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lucky760 says...

Thanks for asking. Yes blackfox pointed out it was missing, but you pointed out it's supposed to be available to Bronzers, but it was still set for Goldies.

It's back on the Star Powers page and will work for the Bronze.

eric3579 said:

Am i reading this right? It seems doublepromote does not work on same star level as promote. I assume it was overlooked when promote was changed. Promotes stack so i assume it would be no different then two single promotes and thus same star level.

i see blackfox sent you a message

radx says...

This one deserves more attention than it currently gets, I'd say:

Short version: Austrian bank ignores due diligence, does shitload of risky business in Balkans/Eastern Europe, business goes sour, trouble gets magnified by several events, bad bank is created, bad bank is now insolvent, new bail-in rules apply -- murder and mayhem everywhere.

The bank itself has a rather fascinating history of corruption within both Austria and Germany. In fact, it was taken over by a public bank from Bavaria under extremely dubious circumstances, and separated again a few years back under equally dubious circumstances. A whole lot of money laundering for our conservative party went through that bank, I can tell you that much.

Good source of entertainment, that one.

PlayhousePals says...

Well, there surely is a built in clientele insuring this to be mutually profitable, right? ... take THAT McDonalds! I can see pizza delivery in the future [special toppings and/or crust on request. And the special house salad dressing is out of this world]

The person who wrote that article needs to go back to grammar school

" Their is actually a humorous comparison due to the south park episode “medicinal fried chicken” having to do with KFC selling marijuana with there famous fried chicken"

eric3579 said:

How awesome/hilarious is this.
Smashed Potatoes, Macaroni Munchies and Bong Time Biscuits

radx says...

New regulation in effect in Baden-Württemberg: any new appartment building has to include two weatherproof bicycle parking spaces for every appartment.

I don't own a car anymore, been taking my bike everywhere for more than a decade, so... yay. No more cluttering the hallways with dirty bikes. Then again, I live on the other side of the country.

Fyi: Greens run Baden-Württemberg.

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