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South Park | New Israel ROCKS!

funniest punchline on QI

Lunar Module Costume: Lunar Lander and Astronaut

The Reason Why Male Ducks Don't Quack

Bangarang by pogo

"Bangarang" - Skrillex, 2019 Halloween Light Show

Believe in yourself

Toddler swing analysis at the Houston Open

Mad Heidi - Trailer

Zawash says...

@lucky760 - something odd happened when I tried to follow that Wilhelm link the first time - I got an alert about a non secure certificate and then got a redirect to a file:// link - could the Sift be hacked?

siftbot said:

Adding video to channels (Wilhelm) - requested by newtboy.

Engineering Student Builds Exoskeleton Dinosaur Costume

Anna Trailer - Luc Besson

Zawash jokingly says...

They sent him a mail - still no reply. Strange, that.
Edit: Why did I believe that Trent had died? Note to self: First drink enough coffee - then post. That order.

moonsammy said:

Given the logo, they really screwed up not having Trent Reznor do the soundtrack.

Anna Trailer - Luc Besson

Anna Trailer - Luc Besson

Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way

Why were there missing rungs on the Lunar Lander’s Ladder?

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