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ChaosEngine says...

Yep. On a good day the west of Ireland is absolutely stunning.

Problem is you don't get that many good days

The last shot (Rinville Park) is almost exactly a mile from where I grew up. I used to sail there in the summers with my Dad.

Ahhh, now I'm all nostalgic and shit. need to go drink whiskey and sing old songs

bareboards2 says...


Makes me happy!

eric3579 said:

Although it would fit in perfect it would be forever destroyed by all the dust. Well, unless you can take a hose to the inside of it. You will never get all the dust out. I'm sure i can still find playa dust somewhere in somethings i own. It's forever with you.

Awesome video!

blackfox42 says...

I knew about *kill but I wasn't sure if it could be resurrected or not if I did that. (Plus I have a bad head cold and things are a little foggy (that's my excuse anyways ))

eric3579 said:

Also if it's your own video and you would like to remove it at any time (dead or not) you can *kill or *discard it.

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