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radx says...

Kevin Gosztola's beautiful rundown of how the Clinton campaign tries to dodge, evade and spin the Podesta emails:

Donna Brazile, in particular, needs to up her game. When Jordan Chariton kept pressing her on the issue, I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

His follow-up is less entertaining, visually, but contains a lot more information.

radx says...

David Sirota has a devastating new piece out: Hillary Clinton And Wall Street: Financial Industry May Control Retirement Savings In A Clinton Administration.

The proposal would require workers and employers to put a percentage of payroll into individual retirement accounts “to be invested well in pooled plans run by professional investment managers,” as James put it. In other words, individual voluntary 401(k)s would be replaced by a single national system, and much of the mandated savings would flow to Wall Street, where companies like Blackstone could earn big fees off the assets. And because of a gap in federal anti-corruption rules, there would be little to prevent the biggest investment contracts from being awarded to the biggest presidential campaign donors.

I still have 10 bucks saying that the first 100 days of HRC will bring "modified" TPP, the Grand Bargain, and a new war.

radx says...

Among the Podesta emails, there are some rather refreshing ones, like this one from Brent J. Budowsky to Podesta:

"Considering that a) Hillary's campaign has become close to 100% negative with attacks on Bernie, b) she is running to serve Obama's third term, c) her latest move is to escalate her use of Wall Street money and Super PAC's to pursue her negative attacks against Bernie, d) a growing number of her black surrogates have moved beyond supporting her record to openly lying about Bernie's record, and e) before this latest move her favorable ratings were dangerously low and her distrust numbers were dangerously high, (...)"

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