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RhesusMonk says...

Got your message a couple months ago. Should have responded, but didn't. Thanks for that. This may come across as bizarre and awkward, but you're the one internet dude in all my years interacting with digital people that I'm disappointed I don't know in the flesh. You're a good dude. Keep it up.

radx says...

Dutch journalist Jeroen Akkermans keeps uploading scores of pictures taken at the MH17 crash site to his Flickr account. No corpses, just debris -- no warning neccessary.

A few interesting pictures, if you don't mind amateur forensics:
- left wing, top side: damaged by debris coming from the fuselage at an outward trajectory
- window panel, aft-most cockpit window, port side: shredded by shrapnel, downward trajectory?
- second door from the front, port side: no damage from shrapnel or debris
- port-side hatch of the forward landing gear: no damage

So, explosion in the foward-left quadrant, above the cockpit?

I know, I know -- wild speculation, utterly without a point. But it's infinitly less depressing than looking at the latest pictures from Gaza. Bad days to be a news junkie...

Edit: rear door, starboard side -- no damage

radx says...

When talking about the situation in Ukraine, European media as well as several foreign ministers currently employ a language that is oddly reminiscent of the Lingua Tertii Imperii.

chicchorea says...

Thank you, friend.

I didn't know it was in my power until minutes before I attempted it.

It was nice to have you come through...and nice of you....

eric3579 said:

Pretty sure to use spammer you have to do in on their profile.

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