Weekly Achievements for 04Feb18 thru 10Feb18

#1 Video

The Blue Marble by WKB

Foreigner Surprising Indians with Hindi (Smiles Galore) by Buck

Drowning puppy shows pure joy after rescue by Mordhaus

Do It The Right Way! by Mordhaus

Deadpool - Meet Cable by RFlagg

Tractor Hacking: Farmers Breaking Big Tech's Repair Monopoly by lurgee

Top 15 Videos

Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock by Mordhaus reached #2
What's in Lichen? How Scientists Got It Wrong for 150 Years by oritteropo reached #2
Natalie's Rap 2.0 (Uncensored Version) by Mordhaus reached #2
Curiosity at Martian Scenic Overlook by nanrod reached #2
Rachel Parris' take on Piers Morgan's interview with Trump by lurgee reached #2
Bitcoin | Rick and Morty by Mordhaus reached #2
Han Solo movie trailer by lv_hunter reached #3
Falcon Heavy Test Flight (Live and Recorded) by ant reached #3
So THAT'S why power companies are supposed to trim trees by SFOGuy reached #3
Bill Burr Got In Trouble For Making Fun Of The Military by Mordhaus reached #3
What MLK actually said about cars and advertising (Dodge) by SFOGuy reached #3
Jim Jefferies Crazy Interview on Israeli Talk Show by nanrod reached #3
The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch by oritteropo reached #3
Teacher Gives Fake Spelling Test as April Fools Prank by Mordhaus reached #3
Why Alien Life Would be our Doom | Kurzgesagt by Mordhaus reached #3
Live Views of Starman by Buck reached #4
Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Trailer by RFlagg reached #4
Every Best Visual Effects Winner (1929-2018 Oscars) by Mordhaus reached #4
Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration by simonm reached #4
Showing a funny video to your friend and they don't get it by Mordhaus reached #5
Bringing a Morgan to a Morgan fight... by Payback reached #5
Patrick Stewart Looks Further Into His Dad's Shell Shock by Mordhaus reached #5
Falcon Heavy Landing 2/6/2018 by ant reached #6
Meow by Mordhaus reached #6
Keyboard in Acetone - satisfying timelapse by Zawash reached #7
Weirdest Dakar car ever? Two-engined 2CV! by oritteropo reached #7
The Pinball Doctors: The Last Arcade Technicians in NYC by lurgee reached #7
Timmy's Dying Wish by Mordhaus reached #8
Vox: Why do taxpayers pay billions for football stadiums? by ant reached #8
"NFL 2018" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL by ant reached #8
Super Bowl 2018 Tide Ad by SDGundamX reached #8
Rainbow Ice. But not really a rainbow.... by bareboards2 reached #8
Best pirate I've ever seen by Mordhaus reached #8
Launch Of Elon Musk's $250,000 Tesla Into Space 2/6/18 LIVE by BSR reached #8
The Simpsons - SJWs at Yale by ulysses1904 reached #8
Westworld Season 2 - Official Super Bowl Ad by RFlagg reached #8
Trump Uses Nunes Memo to Attack Russia Probe: A Closer Look by simonm reached #9
Test firing a custom 4 gauge shotgun by Mordhaus reached #9
Building A Dining Table, Start To Finish! by oritteropo reached #9
John Green discusses Sawdust Bread by oritteropo reached #9
What it Feels Like to Fly Off a Mountain by oritteropo reached #9
Fallon updates "Times They Are A Changing" by bareboards2 reached #10
Rango: The Spirit of the West by notarobot reached #10
Emotional support Peacock turned away by United Airlines by C-note reached #10
Bird Bonanza by Mordhaus reached #10
Orca Say Bye Bye by bareboards2 reached #10
Lion asking dog for forgiveness by Mordhaus reached #10
2099 Opening Reboot by C-note reached #11
Man Realizes He's 98 by WKB reached #11
VENOM Official Trailer (2018) Tom Hardy Superhero Movie HD by newtboy reached #12
Eli Manning Dirty Dances the Touchdown Celebration by bareboards2 reached #15

Top Comments

Possible, but I don't really think so. I think that... by MilkmanDan (12 votes)
For people unfamiliar with "gauge": 4(12) gauge basically... by radx (9 votes)
Elwood knows how to deal with Illinois Nazis. ... by newtboy (8 votes)
I'll just leave this here... by eric3579 (6 votes)
Noice.... by newtboy (5 votes)

Most Votes Cast

The Blue Marble by WKB (44 votes)
Deadpool - Meet Cable by RFlagg (40 votes)
Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock by Mordhaus (36 votes)
Do It The Right Way! by Mordhaus (35 votes)
Drowning puppy shows pure joy after rescue by Mordhaus (32 votes)

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