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Religion, in a nutshell

cloudballoon says...

It's fanatism that leads to these crazy conflicts & posturing. Nationalism, Patriotism, Fascism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc... basically absolutism to any kind of theories & religious practices that disregard moderation & common sense and human's selfish tendencies all leads to unnecessary conflict, suffering, and especially for religions, hypocrisy.

Kid Gets Caught While Trying to Steal Package

cloudballoon says...

The camera isn't racist. The homeowner might be a racist (we would not know unless he/she uploads every instance of such attempts to give a cold-hard-fact account that's free of manipulation -- even though that's STILL not factoring in the socio-econo-racial problem of the neighborhood -- if you choose to see things with a racial lens). But the comment absolutely is racist.

Years ago, living in my suburb home, my bike was stolen by 2 kids (garage door was open as I was mowing the lawn, but I went inside for the loo for 2 mins), I was lucky and spotted them about 5~6 streets down (took 2 lucky correct turns). They were 2 kids about 8~10 y.o. One White one Asian. Guess which one was the older, pack leader (hold my adult-size bike) and absolutely showing no remorse after getting caught?

Regardless, the kids parents might have a hard life working on weekends at low paying jobs so couldn't spend time with these kids. Who knows? I'm not so quick to judgement without knowing the root causes.

Thing is, I blame society-at-large and not see it as a racial thing. Kids are kids, easy to succumb to such temptation without good parental/peer/mentor guidance. Especially nowadays, they see adults making a CAREER/LIVING as Porch Pirates, what examples are adults giving them to imitate? You have like 40% of the adult population celebrate con mans and elect them Senators, Governors & President!

TangledThorns said:

That camera is racist!

Turtle Chases Lions From His Waterhole

Making a Cup of Tea with a Truck

When you are finally comfortable in a relationship

American Flag saves cat at football game

Miami Fans Using American Flag To Catch Falling Cat

Surprising an 8-year-old with a new LEGO® arm - GWR

Mom catches book falling on child using reflection from TV

cloudballoon says...

Also, how often a book slotted like what we see in this video would fall out like so?

If this is not fake, if I'm her I wouldn't care about checking the kids and dial 555-2368 posthaste.

TheFreak said:

When trying to determine if a video like this is real, I always ask myself, "why is the camera there and recording at that moment?"

A camera constantly recording your living room while your family is there? The only answer that's not creepy as fuck is, fake video.

Gator chases fisherman

Hitler reacts to the fall of Afghanistan

cloudballoon says...

It is MUCH more on point if you substitute "Biden" with "Conservative American Militarism."

To be fair, yes Biden pulled out way too hastily. He'll own it.

But it's always the GOP that starts getting American soldiers killed on foreign grounds and bleeding American people dry to feed the MIC, make an embarassment of itself abroad, dragging all its allies down along its military misadventures. And then it takes an Democrat POTUS to cut the lost -- at tremendous political cost (and courage to take the blowback) -- to free up the $$$ to rebuild America.

It's just a crying shame America can never win a war post WWII.

Concern about the Afghan people. What a laugh. Since when the Right ever cared about "People"? It's always money over people. The American Right doesn't even care about its own people, let alone a foreign people that the Right is extremely suspicious of (Any random Fox/OAN/Newsmax host: NO F***KING AFGHAN REFUGEES!!!! ALL THE AFHGAN THAT WORKED FOR US AS TRANSLATORS ARE TERROISTS, ALL THERE WOMEN & CHILDREN ARE COMING TO TAKE OVER AMERICA! BELIEVE YOU ME!!).

Mayflies Swarm Parking Attendant

cloudballoon says...

Girl child, meet Mothman's brother, Mayfly Whisperer. Make sure to keep your doors & windows shut for days to come. He picked up your scent.

Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture and Storage

Tales From the Far Side Parts 1 & 2

cloudballoon says...

This is like The Boondocks (2005) treatment. Look like they came straight out of the comics, but the show got near zero laughs out of me. But I didn't hate though, it was essential viewing, still kind of is. I just wish the upcoming 2022 reboot will be better (i.e. more biting & relevant).

Sesame Street - I Am Somebody

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