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Cameron McAdoo Insane Crash To Podium

newtboy says...

It's typical in short course racing to restart if there's a red flag (serious/injury crash) on or before lap 1. I would expect that if the driver/rider can get to the starting line before the restart, most circuits would wait a short time for doctors to give the ok or not.

vil said:

Very heartwarming, do they wait for anyone who falls and let them restart? Any concussion protocol rules at all?

The Rünge R2

Cameron McAdoo Insane Crash To Podium

vil says...

Very heartwarming, do they wait for anyone who falls and let them restart? Any concussion protocol rules at all?

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bobknight33 says...

If true then lock him um.

That the difference between me and I look for truth and facts regardless of party or else.

You just blindly see your party.

newtboy said:

Oops....Mat Gaetz's pimp down in Florida, who is cooperating with prosecutors, apparently saved all the encrypted, supposed to disappear in 10 minutes communication he had with Roger Stone where he was attempting to buy a pardon for sex trafficking young women for Republican representatives to rape (because they were under age, any sex with them is rape, they could not consent).
The conversations are about his pardon price, which was $250000 to be paid in bitcoin so it couldn't be traced. Unfortunately for him, Stone told him the pardon was delayed because of the scrutiny after Trump lost the election, and was never produced. (Unknown if he paid the bribe, but it would be typical Trump to take the money and disappear). Unfortunately for Stone and Trump, he took screenshots before the secret communications evaporated.

It is undeniable what they discussed, and it was the outright sale of presidential pardons to cover up sex trafficking children for Republican representatives to rape.

He also wrote a confession letter in preparation for his pardon in which he admitted paying underage women and helping them travel to other states for Republican representatives to have sex with.
More proof that the Trump party is the criminal party of child rapists. Your people.

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Mordhaus says...

No, you are correct. I misread the source I pulled it from.

newtboy said:

TLDW, so if she answered it in the video forgive me, but....
Are you sure it was $120k per year?
According to the Snopes article.....
Since the organization’s inception in 2013, the Foundation said Cullors received compensation totaling $120,000 for work that included serving as spokesperson and engaging in political education. Since 2019, Cullors’ role with the Foundation has been voluntary and unpaid.

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Buttle says...

thanks. I think this is one of the best on youtube.

newtboy said:

I got hooked on this series about 6 months ago and binge watched it from the beginning. It's a great introduction to ship building, and one hell of a project.
It's not exactly right to call it a restoration, there's hardly any of the original wood left in it. I think in the end there's going to be the transom and lead keel left, everything else being replaced including the dozens of huge iron, now polished brass, castings and thousands of custom copper rivets.
*promote a *quality series

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bobknight33 says...

Democrats did dump on trump over this.

JiggaJonson said:

What am I saying, this is all going to be over on November 7th, 2020. Right?

Remember? The fake disease that the democrats made up to make trump look bad? Liberals are insisting that it IS a real disease, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

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bobknight33 says...

Facts checked.

"Seventeen states and DC reported more than
500 cases per 100,000 children.."

"Mortality (44 states and NYC reported)*•Children were 0%-0.8% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 20 states reported zero child deaths"

{{ ie 100 to 99.2% of child covid cased lived}}}

"In states reporting, 0%-0.3% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death.."

{{ ie 100 to 99.7% of child covid cased lived}}}

Facts checked.
KIDS are ok to go to school = also all people under 70 ( unless u have some condition) should go about your business.

Were are at about 5 trillion in payouts to keep kids / people home for 0/03% death rate.

Fake news scared tooooo many people.

JiggaJonson said:

Someone told me you needed a fact check

Here's the information he had available to him at the time

338,982 total child COVID-19 cases (cumulative) have happened
BEFORE he gives this press conference.

Then he explains that kids are "basically immune".


He made the claim so assertively Facebook and Twitter removed it.

So, let's review with a quote from someone who cares about public health.

"Children as a group are clearly less impacted by this virus than adults, but to say they are almost immune does not provide a truthful message," said University of South Florida public health professor Dr. Marissa J. Levine.

"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...
"does not provide a truthful message...

Look, a good rule of thumb, just wait for that social media guy to start ranting, if he says "Fake news!" that's probably true.

If he says "Believe me" that's probably false.


For example:
Donald Trump: (00:42)
Our mortality rate is right now at a level that people don’t talk about, but it’s down tenfold, tenfold. So you look at deaths are way down from this horrible China virus,

Donald Trump: (03:52)
There was only one person that died that was under 18 years old in the state of New Jersey, and that was somebody I guess had a problem with perhaps diabetes or something else. But one person out of thousands of people, one person died who was under 18 years old.

Well, he's saying that in July, the problem with that is in June

So much for only one eh? but don't worry
Here's the current data

Here's how many kids are currently infected as of the most recent data
See? Immune


p.s. roughly 1/2 of every-single-class i teach right now has students who

let me be perfectly clear


(yes really)

Good thing they're immune.

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newtboy says...

Cry it out...lie it out....never let the truth get out.
So sad people like him get the same voice and same voting choice as honest adults.

surfingyt said:

bob's motto: when in doubt, cry it out.

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surfingyt says...

Actually I now see that I replied to the wrong comment. I was attempting to reply to BSR but must have messed up. Sorry for the confusion.

newtboy said:

Yes, I see that.
My point being the training masks don't do a thing for covid beyond training the body to operate with air resistance. It's a big issue, people who don't care about safety ignoring reality to "comply" with mask mandates by wearing fishnet masks or other non filtered front discharge masks, then pretending they don't understand the difference.

I doubt these kids had trained with them anyway, they're more for high level athletes, so in this case they were not especially prepared to compete wearing effective covid masks....but likely neither had their competitors.

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