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Real Name: George Wolfeshlegesteinhausenbergerhaupstadt
Channel: Gustatorium
A little about me...
'Appeasing any and all assholes' emotionally-charged bullshit since the beginning of this experiment and still relatively cheerful.'

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Email: Obfuscated, for cunt's sake
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Comments to chingalera

chicchorea says...

choggie BANNED AGAIN, Clive, DIG MAN, your own grave with your mouth. Come back soon so we can, do it again. AND IT WILL BE DONE.

Oh,...and, guess whom?

@012815: 372 - 89 / 121 - 379 - 7593 - 586,570

chicchorea says...

...finally right, finally.

You should have let me be. I warned could not hear. You made it...too easy.

...and I am going to grace your profile page(s) with a palette most reflective and befitting your so called art,...your malodorous offal...your own dribbling trail...your own words.

Wait for it....


dag says...

I obviously haven't been following things closely enough these last couple of months, and you obviously can't help yourself.

We've talked this over a lot privately you and I - and I gave you a very clear choice several months ago. You can claim you're being treated unfairly or singled out - and you definitely are being singled out. You've been on probation since you've been back. That probation is now revoked and this account terminated.

chingalera said:

Here's the real swirly.....Two tandem cunts in matching ski-gear downhill on black diamonds forcing the admins they dream will suck their cocks, stuffing my head into a prep-school bathroom toilet unable to defend myself against some shit.
Y'all run with that.

dag says...

Lucky forwarded your "hobble request" to me. Let me just say - ain't gonna happen. Any trouble happening with how you relate to other Sifters will result in your bannination. Yes, this is extreme prejudice - but that's where we are. I would suggest sorting it out yourself in an amicable, polite way - or leaving. Your choice. No more hobble requests.

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