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How to embed YouTube's video shorts? (Wtf Talk Post)

lucky760 says...

Interesting. This is the first time I'm ever seeing or hearing about YouTube shorts.

Great suggestion. Hopefully we'll be able to work on that.

Wake, Rattle, and Roll - Intro from the 1990s

lucky760 says...

Man, watching this again after so long gives me flashbacks of when I was a kid watching this eating breakfast before heading out the door for school.

Now my kids are nearly the same age (except their TV is watched before attending laptop school).

Wake, Rattle, and Roll - Intro from the 1990s

When you confuse a pregnancy test for a vape pen

Original slinky commercial

Please Clean Up Your Dog Poop

lucky760 says...

I don't have a lawn so I don't have this problem in front of my house, but I do encounter publicly available piles of dog excrement on sidewalks, in grass at the park, etc., and it always makes me livid at the many disgusting, nasty humans who don't seem to mind being so inconsiderate to their neighbors.

It was therapeutic watching this, despite that he did overdo it a little (hard to hold that against him though).

Meanwhile In China: They Got Kindergarteners Going To School

You good….I saw that mf this morning!!!!

Eagle Crashes Through Car Window

Eagle Crashes Through Car Window

Costco evacuation due to fast moving wildfire in Colorado

lucky760 says...

Damn, that's the kind of evacuation we had to do at home in October of last year. Very frightening situation.

😱 🔥

Questions at the Gas Pump

When lighting a match goes wrong

lucky760 says...

Does anyone know the aftermath?

Did his house (or building) burn down?

Did he succeed in putting it out? (not likely)

Did he succumb to smoke inhalation?

In an ironic twist, is he the captain of the local fire department?

When lighting a match goes wrong

How to Pronounce "Omicron" the Star Trek Way

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