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bareboards2 says...

I actually teared up when I read this.

Yeah, baby.


Payback said:

Especially when they curb stomp the shit out of a stereotype and kick it's ass around the block twice.

worthwords says...

There is no conclusive evidence that Parkinson's is a hereditary

Payback said:

He can play Michael J Fox's batty father now...

Well... he could have before I guess. Just thought I'd make a mindless, asinine analogy.

siftbot says...

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newtboy says...

I thought that was hilarious.
I had to look Godwin up.
Technically I didn't make a comparison but rather a historical note that the Nazi's are associated with eugenics, but I didn't want that technicality to distract from your win. Nice. and again, Doh!

Payback said:

Godwin says you lost.

siftbot says...

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