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Comments to oritteropo

siftbot says...

You just received a gift of 1 Power Point from member @Orz. What a generous human being.

bareboards2 says...

Sounds so much like us.

Except with DANCE!!

Thanks for the giggle.

oritteropo said:

See if this tickles your fancy, First Dog on the Moon from the Gruaniad's Australian edition http://goo.gl/AoS40f

"The ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot is here to explain to a grateful nation what the hell happened in the Senate this week!"

PlayhousePals says...

Pretty cool. Though I'm not that keen on "electronica", I really liked her voice a lot. Sounds like they need to hire Nick too

oritteropo said:

You might like this too. Pomplamoose cover Come Together by the Beatles:

bareboards2 says...

There is that tutting again, in a modern dance context. The second couple -- I don't know what was going on, but they sure did.

Have you had that experience ever? Of watching something that you don't really understand, but the artists do, down to their bones, and so they are mesmerizing?

Contrasted with artists who are deliberately obscure because I am a mere plebe and can't understand -- or whatever the motivation or execution. My inability to understand sometimes gets me mad at the artist.

I find it an interesting difference.

oritteropo said:

Often not, but that one worked just fine, and thanks

I would certainly have shared that one with you if I'd found it first.

9547bis says...

206? Ouch.
But my comment was more general: things I think won't make it may skyrocket (HR Giger, scary robot), while others I consider a slam dunk will stutter or tank (Black Sabbeth, Manborg).
Due to The Sift's community size, I suspect a lot of it as more to do with timing than anything else, tho.

oritteropo said:

I'll second that... and cite the 206 music sifts in my pqueue as examples!

That said though, if the video is interesting they can also do quite well... and besides, many of us enjoy seeing them posted here even if they don't shoot to the top of the charts.

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