is not permanent, it’s very short lived, as little as 2 months. You can get Covid over and over and over until it kills you.
The same is true with vaccination, it’s not 100% effective nor does it last, but it seems to be better than natural immunity with the added benefit of not requiring you to get full blown covid to be protected.

Also, temporary immunity against one strain does not necessarily make you immune to other strains at all.

Science teacher demonstrates Bernoulli’s Principle

newtboy says...

Same principle gold dredging works on. A small high pressure pump pulls surrounding water through a manifold, creating a powerful vacuum at the manifold inlet.
Also seen on ducted propellers (to an extent) and (can’t find the real name) thrust boosting rings on some jets and rockets.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Interesting….Elon was buying Twitter in part to reinstate Trump’s account…because that would obviously increase traffic and the company’s value (he assumes).
Turns out that, in order to get investment in Truth Social (which Trump calls Troth Sential) Trump had to sign contracts promising to not only post on truth central, but to EXCLUSIVELY post on truth central. (The company buying it also had to put out a statement to investors warning them that Trump’s business record is horrible, listing the companies he ran into bankruptcy or that were deemed to be frauds but not the rest that just failed).

Not good for Musk. The Twitter fiasco, trying to buy his way into political discourse, has backfired terribly…it’s going to cost him $1 BILLION to walk away, and there’s no other option, the company is worth around 1/2 of his purchase price. That deal dragged Tesla stock down to near 1/2 its previous value. Not a good time to be all in.

eric3579 (Member Profile)

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Ouch. From $1222 to $702 and projected below $600. Gotta sting for anyone who took @bobknight33 ‘s advice, especially anyone “all in”.

The idea that it might bounce back like it once rose is naïve too…with serious production and labor issues and no longer being the only game in town, not even the best anymore by multiple different measurements, Tesla is looking like it’s bubble might be bursting.


JiggaJonson said:

And i saw their price target went from $1,200 to $1,000 now it's down to $600 as a target.

Good luck with where the price is at.

I didn't mean to end a sentence with a preposition. I will correct.

Good luck with where the price is at, asshole.

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