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Real Name: George Wolfeshlegesteinhausenbergerhaupstadt
Channel: Gustatorium
A little about me...
'Appeasing any and all assholes' emotionally-charged bullshit since the beginning of this experiment and still relatively cheerful.'

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Email: Obfuscated, for cunt's sake
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Comments to chingalera

chicchorea says...

...finally right, finally.

You should have let me be. I warned could not hear. You made it...too easy.

...and I am going to grace your profile page(s) with a palette most reflective and befitting your so called art,...your malodorous offal...your own dribbling trail...your own words.

Wait for it....


dag says...

I obviously haven't been following things closely enough these last couple of months, and you obviously can't help yourself.

We've talked this over a lot privately you and I - and I gave you a very clear choice several months ago. You can claim you're being treated unfairly or singled out - and you definitely are being singled out. You've been on probation since you've been back. That probation is now revoked and this account terminated.

chingalera said:

Here's the real swirly.....Two tandem cunts in matching ski-gear downhill on black diamonds forcing the admins they dream will suck their cocks, stuffing my head into a prep-school bathroom toilet unable to defend myself against some shit.
Y'all run with that.

dag says...

Lucky forwarded your "hobble request" to me. Let me just say - ain't gonna happen. Any trouble happening with how you relate to other Sifters will result in your bannination. Yes, this is extreme prejudice - but that's where we are. I would suggest sorting it out yourself in an amicable, polite way - or leaving. Your choice. No more hobble requests.

enoch says...

i totally thought of you when i came across this video,but i didnt want to whore myself and allow you the joy of finding it all on your own.

god i am such a cunt....

thanks for the quality cunt face!

chingalera said:


ChaosEngine says...

man, I can't even be bothered derailing that video anymore.

I do think it's odd that @gorillaman accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being "intellectually and morally subhuman" and then calls me "a shallow, gawping spectacle-whore", but somehow I am the one that loves drama.

The strange misapprehension that I give a fuck continues for reasons unknown....

chingalera said:

Stay on the defensive and let's explore this bail-out a bit more please-You chime-in as you are want to do for at least an hour of two a day, you obviously love drama when it's not directed at yourself, and love to stir-up and/or foment self-satisfying discord...HEY, I find your roll somewhat familiar and otherwise stinky and generally foul-tasting on the pallet...Care to defend your manner and comfort-zone??

No protests from a cadre of familiars yet??...Give em a few ticks. We're sure to witness them they'll jump right aboard the boat to Stroke-and-Polish island, where all such balls are caressed and cared-for with covetous enthusiasm...

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