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Issue popping up lately (Sift Talk Post)

lucky760 says...

Looks like a stylesheet wasn't loading properly for you.

Must've been some kind of a temporary hiccup somewhere in the chain.

Hi guys! What'd I miss? (Scifi Talk Post)

How to Read Barcodes

Man Realizes He's 98

Natalie's Rap 2.0 (Uncensored Version)

"Karma is a bitch" - The Latest Weird Chinese Meme

"Karma is a bitch" - The Latest Weird Chinese Meme

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

you TAUGHT ballroom dance?!

Well, yes, then you'd better have a very different perspective from mine!

How neat.

bareboards2 said:

Ah. Well. I taught ballroom dance for years. I have a different relationship to the human body moving to music than the average person.

I loved this. It just hurts. I want to give Eli lessons... and some of those backup dancers, too.

A+++++++++++ for doing it, for sure.

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

Eli Manning Dirty Dances the Touchdown Celebration

lucky760 says...



I was busting a gut watching this. My favorite commercial of the night.

"NFL 2018" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

lucky760 says...

I can never get enough of this.

I don't know why it cracks me up so much, but it does, oh it really does.

The Blue Marble

lucky760 says...

Damn that's pretty nuts. I loved it and the way the marble kept setting itself up for a follow-up move.

An Elephant doing massage of a girl (Asia Talk Post)

lucky760 says...



eric3579 said:

I assume this video is a self link. No hard evidence other then this sift talk post and the basic other circumstantial stuff. One way or another this sift talk should be removed. @lucky760

Hippo Shart

lucky760 says...

Glad we have the extra 30 seconds of black screen time to absorb and reflect on what we just witnessed.

If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench

lucky760 says...

A nuke with "sheer" AND "unadulturated" power?

Wow, sounds very different from all the other nukes with opaque and combination power.

Great writing.

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