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Frozen window

eric3579 jokingly says...

Had no idea that was a thing. I blame it on living my entire life in a sunny part of California. I'm ignorant of your cold weather pranks and humor.

newtboy said:

No, it's a thing where people water their windows to make a sheet of ice they can break through that looks like a window...but you need to roll the glass down before sticking your head through...unless you're as hard headed as I am.

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

newtboy says...

To anyone stating 'now is not the time to legislate a solution to a recurring deadly issue we've ignored for decades', now is not the time for you to be a legislator...go home.

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

MilkmanDan says...

Thanks for that link -- really good.

I do think that "the left" is perhaps a bit too focused on specific weapon or accessory types. AR-15's, bump stocks, magazine sizes, etc. It's not completely ridiculous to say that if we banned AR-15's with 20-30 shot magazines, most of these shooters would just move on to the next best thing; maybe a Ruger Mini 14 or something with a 15 shot magazine.

Would that mitigate some of the deadly potential? Sure. Slightly. But it wouldn't prevent things at all, just (slightly) mitigate them. That might be worth doing, but it isn't beneficial enough to be what we should be focusing on.

I think two things could help contribute to prevention. Registration, and Licensing.

Step 1) Anyone who owns or purchases a firearm would be legally required to get it/them registered. Serial numbers (if they exist), etc. Anyway, descriptions of the weapon(s) on file and linked to a registered owner. If a firearm is used in a crime, the registered owner could be partially liable for that crime. Crime resulting in death? Owner subject to charges of negligent manslaughter. Violent crime, but no deaths? Owner subject to charges of conspiracy to commit X. Registered owner finds one or more of their firearms stolen or missing? Report them as such, and your liability could be removed or mitigated. Failure to register a firearm would also carry criminal penalties.

Step 2) Anyone who wants to use a firearm would be legally required to get a license. Licensing requires taking a proficiency and safety test. The initial license would require practical examination (safety and proficiency) at a range. Initial licensing and renewals (every 4 years?) would require passing a written test of knowledge about ownership laws, safety, etc. Just like a driver's license. And just like a driver's license, there could be things that might reasonably preclude your ability to get a license. Felony record? No license for you. Mental health issues? No license for you.

The NRA loves to tout themselves as responsible gun owners. Well, responsible people take responsibility. Remember that one kid in your class back in third grade that talked back to the teacher, so she made you all stay in and read during recess? Yeah, he ruined it for the rest of you. Guess what -- that's happening again. These nutjobs that shoot up schools or into a crowd of civilians are ruining things for the rest of you. We've tried unfettered access and an extremely lax interpretation of the second amendment. It didn't work out well. For evidence, compare the US to any other developed country on Earth.

Guns are a part of American culture, to an extent that taking them away completely would be ... problematic. But there are many, many things between the nothing that we're doing now and that.

ChaosEngine said:

Fuck you, I like guns

John Oliver - Trump vs. The World

ChaosEngine says...

Ok, finally got to watch this, and let me say, on behalf of the rest of the world...

America, are you ok?
Look, we kinda get why you're in this abusive relationship, but it's time to admit it's just not working out.
You don't deserve this shit. You can leave him and we will be here for you. Even if he's being a total psycho, you can come round and crash on at our place until he moves out. We can get pizza! Hell, go back to the last guy... he was good to you.

Frozen window

newtboy says...

No, it's a thing where people water their windows to make a sheet of ice they can break through that looks like a window...but you need to roll the glass down before sticking your head through...unless you're as hard headed as I am.

eric3579 said:

I don't get it. Is she saying she couldn't tell there was something in her way when trying to stick her head out the window?

MasterCard : Priceless

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

Happy 12th Siftiversary (Sift Talk Post)

dag says...

I'm not the kind of man
Who tends to socialize
I seem to lean on
Old familiar ways
And I ain't no fool for love songs
That whisper in my ears
Still crazy after all these years
Oh still crazy after all these years

Jim Jefferies on gun control

Always leave them speechless

newtboy says...

So, do you disagree with his point, or just think people are so outrageously out of control that saying anything anyone might find offensive is asking for trouble? Kind of like any woman not wearing a burka is asking to be raped?
Do you mean you think people have a right to never be offended, and that right trumps the constitutional right to free speech?
You're going to need to explain that one to me.

C-note said:

Her ability to respond thoughtfully at the drop of the hat in no way proves his argument right. The risk he takes when being offensive can in some circumstances lead to his death. But some people are willing to gamble with their life and others because they get off on spreading violence and hatred.

Frozen window

Car hits moose in Colorado.

16 seconds: The Killing of Anita Kurmann

Mordhaus says...

I was hesitant to vote on it but given the length and the fact that it did go into the fact that the driver was never charged, I decided to give it a pass on possibly being snuff.

I do think we need to redefine the snuff rule though. It is very subjective except for a really blatant case.

newtboy said:

Exception to snuff?

Happy 12th Siftiversary (Sift Talk Post)

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