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Comments to eric3579

lurgee says...

All is well brother man. I am still only able to access the interwebs via mobile. I just recently found browser that lets me use the desktop version of the site rather than the mobile version(not a big fan). How are things with you these days?

eric3579 said:

Good to see you still pop your head in once in awhile. Hope all is well.

radx says...

SZ, NDR and WDR got access to 240 pages of TTIP material, provided by Greenpeace. They started publishing articles on it two hours ago, big stories are announced for tomorrow. However, the few articles I've skimmed through don't seem to offer anything beyond what had already been known.

Not much of a scoop so far, maybe tomorrow will be more enlightening...

bareboards2 says...

That was lovely, you love muffin you.

eric3579 said:

I suspect that how a viewer considers the sincerity of these men may correlate to the empathy a viewer has. Just a guess although i could be completely wrong. I'm no psychologist although i find i'm playing one constantly I for one assumed this was extremely uncomfortable to do regardless of cameras.

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