Solo Sabotage Trailer

cloudballoon says...

This trailer is crap. It's all SFX, not a single plot point to convey. Haven't we all seen enough SFX for a life time of visual "EXICITEMENT!!!"? As awesomely executed as these SFX shots are, I still think plot is king and these trailers/teasers do nothing for me, no mystery, no intrigue, no world-building.

Perception of programming versus the reality

Digitalfiend says...

This is so true...

Programming without the internet was tough. I remember my early years of programming in ASM and C/C++. The only internet access was via BBSes and Trumpet Winsock. Your only source of real help was from Usenet groups and questionable help files. There was no such thing as Intelli-sense (as we know it now) or auto-complete; you pretty much had to memorize the parameters for all Win32 API calls and the STL for C++ was brutal to use. Programming nowadays is relatively easy in comparison - pretty much anyone can code thanks to the internet and fantastic online resources. Heck, my 7 yr old daughter is learning to write code using a Scratch-derived visual programming language and Cosmo (look it up, it's awesome). I started "coding" at 8 by typing out programs from an adventure game programming book, in BASIC (think old Infocom games, like Wishbringer/Zork, etc).

The challenge in today's programming environment is the rapid pace of change. It's so f'n hard to keep up with every new toolkit, platform, library, programming language enhancements, etc.

Recovery team colossal fail

Recovery team colossal fail

Solo Sabotage Trailer

Payback says...

You know, anything goes better with a little mmmmmm Drrrrrop??, but the fact someone in the public had to do this makes me unsure of the movie.

Perception of programming versus the reality

StukaFox says...


This x100,000.

I just program in Python and BASH; I can't imagine how much shit Java coders go through. No wonder those guys are so well paid.

How Easy it is to Buy a AR-15 in South Carolina

The Expanse Season 3 Promo(tion)

Perception of programming versus the reality

Recovery team colossal fail

Girl terrorizes her Dad with a confetti gun

Cute Arm Wrestling Play Between Couples

Coppers amazing affinity with magnets

Liberal Redneck: NRA thinks more guns solve everything

ChaosEngine says...

Except NZ's gun laws were already stricter than Australias. To get an AR15 here, buyers must have a standard, current firearms licence and an approved police order form. If the clip has a higher capacity than 7 rounds, you need a special endorsement. Also, you must have proper storage for firearms which the police will inspect before granting a licence.

Oh, and you will have difficulty being deemed 'fit and proper' to possess or use firearms if you have:

a history of violence
repeated involvement with drugs
been irresponsible with alcohol
a personal or social relationship with people deemed to be unsuitable to be given access to firearms
indicated an intent to use a firearm for self-defence.

That's a direct quote from the police licence page

harlequinn said:

New Zealand didn't enact Australia's draconian laws. You can buy an AR15 there with high capacity magazines. They also haven't had a mass shooting in 20 years.

How Easy it is to Buy a AR-15 in South Carolina

newtboy jokingly says...

I've whacked over 200 moles in the last decade.
Do I still have moles, yes, but I have 200 fewer moles than if I whacked none!
(Ok, full disclosure, they're really gophers, but whack-a-gopher doesn't have the same ring to it)

heropsycho said:


The only effective way is to practically eliminate the prevalence of guns beyond say a hunting rifle across the general population. Everything else is wack-a-mole, and won't solve the problem.

I'm a political moderate, and I generally gravitate towards moderate "common sense" effective regulations when needed. I don't see any point in regulations that don't do any good.

Universal background checks, banning assault rifles, three day waiting periods, banning bump stocks, stopping people who have been evaluated with psychiatric problems, all of it will insignificantly reduce gun violence.

I just don't see a way forward on this issue because what's needed is so politically impossible when people start declaring armed insurrection when a Democrat gets elected President.

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