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(Daddy Longlegs)


Harvestmen are called harvestmen because they're most conspicuous in the fall, at harvest time!

If you look at the body of a Daddy-longlegs with your magnifying glass, you'll see why it's not a spider. First of all, instead of its body consisting of two parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen, as with spiders, there's just one thing. A Daddy Longlegs has its head, thorax, and abdomen all fused together. Second, instead of the spider's usual eight eyes, a Daddy Longlegs just possesses two.


>> ^bamdrew:

Is it me or do they have more 'joints' in their legs, too?
>> ^zombieater:
I study these. For reals. Neotropical Opiliones ftw.

More joints than what? Their legs start with a coxae jointed to a femur to a patella to a tibia to a metatarsus to a bunch of tarsi... so yeah, they have a lot of joints I guess.

A lot of them are really pretty though: http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=cosmetidae&m=text

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