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Real Name: Mike
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A nice guy, trapped in a world he doesn't know, trying to save the universe. It's pretty accurate actually.

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siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 5 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

enoch says...

right on brother.
i never could get into hunting.
i always wanted to make them a pet instead of killing,gutting,skinning then eating.
totally grossed me out.

Buck said:

Points for the excellent post but somehow I feel like you called me a pansy...jerk.

carnivorous says...

Buck, I am not a vegetarian and as I stated previously in the thread, I am not opposed to hunting for the purpose of food. Perhaps you didn't catch my sarcasm, but that last comment was meant as a joke. I also agree with you completely about factory farming being a miserable life for an animal. My issue is with the addiction to violence. Once a person has become accustomed to not feeling remorse for causing pain and suffering, it causes them to be less empathetic towards human beings. In school, violence is not tolerated and yet at home, parents are teaching children how to kill. Does this not worry you? As shang said, it becomes much like a videogame. Not to mention that when a person takes delight in killing animals, it is a possible warning sign of a psychopathic personality disorder. An addiction to that sort of violent behaviour is a problem in my book and I sure as hell wouldn't be sending my child over to shang's house to play with his kids.

Buck said:

You ARE a vegetarian and your name is meant to be irony? yes?

If you do eat meat, look at some factory farming videos....THAT is horriffic treatment of animals.

siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 25 stars, earning you status of Bronze Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

pumkinandstorm says...

You're welcome! It's sifted I'm happy to see! I was interested to hear people's thoughts about it.

I haven't seen you around for a while. I hope everything is good with you...and your dogs.

Buck said:

Thanks Punkin!!

People on here don't like strong differing opinions so I doubt this will garner much attention though.....could be wrong though.

pumkinandstorm says...

In reply to this comment by Buck:
My two dogs love each other and groom each other like your video, cool beans! Animals rule!

edit: not sure how I found that video but it's cool!!

Isn't it great when pets get along? I just got a new cat, he seems to be fitting right in also!!! Lovefest!

I think you're talking about my avatar - when you click on it somehow you can see that little videoclip. I think only people with charter membership can do it though. I guess you can't put your dogs on yours!

TheSluiceGate says...

In reply to this comment by Buck:
In reply to this comment by TheSluiceGate:
Hey buck, are you government sponsored, or do the family pay for your services?
Just interested as here in Ireland I personally know a person with an autistic son that, in the future, will likely have to quit their job to look after them once they become an adult.

In reply to this comment by Buck:
I do this for a living too!! These guys are so cool, smart and can often do amazing things that you or I can't.


Hi, I work for an agency (in Ontario, Canada) that is mostly funded by the government but also has fundraisers through out the year. I love where I work, they really care about their staff and in turn the staff care about the individuals we support...really a great place.

Now the sucky thing is the Gov. just changed the way and length of support for all new clients. Much shorter support times and long wait lists.

I work in the community side of things and try to get the guys out and about doing whatever they like to do. There is also a residential side to my agency that is a bit different in function but essentially they are group homes where staff help the clients live daily.

Another avenue is private respite, our gov. gives a bit of money to familys that need this break, and they hire someone they like to work with their child.

Ageing parents are a problem too, we have wait lists years long for group homes.

I have a co worker with a son just diagnosed...she may have to quite her job too, but the school system here is slowly helping more than hindering things so there would be daytime breaks for her, only till her child is 21 then he is on his own as it were, thats where agencys and private individuals like my agency come into play helping them find jobs or volunteer positions in the community.

everyone deserves a chance to live to their fullest potential, we try to help with that.

any questions fire away.

Hey thanks for reply - in many ways not to dis-similar to Ireland: yeah your kind of fucked as an autistic person when you leave school (on the lower functioning end of the spectrum anyway) and daycare and respite are pretty rare commodities here too, unless you've got serious money to put up.

Keep up the good work!

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