Weekly Achievements for 03Jul16 thru 09Jul16

#1 Video

Crack is one helluva drug by SDGundamX

John Cena - No More Needs To Be Said by Daldain

Jonathan Pie on Brexit by notarobot

Baton Twirl Like No One is Watching by Mordhaus

7 Billion - Cyriak by Fantomas

Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean by cricket

If Coffee Commercials Were Honest by cricket

How to Remain Calm With People by Mordhaus

Jim Jefferies Freedom in America (FreeDumb) 2016 by Nephelimdream

Top 15 Videos

Congress Spends Billions to Make Wealth Inequality Worse by notarobot reached #2
Crotch Firework Goes All Kinds of Wrong by Mordhaus reached #2
Nico Hulkenberg wears Eye Tracking in an F1 car by oritteropo reached #2
QI - Why Would You Swallow A Poisonous Metalloid? by cricket reached #2
The Restaurant of Life by Mordhaus reached #2
First Contact by ChaosEngine reached #2
Anime Expo - Surprise! by Mordhaus reached #2
This is What Community Oriented Policing Looks Like by ant reached #2
Juno Approach Movie of Jupiter and the Galilean Moons by newtboy reached #3
Ancient Swedish Cow Herding Call by cricket reached #3
Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water by Mordhaus reached #3
The making of sex dolls by Nephelimdream reached #4
The Man Who Invented, Then Hated, Shopping Malls by Fantomas reached #4
Fish jumps into man's shopping basket by Mordhaus reached #4
John Oliver: Independence Day by PlayhousePals reached #4
Just when you think it can't get worse... by Mordhaus reached #4
Rat Mom Saves Baby Rat From Snake by Mordhaus reached #4
Insane waterslide jumping by blacklotus90 reached #5
How divided Congress has become over the last 60 years by lurgee reached #5
Jim Jefferies on Donald Trump by eric3579 reached #5
Skydiver Has Terrifying Close Call by Mordhaus reached #5
Gyroscopic Stabilization in Zero-Gravity with CD Players by iaui reached #5
That's No Way To Tap A Keg by cricket reached #5
How to dry your hair in less than a second by thegrimsleeper reached #6
Why no aquarium has a great white shark by RFlagg reached #6
Primitive Technology - Grass Hut by Mordhaus reached #6
Maddox "Cool-As-Shit" 2016 E3 Wrapup by eric3579 reached #6
San Francisco, Silicon Valley, And The Bay Area Explained by cricket reached #6
Evil Krusty by lurgee reached #7
Doug Stanhope on Comedy by lurgee reached #7
Bernie Sanders Explains His Reluctance To Endorse Hillary by Gratefulmom reached #7
Samantha Bee - Real or Fake #7 by PlayhousePals reached #7
Building Facade That Changes Every Hour by cricket reached #7
GTA 5 police decide to end this chase quickly by jmd reached #7
WTF is Heterosexual Pride?! by eric3579 reached #7
Jim Jefferies on Bill Cosby and Rape Jokes by eric3579 reached #7
'Girl Power' Has Come A Long Way by eric3579 reached #7
Bill Maher: Jim Gaffigan by PlayhousePals reached #8
Seagull stealing from store by WeedandWeirdness reached #8
Sweet Revenge by Mordhaus reached #8
Silicone Breast Implants in the Dark by Sithstress reached #8
Jim Jefferies is Autistic by eric3579 reached #8
Kevin Hart and The Rock impersonate each other by blacklotus90 reached #9
Sportscaster Talks Dallas Police Shooting And Police Abuse by eric3579 reached #9
Is Science Reliable? by Mordhaus reached #9
The Tyler Tabor Story by Nephelimdream reached #11
The 10 Oldest Fossils, and What They Say About Evolution by oritteropo reached #11
TRANSformers by Encumberance reached #11
Income Based Tuition by kingmob reached #11
White Hat Hackers Break Into US Power Grid by RFlagg reached #12
She's Not Havin' None Of That...RYAN! by cricket reached #12
Crazy BMX Trick by Mordhaus reached #12
Toro Fluxus (HD reshoot) by oritteropo reached #12
Police Officer reacts to Alton Sterling's execution by bareboards2 reached #13
Overtaken by Wave of Wild Fire by shagen454 reached #14
How to Be a Canadian by Mordhaus reached #14
Eric & Peety - Mutual Rescue by PlayhousePals reached #14
How North America got its shape - Peter J. Haproff by WeedandWeirdness reached #15
Kids Explain Art to Experts | Name That Art - Alexa by oritteropo reached #15

Top Comments

I love this man. We are so afraid of FAT. This... by bareboards2 (13 votes)
Wow. That bow just sacrificed itself for the sake... by newtboy (12 votes)
so "headlights" is finally fitting... by Chaucer (12 votes)
On one hand, this is a *quality message that I totally approve of. ... by ChaosEngine (10 votes)
It's sad that showing some humanity should be considered... by Asmo (8 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Jonathan Pie on Brexit by notarobot (57 votes)
This is What Community Oriented Policing Looks Like by ant (50 votes)
Jim Jefferies Freedom in America (FreeDumb) 2016 by Nephelimdream (49 votes)
John Cena - No More Needs To Be Said by Daldain (39 votes)
Anime Expo - Surprise! by Mordhaus (39 votes)

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