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Zifnab says...

Thanks for the link. I always find it cool to see how much the sticks bend in slo-mo. I was at the Canucks / Lightning game on Saturday, good to see them playing with more heart than last year. Your Sharks are off to a good start this year, hope they keep it up (except when they play the Canucks). Cheers

eric3579 said:

This is fun to watch. Though you might enjoy.

newtboy says...

I'll try. The ghosts are Tracy Ullman Show
First at the door looks CGI claymation, then Anime, the third looks like Bob's Burgers.
I totally don't get the next ones, they look like Weebles.
Then in the background is Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Next is the French cartoonist (I can't recall his name).
Then Lego.
Then Despicable Me.
And finally animal Simpsons.
I'm thinking these are all from opening sequences.

eric3579 said:

Anyone know who all the different characters are? I only know two of them.

radx says...

[As reported on a conference in Munich two days ago]

A: "Why are you working on autonomous cars anyway?"

Google project manager: "People in the US spend an average of two hours a day driving. That's two hours during which they can't use any Google services."

A: "Well... that's depressing."

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