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Comments to oritteropo

eric3579 says...

Not on my radar.
Forwarding to ropo.
Anything interesting downunder?

radx said:

Do you have anything decent on the impeachment of Rousseff in Brazil?

Everything I've come across is quite irreconcilable with Glenn Greenwald's comments on this matter. He's probably biased in this regard, but all the reporting over here is either devoid of any useful information or plainly full of shit.

Lilithia says...

That's what I did, but it still starts at the beginning.

oritteropo said:

You should be able to set the start time, the parameter is start=(number of seconds from start)... so to start one minute in you need to add &start=60 to the other parameters.

newtboy jokingly says...

I have to admit didn't get that far in the article.

oritteropo said:

The very first link I sent where they set up an LLC in the cat's name makes me wonder whether the anonymity might be useful for tax evasion, but I'm not really sure. I'm not an accountant Or a lawyer

radx says...

I have no doubt he's on the take in some way or another and I'd be surprised if he wasn't laundering money through offshore accounts. However, Poroshenko is right there on the list and given how the German media has been pro Poroshenko/Yatsenyuk, having Putin on the cover of this story is just the icing on the cake.

That said, I don't really care about the officials or, generally speaking, the high profile cases. The fixers are more interesting, including the individuals set up as fake directors on dozens if not hundreds of shell companies -- a perfect entry into the network. Sueddeutsche has already provided graphs of how many shell companies large German banks have created through MossFon. In the lead, as you will have guessed, is Deutsche Bank, as always when we're talking shady business.

The fact that a German lawyer by the name of Jürgen Mossack co-founded MossFon might motivate same folks to at least dig deeper into MossFon, which would be a start.

oritteropo said:

I think that's just because people found it quite suspicious that close associates of Putin were on the list. Isn't it the point that his name wouldn't be found?

Our local coverage is more interested in Wilson Security (one of the companies employed to staff our Gulags) and the Kwok brothers, but Putin and Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson have been mentioned too (and Lionel Messi).

radx says...

Not a single North American citizen, apparently.

You know who isn't on that list either? Vladimir Putin.

You know whose name and face made it into most of the headlines about the Panama Papers? Vladimir Putin.

Makes my blood boil.

oritteropo said:

According to digg,

Notably and surprisingly absent: anyone from the United States.
Perhaps not really surprising though, when Delaware LLC's are both a popular alternative to Panama, and closer to home.

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