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I joined VideoSift as IT Director / Software Architect / Systems Administrator in mid-2006. It has been my online home away from home ever since.

In 2006 I coined the acronym LMFAHS. You should tag all your funny videos with it. LMFAHS in meatspace.

In 2008 I coined the term Escalopter to describe a person rotating like a helicopter blade on escalator handrails. |

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Comments to lucky760

chicchorea says...

I would and do thank you,. However, I would prefer to say the same of you.

I generally eschew discussions here. For all of the lip service to intelligent discourse, well, reality differs at least with respect to certain classes of topic.

Were it not for you extending yourself, and probably having repeatedly done so, I would not have. As such, thank you. In fact, your presence provided a mitigating influence. With all due respect, I perceive had it been almost anyone else purporting your argument(s), the timbre of the discussion would have been markedly different. Such is it and such has it been.

There are many here that I like a great deal. There are many here I respect for their humanity and intelligences. I agree with few about many things and fewer do I respect for their process. I was heartened to find two of the latter appreciated my comment.

So...thank you lucky760, Mr. Santor.

lucky760 said:

Finally a voice of reason. So very glad I'm not all alone on this. Thanks for chiming in.

It's such an obvious thing, but maybe only to people who are aware how dangerous a guy with a knife can be that nearby.

(But still, @ChaosEngine seems to be aware of that and still thinks the officers should be obligated to gamble with their lives.)

ChaosEngine says...

Amen brother. I just find the whole thing sad.

The guy obviously wasn't well. Maybe he was an asshole in life, maybe he just snapped one day. Either way, it would have been nice if he could have gotten the help he clearly needed.

And just for the record, part of that is to spare the cops. I disagree with artician and I don't think they'll rest easy after that.

lucky760 said:

My final thought: One mitigating factor with this specific happenstance in lieu of your general point is that this guy very obviously wanted to die and wanted those cops to kill him. He was apparently doing whatever he had to to get the cops to kill him.

Bottom line we can all agree on: it sucks.

ChaosEngine says...

Australia? AUSTRALIA??!? Them's fightin' words!

I'm in New Zealand (which I'm pretty sure I mentioned at least once in this thread).

And no, NZ police have had to deal with insane people the same as the US, although not on the same scale or frequency.

As for the gun issue, Australia did something about it, and there have been 0 gun massacres since.

The inextricable bedrock excuse is getting old. It's been over 200 years! Things change (slavery, for example).

lucky760 said:

Side note: I've just realized you're in Australia, and a very salient point worth mentioning is that you're probably thinking about how awful and "uncivilized" we are in America because you're comparing our police to yours, considering how much better your cops would be in a situation like this and how a fellow Australian criminal wouldn't deserve what these cops did.

It's possible you're just comparing our blood-thirsty cops to your more sensible, contemplative cops, but that you're forgetting to compare our blood-thirsty, cold-blooded, murderous cop-killer criminals with your more sensible, reasonable criminals. The cops here do things Australian cops might not do, but it may be because your cops don't have to.

Yes, it might help as it has in places like Australia for us to outlaw guns, however that won't ever happen because it's part of the inextricable bedrock used to found this great nation, so we have to do the best we can with what we have.

ChaosEngine says...

My point is that, yes, it's a tough situation, but maybe screaming at someone while pointing a gun at them is not the way to diffuse it.

Reality is not black and white. It's complicated.

Maybe if they'd gotten out of the car and said "what seems to be the problem here?" the whole thing might have gone down differently. Instead they went in gung ho and 20 seconds later, the guy is dead.

But you're right, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this. Will be interesting to see what the inquest says.

lucky760 said:

The problem is you're talking out of both sides of your mouth.

On the one hand you're saying you know how dangerous a guy with a knife is. That being the case, you know that as close as he was to one of the officers, he could have murdered the officer if the officer attempted anything other than to completely stop him (by killing him).

And on the other hand you're saying the officer should consider the guy's mental well-being. Okay, and do what about it, try to talk him into seeking counseling?

There is no such thing as "containing the situation" when "the situation" is a guy standing a very close distance to you with a knife and approaching. There's no talking to him, no tasing him, no tossing a net over him... there's nothing that will guarantee he won't stab you except shooting him.

Still on a third hand you're staying it's part of an officer's job to risk his life to deal with the threat instead of neutralizing it, but that you feel officers shouldn't gamble with their lives. Those two concepts are completely contradictory.

It's quite a thing to realize he's dead within 20 seconds of the police arriving, but everything about that has zero bearing on his killing. When a guy is approaching an officer with a knife within seconds of their arrival, he's not going to call out to the guy and bystanders to ask them if the guy was showing aggression to anyone else because why in the fuck would that matter. He's directly showing aggressive intent towards the officers themselves for goodness' sake! Nothing that happened before that matters.

If as a cop your life is in imminent danger, the guy's mental state, what he did before you arrived, what alternatives to a gun *might* stop him or "contain" him... NONE of that matters because THERE IS A GUY COMING TOWARDS YOU WITH A KNIFE. That's all the cops were thinking and that's all they needed to be thinking when they decided they had to to shoot him to have as close to a 100% chance of survival as possible.

To summarize: Guy approaches you menacingly with a knife, you. must. shoot. him, if you want to attempt to guarantee you're not going to die.


we can agree to disagree.

ChaosEngine says...

Just for the record I am well aware of how dangerous a knife can be. And no, I don't feel that police officers should "gamble with their lives".

I feel they should use the training they're supposed to have and the tools they do have instead of just shooting the guy.

Watch the video again. The police don't arrive until 1:20. Before that the guy is just standing around. People pass within feet of him and he doesn't show any aggression. He's dead 20 seconds later. 20 fucking seconds.

He was clearly mentally unwell, but they didn't even try to contain the situation.

If you really think that's acceptable.... well, once again, I'm just glad I live in a civilised country.

lucky760 said:

Finally a voice of reason. So very glad I'm not all alone on this. Thanks for chiming in.

It's such an obvious thing, but maybe only to people who are aware how dangerous a guy with a knife can be that nearby.

(But still, @ChaosEngine seems to be aware of that and still thinks the officers should be obligated to gamble with their lives.)

ChaosEngine says...

I get what you're saying, I just think the title reads as "homemade-drone video" whereas you obviously meant it as "amateur drone-video".

I just got a GoPro myself and I cannot tell you how tempted I am to buy one of these Apparently you can even get them to follow you down a track or mountain. Awesome bit of kit

lucky760 said:

It's homemade because it's just some guy who bought a drone and flew it around composing professional-looking videos.

I wouldn't imagine he'd have to build a drone from spare parts and only record video inside his home for it to be validly considered homemade.

siftbot says...

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siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your dedication to keeping VideoSift clear of baddies has earned you your "Ban Police" Level 41 Badge!

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