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How powerful assault-style rifles lead to devastating wounds

newtboy says...

Rimfire is typically .22 and smaller, definitely not for assault weapons.


Edit: now I see, you misquoted them. I just now had a chance to watch the video and had replied based solely on your misquote in your comment. You're correct that single shot, semi auto, and full auto have nothing to do with projectile speed, but including rimfire ammo is misleading.

harlequinn said:

Good video. But...

"The speed of an assault weapon is substantially higher than the speed of a handgun".

No. The velocity of the projectile from a centerfire rifle is generally much higher than that of a centerfire pistol. It does not matter if the rifle is semi-automatic or not. The velocity of the projectile from a rimfire rifle is also generally much higher than that of a centerfire pistol. But rimfire rifles have very low projectile weights and deliver substantially less energy, have substantially less momentum, have generally smaller projectile diameters, and hence are much less lethal than centerfire pistols.

Some projectiles are designed to tumble. Most projectiles for disrupting flesh are designed to flatten out (and not fragment).

Anatomy of a Bee - Objectivity #154

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How Easy it is to Buy a AR-15 in South Carolina

newtboy says...

Private background checks is full of privacy, communication, and liability issues, true, but that could be solved in various ways.
In gun store private sales, that's how California does it.
Does it stop all criminal sales? Clearly not. Does it minimize them and hold illegal sellers who ignore the law accountable for what others do with the guns they illegally sold, making illegally selling a criminal your gun insane? Yes.
If it was the law nation wide, would it severely curtail the illicit gun trade, and have a positive impact on gun crime rates? Absolutely, zero question.
Would it stop it altogether? Duh, no, no law is a panacea, the death penalty doesn't stop all murders, but it definitely stops most. That is not how law works. No law has EVER stopped the crimes they regulate altogether except those that legalize the crime out of legal marijuana eradicated illegal pot smokers completely.

harlequinn said:

Not being able to check the background status of a potential buyer obviously makes background checks largely ineffective. Stupid? Yes. Insane? No.

The obvious solution is to require local gun shops to facilitate all sales. They will run the background check and take a small fee for this work. They can also hold guns and ammunition in escrow to protect both parties in a transaction.

But the next question is, will this stop criminal or crazy people from getting a gun?...

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