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worthwords says...

yes, that captured my sentiments exactly. beatiful mechanism and individual parts but it was a massive chunk of ugly by the end

ChaosEngine said:

Arrrgh, this video kills me!

My first reaction is that $2.5 million for a watch is borderline offensive. That really is just spending money for the sake of it.

But then you see you the phenomenal artistry and engineering that goes into it and I think that the world would be a poorer place without such sheer craft. The detail in the mechanism is simply beautiful.

And then finally, they put it all together... and it's hideous.

Garish, ostentatious, impractical.... it's just an aesthetic mess. And worse, they have hidden all that beautiful clockwork.

But still, the engineer in me simply has to upvote this!

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MilkmanDan says...

I remember we had a quick comment chat about Rocksmith a while ago, and specifically about tab vs. Rocksmith for learning. I found the link to a program a guy made that can convert Rocksmith .psarc files into guitar pro tabs, and thought you might be interested:

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enoch says...

thanks for the promote brotherman!
i didnt know that was an actual cookbook and vegan to boot! i just thought it was hilarious.
thanks for setting me on the straight and real.
keep it sexy brother!

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