Weekly Achievements for 28Apr13 thru 04May13

#1 Video

Fox News Tramples the Constitution - John Stewart by shveddy

drunk guy surprise by cdimetry

Tig Notaro's Lessons in Remaining Present on Conan by cricket

4 PBS Superheroes Are Back To Take On Shitty Television by eric3579


Sexy Pool Party by pumkinandstorm

Steven Spielberg's "Obama" by PlayhousePals

Teddy Has An Operation - zefrank by PlayhousePals


Top 15 Videos

Husband Animates Joke Told by his Drunk Wife by pumkinandstorm reached #2
What is most common word in the world? by grinter reached #2
A Most Excellent Retelling Of The MATRIX by eric3579 reached #2
Guy Takes the Knife Game to Another Level by cricket reached #2
Tough Texans Try Scandinavian Specialty by pumkinandstorm reached #2
Cargo Plane Falls Out Of The Sky by eric3579 reached #2
Louis CK - Different Set of Values by azukipie reached #3
Almost Died: Whoa...that was close...WHOA! by ant reached #3
Star Trek TNG Season 3 Gag Reel by Lann reached #3
Your Balls Are More Beautiful Than You Think by eric3579 reached #3
Otter jumps in car and refuses to leave by bjornenlinda reached #3
The Australian Victims of Gun Control - John Oliver Part 2 by kymbos reached #3
Kinder Gentler Russian Dash Cam Videos by eric3579 reached #3
Best Son Ever by pumkinandstorm reached #3
Ice Pushed Against Shore on Medicine Lake by Zifnab reached #4
How to make your head disappear by bjornenlinda reached #4
10 Amazing Parenting Hacks by blahpook reached #4
Nascar flyby nearly pulls down woman!! by bjornenlinda reached #4
AMAZING PRINTER PAPER DROP by bjornenlinda reached #4
Pacific Rim - Official Wondercon Trailer #2 by dingens reached #4
Fur Elise with a Difference: I think Beethoven would approve by pumkinandstorm reached #4
Whose Line is it Anyway - Animal Porn by pumkinandstorm reached #5
A Boy And His Atom - The World's Smallest Movie by randeepsamra reached #5
Innuendo Bingo with Gerard Butler by hamsteralliance reached #5
TYT- May Day - Why the Bottom 90% Should be Outraged by EvilDeathBee reached #6
Boston Man Confronts Alex Jones Reporter by truth-is-the-nemesis reached #6
What Too Send Too GrammarPolice - zefrank by PlayhousePals reached #6
Dog goes crazy when his best friend returned home ... by ant reached #6
Grand Theft Auto V: Michael. Franklin. Trevor. by pumkinandstorm reached #6
Trey Parker & Matt Stone ~ Amazing Meeting 5 by lurgee reached #6
90 year old does double backflip by pumkinandstorm reached #6
Best Fails Compilation - Week 4 April 2013 by PlayhousePals reached #6
Weird Speaker Effect by ant reached #7
Faster & Furiouser by PlayhousePals reached #7
The daguerreotype process is beautiful by grinter reached #7
Louis C.K. - You Always Know a Tit by pumkinandstorm reached #8
If "Heterophobia" Were Real by lullaby_lune reached #8
Wil Wheaton - Why it's awesome to be a nerd by RFlagg reached #8
Pierce Brosnan’s finest moment by kulpims reached #8
Dancing Queen at Bus Stop by Grimm reached #8
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk by oritteropo reached #8
The Pre-Mortem One-Liner by kulpims reached #8
World's largest eagle attacks Kittiwake birds by kulpims reached #8
Omelette by Zifnab reached #8
LEGO Breaking Bad: The Video Game by youdiejoe reached #9
Bill Burr - Oddly Racist by brycewi19 reached #9
Falcon Takes Out a Duck: Bird's Eye View with Strap-on Cam by pumkinandstorm reached #9
Locker shot by bjornenlinda reached #9
Destroy them with lasers! by melanotan reached #9
Russian Students AK-74 Gun Assembly/Disassembly. by Barseps reached #9
Official Announcement Teaser for the Ratchet and Clank Movie by ant reached #10
The Wolverine - Exclusive CinemaCon Trailer by eric3579 reached #10
Texas Cops Mistake Actual Weeds for Marijuana Plants by pumkinandstorm reached #10
Drunk Russian Pedestrians vs. Gravity. by Barseps reached #10
Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls by Zifnab reached #11
Cannablism confirmed in historic Jamestown colony by aimpoint reached #11
Harder Better Faster Stronger - Note for note, on piano by Mordhaus reached #11
Getting Locked Up For Drinking a Half & Half Arizona Ice Tea by pumkinandstorm reached #11
Zero Punctuation: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon by Zifnab reached #11
President Obama at 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner by cricket reached #11
Victim Disarms Gunman by pumkinandstorm reached #11
Racing. Not posing. by braschlosan reached #12
Ron Funches, gentle giant of standup, Set @ Helium 7/2/11 by EndAll reached #12
DIY Red Bull - Making Your Own Energy Drink by aaronfr reached #12
Russian Police Car Stolen And Crashed By Drug Addict. by Barseps reached #12
Burrying the goldfish by bjornenlinda reached #13
Amazing gymnast performance by gwiz665 reached #13
Willie Nelsons audition tape for The Hobbit by deathcow reached #14
Bubble Wrap vs Hydraulic Press by pumkinandstorm reached #14
Star Wars PSA: Say No to May the 4th by dingens reached #14
Rough Rider Promo - Documentary about Cycling whistleblower by randeepsamra reached #15
Colber Report 5/1/13: The Word - N.R.A.-vana by littledragon_79 reached #15

Top Comments

Reverse Tauntaun surprise attack!... by Kofi (17 votes)
Take it to YouTube where I'm sure you'll be more appreciated.... by eric3579 (15 votes)
"Oh, I have all my fingers The knife goes Chop Chop Chop ... by dhdigital (14 votes)
Bishop?... by CrushBug (14 votes)
"It is impossible for me to harm or by omission of... by chingalera (13 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Sexy Pool Party by pumkinandstorm (120 votes)
drunk guy surprise by cdimetry (102 votes)
4 PBS Superheroes Are Back To Take On Shitty Television by eric3579 (94 votes)
Cargo Plane Falls Out Of The Sky by eric3579 (91 votes)
Husband Animates Joke Told by his Drunk Wife by pumkinandstorm (83 votes)

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