Voting by Mail: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

luxintenebris says...

seeing the discussion between bob and newt reminds me of this george will observation about d.j. dimwit's tweeting...

"He has an advantage on me, he can say everything he knows about any subject in 140 characters, and I can't."

b.k.'s "..a distant fear that never occurred." was a sign to stop. akin to "road out ahead". but being adventurous, forged ahead to see how big the gap was.

give this one to newt. there was a gully washer in bob's neck o' woods

here's an insightful observation...

One good phrase or political catchword is worth more to him than cartloads of dry exposition and theory. A catchword gives the unthinking mob not only the material for an idea, but also furnishes them with the pleasant illusion that they are thinking themselves.

source material:

My Worst Fall Yet | Sky Brown

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

Portal - The Sound Of Science

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

Russian Hamster Mocks Cop

WKYK- Race War

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

TheMightyCorsair says...

I do not represent Starbucks Coffee Company. But I am a contractor working alongside them at their HQ in Seattle.

One of my Starbucks Partners shared this link with us on our corporate messaging systems. We've all seen it. And we know the truth. Thank you, ma'am. Bless you, and please stay safe.

How Weed Eaters Work - Smarter Every Day

How to Pirate | CGP Grey

eric3579 says...

The follow up Quartermasters edition

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

In the dark, wrapped tightly in blankets with twice my body weight sitting on top of me...he now claims it wasn't to torture me but was him trying to help me get over my claustrophobia.
My brother is a dishonest dick.

BSR said:

Damn. Where were you when I needed you?

How to Pirate: Quartermaster Edition | CGP Grey

eric3579 says...

Also watch CGP Greys first video on How to be a pirate.

Suspicious Man Breaks Autozone Windows ... Minneapolis

newtboy says...

I've now seen videos of 6 masked white people being the instigators of vandalism like this, 5 were stopped or chased away by protesters, one was "working" with police supervision and tagging what police told them to paint, like "BLM".

There is an effort by some as yet unidentified group of white people who are trying to do damage and spark riots that black peaceful protesters are being blamed for and shot over. It's unclear if it's antifa, racist Trumpsters, or both.

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