Weekly Achievements for 21Jan18 thru 27Jan18

#1 Video

Burger King | Whopper Neutrality by Mordhaus

Green screen special effects are amazing to me by SFOGuy

Why? by Mordhaus

New Rule: Distinction Deniers by PlayhousePals

How Religion Turned American Politics Against Science by Sketch

Don’t ever preach to me again! by C-note

That Moment Your Mistake Saves a Life by oritteropo

Dogs playing in the snow by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Al's Original Plasma Poppers by newtboy reached #2
Virgin Atlantic: Flying with kids! by ant reached #2
Liberal Redneck - Morgan Freeman Y’all!! by PlayhousePals reached #2
Godspeed by newtboy reached #2
Trump's Stormy Daniels Payment Might Have Been Illegal by simonm reached #2
Samantha Bee - The Actual Forgotten Working Class by PlayhousePals reached #2
Portal 2 (spoilers) - Lemon Rant by ant reached #2
Bill Maher - Michael Wolff: Current Affairs by PlayhousePals reached #2
Vox S1E24: The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness by ant reached #2
Taylor Davis has a sixth sense by Mordhaus reached #2
Nice show of sportswomanship by vil reached #2
GarageBand for iOS 10: "Video Killed the Radio Star" cover by oritteropo reached #3
Jackie Chan fights on a couch by bareboards2 reached #3
pencil inception by Mordhaus reached #3
Restored 1967 Footage Of Saturn V Space Rocket Launch by Mordhaus reached #3
Weighing a Baby Aardvark is Not Easy - Cincinnati Zoo by oritteropo reached #3
Snow Surfing (no bindings) by Mordhaus reached #4
Self Destruct by Mordhaus reached #4
Entire Breaking Bad Series in 1 Minute by Mordhaus reached #4
The Lion: Voice actor asked to speak like he's seen a lion by Ashenkase reached #4
A handy guide to what actually constitutes sexual harassment by ChaosEngine reached #4
Spain-1 US Navy-0 by newtboy reached #5
Parking Karma Served Cold by newtboy reached #5
Slowest Checker ever by Mordhaus reached #5
The magnum opus of art and animation by Mordhaus reached #6
Full Frontal - We Need to Talk About Stephen Miller by nanrod reached #6
Comedian Steve Brown Attacked On Stage by newtboy reached #6
Exclusive Super Troopers 2 trailer drop by Mordhaus reached #6
Just like my dogs when they hear a can being opened by Mordhaus reached #6
Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water by newtboy reached #6
The Most Brutal Football Foul by Mordhaus reached #7
Royal Oaks Police Attack Man For Paying Ticket In Pennies by newtboy reached #7
Crazy Football Commentary, Animated! by Ashenkase reached #7
Skiing Everything But Snow by eric3579 reached #7
The Man Clearing Tons of Trash From Mumbai’s Beaches by oritteropo reached #7
Primitive Technology: A frame hut by nanrod reached #8
Why is some racism still ok? by ChaosEngine reached #9
Muppet City 5- Kick Out the Jams by lurgee reached #9
Explorer 1: The First U.S. Satellite by oritteropo reached #10
Jack Septiceye VS. Cuphead! by zamnight reached #10
Swimmers Rescued By Drone by newtboy reached #11
What Even Matters Anymore-SNL by newtboy reached #11
Paul the pig cleans up his toys when asked by oritteropo reached #11
Japan’s Post Box Under the Sea by oritteropo reached #12
*SWOON EMOJI* needed for this English Ammonite by bareboards2 reached #13
Vox: How faster computers gave us Meltdown and Spectre by ant reached #15

Top Comments

Holy shit, was that Michael Steele? Who gave him a spine? ... by ChaosEngine (11 votes)
Do you remember when inception meant the establishment... by Fantomas (9 votes)
Asis Ansari denies anything untoward or intentionally... by newtboy (8 votes)
Being held accountable for what we do is a good thing,... by MilkmanDan (8 votes)
Should the child shoplifting the Mars bar go to prison... by Payback (8 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Burger King | Whopper Neutrality by Mordhaus (46 votes)
Don’t ever preach to me again! by C-note (46 votes)
Al's Original Plasma Poppers by newtboy (37 votes)
Green screen special effects are amazing to me by SFOGuy (36 votes)
Liberal Redneck - Morgan Freeman Y’all!! by PlayhousePals (33 votes)

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