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Comments to oritteropo

lurgee says...

I am aware with vimeo vids that you have to add the time. I tend to slack on that issue. As for the thumb, I tried to take care of it after submitting the vid. How did you take care of that issue? I might be doing something wrong.

oritteropo said:

You're most welcome

You can set the time when you submit a video, but need to edit to add the thumb later... if you try to do it at submission time it'll just error out.

newtboy says...

I can see a relation between certain crimes and gun ownership/availability, but not really with overall crime...possibly more severe crimes though, often just having the gun on you raises the level of crime, even if you never even show it.
In America, many 'burglars' come armed, which raises the crime to armed robbery. That way, if they're caught, they can at least try to assert control over the homeowners and get away more easily (at least that seems to be the theory). If suddenly there were 95% fewer guns, I would expect more burglary and less armed robbery, both because the criminals have fewer guns and less fear of running into an armed home owner, another 'normal' thing in America. It's essentially the same crime, but one is done with a gun on the intruder.
I'm there with you, call the cops, but I also have a 12 gauge in my bedroom. Should an intruder insist on entering the room my wife, our dog, and I are in, I'll murder away without qualm and sleep fine afterwards.

oritteropo said:

What I was more specifically disputing was any causal link between the two.

Crime rates in Australia go up and down (the long term trend has been downwards) but firearm ownership is (and was) quite low. As far as I know only organised crime gangs keep weapons for self defence, so if your average burglar knows that unless you happen to rob a crime boss you're not going to be facing a weapon can you explain exactly how there could be a causal link between crime rates and restrictions on weapons?

I don't think I'm alone in saying that even if I had a rifle in my house, I'd call 000 if I had a break-in rather than unlock the gun-safe and attempt to murder some schmuck.

siftbot says...

You just received a gift of 2 Power Points from an anonymous specimen of awesomeness. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

Zawash says...

The other dupe is probably in eric3579's discard pile..

oritteropo said:

I should've said "sorry to be the bearer of bad news but "

The tags didn't really help, but I knew I'd seen it before and managed to hunt it down.

I didn't go so well finding the dupe for the towing a car with a bus video.

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