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siftbot says...

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poolcleaner says...


Asmo said:

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised...

The US has a long storied history of destroying freedom. The prohibition, the Cold War years, post 911 etc. The fact that a lot of people still buy in to the comfortable lie that they live in the "land of the free" is because admitting they are meat puppets for a corrupt government is too bitter a pill too swallow + the US national sense of superiority to places like China because they do things better than those totalitarians...

This will not change. There is no analogous period in history to compare to. The participants of the French revolution or the American war of independance didn't have facebook or twitter to sit around whining on and feeling like they were making a difference. They got off their asses and rose up because the only alternative was to be ploughed under.

Online slacktivism is an acceptable panacea for the discontented masses, they have an outlet to complain while easily identifying themselves as 'persons of interest'.

oritteropo says...

There are two invocations called *promote - one costs two points and only applies to your own posts. This one can be invoked by anyone with two power points to burn.

The second one costs only one point, but only applies to other people's posts... you require gold star to invoke this one.

Asmo said:

Arrrgh, foiled again! I thought non-probies could promote?

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 5 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

kymbos says...

Hey, thought you might be interested in this little moment of much-delayed sanity:

Still not perfect, but a step in the right direction.
In reply to this comment by Asmo:
>> ^kymbos:

@star69 - equating the act of a no-name comedian at a union event with the career-long actions of Tony Abbott is pathetic.
How has Gillard taken Australia 'so far backwards'?
Also, you would be able to downvote if you actually contributed something to this community.

I'm pretty sure he's referring to Gillard's comments re: libs attending the Allen Jones speech, castigating them for not getting up and leaving... In which case, the situations are analogous.

Data retention?

Compulsory internet filtering?

Two policies that forever damn Labor in my eyes. Two policies Gillard has not canned or dropped. I keep hoping Malcolm Turnbull get's up as leader of the opposition and wins the next election, but Abbott hasn't committed to pushing the fascist nanny state yet so I'll roll the dice on him...

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