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radx says...

As if the privatisation of probation services wasn't horrible enough, the contracts include this little gimmick:

The Commons public accounts committee has established that the contracts included a £300m plus “poison pill” clause guaranteeing bidders their expected profits if the 10-year contracts were cancelled after the general election.

Not that they would want to, but the next government couldn't even undo this shit, not without forking over these contract penalties. I bet Sodexho and Interserve could even sue GB over it at the ICSID, thanks to hidden clauses in some free trade agreement.

radx says...

Have you ever heard of Anton Wilhelm Amo? No? Me neither, until last week.

I only bring this up, because he seems to have been a hell of a human being. Let me just mention some bullet points:
- enslaved as a child by the Dutch West India Company
- handed over to the Duke of Brunswick as a present
- freed, baptised and educated by the Duke
- first black man ever at a European university (Halle, later Wittenberg)
- acquired Magister degrees in philosphy and natural sciences
- fluent in six languages
- went back to Ghana after his patron died and the overall climate in Germany become considerably more reactionary than before
- died in a Dutch slave camp in Ghana

Amo was mentioned in a French documentary about the history of capitalism. Apparently, he was (one of) the first to publicly recognise the dangers of separating the economic logic from the reality of a society and human behaviour.

The fact that I had never heard his name even once prior to this documentary frustrates me to no end. The major consensus narrative all but erased him from history...

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