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lurgee says...

eric3579 said:

I don't want to live in a country without trap music. Fuck you, I'm tryin' to get *turnt! "

*The most wonderful feeling in the world. Saught after by the biggest bousses and ballas, it can only be achieved when all 5 senses are stimulated to their fullest extent. The links between these senses cause the human brain to experience supernatural side effects, thus creating, the only way to reach maximum swag. -Urban dictionary

oritteropo says...


eric3579 said:

Congrats ropo! No one is more deserving. A cornerstone of the sift for sure and just a great guy. Thanks for being a great sifter and someone who has made my time here really enjoyable. You're truly one of the good ones

And thanks dag *quality jam. Much appreciated.

radx says...

"The emails, reviewed by The Associated Press, show that State Department technical staff disabled software on their systems intended to block phishing emails that could deliver dangerous viruses. They were trying urgently to resolve delivery problems with emails sent from Clinton's private server."


Remember how they prosecuted Aaron Swartz for violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

Clinton's minions had State Dep. IT turn off security features so they could debug connection issues to the server in her basement? That's... that's just...

This two-tiered justice system makes my sphincter itch.

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