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radx says...

Glen Ford: Apocalypse Hillary

"The Trump campaign is in its death throes, and Hillary cannot be stopped. But she can be slowed down in her rush to war. Those “progressives” that were resigned to cast their vote for Hillary out of fear of Trump have no reason to tremble at the prospect of an orange presidency. Rather, they should be terrified of Hillary Clinton getting the kind of landslide that she will interpret as a mandate for war with Russia – a war in defense of al-Qaida in Syria."

kronosposeidon says...

Glad you like it, because Wonder Woman is the bomb. I can't wait til her movie comes out next summer. I'm a comic nerd, so these things are important to me. And I watch anime too. Don't judge me.

lurgee said:

Thanks! I really dig the Wonder Woman pic.

kronosposeidon says...

A couple of times over the years when I'd been bullshitting with my coworkers and one of them started teasing me about whatever nonsense, I said something like "Let it go, dude. You've rung me out too, too, too many times." Nobody ever got it But to be fair it's really not funny or even clever, even if you get it. Just trying to make a tiny connection with a kindred spirit, but all I get are confused looks and awkward silence. Thug life.

lurgee said:

You are welcome. It is a cool video and the tune gets stuck in my head often. "All mixed up in the wash
Hot water bleeding our colors".

siftbot says...

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