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oritteropo says...

Which non countries? I only noticed a few ex countries, like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.... which would be the out-of-dateness that you mentioned too.

nanrod said:

I wouldn't hold thid up as a great educational source due to the number of non-countries included and the 2 dozen or so countries not included. All in the interests of rhyming and rhythm I'm sure. And of course, it's 20 years out of date.

PlayhousePals says...

I could not agree more! Thank you for the thoughtful comment nanrod

nanrod said:

When I watch videos like this, the first thing I think of (other than how beautiful the earth is) is how thin is the layer of air that all 7 billion of us live in and rely upon to sustain us. And how stupid it is for anybody to think that our activities couldn't possibly have any effect on it.

siftbot says...

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