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poolcleaner says...

Your existence must be profound.

shagen454 said:

If I had saved all of the bitcoins I spent on DMT (before I knew how to get it for free), I would now have close to $80,000 extra dollars considering back in the day bitcoins were not so astronomically expensive... But, the DMT was absolutely worth giving up that $80,000, if it were $1,000,000 I'd still say it was worth it, $10,000,000 and I'd trade it all back

Drachen_Jager says...

Evidence pointed to a Putin - Trump connection before, but now it's a lock.

This article is long to explain all the technical details, but the upshot is that one of Putin's closest allies runs Alfa Bank. Alfa Bank has been communicating in secret with Trump during the course of the campaign. Traffic peaks during pivotal campaign moments (conventions, debates, scandals etc.) The server was set up in a way that one computer expert said was the way organized crime does it when two different groups want to collaborate in secret. Once the first findings were published on Reddit, the Trump server suddenly went offline.

A week later, a new Trump server came online and the very first communication from the Internet to that new server was from Alfa Bank. This cannot be random, the Trump server has an unpublished address, so only someone who knew the exact address could contact that server.

I think it's very clear Trump is receiving instructions from Moscow. Probably due to his huge debt load. I'd say with 99% confidence that Trump is acting as a Russian agent.

shagen454 said:

And here I was talking about Trump in a Black Mirror episode... if what you say is true and what they say about Russia being involved in manipulating & hacking the election - then it may be a literal real life Black Mirror episode if Russia hacks the election so that Trump wins.

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