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Dog bugs gopher digging a hole

Funny Wedding Moments - The Huddle

cloudballoon says...

While I was grade 9, I tackled a fellow 2 years my senior (G11), he must be 5~6 inches taller than me (me being 5'6" in my adulthood, while he was one of the tallest in school, though not muscular), I dislocated his shoulder TWICE, during practices. First time he was hospitalized for 4 days, the second time was kind of funny. When I dislocated his shoulder again (with an audible "pop"), the guy next to me floored him and put his shoulder back in place (with an audible "click/sploosh"-y sound, hard to describe). Obviously he was in pain, and was twisting and tossing himself, but when the pain subsided a little bit and opened his eyes and saw me just standing there, he screamed "you again!?" All I could do was thinking of those Mel Gibson "dislocating shoulder" scenes in the Lethal Weapons movies.

So, it's not about size, really, it's to know where & how to tackle a big boi.

2020 Politics

cloudballoon says...

Anything that Trump doesn't like to hear = fake news. If Trump doesn't tweet out to the Bobs to laugh, they dare not laugh. Trump doesn't tell the Bobs to think, they dare not think. That's the kind of "Freedom!" the Bobs hold sacred.

moonsammy said:

Bob, can you define what you think "fake" means? I could see "attempted comedy" or "unfunny" but... wtf would "fake comedy" be?

Also, what fake news? They literally quoted Trump several times, showed an image of the Ukraine call transcript... what specific thing that was said or shown is "fake"?

Funny Wedding Moments - The Huddle

Why is that even a question?

cloudballoon says...

Singh's right. Spending money for Native to have potable water shouldn't even be a question. There's nothing more of a basic human right than having drinkable water, especially since they've suffered being under the broiling water advisory for YEARS.

However, the problem with the NDP is that everything involving doling out money on social programs is a priority. They, like the Greens, are perpetually lacking in presenting anything close to a sensible, financiable budget during elections. They don't even try. That's why the NDP was never a ruling party (at the federal level), just the occasional kingmaker.

Massive Protests Erupt in Mainland China

cloudballoon says...

Says who though? That's a narrative, fed from the media, tightly controlled by the CCP. Yes, people's lives are in general getting better materially. But people knows they have little freedom to criticize the government in public, but that doesn't mean it's "part of the bargain." There's just no means to disagree with the CCP without risking life & limbs. But those that got treated so badly that they felt there's nothing left to lose? Oh they do "rise up", whether you can hear about it, that's another matter entirely.

Chinese (as a whole people) don't "rise up (at least enough)" beause they see the financial benefit of China's explosive growth, and in general, you won't get into the CCP radar/ire if you're a regular citizen just going on your day. But the vast majority of Chinese knows they're far from catching up to anywhere near the G7/10 standard. So their focus is on that (the financial end), not toppling the CCP. They're more pragmatists than idealists.

Make no mistake, the G7 is ALSO part of the problem by enabling the CCP due of the immense financial gains and just pay lip service to "human right abuses" in China to score domestic points.

The Chinese (and the CCP) saw what happened to the U.S.S.R. and they don't want the "Western world" to "rescue" them. As they know the one thing the Western World does best is Abandonment.

SFOGuy said:

Hmm. My understanding of the great bargain was: as long as Xi Jing Ping and the CCCP can make the economy grow around 5.5 to 7% real growth--the larger quantity of the citizens will just go along to get along...

Filling in for Clifford Banes - A compilation

Waterfall Defies Gravity Due to Strong Winds

cloudballoon says...

I can't stand Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Everytime I see him I kept thinking "is he 'roided up or did he just sniff some coke?" I don't need science to be screamed at me (or the arrogance) all the time. Even Adam Savage is far more subdued in comparison and he's plenty hyperbolic in Mythbusters. I never understood why he got such a celebrity status. He offers little new insight on his shows or guest appearances. I just wish I get see a much better modern "science/space guy" on TV.

BSR said:

I think Neil DeGrasse Tyson would argue that they were in fact going exactly the right way.

Massive Protests Erupt in Mainland China

cloudballoon says...

Problem is, most foreign government's action (military, economic wars & sanctions) primarily affect the PEOPLE negatively, not the targetted government. All government - oppressive or otherwise - entities dig-in and extert even more control in the face of challenges to its power. Consequences (to the people) be damned. It's been that way for millenia.

The boy kissed me during my street performance

When your husband has a job but you don’t

Not today motherfucker

cloudballoon says...

Cheers mate (or its Welsh equivalent)! I lived in Quebec and spoke their French for 20 years in my formative years. And the few times I was in France on vacation, people everywhere gave eyerolls and faces that say to me "what campagne this bozo's from with that accent?"

StukaFox said:

I'm pretty sure the dude's just having a good time because he's at a concert and he's all young and shit. He's probably high, too. Look at that glorious blue sky! Who wouldn't be joyous on such a perfect day when they're all young and high and shit? Dude, I'm old, it's dark and I'm not even at a concert (full disclosure: I am listening to Lord Huron's new album and it's fucking amazing. There's some stuff that's not up to their other work, and a weird 14-minute filler piece at the end, but Drops In The Lake might become the most beloved Lord Huron song ever) and I'm totally joyous right now. I'm also stoned out of my mind, so take that as a plus, a minus or a none-of-the-above. Look, all I'm saying is there's a cute video video of a sheep standing down a Border Collie. Props to the sheep for having the kinda balls it doesn't have anymore, but fucking with a Border Collie is asking for that dog to fuck up your tax return later. So yeah, y'know, cute dog and cute sheep and some Welshman who knows he's getting some pussy tonight and if that dog screws this up, it ain't gonna be the sheep getting fucked. That's life in Wales, man. Those dudes will fuck anything. I mean, if I was stuck in Wales with nothing else to do, I'd be looked at our four-legged friends in a far more than friendly way, too. Also, they don't have vowel mines there so they're stuck spelling words with all contestants and chunks of coal for punctuation. NO idea how that little linguistic hiccup got passed the Proto-Germanic language tree, but people in Quebec speak a language that's completely similar to French, only without the word order, the grammar and any words that are actually in French. The French hate that shit because they're French and no one in Europe is being all shirty these day. Except that dude in Belarus who apparently doens't know what an utter fucking legend the guy who runs Ryanair is. Fucking hell this shit's good. Anyway, the whole point of this was that a dog, a sheep and a Welshman walk into a bar and the bartender asks the man what he wants. And the Welshman tells, in exceedingly graphic detail, what he wants while the sheep and the collie listen in horror, straining against their leads and praying Pop-Up Darwin will suddenly appear and gift them opposable thumbs, a cellphone, and a SIM card that actually works in fucking Wales, because those vowel-less cocksuckers have a totally different cell system than the rest of the UK. Shit, you try to make a call to anywhere in Gwfjhsrmflsslll, the first thing you notice is that numbers have apparently joined the vowels in being MIA, and you're trying to explain that you just want to make a call to London and the operator is speaking some language that'd scare the shit outta C'htulu and finally you just give up and hop back on the Ryanair flight to JFK while scanning constantly for Mig-29s.

Anyway, be happy.

PORTAL: A Bridge To The United Planet

Not today motherfucker

French ad for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics

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