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lucky760 says...

Excellent observations. 👍

moonsammy said:

I mean, it seemed pretty obvious that there was no way this would work. But I absolutely appreciate the thorough real-world proving of it.

I think the main operative failure here is that any slapping implement will be cooled by the air for most of its cycle. So there will be an upper bound after which the air-chilled surface of the "slapper" will cool the chicken by an amount equal to the friction-induced heating effect. Even if the high speed didn't destroy the machine or the meat, the air temp would make the effort impossible.

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lucky760 says...

that was CLASSIC

oh man, the look of fear in his eyes as his brain was spinning..

birthday? ...

anniversary? ...

shoot - can't ask and reveal i forgot - got it, i'll ask what the date is...

crap nothing's on the calendar



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