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newtboy says...

To be perfectly honest, I haven't knowingly tried any faux meat product since the late 80's when my hippy aunt force fed me numerous different kinds and also tricked me into eating it by claiming it was real meat. Most of it was terrible, a few actually made me sick. I probably could have stomached a few if they had not been presented as 'meat', but since they were, they were more than disappointing. I'm sure that there have been improvements since then, but I'm subconsciously prejudiced against them (as well as consciously prejudiced).
I have no problem with them being vegetarian, or even vegan, I just don't like the taste/texture of any I've had.
Nothing tastes like death...sweet yummy death!

oritteropo said:

We must be buying different types. This one was fairly similar, except a little bit nicer than the shredded pizza topping type ham.

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