VLDL: Insensitively looting dead bodies - Insensitive

BSR says...

It can be kinda challenging getting rings off the deceased but I haven't failed yet. Thin necklaces with the really small clasps are tough to unlock when you're wearing rubber gloves with well trimmed fingernails.

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C-note says...

I was a consultant for a company that banned the use of box cutters for all their employees after 2 incidents. I can't even imagine a work place incident involving one of these things.


The Physics of Windmill Design

The Physics of Windmill Design

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bobknight33 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Are you on the way to DC for coup 2.0 tomorrow?
Better wear a vest, there won't be a "no shooting" order this time.
There won't be 3/4 of the capitol police off duty.
There will be national guards.
It's not going to be with presidential support either.

But please, don't let that stop you. When you're arrested as a terrorist, please let us know.

Edit: I wonder, have you realised yet that if the inauguration must be March 4th that means Trump was never president? That would mean Biden doesn't have to reverse his presidential orders and laws he signed because they're all invalid. D'oh!

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Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The Physics of Windmill Design

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