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Venus flytrap catches yellow jackets

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Terrible Judge & a Liar...

JiggaJonson says...


Had he ever blacked out

"Yeah, I know you are talking about black out, I don't know, have you?" - Brett Kavanaugh

^Doesn't sound 100% certain to me

If he was blacked out, it's certainly possible he simply doesn't remember the incident.

CNN ratings, credibility falling

How it's Made - Fisher Space Pen

How it's Made - Fisher Space Pen

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

'I can think of nothing more American': Beto O’Rourke

The Mueller Investigation Is Not A Witch Hunt

The Mueller Investigation Is Not A Witch Hunt

JiggaJonson says...

But... He wasn't considered a great national figure. He was considered to be a "rich bc he fucked people over constantly" con man who seemed to have less money than he claimed to have.

Do you wish you had attended Trump University? If you said you "graduated" (in quotes because students were not graded" from Trump University, would people take you seriously if you put that on a resume? Would you let someone who graduated from Trump University handle your own finances, knowing they had an education from said school alone?

I don't think so. And that's the crux of all of this. That fake University is the model on which his entire business is built. Say you're giving them the best the biggest and give them something that looks flashy; you'll net a bunch of fools without any good sense of what they're getting into, but pull back the curtain and is the cheapest X Y Z they could sell you at that price.

Similarly, his politics are all one guffaw after another.

Nuclear disarmament from North Korea! Holly shit! Awesome! Ftw! Oh... Wait... You don't have a detailed agreement... What do you mean the word "Denuclearization" doesn't mean the same thing in Korean as in English? Oh, it means they will give up all their nukes because they won't need them anymore because we will get rid of all of ours as well? It's is a made up term from the 90's ???

Wait, they still have all their nukes and are continuing to produce more? But we had a coin made and everything! And we signed that thing! How could they still be making nukes? We signed a half assed contact! He agreed to my terms that he should agree to keep his nukes until he feels like getting rid of them!

It's just Trump University in nuclear disarmament form. It's a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance. Celebration for celebrations/political sake without any substance. That's why I'm not surprised that they are still producing nuclear weapons and the dumbasses who voted for this assclown are.

bobknight33 said:

Nope just buying what the news is selling.

Trump was a great nation figure till the day he decided to run then nothing but shit Trump this Shit Trump that. Kind of odd.

The Mueller Investigation Is Not A Witch Hunt

Nut Milking EXPOSED!

Nut Milking EXPOSED!

JiggaJonson says...

Think about news stories of people putting their babies on vegan diets.

People are genuinely confused and think "nut milk = just as good as regular milk" vegan "meat" should be good enough for my baby to grow up healthy.

The mistakes like this are tragic, and simply refining the definitions so a doctor can say "Your baby needs X, not Y," is what's taking place.

It may seem trivial, but there are pleanty of examples of people who seem confused enough

Nut Milking EXPOSED!

JiggaJonson says...

Well, there was a fight over the definition of butter too, but not what you described.

I think the biggest difference is the possibility that the public could confuse one product for another.

The public uses nut milk as a substitute for animal milk, you put it on cereal, in shakes, dunk cookies in it, etc. It's a white liquid that differs in taste, but is made to be close to animal milk.

The fight over "butter" as a definition happened between butter and margerine. The butter people, at one point even lobbied for a law making it so magerine could not be sold in the color yellow. It makes sense to some degree. They are similar products. They are used in almost identical application.

It's probably the case that nothing like that happened with peanut butter because it's not close enough to regular butter to be confused as churned milk fat.

One could argue that people may put peanut butter on toast with jelly with their breakfast, possibly; but they'd know what product they are using. No one would try to put a dollop of apple or peanut butter in a pan to fry up some eggs. They are night and day different products and it's not as though one would be confused about what you were getting into with the purchase of apple butter instead of butter.

Whereas milk vs almond milk seem similar enough, and butter and margerine are similar enough and both used the same; the FDA then decided that a distinction should be made.

Nut Milking EXPOSED!

JiggaJonson says...

I think it's fair for the dairy industry to lobby for this. It's an argument of definition.

You make almond milk basically by taking almonds and blending them up with water then straining.

They could call it "milk-substitute" perhaps. Point being, it's not the same thing as milk from a cow.

Peanut butter went through a similar episode in history when Jif added a bunch of crap that wasn't peanuts to its mix.

"Jif, in an effort to overtake Skippy and Peter Pan, added sweeteners and reduced their actual peanut content to improve the flavor and increase the profit margin. According to a lab study (granted, by a lab run by Skippy’s parent company, Best Foods), Jif peanut butter contained 25 percent hydrogenated oil and only 75 percent actual peanuts. This greatly concerned the FDA and other consumer groups."

Today, you can't call a product "peanut butter" unless it's made of at least 90 percent ground up peanuts. Otherwise it has to be labeled "peanut-spread."

See also: Pringles are not "chips" they are "potato-crisps"

Male Sexual Abuse Isn't Funny | Full Frontal

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