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Real Name: Aard Vark
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If you are looking for a video to upvote, try this search for my pqueue'd videos or look in my to promote playlist for ones I'd like to see sifted.

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Comments to oritteropo

lurgee says...

I really love this song. "Until You're mine" is an old Ceremony song from the MySpace days. All of Paul's work is amazing. Thank you so much for always upvoting his work!

oritteropo said:

I liked this much more than Until you're mine.

siftbot says...

You just received a gift of 2 Power Points from an anonymous human being. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

lucky760 says...



oritteropo said:

I clicked on Mijn opa, and first click didn't go to the page, it popped up the mousover text (Houd jij van pirateverhalen? Lees dan snel het verhaal over mijn opa.). Second click went to the Mijn opa page, but it wasn't immediately obvious that it hadn't just gone back to the front page, I had to scroll down to realise because the left hand panel on the full version is above the main panel on the iphone version.

iaui says...

Right, I had wondered that, but couldn't see anywhere on the video page where it was marked as long..

oritteropo said:

It's already marked long! The toaster actually marks vids as long or short based on their length, which you can modify btw even though you can't do the now-redundant *long and *brief.

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