Cat Pee

newtboy says...

There was a device on shark tank that was a toilet litter box that you put in the bowl to teach your cat to go there, then once they get it you just remove the pan. Knowing that, I'm hard pressed to believe that the cat just taught itself.

2 Vortex Rings Colliding in SLOW MOTION | Smarter Every Day

newtboy says...

Science can be a harsh mistress, but damn ain't she beautiful when she wants to be.
*doublepromote some *quality science and life lessons.

Rachel Maddow breaks down .. report on 'tender age' shelters

Januari says...

Anyone else remember scandals like tan suits or terrorist fists bumps? How the fox news crowd lost its mind at these outrages!

How about all those old people death camps!

Cockatoo having the time of its life


2 Vortex Rings Colliding in SLOW MOTION | Smarter Every Day

TAU | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rachel Maddow breaks down .. report on 'tender age' shelters

Charles Barkley's CRAZY answer...

noims says...

Me too, but I figured it out:
If a man's zipper breaks at church, what does he use to cover it up?

Sagemind said:

I had to listen to this 10 times just to hear what the question was. I can't understand a thing that man says

Leaving Earth the Greenest Way Possible: Water Cremation

Fairbs says...

so what are the differences in costs relative to standard cremation?

cost for equipment
cost per body

it seems to make a lot of sense


8 yr. Old Covers Led Zeppelin (John Bonham) On Drums

FOX's take on border separations

vil says...

The twist to try to blame Obama for this is pure evil genius. Had to watch a second time to catch that trick.

This is actually a pretty interesting video overall, just happens to be a video of an evil asshole and his friends and guests.

Basically the radical Trumpist position is that it is OK to hurt children (or anyone) for a political cause and it is everybody elses (ie democrats) fault that they dont respond to blackmail faster.

I think its a shame these videos get downvoted so readily. Not quite the holocaust, but enough of a warning.


Trey Gowdy Questions I.G. Horowitz | House Judiciary Commit

Sagemind says...

Well, yeah.
That's just how much we all wanted Trump to loose.
We were all saying those things against Trump and for Clinton, even though we all knew Clinton was crooked.

She was simply the less of two absolute evils.
And as you can see, all our initial worries over Trump have come true and surpassed our wort nightmares.

And to be honest...
I don't think things would have been better with Clinton in power either. She would have been more clandestine in her efforts, but she wouldn't have been any better for the people of the US.

It was a Loose - Loose situation.

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