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bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

JiggaJonson says...

So you survived the vaccination?

Someone should tell your friends that they're being misled and misinformed.

I got my booster 2 days ago. You know, it's weird. I haven't been to a single funeral for someone who has been vaccinated. I been to 4 for people that died of covid. Isn't that weird?

Misinformation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

JiggaJonson says...

*quality *doublepromote

And if you haven't seen it

Coincidentally, this is one of the sites i used to regular prior to social media and widespread smartphone use. I think taht's why I keep it on my regular loaded tabs. Can't find all of my comments because of siftpocalypse or siftmageddon or whatever we called it when the servers went poof~! Ive lost a hard drive or two in my day. Rough stuff.

Speaking of which, we should make an effort to revive this site and get some more sifters sifting. We do have something unique here, something I miss from record stores and Blockbuster, actual human curators of content.

actual human curators of content
^ we don't have algorythms, we have voting
We don't have bots, we have people

I, for one, am sick of over-monetized-bullshit that all sounds the same constantly being shoved in my face, so i end up here. Maybe some of us are still affected by the crazy propaganda bug, +cough cough+ but the debates look closer to an actual townhall than one infected with too much nonsense for its own good.

Perhaps this would be better in a sift talk post. :-p

What did Reagan think about the right to vote?

JiggaJonson says...

He ignores me too! :-p @bobknight33

He's just a Russian troll, sent here to undermine democracy while saying he's saving it. Why else would he demand that we do things proven to limit access to voting and then claim he's for voting rights?

Unlike his claims, ask and I'll share proof. (but right now im off to work)

eoe said:

@newtboy, it always entertains me when @bobknight33 responds to everyone but you.

So this float showed up at the Popcorn festival/ parade

JiggaJonson says...

I understand. I see what you mean about the gallows, but in that case I can see clearly they are intending to celebrate or memorialize the attackers; they say as much themselves. I just don't personally believe they had negative or similar intentions in Valparaiso, IN when conceiving the float.

I'll agree that something isn't going well when half of everyone who sees it is like 'wtf' and the message isn't clear. I just don't think they ever meant it that way. :-p

newtboy said:

@JiggaJonson I agree yesterday was definitely celebrating an attack against America, but I think the same could reasonably said of a float depicting the capitol smashed and ransacked, covered with with stop the steal graffiti, and with a gallows out front, which I think is more analogous. If they excused that by saying it's intended to memorialize the dead officers, I think that excuse would seem ridiculous and hollow....but that's just, like, my opinion, man.

So this float showed up at the Popcorn festival/ parade

JiggaJonson says...

@newtboy After the thankfully uneventful rally in Washington yesterday, it occurred to me; THAT is like celebrating the attack. The buildings on fire aren't celebrating the hijackers. The rally, however, is cheering on those who attacked or would attack the US Capitol.

So this float showed up at the Popcorn festival/ parade

JiggaJonson says...

@newtboy perhaps they shouldn't have used the word "parade"

If this were part of a "Memorial Procession," that might i think change a lot of minds about it.

Do you see what i mean about other war memorials though?

So this float showed up at the Popcorn festival/ parade

JiggaJonson says...

a few more

Am I missing something here? I always thought memorials were supposed to be sad or solemn. To @noims point of humor, I don't see any attempt at humor here. Just a low budget float without an art director.

Speaking of dark humor though, it's not as though the Kawani's are doing their thing with their go carts dressed up as 747 planes pretending to crash into the float.

I ask genuinely, why are the tortured figures in the holocaust memorials not being derided as "celebrating their torture" ?

How is depicting a wounded person different than a wounded building in terms of war memorial creation?
(not the diff btween a building and a person) just the bit about why it's suddenly offensive to show something that was attacked.

So this float showed up at the Popcorn festival/ parade

JiggaJonson says...

Im unsure how I feel about this so far. I get that "celebrating the attack" = bad. But it was meant as a memorial, I've never been to a pleasant memorial, and some of them do show people being attacked.

I'm not sure exactly what is in bad taste about this. I see many war memorials where soldiers have either been attacked or in the middle of being attacked. I don't see the distinction between the buildings and the soldiers.

newtboy said:

The "someone" who thought this was a good idea is the Valparaiso GOP.
Asked for comment on the backlash, the chairman said "I think we hit it spot on", "they all liked it".
Talk about tone deaf. You hit the towers spot on, eh? That's definitely what your float is about.

This seems a lot more like celebrating the attack than remembering the victims.

12K Illegal Immigrants Live Under Bridge In Del Rio, Taxes

JiggaJonson says...

They're not "illegal immigrants" if they're refugees. Refugees are leaving another country seeing refuge because they are in danger. It's a legal (hence, not illegal) policy adopted by the united states post WWII because we decided after the fact that we didnt take in enough jewish refugees seeking asylum before the holocaust.

Simply calling these people illegal flies in the face of US law. You, sir, are being anti-American when you falsely claim something is illegal when that is simply not the case.

And how exactly is it Biden's fault that there was a crazy hurricane that hit Haiti following a deadly attack on their president?

newtboy (Member Profile)

The attempted US coup

JiggaJonson says...

America without its institutions and laws is just dirt that people are standing on.

Joe Biden doesn't hate the institutions of the USA. He doesn't talk about them in broad strokes in every speech he gives in a negative way. He seems to recognize that 1/2 of the country doesn't like him, more or less, but doesn't talk about those fellow Americans like they are enemies of the USA.

By contrast, all the "can't trust the government" types, including the previous president, are saying in essence things that are fundamentally anti American. Which is not to say no oversight is needed, but oversight and regulation to stop power from running amuck are different and distinct compared to dissolving those institutions or hobbling them in favor of more centralized power in the executive branch.

Biden is delegating power across government bodies and institutions, rather than concentrating it on himself.

And he doesn't rage tweet at all hours of the day and night every fucking moment he has a plucky idea. Just look at the sheer volume of tweets that poured out of that monster

Almost like one guy is doing his actual job and one guy is literally sitting on his phone and watching TV all day.

And one guy seems to like America and working for the government and one guy cheers every time there's bad news.

TangledThorns said:

Democrats put more troops into DC than Kabul when it fell last month. Proves Democrats fear conservatives more than Jihadis murdering our American troops.

Biden is a potato. Change my mind.

Why I Give Abortions

Why I Give Abortions

Cathie Wood 1700% Tesla & EV Growth WRECKS Legacy Auto

JiggaJonson says...

Don't get me wrong, I want all electric vehicles on our roads; but your lord and savior made it harder to buy Teslas by allowing the tax credit to expire during his term

"Tesla vehicles purchased after 12/31/2019 are not eligible for these tax credits."

Hmmm who was president in 2019? Dunno. Dems are working on a plan to restore the credit to Tesla and GM, but I assume it'll be killed by McConnel and Manchin

Even WITH the tax credit, it's a hard buy for most of us. I just finished paying off my first new car @ about $25k, but I DO make trips longer than 250 miles in a day somewhat regularly. So even the $40k model wouldn't do for me. $52,000 is simply out of my price range. Shit, even 40k is too much for me. SHIT even 35k is too much for a person without a car payment as of a few months ago. No thanks.

I'm gonna ride this car until the wheels fall off, I get 43mpg and I'm satisfied with that.

Tesla stock meanwhile seems to vary wildly. Go get some boring mutual funds brother. Easy come easy go, they say.

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