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enoch says...

peoples true feelings and intent are always quickly revealed after only a short conversation.

i try...and sometimes not assume someones intent.i prefer to ask questions.

labels are just a simple way for our brains to compartmentalize aspects of personalities/philosophies regarding the people we are engaging.

some people utilize labels to dismiss what another person is laying down,often times in order to promote their own sense of justice or fairness.this always makes me laugh,because the majority of the time those people are totally unaware of their own hypocrisy.

like that a single white male is automatically racist and therefore can not offer an opinion,ignoring the fact that the very metric that they are using,is in itself,racist.

labels do serve a purpose,but we should not become so beholden to them that we refuse to consider a contrary opinion.that is just lazy.

i find that when we allow someone to speak their mind,their true feelings/intentions will always become evident in short amount of time.but if we restrict any interaction,be it vocal or written,then those feelings/intentions can remain hidden far longer than they should be.

bad ideas need to be exposed in order for those bad ideas to be challenged,and therefore dismissed for the bad ideas they are.

and while i may understand labels,and see a use for them,i also find them a lazy way to ignore uncomfortable truths.

which is what i gather you are saying?
if i got it wrong,let me know buddy.
stay awesome!

eric3579 said:

Also i find myself a suspect of people who aggressively attack labels. I tend to think they are disguising true feelings that can't be said publicly. Although wtf do i know

ChaosEngine says...

Yeah, those ABS bags are pretty amazing, but they are ridiculously expensive ($1000+). I've given it a lot of thought and I know some people say you can't put a price on your life, but they're not without issues.

First, they can potentially put you in a worse situation then an avalanche! Being buried is obviously bad, but being carried over a cliff is worse.

But more insidiously, they can lead to poor decision making. I try to stay in a constant state of, if not fear, at least extreme caution in the back country. I'm actuated aware how easy it is to fuck yourself up, and I would always rather say "nah, let's come back another day" than ride in dodgy conditions. In short, I have all the gear, but I never want to rely on it.

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