Obama speech given at the Bilderberg Group

Soccer Drifting

lucky760 says...

I'm proving it right now.

I'm sitting down and not sliding all over the place. In order to move, I have to propel myself by some mechanism, such as appendage movement (i.e., contraction and extension of muscle fibers that terminate at more rigid structures, e.g., bones).

Yeah, I'm not seeing how I'd be able to move otherwise, except perhaps by some kind of motion device external to my person.

I don't like to speak in absolutes, though, so I'll still just say I *think* there might be something a little fishy about this video. Maybe.

Zaibach said:

Yeah? PROVE IT!!

Crappy day

FOX's take on border separations

ChaosEngine says...

Let’s pretend for a second, this policy was also enforced by Obama’s administration (it looks like it wasn’t, but for the sake of argument).

It was an appalling thing to do and Obama should be ashamed. There. Happy now?

Now we all agree that it’s a fucking disgrace and whoever did/does it is a bad person.

Can we stop excusing the asshole who’s doing it right now?

Crappy day

John Oliver - Family Separation

Soccer Drifting

Crappy day

Ozzy Man Reviews Best Gymnastics Routine

Why isn’t Walt Disney World swarming with mosquitoes?

New Rule: #BlueToo | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Rachel Maddow breaks down .. report on 'tender age' shelters

BSR says...

She apologized on Twitter:

Ugh, I'm sorry.

If nothing else, it is my job to actually be able to speak while I'm on TV.

What I was trying to do -- when I suddenly couldn't say/do anything -- was read this lede:

My tweet to her was:

What you were doing was communicating without words.

Rachel Maddow breaks down .. report on 'tender age' shelters


Soccer Drifting

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