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MAGA kids Full video(1h40m of context)

JiggaJonson says...

Far as I can tell, the action starts around timestamp 1:12:25

Watch the sidewalk where the native American man is standing; he does approach the crowd, but there's two squares between him and the crowd.

At 1:12:55, the MAGA hats have closed the gap between the two groups. The native American man is still standing in the same square of concrete, but now he's got a crowd of young men around him jeering and jumping.

I suppose this does belong in the Lies channel, but let's be clear about who seems to be distorting what's happening here:

^in this instance, the Fox news organization uses the headline "New video raises question about confrontation between students, Native Americans"

The operative word here is "confrontation" defines the verb

Yes the man approached the crowd, but there was room to avoid the interaction. He did head in their direction, but I'd liken it to what I used to witness in college when one drunk guy was yelling at another across a busy road (we used to drink outdoors and wait for the food trucks/vendors to arrive).

If one man was yelling at another, it was easy to shrug off and enjoy the entertainment. If both were yelling, it was close to the same, entertaining, maybe more attention grabbing because you could hear the back and forth and wonder what they were talking about. However.

It didn't become what one would describe as a confrontation until one side came to actually meet the other and close the gap between them.

They both had permits for protesting in the area, as far as I'm concerned, the native american man has just as much a right to protest them as he does anything else. Leaving the space between the two groups is not the beginning of what a confrontation is. When the crowd closes the gap without him advancing, THAT is when you could call it a confrontation.

Was he antagonizing? Of course! that's what protesters do. Did he confront them? No, they closed the gap and proceeded to surround him.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

Economy is Great for Billionaires, Bad for Working People

JiggaJonson says...

The full effect of those tax "cuts" are yet to be realized. This year is going to be the biggest tax return I get, followed by 4 years of returning to previous levels.

Then every year after that for the next 5 years most Americans will have a tax increase. Maybe after that, you can accurately judge the numbers. Not to mention the trade war and government shut down hurdling us towards a recession.

Spare me and the rest of us the "fend for myself" bullshit unless you plan on living off of the land up in the woods somewhere.

Did you attend a public school?
Do you pave the street you live on?
Do you call the police or the fire department during emergencies?
Do you follow food safety recalls issued by the FDA?
Do you chemically test any Western medicine you take for chemical purity?
Or do you rely on the government to do that stuff for you?

I can give you the locations of some abandoned mining towns if you'd like to go actually fend for yourself. The property there is cheap. I doubt anyone's done soil tests for pollution but that's okay, I know you can take care of yourself so you'll know what to do.

bobknight33 said:

True Trump did not directly create jobs.

Under his reign the Government did cut tax rates of business that create jobs And Government regulations that enabled business to to grow and create jobs easier.

Economy is Great for Billionaires, Bad for Working People

Economy is Great for Billionaires, Bad for Working People

JiggaJonson says...

Hard to say that he is the one responsible for job creation directly.

Easier to say that he is undermining democracy now. I'll have to dig through your comment word salad for "no collusion" talking points. The truth is coming out.

bobknight33 said:

POTUS is delivering jobs. MEGA 2020
Bernie is a clown. Foolishly idealistic even delusional in reality.

Trump to Give Primetime Address on the Shutdown

JiggaJonson says...

You know he can't use that right? Whoever gave money to this gofundme is an idiot.

Can't give the money to him directly.
Can't give the money to the gov. directly.
Can't just go start building a wall themselves.

All that's going to happen is someone who wanted to take advantage of a bunch of white supremacist idiots is going to laugh and ride off with a bunch of their money in another gofundme scam.

Am I wrong?

PLEASE explain EXACTLY how this money changes hands so it ends up being spent on some kind of boarder wall. Keep in mind congress has the power of the purse.

EDIT ---------

Whoops, I thought this was the gofundme for the boarder wall itself...not for

BSR said:

$160,635 of $100.0M goal as of 1-8-19 @ 6:20 PM

She Uses What Hospitals Waste to Save Lives

JiggaJonson says...

This has been on my home page for 2 months. I'd like to share it with everyone else again. I'll keep promoting it until I get some new videos.

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas (Sift Talk Post)

Cohen Sentenced; Trump's Shutdown Threat: A Closer Look

Cohen Sentenced; Trump's Shutdown Threat: A Closer Look

JiggaJonson says...


I'd also point to the Hot Coffee case as THE clearest example of tort reform propaganda that I'm aware of.

McDonald's had hundreds of burn complaints and it was their policy to keep the coffee at scalding temps to stop old people from drinking it too fast (they have to wait for it to cool) when they meet for their morning Blue Haired Neighborhood Committee meetings.

THEN this woman got burned. She only sued for the cost of her medical expenses, the jury awarded the extras for pain and suffering (she couldn't walk without a limp after when she was a spry tennis-playing old lady prior).



Cohen Sentenced; Trump's Shutdown Threat: A Closer Look

JiggaJonson says...

I'm always unsure why people seem to have a problem with this. I suspect it's tort-reform-propaganda at work.

The amount of civil cases filed, aka access to the court system by the general public, should be considered an integral part of a healthy democracy.

"How often plaintiffs sue will also turn on the predictability
of the courts. Recall the standard model of litigation and settlement.

Litigation is more expensive than settlement, so disputants do best if they settle their quarrels out of court, all else equal. Suppose they know what a court will do. If so, they can settle their dispute by that expected litigated outcome and pocket the fees they would otherwise have paid their lawyers. The point is simple: if they know what a judge will do, they have no reason to ask him. Under this model, disputants primarily litigate rather than settle only when they each hold optimistic estimates of their prospects in court."

"Coffee spills, Pokemon class actions, tobacc o settlements. American courts have made a name for themselves as a wild lo ttery and a money machine for a lucky few lawyers. At least in part, however, the reput ation is unfounded. Ameri can courts seem to handle routine contract and to rt disputes as well as th eir peers in other wealthy democracies.

More generally, Americans do not file an unusually high numb er of law suits. They do not employ large numbers of judges or lawyers. They do not pay more than people in comparable countries to enforce contracts. And they do not pay unusually high prices for insurance against routine torts. "

Ginrummy33 said:

"We are a nation of law"yers.

Prosecutors Say Donald Trump Committed a Crime

Why Louisiana Stays Poor

38 year old woman has 44 children

JiggaJonson says...

Yeah, we have it much better here

"last October, a 58-year-old woman died of cardiac arrest on the warehouse floor after complaining to colleagues that she felt sick, according to a police report and current and former XPO employees. In Facebook posts at the time and in recent interviews, employees said supervisors told them to keep working as the woman lay dead.

If companies “treat their nonpregnant employees terribly, they have every right to treat their pregnant employees terribly as well,” said Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, who has pushed for stronger federal protections for expecting mothers."

At this plant 5 pregnant women had miscarriages in 2 months time. So yeah I guess it could be worse. I'm sure Judge "You should have died in your truck" Gorsich will vote to improve worker conditions before we go full Upton Sinclair. *eyeroll*

Meanwhile. My sister-in-law's school ran out of paper. She's buying her own to make copies and there's still 1/2 a year left. Maybe Trump can barter for some from mother-Russia made out of asbestos.

bobknight33 said:

No social welfare?

If she can do it Why can't Americans.

Steve Schmidt on Trump 'Stoking And Inciting' Worst Among Us

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