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Soccer Drifting

lucky760 says...

I'm proving it right now.

I'm sitting down and not sliding all over the place. In order to move, I have to propel myself by some mechanism, such as appendage movement (i.e., contraction and extension of muscle fibers that terminate at more rigid structures, e.g., bones).

Yeah, I'm not seeing how I'd be able to move otherwise, except perhaps by some kind of motion device external to my person.

I don't like to speak in absolutes, though, so I'll still just say I *think* there might be something a little fishy about this video. Maybe.

Zaibach said:

Yeah? PROVE IT!!


Soccer Drifting

Bollards Save Lives

Can I have my rims back?

Driving By an Active Crime Scene

lucky760 says...

Yeah, totally thought it had to be some kind of film set or something wacky like that. Seeing the body-cam footage is nuts... as is the lady at the townhall meeting. "Yet another black or brown life taken" wtf. The guy opened fire on police and she's complaining that they shot back? Cuckoo.

Toddler Surprised by Hand Dryer

HomePod - Welcome Home by Spike Jonze

HomePod - Welcome Home by Spike Jonze

Terrible flaw in expensive crowdfunded padlock

The First Black Enka Singer in Japanese History

Sheep can only take so much cat bullying

lucky760 says...


Real-time I thought the sheep tried to open wide and bite the cat in half.

Disappointed that the replay revealed he just pushed the pussy cat.

(Guess the sheep has more humanity than me.)

Terrible flaw in expensive crowdfunded padlock

lucky760 says...

It's like he's trying to hypnotize you with that shiny head and sing-songy monotonous voice.

Greatest Japanese Bank Heists in History

lucky760 says...


I didn't realize I copied the code with the timestamp arbitrarily in the middle of the video.

Thanks for pointing that out!

CrushBug said:

Aside from the bumper ads on both ends, this was a good video.

I do suggest people scroll back to 0:11 to get the start.

Get Pitted - "Surfer Speak" Guy 15 Years Later

lucky760 says...

I tend to agree. And everyone on YouTube says the same, following up with "He was totally baked," which I also tend to agree with.

ForgedReality said:

Never heard of this guy before, but he was totally not faking it, despite what he says. You can tell he's just trying to play it off.

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