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siftbot says...

Your video, RUN THE JEWELS - EARLY, has made it into the Top 15 New Videos listing. Congratulations on your achievement. For your contribution you have been awarded 1 Power Point.

This achievement has earned you your "Pop Star" Level 11 Badge!

oohlalasassoon says...

Hey - sorta responding to your post about THIS HEAT, more specifically about your comment that John Peel was THE MAN. He was. Listened to his show via religiously for a few years prior to his death. I worshiped the guy, which is weird, being a total stranger, but if you've ever listened to him for any amount of time you'll know where I'm coming from. Just the coolest guy around. I sent him an email about some song he played that I liked(Expansion Ride by Magoo). Turns out that he was the type of guy that would actually respond to nubs like me. Not only that but he mentioned my email and said my actual name on the air, which I'm not ashamed to say still makes me smile. LIKE OH MY GOD JOHN PEEL SAID MY NAME -- JOHN PEEL IS TALKING ABOUT ME. I still have that recording and it's a treasured digital possession.

Anyway, thanks for letting me be drunk on your page.

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 6 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

newtboy says...

You understand that people react to DMT differently, right? You understand that some people have horrifying trips on DMT, so horrifying they commit suicide while on it, often enough that it is a drug that requires a 'sitter' to take with any small amount of safety. You do understand that some people have flashbacks of this debilitating horrifying experience at random times in the future, destroying the possibility of a normal life, right?
Your attempts to cajole others into trying a quite dangerous drug with NO mention of the dangers is irresponsible in the extreme.
My own drug experience is wide and varied, and I have had un-named drugs that did nearly exactly what others (poorly) describe their DMT trips as doing. It was not pleasant or useful in my life, and was given to me by those that acted exactly as you do...hyper exaggerating the positive effects, and completely ignoring the drawbacks and possible permanent pitfalls.

shagen454 said:

But answer this, have you taken DMT? You might have taken all sorts of substances but you probably understand that they are all vastly different.

Also, there are actual techniques for taking the stuff. Technique is important and one of the key components for taking it in any of it's numerous forms.

bareboards2 says...

Yes and no.

I'm glad you got safely through Crazy Druggy Woman with body and soul intact. But I don't see you ... exploring that experience... as a "big concern."

I was a young person in the late 70s, post birth control, pre-AIDS. I did some really stupid stuff, too. A lot of us did.

The internet just lets you do it faster and hook up without going to a bar.

So there is the agreement -- it really is just a construct of organic existence!

shagen454 said:

I mean now that I think about it jotting it down and reliving the past a bit - it raises a big concern.

The things that you do in anonymity on the Internet actually do affect the lives and everything around you. You may have thought that you found this secret black hole but it's not true. It will still affect other's and people that you know. It's a metaphor for how life works and the Internet is just a construct of organic existence.

bareboards2 says...

Sorry - my communication skills are lacking. I didn't mean to suggest that YOU were cray-cray. Just that cray-cray was .... attractive to you. Big, big BIG difference. And I only made the cray-cray comment because you deciding to meet this woman even though you knew beforehand she was "obviously slightly psychotic."

Personally, I would avoid an "obviously slightly psychotic" stranger. You didn't. Hence my comment.

Does NOT make you slightly psychotic. Just that you perhaps find slightly psychotic intriguing. (So do I, but at a distance!)

And yes. Absolutely. Under no circumstances is it okay to drug someone. That is seriously creepy. I'm no Bible quoter, but I'm sure if I knew the Ten Commandments by heart, doing something like that must violate at least two or three of them!

shagen454 said:

Well, I would actually say that I am very conservative when it comes to relationships and sex. Sure, I have done some bizarre things but that I am not into necessarily; but for experience points they were experiences that I brought onto myself somehow.

Am I cray cray? I would say that I think I am absolutely nuts compared to this society that is based in lies. I have found shit out by being a curious cat and I have only found it to be much crazier than my initial conservative inclinations. It's all a grand learning experience.

That said... NO ONE should ever drug someone into their fucking bed. That is a part of the Ten Commandments or something, right?

bareboards2 says...

You like a little cray-cray, don't you?


I'm impressed.

shagen454 said:

That time I should mention was from an Internet hookup. I mean, if you do that you might as well be aware of the "worst case scenerio". And it was not the worst case scenerio. I screened this girl, she was, cute, cool & obviously slightly psychotic. So, when I woke up totally butt-naked, we got breakfast and I was like WTF? And she was like, "You're never going to call me again are you".? And I said "Yes I will" and thought "No, I fucking won't!"

Two months later... I saw her walking down the street with my ex singer of my old band. I said "What is up John?" And looked at her with a sort of "SHHHH!!!" (we won't acknowledge each other). Who knows if she (SHE!! LOL) told him.

bareboards2 says...

Wow. That is some SERIOUS harassment.

And yes. Having drugs slipped into a drink is DEFINITELY harassment.

I'm quite proud of your nonchalance over the gay man stuff. You are definitely secure in your sexuality. I have never understood why some men feel violent in response to being even mildly flirted with. As is pointed out many times, women have learned to say no without flipping out, what is these guy's problem.

You, my friend, do not have a problem. You are indeed a cool dude.

And I'm sorry you were chased on the street and drugged. That is shitty.

shagen454 said:

In the past the most sexual harassment has come from gay men and usually verbally. They are kinky bastards, The most recent episode came from a dude following me down a city block from the train that asked if he could "suck my dick". And I sort of giggled, and was like "nah man". And we had a conversation about it further and I told him, "It's cool, man... I'm just not really into it". He was INSULTED and walked away.

I had also been taken advantage of by a girl who put drugs into my hard liquor. Technically, in my opinion, I think it was a sort of assault because, honestly, I just had no idea what was going on, but, I am cool with it and just left it at that.

There are more instances - but I mean these days I live one train stop to San Fran but not in SF - that is like a suburb in the city and I am cool... I've put it all in perspective and appreciate living just a jump from "The Shit".

I know my friend is strong but yet she does not put up with bullshit. She is also batshit insane as well but in a good way. She approaches life as art every single day. She is a true being and a true woman. We throw around the concept of having a relationship and honestly, I DO love her. When we say goodbye as we have over the last decade she will say "I love you"... I told her how much I love her once but when we part... I just smile. She knows I love her. If the topic is raised I always say to her... it's just not in the cards

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