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Comments to oritteropo

enoch says...

im glad you liked it my man.
i love rezas work,he speaks in such a plain and simple way that complex ideologies and theologies become almost transparent in there contextualized nature.

but i have to admit being fairly illiterate in how to chop a video,so the video keeps going after the interview...still interesting but it was reza i wanted people to watch.

god, i fail so hard sometimes.

bareboards2 says...

I was JUST reading about this in Mental Floss magazine! Paris Syndrome. Who knew?

oritteropo said:

It's fairly well known that many Japanese are Francophiles The reality may not meet their expectations though - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6197921.stm

The French name for dandelion is because the root is a diuretic. Our name is also from French, dent de lion (Lion's tooth) from the serrated shape of the leaves.

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