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CIA - The American governments terroist organization

CIA - The American governments terroist organization

cloudballoon says...

Thing is, any American - be it Republican or Democrat-leaning - think that powerful countries/block of concern (i.e. the EU, Russia or then USSR, China, Japan, etc.) DON'T want to influence US presidential politics is a bloody fool. The US *IS* the #1 meddler of world politics by far, both overtly and covertly. And the US is not shy of using any means necessary: military, economic, culturally, sanctions, covert-ops. So what right does the US have to ask those countries NOT to do the same?

External meddling should be EXPECTED. Is foolish not to. To say there's no external meddling is to lie to its people.

To focus on external meddling is to lose focus. So it's up to the parties to work their political messages to counteract those noise. That how you win elections.

eric3579 said:

When i hear Americans and American government officials bitching and moaning regarding other government meddling in America and around the world, i think of these things.

Architectural Models

Colbert Vs. Obama in a game of "wastepaper basketball"

cloudballoon says...

Obama. Decent? Oh come on! Obama. Decent? No!!! He's exemplary! Exceptional!

Sorry, when it comes to Obama & Michelle, I got no swag and automatically turned into screaming like a fan girl.

surfingyt said:

Trump and his dysfunctional family have destroyed the reputation of a decent president and first family.

Chairman of Joint Chiefs sends subtle message to Trump

cloudballoon says...

Subtle? What's so subtle about it?

I don't wish for that day to have to happen (though increasingly likely), but if it comes the day that the military have to drag Trump out of the WH, Trump's cult can see all the subtly of the military.

But if Trump is successful in filling up the military's top ranking officers with his cronies, then it'll probably take a mutiny to rid of that orange beast. That's so much chaos.

Election Meme Rewind - HEY HEY, HA HA, HO HO

cloudballoon says...

Psychos and charlatans, all of them. How its flock don't desert these jesters are beyond my comprehension. Christianity seems so twisted (and politicized, like everything in America I guess), there're just too much I don't understand the American Christian right-wing's mentality (or mental illness).

Republicans in 2018 Post-Midterm Elections

cloudballoon says...

Since when it's the opposition/challenger that got the means to rig the system and NOT the incumbent in power?

If there's cheating, you can bet your house it's Trump & the Republican that's cheating in this election.

Trump's been saying the system's rigged since 2015. Yeah, in HIS (and the Republican's favor) due to the decades long gerrymandering of the districts. A true leader, when he/she sees something wrong (Covid-19, voting system, etc.) they'll try to fix it. What did Trump do to "fix" this? He only accuses & blames with no basis of proof and he made it harder for people to vote because voter suppression works in the Republicans' and his favor. Duh.

All the vote rigging and they still lost. Sore, sore incompetent loser cry babies.

Ken Dilanian Swears Live on MSNBC

PC guy is BACK! Watch him troll Apple's MacBook event ('I'm

cloudballoon says...

Personally, Apple hardware is worth the price if you're a graphic design/media creator, mainly because of the color fidelity, gamut range and consistency of its monitors "out of the box. But I absolutely HATE the OS UI. If your not tech savvy then it's a right option with you don't want to fiddle with things, HW or SW. Gamer shouldn't consider Mac though.

Windows PC on the other hand, you get far more power and customizability for the buck. Yeah, it takes research for the best HW for your needs. But you can easily upgrade anything on a PC system, except laptops of course.

My Windows rarely hangs. My Windows 10 systems been running super smooth for years. I know what I open in my emails and sites I visit.

Nowadays, MacOS really isn't that much safer than Win10. Besides, the biggest scam victims are not caused by either OSes but their own stupid, ignorant behaviors online.

Jon Rahm hits amazing water shot at Masters practice

cloudballoon says...

Well... anyone with the expectation of getting a golf ball skipping across the pond and get a hole-in-one but NOT be surprised (or at least ACT surprised) of it all must've an ego as large as Trump...albeit NONE of Trump's incompetence and chronic cheating habits.

newtboy said:

To be fair, while I do think it was on purpose, he seemed as surprised as the crowd that it went in.

What To Do if Your Side Loses the Election

cloudballoon says...

Jackass like these that sow cynicism IS the main main reason Trump won the Presidency in the 1st place. These video train people is vote as a "f*ck you" to politics.

Bill Maher's election predictions on Jimmy Kimmel

cloudballoon says...

I'm overweight as well. 5'6" @ 150lbs. Gained 3 lbs over the past 8-9 mths. I got asthma since childhood. Got much better in my 20-30s. I'm in my late 40s and I have a take the steroidal puffer every night. It's very hard, and not that safe, to be active during these Covid-19 "new normal" times when everything is partially closed (gym's closed and I must wear a mask outside, instantly trigger the short-of-breath for me. So I gave up going outdoor except grocery).

You're absolutely right. I don't get the fat pride thing either. It's not OK health-wise no matter what angle you look at it. Personal "freedom" choice, genetic, physical/mental disease... the latter 2 causes are not shameful, and 99% constantly struggle with it in different degrees of difficulty. But "choice"? That I can't respect.

newtboy said:

"Fat acceptance, even fat pride is a thing, there are millions who claim they're obese and healthy, and it's fine to be obese. Take Lizzo as an example.

Full disclosure, I'm not obese, but I am overweight at 5'9" 170lbs."

Bill Maher's election predictions on Jimmy Kimmel

cloudballoon says...

I think Bill's attack on the science/health experts is misguided.

Not that Bill's wrong, mind you. IF you have a good internal (immune) system you'll have a better chance of fighting it off, but

1) that's NOT a guarantee you won't get sick.
2) DOESN'T mean you won't help spread it by being all gun-ho about it, and
3) USA being what it is -- the number of over-weight, obese are just staggering -- what's the point for the health experts to say/shame people with, er, "their pre-conditions" are to blame NOW? How's that gonna help?

Besides, the health experts have been promoting healthy, active living for ages. They're not "cowards" because the people don't listen to them.

It's mind-bogging to me how narcissistic and self-centered American society is. If people just pay any attention outside of American media, they should know how to handle Covid-19.

Jack Whites tears it up on SNL

cloudballoon says...

I usually skip/mute all music performances on SNL, Jack Whites' no exception. But the after-show buzz made me sift it.

Not my type of music, but I do appreciate the lyrics.

Racist Rideshare Passengers Pay the Price

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