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Comments to oritteropo

radx says...

The Labour Party Manifesto is quite the mixed bag, if the Guardian's bullet points are reasonably accurate.

Some good ideas in it, but looming over all, again, is the one-two of deficit reduction and "competetive" (aka miniscule) corporate tax rates. Any guess on how many of their decent ideas would be scrapped due to budgetary constraints? My money would be on 70%+.

blackfox42 says...

I should mention as a footnote that with the arrival of my little boy, when the missus went back to work I've had to buy a car to help with ferrying him to daycare, etc. Couldn't really put him in the backpack on the bike.

The bike's since been mothballed in the garage. The missus has said that I can ride it again, but only if I show her a current life insurance policy with a minimum value enough to pay off the mortgage.

oritteropo said:

Doesn't the CBR600 already earn an *eia with a third of the power? The one in the vid is just bonkers.

bareboards2 says...

Be interesting to see if the women stay gone.

Thanks for sharing. There were cockles warmed in my heart.

oritteropo said:

About time for this one, the WEC joins the 21st century - http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/the-world-endurance-championship-says-au-revoir-to-grid-1695350093/+damon

Now for the other popular racing series... oh, and all the other sports with equivalent scantily clad women.

At least in F1, a lot of the grid girls are huge fans and quite enjoy the experience... but that's no excuse for the outfits.

eric3579 says...

Had to look up what brick meant. That is the type of shit my nightmares are made of. Hope things are better now.

oritteropo said:

...and back

Even apart from trying not to over-use the 3g data plan, I managed to brick my notebook... we've been testing a bug in the encryption software, and had it set to brick if you closed the lid without shutting it down first... and guess who forgot about that little booby trap?


blackfox42 says...

No worries, figured you might have gone away for Easter

oritteropo said:

Not at all

Pardon the slow reply, I've been on holidays and ran out of internet (well, technically, ran out of laptop, but it ended up the same).

blackfox42 says...

Heya Seriously hope you don't mind me jumping in.

It's kinda like powdered cordial. I'm not sure if Cottee's would achieve the same effect or not. Maybe undiluted?

Otherwise there's a supermarket in Moorabbin, http://www.usafoods.com.au , that imports and sells them.

eric3579 said:

Powder. Ive never drank the stuff myself but assume its really cheap to purchase opposed to the coloring egg things they sell at Easter.

eric3579 says...

Powder. Ive never drank the stuff myself but assume its really cheap to purchase opposed to the coloring egg things they sell at Easter.

oritteropo said:

Cool So what's in those little packets, syrup or powder to dilute?

I don't think we have those exact ones here, but do have similar-ish things.

Sagemind says...

Thank you.

oritteropo said:

It was explained in the link in the description, but it was so they could compare datasets between the ground and remote measurements:

The objective, which was accomplished during Operation IceBridge’s March 19 inaugural flight of the 2015 Arctic campaign, was for the C-130 to overfly a survey field located on an ice floe next to the vessel, while taking remote measurements of snow and sea ice thickness. The survey field was almost simultaneously measured from the ground by the ship-bound researchers, so that scientists can compare both datasets in coming months.

radx says...

If I remember correctly, the Croatians put everything else on hold when they introduced their system and had their entire staff out in the field for 6 months to enforce it. After that, the system was widely accepted and controls could be tuned down to a normal level.

Greece cannot go down the same route if most of what little bureacracy they have is still in cahoots with the previous nepotic governments. Maybe some third party can provide personnel for a few months...

The €2B come straight from our Tax Avoider in Chief, Juncker. Some say he's more of a federalist, more willing to compromise to keep the EZ together. Doesn't really matter though, Greece is too far down the rabbit hole.

As for Syriza: your guess is as good as mine. If they don't start praying to our Lord Austerity soon, the Troika won't hesitate to let them drown. And if they do get on their knees, Syriza will split and everything's back to square one.

oritteropo said:

That system looks really good, and exactly what Greece needs... provided they can come up with a way to get everyone to use it.

I've been reading each update, but only getting more puzzled... why do Syriza seem so unprepared? What's the deal with the announced billion euros of EU aid for the "humanitarian crisis"?

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