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radx says...

Sweet mother of fuck, the EJC just struck down the Commission's US 'Safe Harbour' decision. Ought to have some interesting implications.

Or maybe they'll just ignore the court as usual...

lucky760 says...

I didn't get an email that you hollered. Did you add me as an edit? Just curious if something's borked.

eric3579 said:

I base it solely on the sifts definition of 'snuff' (the way i read it), and my experience of the history of this site and how snuff has been judged in the past. We have had this debate so many times that i think the dag/lucky should just make the call as this is always somewhat subjective. I'm fine with whatever they think.

Also if @lucky760 finds the content acceptable (not snuff) he can remove my downvote for it was cast due to rule violation the way i see it.

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