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Comments to oritteropo

mas8705 says...

I've been needing to figure out how that was done. so "*backup=[]" and that will allow the video to get a replacement placed in automatically if anything was to happen to the original.

I'll be sure to do the backup with the dead so that at least videos that are "quick fixes" can be done in a timely fashion.

Thank you Oritteropo. Also it is nice to meet you since I don't I've had the chance to be properly accounted when I was here a few years ago.

oritteropo said:

Oh yeah, if there's a backup then dead will auto replace.

If the backup is dead too you might need to repeat.

*backup=[] can now take a url, at least for a url you could paste into the video submit box (it does roughly the equivalent of pasting the url into the submit box, hitting validate, and then putting in that embed as the backup).

lurgee says...
oritteropo said:

It's a nice looking car

I just looked up the price on a 911 Carrera Coupe, and it's $A238,090... and even though the Cayman is cheaper, I don't anticipate ever being able to own one. Worse still, even if I did manage to scrape up the dineros, I'd never be able to drive it like that.


p.s. Video keeps getting better as it goes along... post it!!!

lurgee says...

You are welcome. That video makes me want to get into my Golf mk 4, 2.slow and tear up some backroads. Also I love the autumn like scenery.

oritteropo said:


newtboy says...

I tried lemons in the ground here....it lived almost 3 years, but never had a lemon.
I have peach, nectarine, and plumbs in 1/2 barrels now, doing OK, but the peach and nectarine could use more room, they're both around 8-10 ft tall. The nectarines might need more cold than we get to bear fruit, but it's happy so far a year in.
I also started a trio of Asian pears in a 1/2 barrel about 10 years back, twisted together in a spiral, then planted the whole thing a few years ago, barrel and all (with the bottom pulled out). A year later I pulled all the staves and hoops up and it's been pretty happy ever since. I've had hit and miss luck just planting smaller trees directly in our ground, so I try to get the trees pretty established these days before putting them out.
If I try an orange tree, I'll probably put it in a 40 gallon pot (I like the air pots now over 1/2 barrels, they seem to make a difference in growth speed and are far cheaper) and move it inside during winter for at least the first 4-5 years, and definitely bonsai it to keep it around 8 ft.
I have a small orchard of apple trees now....around 30, and a few other fruits. At least I know they do great in our climate.

EDIT: We have had years with over a week at 20°F in the past, so I'll definitely have to cover an orange tree at times once I put it outside. If I keep it small, no problem.

oritteropo said:

It sounds like you'd be just about OK to plant a tree in the ground outside. The (U.S. based) article I found on temperatures said more than 10 hours below 25°F would kill one. I think we might occasionally get to -3°C here for one to two hours before sunrise at mid winter in a cold year, but it's really only cold enough here to kill chillies and coriander from frost, not trees.

I have a lemon tree in a large pot, and have only ever had one small lemon from it... although that's partly from the annoying gall wasps we have here If you want normal sized oranges you'll need to plant a tree outside. They grow to about 5 metres (uhm, 15 feet maybe?) if you don't prune them (but you should).

newtboy says...

We usually get a few weeks right at or below freezing...but last year barely a few days (nights) reached freezing, and back up to mid 50's during the day.
I have a greenhouse, I'll try a few in pots I can put inside when it freezes.
Another problem we have is lack of sun. Our local airport (Arcata) was built to train pilots for fog landing, being the most consistently foggy place in the U.S.. there's little I can do if we have a foggy year.
The pineapple is in a 1/2 barrel that I brought inside for winter. The pineapple took 18 months to ripen, and was 8 bites in total, but that still counts imo. ;-)

oritteropo said:

If you could grow a pineapple you should be able to grow oranges and lemons. We have roughly socal weather here, and have no problems with either... but it never freezes here. You would need to protect the tree from freezing if you have temperatures much below 0°C for more than 10 hours at a time (google didn't answer that question for nocal, my query must've been off) but planting against a south facing brick or stone wall would help if it's marginal (obviously we'd be using a north facing wall).

p.s. worked out the right query, and nocal looks ok on the coast, and even OR and WA, but going further north to BC looked a bit iffy... but then people do manage it - http://www.5dollardinners.com/oranges-from-canada/

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