Weekly Achievements for 15Apr18 thru 21Apr18

#1 Video

New Rule: The 'What Were You Thinking' Generation by PlayhousePals

1911 - Streets of NYC (speed corrected, added sound) by WKB

Magic beer by bjornenlinda

Let's have a LAN party by eric3579

Really the only option available by Mordhaus

Container Transport in Vietnam by bjornenlinda

Unexpected side effect by Mordhaus

When your bear had a hard day and needs some extra love by Mordhaus

You Will Not Believe What Obama Says About Trump by newtboy

Nettles by b4rringt0n

Top 15 Videos

Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer by NaMeCaF reached #2
Formewla 1 by Mekanikal reached #2
Vagina by Mordhaus reached #2
Curb Your Budget Deficit by PlayhousePals reached #2
Dogs can't do this by PlayhousePals reached #2
If you could hear what your dog is thinking by Mordhaus reached #2
Ordering 4 flaming Greek cheeses at the same time by b4rringt0n reached #2
John Oliver - Corporate Taxes by PlayhousePals reached #2
G-Force, Jerk, and Passing Out In A Centrifuge by Mordhaus reached #2
Let's see you throw it! by Mordhaus reached #3
A Japanese Take on American Sushi by oritteropo reached #3
Alex Jones Screams "F-ck Trump" by lurgee reached #3
How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy by Mordhaus reached #3
A moment of reflection by Mordhaus reached #3
SUV crashes into house allegedly owned by Michael Bay by Payback reached #4
Who is in Control? by PlayhousePals reached #4
Billy Idol's Rebel Yell ala Weird Al by PlayhousePals reached #4
John Oliver - Comey, Cohen, Syria by PlayhousePals reached #4
Young kid builds and flies a magnus effect RC plane by b4rringt0n reached #4
Bug Cry 5: Far Cry 5 is full of surprises. by ant reached #4
Backstreet Boys police line-up (Brooklyn Nine Nine) by Sarzy reached #5
Full Metal Jacket - Jelly Doughnut Scene by bobknight33 reached #5
Mongoose Playing Dead ... by C-note reached #5
John Oliver - Alaska's Blockbusters by PlayhousePals reached #5
Far Cry 5 (Zero Punctuation) by Mordhaus reached #5
Most vocals you hear are fake by Mordhaus reached #5
Anchor drop failure resulting in loss of anchor by b4rringt0n reached #5
Tornado Knocks Car Off Road in Arkansas by Mordhaus reached #5
Did you peel the bananas? by Mordhaus reached #5
Transition Contact Lenses by Mekanikal reached #6
Hot foot by Mordhaus reached #6
Suit Salesman Pranks Best Man by Mordhaus reached #6
The Hopscotch Experiment by PlayhousePals reached #6
How Seamless Steel Tubing is Made by Mordhaus reached #6
Muppet GuysTalking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World by ant reached #7
Pumped Up Kicks Radiohead Mashup - Pomplamoose by RFlagg reached #7
Crocodile bites foot off another crocodile by C-note reached #7
Things Go Exactly As Planned by newtboy reached #7
Primitive Technology: Round hut by Mordhaus reached #8
How to Tell When Mamma Needs a Break by RFlagg reached #9
Anonymous Republican On Trump: 'Impeach The Motherf*cker' by RedSky reached #9
Laser-etching a copper coin by b4rringt0n reached #9
Freddy Blond Oar by WKB reached #9
nyoooooooooooom by b4rringt0n reached #10
Full-Scale demonstration of Control Cutting by makach reached #10
Night Court: Trekkies in Court by ant reached #10
Tonight, you pukes will sleep with your rifles by Mordhaus reached #10
Who put those gas pumps there? by Mordhaus reached #10
Fake Trees (Weird Tech) by Mordhaus reached #10
Jeff Goldblum Making Noises by lucky760 reached #10
Tumbleweeds invade by Mordhaus reached #11
Steamed Hams but There's a New Animator Every 13 Seconds by Fantomas reached #11
Failed Expectations by Mordhaus reached #11
Bill Maher - Sinclair TV Shows by PlayhousePals reached #12
Asleep at the wheel by Mordhaus reached #12
Norm MacDonald Eviscerates ESPY Awards Show (1998) by Mekanikal reached #12
You shall not pass (unless you walk)! by Mordhaus reached #12
This Video is About Marijuana | vlogbrothers by eric3579 reached #13
"Pachelbel's Canon" - Songs With My Daughter by BSR reached #14
Honest Trailers: Baby Driver by w1ndex reached #14
The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day by Mordhaus reached #14
What is Sub-surface Laser Engraving? Technology Explained by oritteropo reached #15
Monologue: Apprentice: White House Edition | Real Time by nanrod reached #15
New Rule: Grass Warfare | Real Time with Bill Maher by nanrod reached #15

Top Comments

Would work a lot better if they got the immigrants... by Payback (7 votes)
Guessin' Jesus took the wheel despite all that bleeped... by PlayhousePals (7 votes)
Just a tad *nsfw Scary, I agree with Jones....he shouldn't... by newtboy (7 votes)
Totally fascinating video, but with an ugly transition... by CrushBug (6 votes)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *promote making me laugh out... by PlayhousePals (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

You Will Not Believe What Obama Says About Trump by newtboy (59 votes)
Nettles by b4rringt0n (48 votes)
Formewla 1 by Mekanikal (38 votes)
1911 - Streets of NYC (speed corrected, added sound) by WKB (36 votes)
Magic beer by bjornenlinda (34 votes)

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