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newtboy says...


No we don't...some, like the president, never punish themselves, that requires empathy and a conscience. Not everyone has those traits.

We had a video of elderly on a seesaw recently that proves wisdom doesn't automatically come with age. ;-)

I'm ahead of the game then...I broke decades ago.


Yes, anger can be an excellent motivator. Focusing that motivation for good, that's the hard part.

Ok, sure, but the voices in my head aren't usually good company.

True, but you have that right. Really, I just like the line, I don't think of it as life instructions, just something funny.

If only we could transform it into electricity, we would be in an energy glut overnight!

If you wait for them to fall, 1/2 are lost to the dark side. It's totally prudent to give them a shove in the right direction while they're still moveable, imo.

BSR said:

Only you can do whatever you are going to do.

Justice shumushtice. We all punish ourselves in one way or another.

With age comes wisdom.

We are all created to break.

Passion can cancel lazy if lazy is a problem. Sometimes you need to be lazy in order to operate a Pawleys Island hammock.

It takes practice and confidence to harness and transform the raw energy that anger brings. Anger in the right hands can be a gift. Anger does have a purpose. Everything has a purpose. If you don't know what the purpose is then you can create a purpose for it.

You don't need to be social. You can be part of a crowd all by yourself. You're right about the marches. I'm with you on that one.

Saying you've got a right to hate is misleading. Hate will slowly destroy you and others if you mishandle it.

You can't get rid of hate. You can only transform it if you choose to.


Don't be looking for those that are on the fence. Those that fall (break) will be looking for you.

newtboy says...

What am I going to do? Honestly, probably little besides offering moral support and trying to convince those on the fence or in areas under siege which side the scales of justice SHOULD tilt towards.
I'm old, broken, lazy, quick to anger, I live in the boondocks, and I'm pretty anti social and hate crowds. Marches are not where I belong.

That's my hate, I've grown it from seed. Why do I have to get rid of it? ;-)
In the words of Petrus T Steel, "this is the United States of America, and you've got a right to hate who you want, so let's start busting heads!" ;-)

BSR said:

OK, lets be clear.

What are you going to do about it? How are you going to get rid of the hate you have for them?

newtboy says...

Let's also be clear, some sparse instances of pleasantries and kindnesses performed on camera while outnumbered 4-1 in no way indicate their violent racist behavior off camera when they have control will change. Most departments have gone the other direction, widening the gap between us and them instead of bridging it. -Newtboy

BSR said:

"Let's be clear. We do not want people to confuse kindness with weakness" -Art Acevedo


newtboy says...

In the dark, wrapped tightly in blankets with twice my body weight sitting on top of me...he now claims it wasn't to torture me but was him trying to help me get over my claustrophobia.
My brother is a dishonest dick.

BSR said:

Damn. Where were you when I needed you?

newtboy says...

My brother tried on me...I quickly said things like "I, Brian (his name), am a moron who eats poop." He didn't find things like that as fun to repeat.

BSR said:

I had sisters that would do this to me all the time.

Me: Stop saying everything I say!
Sister: Stop saying everything I say!
Sister: STOP!
Me: MOM!
Sister: MOM!

newtboy says...

Thanks. I won't spend it all in one place.

Ouch. I hope you have better luck than I did.
I had hernia surgery around 5 years still hurts more than before the surgery, and for years it was unbearable. My surgeon gave me steroid shots in my dick for the pain (YOINKS!) and said if I came back he would suggest I have the nerve killed, no way in hell I was doing that.
I found out recently that my surgeon had brain cancer long before he stopped working. :-0
My best advice, take it easy for longer than they recommend. Reinjuring the site is bad.

BSR said:

Just sent you 10 power points. That should cover your cost plus pain and suffering.

"Keep the Change You Filthy Animal"


You could find out if a Go Fund Me has been set up to reimburse the money cost. If not you could start one to make your point. Who would be the hero then?

EDIT 2: Because I'm a slow thinker.

As you know, I do body recovery. I pick dead people up and put them down.

Had a house call to recover a 425 lb male laying on the floor face down. 2 people are normally dispatched to a house call. Try as we might the man was too heavy to lift onto the lowered gurney which is about 5" above the ground.

To get extra help we can call fire-rescue to assist us because the dead are as entitled to the service as the living.

EDIT 3: as mentioned in EDIT 2:

I just had surgery yesterday for my very first ever HERNIA! I wear it as a badge of honor.

siftbot says...

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