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ChaosEngine says...

Yeah, saw it last night. Unfortunately, it's not going to have any effect.

First, the Prime Minister is extremely well liked, even by people who don't agree with him. Second, the opposition are borderline incompetent. They've been handed any number of easy political victories in the last few months and managed to do bugger all with them.

But the most depressing thing is that most people just don't seem to care .The prevailing attitude is "if the government really want to read my texts or emails, who cares? There's nothing interesting in them anyway".

At which point I usually slap them.

eric3579 said:

An important listen for you and all your kiwi brothers and sisters.

newtboy says...

That was awesome! I thought it was just surface exfoliation at first, which I've seen first hand (it happens every time it freezes hard), but I was WRONG! That was really cool, never seen a fault snap like that before.

eric3579 said:

Sierra Nevada caught fracturing

How cool would that be to see?

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