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Comments to oritteropo

bareboards2 says...

Oh. Like something I have seen here on occasion....

herrr derr.

It's been awhile though.

Makes sense!

oritteropo said:

Der is the English word for something really dumb, like "well duh" (obligatory dictionary reference - http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/dur )

So the der du jour is the dumb thing of the day. I don't think you could spell it as "dur" in French, or else it means hard or tough (like duro in Italian or durus in Latin).

bareboards2 says...

Don't leave me hanging! What does it mean? (Or what did you deduce that it meant?)

oritteropo said:

Speaking of French, or in this case Franglais, my 10 year old came up with the phrase "der du jour"... and he swears that I told him the phrase, but I don't remember it. Some googling and reading the language discussion pages suggests that French youths would at least understand it, and might even use it themselves (there's at least one tweet out there using the phrase).

bareboards2 says...

He's doing a game show. A celeb trivia thing.

I have tried watching it, but I can't.

oritteropo said:

I looked him up on Jimbo's big bag'o'trivia, and it says he's still doing television... just nothing that makes it over here.

newtboy says...

He's on the History channel doing a comedy talk show called "Join or Die".

oritteropo said:

I looked him up on Jimbo's big bag'o'trivia, and it says he's still doing television... just nothing that makes it over here.

bareboards2 says...

A person of their word!

I miss him so much. Fallon has fun games. Corden has great viral videos. Colbert still does the political stuff.

But I'll still take Craigy Ferg any day. He wasn't perfect (like Colbert, he would interrupt too much in order to be funny). But just his cold opens without the forced applause.... a balm on my soul.


oritteropo said:

*doublepromote *quality

dag says...

Hey just a quick update. I've been working on your song - turns out there are heaps of things that rhyme with Oritteropo! We're just waiting on your new badge. He must be designing a masterpiece!

MilkmanDan says...

Thanks for the link and info there. The video didn't present any of the more damning stuff from that -- just said that the company was under criminal investigation. Without that kind of evidence from former employees etc., I was worried about that being a witch hunt... But it certainly looks like there's easily enough basis to start an investigation.

Good to know -- thanks again!

oritteropo said:

Check out the Jalopnik article I linked above - http://jalopnik.com/the-complete-story-of-takata-airbags-and-the-biggest-re-1780143347 - and then you can call for their heads. The story quotes ex Takata engineer Mark Lillie as saying

“At the meeting, I literally said that if we go forward with this, somebody will be killed,”

newtboy says...

Thanks for the double!
The wife really loved Soy Yo, so I checked out their channel. This was one of the few other songs they had posted that had the same feel to me. The rest were nice, but more traditionally Latin sounding.

oritteropo said:

I hadn't heard "Soy Yo" but you're right, it's catchy I like Bomba Estéreo. They sporadically post fun videos to their band's youtube channel, but it's been a bit quiet lately.


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