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oblio70 says...

Thx...I went looking and didn't find it first try. My fail.

'sides, I need my Bronze before I can raise the dead. Working on that.

eric3579 said:

It was dead but i fixed it *dupeof=

Nephelimdream jokingly says...

We average a playoff appearance every 7 years, have 1 pennant, and haven't won a WS game... ever. However, we are on a roll since the AS break, have a better farm system, and have a nice spread of tradable veteran talent. Think Oberg, since a couple of LOOGY's have been traded already. The Tulo trade hasn't washed out yet, completely. We have Bettis gaining confidence, Gray is becoming dominate, and JDLR can guide the staff. Ottivino is just like Romo with the slider, just nasty, but coming off TJ, and Chatwood has a lively FB. (yet off his 2nd TJ) but can easily spot start or be a serviceable number 4-5. Especially at Coors, where you need to miss bats or induce grounders to be productive. The offense has up and comers, but what team doesn't? I wish the brass would shoot for more contact hitters with our vast outfield, plus we needn't rely on the long ball on the road as much. We don't have a gimmick park like S.F., even though people think otherwise. I mean shit, your bullpen is in play. That's just stupid for a team that plays 81 games there. Anyway, before I talk management, enjoy your next year or two of baseball, and continuing paying those taxes for that stadium Bonds built. (You're not, should have used my puppet account on that one.)

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