"While You Were Sleeping"

Metal Snow Shoveling

Shocked swimmer is attacked by two swans forcing him to hide

Farmer Was Sick Of People Parking On His Land

dedstick says...

When I hear the easily recognizable voice of the narator on this video I immediately turn it off. It seems every site that uses this narator has the same M.O. Lots of non relevant or misleading stock photos and endlessly bloated verbiage. I guess they are trying to match the YouTube algorithm for optimal video length? I find it quite annoying.

vil said:

20 second video re-cut to 6:20

The actual video is 2:31 to 2:51 with, granted, one or two nice photographs later on.

The Declaration and Defunding

50 cal ricochet close and personal

BSR says...

A snuff film, or snuff movie, is "a movie in a purported genre of movies in which a person is actually murdered or commits suicide.

It may or may not be made for financial gain, but is supposedly "circulated amongst a jaded few for the purpose of entertainment".[1]

Some filmed records of executions and murders exist, but in those cases, the death was not specifically staged for financial gain or entertainment.[2]


newtboy said:

Wow, millimeters from being a snuff film.

Speed Painting 60 • Submachine • Digitalization


Shocked swimmer is attacked by two swans forcing him to hide

Shocked swimmer is attacked by two swans forcing him to hide

Mad World-Pentatonix

Khufu says...

What? the original 'gave it a sad tone', it's a ridiculously sad song in a minor key, there's now way around that:)
The Gary Jules version just slowed the tempo a bit, which this version copied.

spawnflagger said:

...it was the first to give it a sad tone- that I know of

50 cal ricochet close and personal

newtboy says...

Wow, millimeters from being a snuff film.

This is why backboards are angled with the top closer to the shooter in proper ranges, ricochets are deflected towards the ground, not back at the shooter, and not randomly up and away.


Allassonic/Hot Chocolate Effect

newtboy says...

Works with most hot liquids with powders, I think I first noticed it in a mug of instant hot cider......


The hot chocolate effect, also known as the allassonic effect, is a phenomenon of wave mechanics first documented in 1982 by Frank Crawford, where the pitch heard from tapping a cup of hot liquid rises after the addition of a soluble powder. It was first observed in the making of hot chocolate or instant coffee, but also occurs in other situations such as adding salt to supersaturated hot water or cold beer. Recent research has found many more substances which create the effect, even in initially non-supersaturated liquids.
It can be observed by pouring hot milk into a mug, stirring in chocolate powder, and tapping the bottom of the mug with a spoon while the milk is still in motion. The pitch of the taps will increase progressively with no relation to the speed or force of tapping. Subsequent stirring of the same solution (without adding more chocolate powder) will gradually decrease the pitch again, followed by another increase. This process can be repeated a number of times, until equilibrium has been reached. Upon initial stirring, entrained gas bubbles reduce the speed of sound in the liquid, lowering the frequency. As the bubbles clear, sound travels faster in the liquid and the frequency increases

50 cal ricochet close and personal

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