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Comments to oritteropo

bareboards2 says...

I was JUST reading about this in Mental Floss magazine! Paris Syndrome. Who knew?

oritteropo said:

It's fairly well known that many Japanese are Francophiles The reality may not meet their expectations though - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6197921.stm

The French name for dandelion is because the root is a diuretic. Our name is also from French, dent de lion (Lion's tooth) from the serrated shape of the leaves.

mintbbb says...


Oh, and I have to mention, we went to the zoo last week, and they had the cutest oritte.. aardvark there! He was out in the 'watering hole' - a big area where they take animals out, and he was quite unruly.. They wanted to get him back inside, so they could do a cheetah run next, but he kept running around and dodging the door. They had about 5 people with food bowls after him, but he didn't go inside until they brought his aardvark girlfriend as bait

I had never seen one before! Made me think of you!

oritteropo said:


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