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PlayhousePals says...

It baffles any reasonable mind ... thank you

ChaosEngine said:

How the fuck do these people not know what a colossal asshole Andrew Jackson was? I'm not even from the US and I know he was a genocidal dick.

And I'm also curious as to exactly what these people want to say that political correctness is stopping them from saying.

Also not clear on how political correctness is stopping them from saying anything, what with that pesky 1st amendment and so on, but anyway.

either way, *quality

siftbot says...

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eric3579 says...

They were dead at one point. Seems Turner (probably bots is my guess) made a boo boo and fixed it once they realized the mistake. I went back and notdeaded the working ones.

ChaosEngine said:

Why are you tagging all Sam Bee videos as dead? So far, each one I've looked at is fine.

siftbot says...

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newtboy says...

Yes, but that service was over. She was continuing to sit in his car, but was not going to pay more money for his time she was using. Even if he wasn't at her destination, once he said 'get out', it's over, she's trespassing, service or no. She has every right to complain, but not to remain.

Really? Someone needs mind control to get you irate? I guess we aren't being serious anymore.

If a customer is rude and abusing the service, and refuses a calm request to leave, things are going to escalate. She should be glad they didn't escalate physically, because while that would certainly be wrong of him, it would not be totally unexpected. Her demeanor was designed to provoke....I know it well, it was my mother's MO in any argument. Get you flustered, then poke you in a calm, soothing voice.

I agree, in a perfect world, people never piss other people off to that extent where they completely lose their shit like he did. This is FAR from a perfect world, and some people see it as their reason for existence, and a form of entertainment, to drive people over the edge. Others do it, then turn on their camera to film the results and claim they're the victim. I think that's more than likely the case here.

I've also dealt with people acting worse than he was (we have no idea how bad she was before she started filming his reaction and she started being oddly calm) and not lost it....and I've dealt with people acting as aggravatingly as possible, but calmly, and completely blown a fuse, like when my neighbor calmly climbed over my fence and cut my trees down.

Yes, calling the cops is the right idea, but not necessarily useful. In many places, they would never respond to that call and would tell him so....then what?

I would bet $5 that the video starting 5 minutes earlier WOULD excuse his behavior. I might lose that bet, but it only makes sense to me. He wouldn't be an Uber driver long if he acted that way normally....and he's probably not one now.

ChaosEngine said:

She's in his property because she's paying for a service. If she doesn't feel that he has fulfilled the service, she has every right to complain.

As for her "making him irate" what, does she have some sort of mind control powers?

The guy's a fucking asshole. He's not giving her a lift in his private property, he's working and she's a customer. I don't give a fuck how rude or condescending she is, you don't act like that towards a customer.

Fuck, you don't act like towards another human being unless they are threatening you or seriously ruining your life in some way.

I've dealt with people way worse than that and never lost my shit like he did.

He had the right idea straight away, which was to call the cops. Screaming like a demented moron helps no-one.

All that said, the customer does seem like an entitled arsehole. She was at the hospital, all she had to do was find out where the emergency room was and walk there.

Still doesn't excuse his behaviour.

siftbot says...

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