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Trains in Germany after flooding

Trains in Germany after flooding

Indoor Tornado

lucky760 says...

Yeah, I'm curious as well.

Did they do it mimicking how nature works, by pumping different temperatures in different places in the room, etc.?

What's with the lack of details?

Cool stuff.

SSL cert has expired (Sift Talk Post)

AirVenture 2021 Opener Flies the BlackFly

Overcoming your fears

New Folk Hero- The Ambulance Runner

lucky760 says...

I have a meta gripe.

Why did they list the costs of the states in a seemingly random order?

They didn't list the numbers in ascending or descending value.

They didn't list the states in alphabetical order or based north-to-south and/or east-to-west, etc.

That really confused me.

Goose epic response to humans taking her injured boyfriend

Help! My Lawnmower sounds like Seth Rogen's laugh

Rock Slide Valley bridge Batseri in Sangal valley of Kinnaur

Surprise Gifted Sneaky NYC Subway Painted Portraits

Surprise Gifted Sneaky NYC Subway Painted Portraits

lucky760 says...

WOW!!! The feels.

So heartwarming.

Guy's freaking talented too. Love how it starts as a big oval then all of a sudden it's a photo-realistic perfect depiction.

Man, it's incredible.

Jackass Forever - Official Trailer (2021) Johnny Knoxville,

Gmail and Sift Lounge Fixed (Sift Talk Post)

lucky760 says...


I've modified the way the "are you here or did you leave" logic fires, so when your browser tab is idle, it hopefully won't have the "entered/left/entered/left/..." problem anymore.



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