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Comments to eric3579

Syntaxed says...

I discarded it:)

eric3579 said:

If you try and play it, It wont play. It directs you to watch it on youtube. It's rare that this happens but it happens on occasion. We consider them as dead videos as they can't be played on VideoSift.

Syntaxed says...

Sir, if I may, judging by the fact that under the "Little about me" section of your profile, you have "VideoSift", that you are indeed the manager of this site?

If so, I wish to report to you an argument I have had with a member who goes by "Newtboy".

I must admit, I most probably started this argument, as I posted the first comment. However, this comment (found here: -It starts with "To quote my view"), was not directed towards Newtboy at all, and was not meant to be argumentative, only contradictory towards the video itself.

However, Newtboy posted an argumentative response, and I followed suit, returning as much argument as was given to me, until, in his last post, he threatened to ban me...(

Is this legal? Can he actually follow through with banning me?

If you are not indeed the manager of this site, I apologize profusely for the aggregious intrusion into your world with my rather displeasing inquiry, and wish you the best, sir.

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