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DUNE (2021) Trailer

Yet Another Trump Ally Arrested on Foreign Agent Charges

Betraying the Badge (Trailer)

Trump didn't do anything wrong

cloudballoon says...

I'm at a point where I can agree that "Trump didn't do anything wrong"... FOR HIMSELF. Narcissism is what a narcisist do. What's wrong with that, am I right?

It's the idiotic, blind, gullible, unthinking, racist, over-privileged, brain-damaged, "billionaire"-worshipping, unpatriotic, non-sensical, self-defeating cultists that's doing everything wrong. What's sadess & most pathetic is that there's enough of these cultists to make America turned to shit by voting Trump into the WH in 2016.

Cliff Swing Did Not Go According To Plan

cloudballoon says...

[Guy pushing the swing] Ooops, that didn't go according to plan, but same effect, so meh?

End joke.

Who designed the swing? Even a non-engineer idiot like me see a few major problems (and not counting how solid the foundation it's on). The bump is caused by the swing structured in a rectanglular shape instead of a trapezoid shape looking from the front/back. Then looking from the sides, it's shaped like right triangle " /I " instead of an inverted V triangle, with no counterweight to compensate when the swing is pushed to the open cliff side. And then, of course, seat belts.

That's a EIA incident waiting to happen sooner or later. It's just sheer luck that they aren't dead.

Running From The Police Fail

China/Shaky building/Collapsing

cloudballoon says...

With Repbulican's relentless pursuit of deregulatio and infrastructure fot-dragging, it'll not gonna take long for the US to catch up to China!

Why Championship Chess Sets Are So Expensive | So Expensive

cloudballoon says...

The tile should be "Why Championship Chess Sets Are So CHEAP" considering the time & skills needed for produciton. If only the competitors & chess organizations aren't so cheap in paying a fair wage...

President Of Hati Assassinated

cloudballoon says...

Let's see which politician makes the "takes no prisioners" order first.

Yes, Haitian politics are corrupt, but it's "undestandably so." It's a long suffering people, and the country's desperate situation has been increasingly hopeless for years. It doesn't take much to be willing to go all corrupting for survival.

High Friction On The Rope

President Of Hati Assassinated

Waterspout Passes Over Ship in Malacca Strait

How Fevers REALLY Work

get that camera off my face

Sexy Beasts | Official Trailer | Netflix

cloudballoon says...

I guess Netflix gotta do something to steal back viewers that turned to Pornhub instead during the pandemic.

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