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Whales - Coordinated Breach

When Juggling Knives Goes Wrong!

lucky760 says...

A good rule of thumb I've lived by since I was a child is:

pay attention when someone's throwing spinning knives at your face.

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship Experiment Proves a Point

Open World Games

Dashcam captures out-of-control driver on New Jersey Highway

lucky760 says...

Yes, it does seems like it took a helluvalong time for anyone to show up. 12 miles and 16 minutes later someone finally appears.

Damned lucky he didn't kill someone.

My_design said:

Seems like it took hella long for the cops to get there?

Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron that drives?!

Liquid Nitrogen Explosion

lucky760 says...

Great video. My boys loved it.

I immediately then did the old "can crushing itself" experiment with them and they went nuts for that as well.


Might need to temp IP ban (Sift Talk Post)

lucky760 says...

I've implemented a rudimentary CAPTCHA on the video submission page for probies and am also working on implementing a more sophisticated solution (specifically Recaptcha).

Still, I feel it's more likely human spammers who are spoofing their IPs rather than bots, but maybe it'll help!

Might need to temp IP ban (Sift Talk Post)

lucky760 says...

Spent some time looking into this and it does appear to be actual human spammers creating these posts.

The thing they have in common, though, is that their IPs are India-based.

Is it time we just block submissions for probies from India (and maybe also China) IPs?

newtboy said:

It might be time for captcha, since these seem to be bot posts. At least at sign up if not for all probationary level posters.
This business is getting out of control.

Helena Gremlin covers Dethklok guitar solo

Ants building "bridge" to attack wasp nest

Weekly Achievements for 05Aug18 thru 11Aug18 (Blog Entry by siftbot)

Weekly Achievements for 05Aug18 thru 11Aug18 (Blog Entry by siftbot)

Mudslide sweeps into Swiss village

How to remove moles (Possibly a little unethical...)

lucky760 says...

I think you're thinking of Ted Bundy.


entr0py said:

Wow, I've never seen that show before but that dude is henpecked af. I mean it's no wonder he killed all those people.

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